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Missionaries are strangely enough often talked about in positive terms here in Europe, but I think we should all open our eyes and see what these people really are and what they really do.

Europe was Christianized with force; bribes, threats, deceit, treachery, torture, brainwashing and murder. Christians chopped down our sacred groves and burned down our temples, and were even sanctified for this. They then built their own temples (alias churches) on the European sacred sites, where our sacred groves and temples used to stand, to ensure that no Pagan temples would ever be built there again, and no archeological work should ever be carried out there. (And then they criminalized the type of behaviour that had enabled them to Christianize Europe in the first place.)

In France one of the worst of these genocidal maniacs is celebrated as Charlemagne, “Charles the Great”, known best in Pagan circles for his coward Massacre of about 4.500 unarmed Saxon captives in Verdun. The Wikipedia post describe the revolting massacre like this: “The Massacre of Verden (…) was a massacre of 4.500 captive rebel Saxons in 782. During the Saxon Wars, the Saxons rebelled against Charlemagne’s invasion and subsequent attempts to Christianize them from their native Germanic paganism”.

In my book the defenders don’t “rebel” against invading armies trying to destroy their culture; they fight back. They resist. And rightfully so. This is called war.

Oh, but this was in the past, right? Christians are not like that today! Well, maybe not in Europe; they have already destroyed everything they could destroy here, so why would they? But if you look elsewhere…

Take a look at Nepal, a country that used to be Hindu, for ages. At one point they allowed Christians to come to their land, but banned all missionary work. But after some lobbying, threats and bribes, the Christians were “finally” allowed to spread their foreign religion there too, and of course when the Nepalese natives resist them they are described as terrorists. The Christians there accuse the Nepalese for persecuting them – “only” because they try to destroy everything that is theirs, and “only” because they are funded by wealthy foreigners in a poor country. What economic power do you think Nepal has to defend themselves against this? They build their churches and schools en masse, to spread Christianity in Nepal, and those who resist this are described as backward terrorists!

So when you defend your culture against Christianity you are a terrorist – or a rebel. And the Christians who work to destroy your culture, using any and all means available to achieve this, are heroes, saints and only there to help… to help you get rid of that backward, worthless gentile religion. *spit*

The arrogance of the Christians is extreme. Their basis is that all other religions are worthless and must be eliminated from the face of the Earth. All other cultures than their own Hebrew culture are seen by them as not only worthless, but outright Satanic and evil, and they are doing a good thing when they destroy them. Yes, the missionaries are so deluded that they think they help others by destroying everything that is theirs!

Christian missionary at work in Nepal!


The Christians are not in Nepal to help the Nepalese; they are there to destroy their culture, their religion and their heritage – and to replace it with their own.

With what right are they doing this?

Why are nobody screaming up in protest against this genocide? Where is the media when the Nepalese are being exposed to this coward, despicable and revolting genocide? They sure remember the Holocaust, when the Jews were the main victim, but apparently nobody else matters. Only the Jews matters to them. And of course that makes sense: many of the journalists and the newspaper owners are Jews themselves or Christians (e. g. artificial Jews) (just Google it). So when we teach our children about the horrors of the Holocaust, over and over again, year after year, so that such things shall never happen again, we at the same time do nothing about a genocide going on in Nepal as we speak. Nobody cares. Because the Nepalese are not Jews. They are “just” Pagans. Because they are victims of a genocide carried out because the Christians want to destroy all non-Jewish religions, cultures and ideas on this planet, and replace it with their own Hebrew religion, culture and ideas.

All Christian (and Muslim too, of course) missionaries on this planet should be sent to the international tribunal in Haag, charged with genocide or for having the intent to commit genocide. They are destroying culture, religions and ultimately entire peoples too. Like they have done in and to Europe. They are destroying the little human diversity we (still) have left here on this planet!

Europe was Christianized, but Christianity is a Jewish religion, so it has no roots in Europe, or in the European man (or in Nepal or the Nepalese people!) The only things we can appreciate in Christianity are the elements that are actually not Christian; the Pagan elements included in Christianity during the Christianization of Europe. A small gust of wind, a little fresh air, will send Christianity flying out of Europe, and back to the “holy land”, from whence it came. A little rainfall and the fire consuming Europe will be extinguished in no time. A little thump with the foot and the Hebrew faith will be crushed completely in Europe. It has nothing real linking it in any way to Europe, save the Pagan elements, and we don’t need Christianity to keep them.

And if you ever wondered why they are so aggressive towards me, that little annoying Norwegian musicians living in Corrèze, you now know; I open my mouth and breathe in the “wrong” direction, and they fear that their house of cards will come falling down because of this. The European religion is in our nature; it takes so little effort to re-kindle the Pagan flame! Europe can wake up in no time. They know it. They fear it. The “enemies” see their power at risk of vanishing in thin air overnight. Europeans like me don’t care about “the holy land”, the “holy bible” or “the chosen people”. HailaR WôðanaR!

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The Kumari; an important Hindu-Buddhist symbol that the Christians in Nepal are trying to Christianize, just like they Christianized our European deities and turned them into “Saints” when they Christianized Europe!

Matina Shakya is taken to her temple after being appointed as the new living Goddess or Kumari in Kathmandutumblr_lsswhpbspE1qlsr3bo1_400 (1)

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  2. Don’t forget about all the christian death in the arenas during the old roman empire. What christians do to pagans is just a money back. Good luck with your justice’s problems.

  3. The judeo-christian spirit is not less than a dangerous mental illness, as dangerous as racism, for it ist the same spirit. It’s the real pest. :-/

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  5. One of my favourite passages about the sickness of christianisation is found in a book, written by christian scholars (who still had some pagan values) : the Hervarar saga ok Heiðrekrs kongur. In the last chapter they explain how Sweden was chritianized : they forced it on the native pagan people, who rebelled against the christian false king, elected a new king who promised the return of paganism. Then the false king gathered christian soldiers, burnt the castle where the rightful pagan king was to the ground and once again spread their twisted faith. This is truly a story to read and repeat !

  6. We’re the best and the proudest. Paganism, our religion – tradition, is what holds us in the absence of everything else, of family, of soil even. Not only from Europe; Paganism is the natural faith of the whole Earth, the one that does not need preachers, “missionaries”, propaganda for children or adults, or any form of coercion. It is best known by the self in front of the self, in silence, contemplating Nature. It cannot co-exist with the viral religions of the monotheistic plague that first appeared in Egypt or the Middle East. Our religion abhors servility, conformism, and resignation. Only war against the alien ideology and its new forms, be it Baha’I, New Age spirituality or any type of ecumenism, is possible.

  7. The mentioned Kumari is a girl-child-goddess who looses her deity-status when she is bleeding for the first time (at the latest at her first menstruation). There was an earliear post of Varg here, where he wrote about a similar/identical tradition in ancient pagan Europe (i couldn´t find it now). The himalayan countries have been a canned tin for ancient pagan traditions for so long, they resisted the muslim moguls! Many tibetan families send a son to Nepal, for him to learn (and continue) their religious tradition there (because they cannot inTibet), and when they arrive there, nearly frozen to death and starving, many of them are send to a missionaries camp, where some degenarated “reborn” american christian tells them, they first have to get rid of their “satanic” religious tradition (and have to do this by mouth), before they could get some food and blankets. I heard this with my own ears from tibetan refugees! These missionaries are realy disgusting scum.

      • Nice, i look forward for your posting. To me it seems that the german fairy tale “Dornröschen” (La Belle au bois dormant/Sleeping Beauty) is something like an echo of this old European tradition (like it is very often the case with fairy tales).

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  10. hooo… :))..f##k! i should not sleep tonight ,sure will do some terrible nightmares,…”cloudy” dreadfull nightmares..they look like twisted degenerated mormons…true hellish faces…Crom!

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  12. Is there any trace of french (or rather Gaullic) resistance to christinization ? All I read is that, like Jacques de Bainville said, they embraced Christiniaty

    • The Christians went to great length to hide the fact that they Christianized Europe with the sword, so we don’t know much from this period. They removed several hundred years of European history, and simply made up a new one, that you refer to here.

      • Btw did you or wife read ” LES PEUPLES FONDATEURS A L’ORIGINE DE LA GAULE” by Jean-Pierre Drouin? Looking for some opinions befor buying it cause its quite an expensive book

    • No, this is not true, this is christian propaganda. “Saint” Martin, for example, converted many pagan sites and indegenous people by force. He was travelling through Gaul with his army of looters and cut-throats, anyone who would resist was put to the sword. Christian scripters have then embellished his horrible deeds by attributing him miracles, etc supposedly leading to spontaneous conversions. This is utter rubbish. Fact is that because spiritual resistance was so high, they had to keep existing rites in place, only christianizing them on the surface (crosses and christian icons on fountains, dolmens, etc), as they did not manage to stop people going to those sacred places.

  13. Varg, how much insight into European Paganism do you think we can get from Hindu? I have read the Bhagavad Gita and thought it was excellent, and I know that much of the Vedic culture came from proto-Indo-European religion, but I’m not sure how corrupted it may be.

    I’ve always thought that Krishna was depicted as blue because he descended from the same tribes that wore woad and who later became Picts in Europe.

    • It is a good supplementary source, that can be used to fill in a few holes in our own European lore, but when (if…) it conflicts with European sources we should rely on European sources instead.

    • No, Krishna is blue because the night sky is also dark blue. He’s a celestial deity, I believe the Bhagavad Gita also describes why he’s blue. I don’t think the Aryan invaders used woad, but I don’t know… Woad looks more like cyan or indigo, though it’s an interesting theory.

      I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Brahmanism is Aryan paganism while Hinduism is the native religion of Hindus.

  14. Some countries have responded correctly. I think everyone could take a leaf out of Japan’s book – they crucified them in the dozens, maybe even in the hundreds. It did them a lot of good, until the Meiji restoration wrecked everything…

    whole groups of missionaries have been “murdered” by forest tribes in South America too, good for them…

    • There was one particular incident but I cannot find it, in South America, many similar incidents seem to have happened a lot in Africa, though…

      • Haha, this also happened to the first missionaries in India and the rest of Asia. They were decapitated because they would not shut up and in some cases they were eaten by cannibals. Unfortunately they came back with an army :/

        • many of the missionaries are Jews too, if I am correct all the early ones were Jesuits, who were, originally at least, all conversos, like the Inquisition.

          • Yes, they all fled to the new world because they were no longer welcome in Europe. Even Columbus was jewish and he was searching for new opportunities.

    • I lived in Japan for almost three years, and while a lot of foreigners were offended at the Japanese restrictions on non-Japanese going into certain places, I understood and approved of it. They don’t want their culture to be destroyed and lost like what happened in Europe. Some bars, all burial tombs, and certain other buildings are only meant for the people who naturally understand their own customs(Japan is very reserved & modest so a lot of foreigners come of as loud and rude).

      Anyways, not to ramble, but Japan still does a decent job of preserving their own culture. Yes, there is a very odd and very “trendy” outgoing(even perverse) group of Japanese people but the conservative majority is still strong and influential. I admired that while I was in Japan.

      One last thing I want to mention, since Japan was mentioned, was how honorably every Japanese person acted during the March 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami/Radiological disaster(I was there). They literally came together and helped clean up, rebuild, as a community. The cleaned up remarkably quickly too, although the effects are still being felt today.

      On the flip side, when Hurricane Katrina hit the U.S. South there were people(namely Blacks) looting and using the initial absence of order as an opportunity to get away with whatever they could. The military had to be sent in to control them. It’s amazing how clearly cultural values really determine the quality of people.

      • In African the children die first during famines. In Japan and Europe the men dies first…

      • Yes, they really did, I worked with some raising funds for it while I was still studying Japanese…Too bad they’re doing such a lousy job of repairing the damage, though. On the other hand they rebuilt entire roads unbelievably quickly, puts the non-stop roadworks that take months to do here to shame…

        Yes I am all for Japan#s xenophobia, I’d embrace it, I got sick of the leftist japanophiles whining about it all the time. What’s weirder to me is their disdain for other east Asians…

        • Yeah, the Fukushima Daiichi reactor is still a problem for sure, but the damage to the roads and cities was repaired astonishingly quickly. I remember the coast looked like granola after the tsunami… that’s the only way I can describe it.

          Not sure why they don’t like other Asians. It probably has something to do with their Imperialist period during World War Two. Something I failed to mention about Japan was how terribly they treated everyone else during that time; and that hate towards them still lingers(The Japanese battle flag is viewed similarly in Asia to the Swastika in the rest of the world). Even on the Japanese island of Okinawa, where I spent most of my time, the locals don’t care for “the mainlanders” because a lot of them were duped into suicide by grenade or jumping off of cliffs. They were told the Americans were going to rape them but when that never happened they grew resentful about being lied to. But that was in the past and Japan has come a long way since then. That Imperial period, I think, can be attributed to the Meiji that altered their traditional culture, as you mentioned above.

          So a lot of Asians still, maybe unfairly, hold a grudge against Japan for what happened in the past. But certainly everyone in Asia now hates China for interfering in EVERYBODIES business. I used to give reports on the most random, sometimes seemingly insignificant island countries in the Pacific and there was always a common theme: At some point in recent history China has tried to exert its influence on them through intimidation or by planting a pro-Chinese government worker through election fraud. China has one really greedy government.

          Sorry for the long response 🙂

          • it basically boils down to the isolationism under Tokugawa and the bastardised nationalism under the Meiji and Showa emperors. Hirohito had a lot to answer for, I sympathise a lot with Tojo for his loyalty and just taking all the blame without question, but Hirohito brainwashed millions, and was a war criminal, plain and simple. I think the Japanese army acted with good intentions, originally at least, the monarchy certainly didn’t, though, and couldn’t give two shits (pardon my French) about its own people…

            • Agreed (well, except at Nanking). But yeah, the Japanese army was all about honor- to a fault. They definitely sacrificed themselves and chose death too easily, which hurt them in the long run when they could’ve used the numbers.

              I’m all for death before dishonor (and death being better than what your captives may do to you) but they accepted it even when it wasn’t necessary.

              • it’s cowardice, again bastardisation of traditional values by the Emperor. Samurai would not have been so careless and treated a warrior’s death so meaninglessly. The tradition of Samurai seems to be similar to Roman generals, and Germanic tribes for that matter, i.e. you do your best to win, and when you are crushed – ONLY when you are totally crushed – need you die with dignity by bailing out…

                That said, even though huge numbers died on Iwo Jima they still held out for THREE MONTHS beforehand – hugely outnumbered, on a small island. Their leader was a Christian and western-educated, by the way. Of course western propaganda hypes this up as the reason why Kobayashi was supposedly better than the rest.

                Maybe I am being too harsh – many women were “brainwashed” into killing themselves and their babies, but we know what US GIs behave like…is it really much different from how the NS leaders reacted to the Russian invasion of Germany?…

                • The Marines who fought the Japanese were very disciplined. Army sometimes lacks discipline, but not the Marines. Plus, there weren’t very many populated areas the Marines fought at(Philippines was lost and regained by the Army), really just Okinawa where the Japanese treated the locals with disrespect. I’ve been to several islands where the battles took place(Sadly not Iwo Jima- almost though. For such a small island, it was a bitter battle to the end. The Japanese did hold an overwhelming advantage in that they held fortified positions from Mt Suribachi and could bombard almost any place on the island). But yes, the Japanese did fight bravely to the end.

                    • The U.S. Army has a lot of issues, like gang problems as well. They have some very good & disciplined units but they also have some crap units with no fight and no discipline(For example, the unit that Pvt Jessica Lynch was in. Her unit was just a maintenance company but they got ambushed by the Iraqis in Nasiriyah they were over-run without firing a single shot in retaliation. Jessica Lynch was cowered in the fetal position a few feet from her rifle when she was captured, and furthermore, even if she had the guts to fight back, her rifle wouldn’t have fired because she neglected to clean it even though Iraq is full of sand and dust. When she was rescued she was hailed as a hero but I can guarantee you if that ever happened to a Marine heads would roll for failing to fight back.

                      Yeah I’ve read a few books about the Germans on the Eastern Front(Any recommendations for a good book about Germans on the Western Front?) during World War Two and, although this isn’t about GIs, I read countless examples of atrocities committed by the Russians on their way to Germany. When the Germans invaded East most people carried on with their lives, but when the Soviets pushed West even Russian citizens were falling back with the Germans.

                    • I don’t know, Antony Beever’s Stalingrad is very famous, and the reviews I saw slating it were actually condemning it for daring to sympathise with the Germans and depict them as heroes…

                      Other than that, I would just get panzer commanders’ biographies and translations, there is a whole series that published books on them and translations of their own works, including Wittmann. There is also a translation of Otto Carius’ “Tigers in the Mud”, but I have that in its original text, signed with a personal message by the man himself 🙂 (look up “Tiger Apotheke” if you’re interested, it’s his brilliantly named pharmacy he runs now.)

                    • Sounds good, I will definitely check that out.

                      I think we need a post where we can discuss war book recommendations. I bet a lot of people on here have read some really good ones that aren’t as well known as say, ones about the Allies during World War Two. I’ve read so many books about the Allies and although they are good it has become stale. People seem to forget(or deny) that there were two sides to the War and that the Germans have some of the most compelling stories. While things were going sour on the Eastern Front they also had to deal with their families being endlessly bombed by the Americans and British. Yikes.

                    • A book I remember fondly is one by a Norwegian military intelligence officer, Svein Blindheim, who wrote a book about the Norwegian SS volunteers. So many stories. So many heroic acts. So much courage. So much self-sacrifice. So much for Norwegians to be proud of.

                      And then they returned after the war, those who survived anyhow, and were imprisoned for “treachery to their nation”, and were exposed to all sorts of degrading and humiliating treatment by men who spent the war running and hiding from the Germans in the Norwegian forests and mountains.

                      The former SS men were used as slave labour after the war, and one day some French Foreign Legionnaires on a military exercise in Norway who marched by them stopped to give them cigarettes, something to eat and something to drink too, before they continued the march.

                      Only later did I discover that many of the SS men from all around Europe sought refuge in the French Foreign Legion after the war. They fought and most of them died in Vietnam (in particular in the battle of Dien Bien Phu) and in Algeria too.

                      What a waste.

                      No wonder why the legionnaires pitied the Norwegian former SS men doing slave labour, though.

                    • Thank you, that reminds me of Twilight of The Gods, about a Swedish SS volunteer who returned to Sweden after the war and went to jail for 2 years.

                      I am also very interested in the French Foreign Legion(I almost decided to join but served in the U.S. instead). I have a book by Robert Elford called The Devils Guard about a former SS unit who joined the FFL after WW2 and deployed to Vietnam, but I have learned that it is unfortunately a work of fiction passed of as “a true story.” After all, the French wouldn’t have put all of these men in the same unit, they would have scattered them to other units as they pleased.

                    • do you know justice for Germans or Neues Europa? It was through the former that I discovered what looks like a great book – hidden histories: secret origins of the first world war”. They do hype up that national socialists had “good, Christian values” but they are good, and both are wordpress sites.

                      Destroy Zionism may be able to recommend also.

                      And feel free to post more messages on here, if Varg doesn’t mind, or on my blog, as I am sure I could recommend a few more. Varg made a rough reading list a while back including the likes of Evola and, I think, Kierkegaard, perhaps a more thorough list of books on various subjects is due…

                    • I’m not too familiar with what is on Word Press, I only made this account to talk on Thulean Perspective & follow it better. I know a few people have followed me although I don’t do much on my personal page yet.

                      I have seen Destroy Zionism, good site.

                      I love history so I am always happy to discuss basically any time period.

                    • basically if anyone has their own account rather than a guest account you ca click on their profile image and it links to their gravatar page, which usually directs you to their blog if they have one.

                      You can also see what blogs Thulean Perspective follows down the left hand side, I think.

                    • Only 1 out of 10 US marines would actually shoot at the Japanese during WWII if they could see the individuals they were shooting at. Who wants to shoot at and kill a human being, after all?

                      Only (I think it was) 4 out of 10 US soldiers would actually shoot at the Vietnamese during the Vietnam war if they could see the individuals they were shooting at.

                      Today 10 out of 10 US soldiers will shoot at human targets when they can see the individuals they are shooting at.

                      This dehumanization of the soldiers is considered a huge success…

                      And the Zionists use it for all it is worth.

                      Children. Women. Old. Disabled people. Even infants. Everyone will get a bullet when the henchmen of the Jews come marching in. Shalom!

                    • There’s no doubt about that, I could see it when I was in: Things are changing for the worse in the military today because of the politicians & groups pulling the strings. One of the reasons I did not stay in!

                    • That is why, as much as I wanted to test my training, my nerve and my abilities in battle, I am glad that this Syria issue is kicking off after my time in the military had ended. I do not want to fight on behalf of Israel and that is exactly what Syria is about.

                    • Yeah. I know.

                      I think most thinking human beings by now know that, actually. Except journalists and politicians, of course.

          • Furthermore, this may largely be why Japanese people, despite their general xenophobia, seem to much prefer westerners to other Asians if anything – because the Meiji restoration was all about wrecking native traditions and basically selling out to the West…

  15. To recreate we must to destroy first. And i think this is also what the jew-christians did or what a conquer has to do. After their destructions in our national relegions, and cultures they succeeded to control a part of goverment and education of every christianized European country. Nowdays’ generation grew up and went in a school that the books are tottaly controlled and approved by perverted christians who write that our Gods is a myth, is imaginery and teach the childrens lies till they finish school. Same happens to media and all of us know that nowdays’ kids sadly spend a lot of time in front of t.v. Cause of these, generations and generations grew up with jewish-christian propaganda and dont know and dont care about anything, for their national religion, for their ancestors. They also try to hide historical moments of ancient wars, from wars the the Gods help the warriors.

  16. Well, Varg, this is a damn good written article. I dom’t really share all your ideas, but when it is about religions I am as extremist as you. And this post is exactely what I think.

  17. Varg,
    To your knowledge, are there any conditions according to Paganism in which a big(ger) city is acceptable?

    PS. Why is it always the Saxons getting slaughtered? : /

    • Saxons slaughtered Celts, but nowhere near as many as historians like to claim (they didn’t depopulate entire counties)

      We are not designed for cities. Robert E Howard I think made the realisation that western civilisation is something wonderful, and beautiful, but doomed to fail, I guess he just did not really understand the reasons why.

      Most great civilisations degraded fairly quickly, I lack the knowledge of Sumeria and Mesopotamia in comparison, but Egypt at least did very well, while it lasted, this I think has a lot to do with it maintaining a very ancient form of our religion, and still being a civilisation deeply rooted in the seasons and agriculture. Its yearly cycle revolved around the fertilisation of land around the Nile…

      • People with Celtic surnames are fairly abundant in England, aren’t they?

        I suppose when Varg mentioned how quickly things could change it got me thinking about what things would look like from a ‘world building’ point of view. So no more cultural marxism, pollution, mass immigrantion etc; what would people want to do planning the landscape? Would there be an area where some centralized functions consolidate(ie a ‘big city’) that would only be big in comparision to all around it, but not actually be very big? I suppose some Utopia books try and touch on these subjects. So, perhaps only a few essential services would have access to automobiles, and there would be population density limits, and so on.

        • I am not really pro-celtic by the way, just stating a fact Saxons are hardly “the” victims of the ancient world. They also, along with the celts, polluted Scandinavia…I have a Celtic surname, by the way.

          Much if it can be linked back to Celtic Christians actually, but at the end of the day we can only blame the by then stupid, corrupt Roman elite for starting it…

          As for the planet, most of Europe used to be forest (most of all continents actually – Americas and even Australia too, before natives cut down huge areas of woodland, leaving only desert). We need small, local communities that rely on and exist within a large wilderness

          • Saxons actually ARE Scandinavians. They left Denmark some time in Antiquity to live in what is today Northern Germany….

            • Even today I can find people who live in Northen Germany who look near identical to certain family members. Also, I remember one documentary that said they could find no genetic differences between real Anglo-Saxons and Danes.

              • I am sure that is true.

                Remember also that the Angles actually came directly from Denmark. And the Jutes too (a large group, that we often forget to mention, migrating to England from Jylland in Denmark).

                • Then in terms of ‘longing’ it could make sense that I might actually long and feel more for these areas than England since I’m displaced from both, and in a position to neutrally observe.

            • Yes, and many that made up the numbers were specifically Norse, if I am correct the Angles were too (the Jutes seem to be lumped together with the Angles)

              Of course, as Britain was linked by a land bridge to Holland it seems fair to assume that the pre-Celtic natives came across from Denmark also.

              The languages are so similar, I may actually find it reasonably easy to study OE and ON alongside each other when I find the time (hopefully soon).

              Also wish I could get the EV Gordon classic but it’s so expensive…

              • It was so similar that we can read in the sagas about Englishmen saying to Norwegians: “I can hear from the way you talk that you come from Norway”. So they were more like different dialects of the same language.

                • We can still speak with Frisians apparently by using Old English…Maybe with Icelanders too?

                  Maybe something like the difference between rural Austrians and Germans then, or Scandinavians? actually how would you personally compare the degrees of difference between such dialects, and technically separate Norse languages?

                  I have also read Romanians can understand Italians….or is it the other way round?…

                • By the way Varg, you seem to seldom mention sagas, what are your views on them? As they do not seem overtly Christian or pagan, but obviously come from the much later Christian period (considerably later than the elder Eddar was written, if I am correct). I am reading Njal’s Saga at the moment.

          • The thing about the Saxons was tongue-in-cheek. I don’t think they’ve been much of a victim either 🙂

            Thanks for your thoughts on living environments!

    • Even Rome and Athens were not huge cities in comparison. It seems to me that our pagan forebears had a good understanding how much people the land could take. In some cases they practiced infanticide or tribes migrated to find more lebensraum.

  18. I would have some questions considering European mythology if you have the time for answer.

    What does the myth about Kronos eating his offsprings mean? Time consumes the deities too? Is there a known example of this kind of a myth seen in for example scandinavian mythology too?

    Is Uranos the same deity as Tiwaz? I mean If I am correct Tiwaz was seen as a skyfather of some sort but Tyr is often mentioned merely as an one handed forgotten god of war. Uranos is the sky If I am right, so it would only make sense. The cult of Tyr was only later replaced with cults of Odin, Thor and Frey, but this is only natural evolution of religion I think.

    And what do you think of the Heros stories of ancient Greece? They actually probably were the starting fuel for me to gain interest in real European culture in the first place. So is there anything comparative in scandinavia.

  19. I truly respect the Hindu. Their religion is extremely strong, and all the attempts to christianize them failed. Recently I went to India, and it’s incredible: everyone there knows perfectly the different myths of their religion, can talk during hours about every myth, explaining it’s meaning. Their religion is so deeply rooted in them that nothing and nobody can make them convert to another religion. And of course, as they know it’s THEIR religion, they don’t try to convert anybody.
    When I was there, I was really impressed by that. I really wish it was like that in Europe.

    • Yes, there is a very proud and deep religious consciousness in the root of the Indian Hindu race. I, as an Indian Hindu, totally agree with that. Even after centuries of Muslim rulers destroying the ancient Indian universities, the culture, the wisdom, the science, the mysticism and the people and then even after the shameless thievery of Christian Colonial rule India still stands today as a Hindu nation. The Muslims have crept in into the country in huge proportions, yet the majority are Hindus (by a huge margin). Yet through the last 1000 years these Jewish faiths and their adherents have robbed us of most of the wealth we had, both materially and superficially, and so the India we see today (post-1947 India) is nothing but a dreadful and sad image of ‘what once was’. I know Hitler, in his meeting with legendary Indian Hindu Socialist leader Subhash Chandra Bose, told that after the kind of Jewish bombardment India had to suffer for all these centuries it will take her at least 100 years after independence to gain back her lost glory and return to the ‘Svarnayuga’ (Golden age) once again.

      • “Their religion is so deeply rooted in them that nothing and nobody can make them convert to another religion. And of course, as they know it’s THEIR religion, they don’t try to convert anybody.”

        Exactly. And there is a reason behind this particular characteristic of the Hindu religion. The Hindus believe in a philosophy called ‘Advaita Vedanta’ which states the presence of a single undefinable and attribute-less entity call ‘Brahman’ whose ‘involution and evolution’ has manifested anything that exists in this universe, both living and non-living. The various forces of nature, i.e., the Gods and Goddesses, the humans and other animals and plants and everything else (both living and non-living) are the material manifestation of this single undefinable supreme entity. It is undefinable and attribute-less since it is not extended in time or space yet its own involution and evolution has manifested all time and space and anything that wanders through it. So no matter what religion a human adheres to he or she is a Hindu to the Indians since all beings are the manifestation of Brahman and nothing can exist without it. Therefore Hinduism is not considered to be a religion by its adherents, it is called the ‘Sanatana Dharma’ or the eternal path or duty or tradition. It is a pre-religious concept dating back to the last ice age, maybe or even beyond. And since it considers everyone to be of a single spiritual force it doesn’t need to convert or get converted.

        (p.s. Brahman, Brahmin and Brahma are different words with different meanings.)

        ‘While we may believe
        our world – our reality
        to be that is – is but one
        manifestation of the essence’ __ Lost Wisdom, Burzum

        That ‘essence’ can be considered to be something similar to the Brahman.

        • The Vedas are beautiful and they contain so much wisdom. Have you ever read anything written by Savitri Devi?

          • Yes, I have read ‘A Warning To The Hindus’ where she has called to the Hindu Nationalists to take up arms so that they don’t fall before Christian colonialism and Muslim aggression. She warned the Hindus that if they don’t fight with all their might they’ll face the same fate as the ancient Greeks or the Germanic people. I also read ‘The Lightning and the Sun’ where she spoke about the Hindu philosophy of cyclical change and considered National Socialism to be the final cleansing force of Lord Vishnu. She called Hitler the final avatar of Lord Vishnu. Heinrich Himmler also claimed Hitler was Kalki, the final and furiously destructive avatar of Vishnu and he was a reincarnation of Arjuna to aid Hitler in his battle, just like in the Mahabharata. Himmler called the Bhagavad Gita ‘the ultimate Aryan canto.’

            Savitri Devi called herself a ‘Hindu Nazi Mystic’ and she did some of her major work at the city of Kolkata (then Calcutta), India. I am a Bengali-speaking Indian from Kolkata, so her works are obviously an important part in the curriculum here.

            • She was a very wise woman, I enjoyed reading her views on Xtianity being the insane cult of Paul and her views on culture, nature and animal rights are inspiring. India is always seen as a peaceful country, while they used to have a very strong militia. They’ve defended their homeland for millennia and Hindus should resist Muslims at all cost, half of India has already been invaded.

              I’m not sure what to think about incarnations and avatars…

  20. Many Buddhists and Hindu people do not have a problem with Christians or anybody else, something most of other religions could not conceive. Their level of humility should be a model for anybody calling themselves “religious”, and the least those “religious” people could do is to STAY the hell AWAY from it at least, have some respect.

  21. It seems Christians in America are blind to the obvious. When I ask them “why do you worship a Jewish god?”, they have no answer, except to mutter “you must be an anti-Semite” or some related drivel. How can these pathetic sheep not see the obvious? I don’t expect an answer…just venting.

  22. Christian fanatics never stop do they! Look into the eyes and you will see their essence. I see fear, misery, and extreme un-comfort in the eyes of the Christians. I see wisdom, life, beauty, and a sense of profound enlightenment in the eyes of these Hindu people.

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