The European Rites

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Many ask me for advice on how to do this or that in a Pagan way: «How do we marry the European way?» or «How do we celebrate this-or-that High Festival the European way?» and so forth. I can not answer all these questions, I am but a single person with limited time at my disposal (in this life, anyhow…), but I do my best, and first I wrote a book, «Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia», dealing amongst other subjects about this, and right now I am working to finish MYFAROG, a pen-and-paper roleplaying game, where 19 pages of the AIO rulebook is dedicated to the High Festivals and different rituals. Naturally there will be some RPG terminology and to most people irrelevant information in the chapter dealing with this, and it is all explained in a peculiar light, but it will still explain to a very large degree how I believe our forebears did these things.


In «Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia» I describe much of the same, but I have failed to separate between the oldest and the youngest Pagan customs. Originally our forebears didn’t believe in gods and goddesses, but in nameless spirits, and when at one point these spirits were anthropomorphised and turned into deities the customs changed a bit, and today we often fail to understand anything about them because we fail to separate between the often contradicting oldest and the younger customs. In MYFAROG however I do that, and feel that I am able to present to the readers a very rare insight into the customs of our forebears. Those who read the chapter about the High Festivals will not only learn about the High Festivals, but will also understand so much else about our own culture, of traditions we have today, of rites and customs we still have, and the Pagan influence on Christianity – in particular Catholicism and the Orthodox branch – will be gleamingly clear. The Pagan nature and origin of Chivalry will become no less clear, and you will gain a new foundation on which to stand when you read our fairy tales and mythology.

For you to make any sense of it all I have included a PDF with the old calendar as well.

These, ladies and gentlemen, are our old High Festivals. Enjoy. HailaR WôðanaR!

The Calendar

The High Festivals


PS. To anyone interested in my pen-and-paper RPG I can tell that MYFAROG will be published, hopefully later this year, but probably not until 2014, and I will sell it and promote it commercially.  

84 thoughts on “The European Rites

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  3. Hi Varg! Have you ever listened to the norwegian musical project Wardruna? I think you’d approve it 🙂

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  7. Reading the Library of Apollodorus commented by G.J. Frazer I have found out that the main plot of The Lord Of The Rings is an European Myth, the Myth about Odisseus and Polyphemus. In his appendix about this Myth, Frazer reporte numerous legends and traditional tales from all over Europe that are quite identical to that Myth. Probably the Myth reported by Homer has its origin in these tales.

    The differences between those tales and the famous Myth are very important to recognize the connection with Tolkien’s masterpiece.

    In quite all the tales and legends that Frazer reports there is a Hero that with his fellows enter in the house/cave of a giant with a single eye or only one eye healthy (as Sauron as it is presented in the book) to stole all his gold. After some adventures they are discovered and the giant eat all of them leavng the Hero lastly. Then the Hero reveals to the giant that he can cure his sick eye (or his unique but myopic eye) and the giant accept. The Hero always blind completely every eye of the giant with various tricks and leaves his cave fading into a ram. When he is distant from the giant he reveals his presence outside of the cave and the giant reward his cunning giving him his ring of gold (!). When the Hero puts the ring in his finger the giant commence to ask: “where are you, my ring?” and the Hero unintentionally answers “I am here! I am here!” every time the giant makes that question. It was a magical ring and here we have another connection with The Lord of the Rings: the magical gold ring directly connected with his owner (the Giant/Sauron). We all remember that the Unique Ring “answers” to Sauron, and that when someone put it then Sauron can find where the ring is located.

    The Hero then takes a decision to break the spell and in this way be able to escape from the giant. He cut the finger with the ring and he throws it as far as possible, in certain tales in the water, where the giant drowns for the call of his ring. In this case the similarities with the conclusion of Tolkien’s book are obvoius for everypne that have read it.

    I have finished. The post is very long but I hope it can be interesting. The Myth of Odisseus and Polyphemus and the related legend and tales are the main inspiration for at least a large part of our beloved book by Tolkien! Hail Europe!

    • I forgot something. The Hero decides to cut his finger because he can’t put out the ring from it…it is attached on his finger (!).

  8. I still have my dice from my teenager years… good memories of all-nighters with friends hah. I know some peeps here who would be interested in playing as well when it comes out for sure.

  9. I never had the oportunity to play old style pen and paper RPG’s… maybe I could do so now 😀 and it’s a nice way of family entertainment. I wonder how the map will be like, hmm. Btw this is offtopic but what do you guys think of this? I’m stunned…

    ps: I’m having lots of problems to post things here, all the time “sorry, this comment could not be posted” error happening since the day Varg removed many articles from here. It’s a problem of this blog alone. I don’t know why and it is frustrating and discouraging to post stuff.

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    • Yes, that was very interesting. 🙂

      Strange, in the sense that I would never have thought of that.

    • And I am apparently being charged with “apology for war crimes” because I spoke positively about Joachim Peiper…

      • Their double standard is ridiculous. We can freely praise Che Guevara, the USSR, Churchill or Eisenhower but say anything positive about an ordinary soldier of the Reich and everyone will go crazy. I shared a quote of Rommel once and of course the responses were like “he fought on the wrong side”, etc. Yeah sure, only Soviet and Allied soldiers could be heroic.
        I would ask libtards to present one single modern leader who shows so much love and care for the children of his nation as the man in the video:

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  12. We have European blood and a European mind. We’ll be able to know how to behave like Europeans in the future – and it will be even easier without Judeo-Christianity.

  13. This (very) small but perpetuated talk of a forum got me thinking about this:
    I have a lot of time on my hands when I am not strength training or at school, most of this time is either put into listening to music and practicing drawing and worldbuilding, or it is more or less wasted into a computer game.
    Why don’t I, or someone else who sees themselves in my position, but preferably me, create and maintain a forum that is NOT linked to Thulean Perspective, but rather is for the ideology promoted here — Odalism.

    It could be something like “”.
    Any idea?

    And I really do apologize that this keeps being brought up. I know we’ve been over this enough, but this specific proposition never came up.
    I should have just created the site and promoted it here later.

  14. you’re smart Wolf.And strong.About diversity,i do not remember the name of this Man,this mighty sailor,the Norwegian,i remember He was sailing the begining century and he did a lot for Norway’s independance,but i can’t read his signature and even remember his name…but Lupus Maritimus,or precisely his eyes,(the brand you wear speaks of what you are made of…always) are impossible to ignore.

    do we,PAGAN flesh,need book and rule to tell us how to f##k and how to get married?just take care of Solstices and Equinox and make like the way it is feel,on a top of hill,or mountain,alone with your Dulciné,or with all your we need,exactly like c(h)retins,have a certitude,that something is waiting for us after,and that we are gonna booze and fight in Walhalla,until Ragnarock with Quorthon,and other Great Warrior of their kind? War is here.War is now.i think we should sharpen our theeths and claws.and lost ourselves in poetry,in another time.
    prison did not made you a are as strong as oaks i have knew,and it warms my hammerheart
    Varg,i believe in you and the way you try to build

  15. I’m really looking forward for this game :D. Speaking of rites, i hope that someday our mankind will wake up from this “jewish bullshit relligion” and get back to our pure rituals. I try my best not to be influenced by all that jewish celebrations that (of course) took up over my country and almost exterminated(as you were saying in a previous post) the dacian culture. Fortunate, some of the old dacian rituals are still preserved here(mostly in the north [Maramures region] ) where you can say that time has frozen and nature still has an important role in people’s life.

  16. I´ll get it when you publish it. I was late to the beta-testing time due to family issues (my mother spent almost a month in a hospital), so I was left eager to play it. At this time I´m running a campaign of D&D with some friends, and having settled the game on a tribe of Northlanders in Faerun, I´m capable of introduce several pagan ideas on it, in a way that in the future I hope they´ll be tempted to play MYFAROG 😉

  17. It will be my first pen and paper RPG, and I am excited for it.

    And on the topic of games, Total War Rome 2 releases in only 2 days. It will be great.

    • Brilliant observation. 😉

      It’s a bit like trying to sell halberds to modern armies…

      • I usually do not play pen and paper rpgs but I think I’m going to purchase Myfarog solely to read the rules.

        • That’s what I do every now and then with other RPGs… like Stalker; the SciFi roleplaynig game, made in Finland.

  18. Although I have never asked, I am curious about how Pagans celebrated and practiced. I enjoyed SRAS so I look forward to reading more when your RPG is published(although it will be my first D&D like RPG).

  19. Varg, why didn’t you tell me you had side project in Toronto?! Just kidding of course 😉 Feel free to delete this link/comment if you dislike it.
    To give a little background, Mount Pleasant Cemetry is a real cemetry in downtown Toronto which seems was created because for a time people who were not either Catholic or belonging to the Church of England had to be buried outside of the city. All those people he lists are ‘famous’ Canadians. Ironically, this guy apparently recently died and was not buried there.

    • Am I wrong, or is a portion of the way he(David Gold is his name) is describing the rite of death actually somewhat correct according to this PDF file?

  20. We should think about setting up some kind of group through TP to play MYFAROG when it comes out. Curious, but how easy will it be to learn for someone whose never played a D&D style game before(paper or PC)?

  21. Great news, and that too with the PDF is perfect. Was wondering what’s going on with MYFAROG and of course, the upcoming Burzum record.

    Well, one mystery solved.

  22. Where will MYFAROG be sold? I could wait for it and then make a combined order with it and ForeBears. By the way, why isn’t the ForeBears DVD sold in stores that sell your clothing and mugs and other stuff, like levykauppax or plastichead? Didn’t they want it or is there another reason for that?

  23. This PDF on the High Festivals is quite a goodie! 🙂 Thank you very much! This jar of three pebbles is of immediate interest, as I was going on about the ‘Law of Three’ before. I don’t know if there is a connection at all.

  24. On the topic of pen and paper RPGs, I found a new hobby about a week ago: World Building.
    World Building is basically the most cerebrally intensive and creative activity that anyone can do. And it is so fun. Creating a geographical world, with flora and fauna, races and factions, eventually civilizations with languages and cultures…
    It takes escapism to the next level.

    I wish I had a camera right now so I could show you a map I made out of purely spontaneous imagination. I started the landforms by taking a piece of paper and pouring steak sauce on it, outlining the brown splotches as continents, then added altitudes, temperatures, biomes, and eventually settlements, populations, cultures, and now I have warring nations and sprawling cities.
    It really is a good way to exercise your creative and artistic functions of the brain, as well as live out the great European spirit in these dark times.

    Here’s a prime example, this man went all out on his imaginary world “Okhora”:

  25. I was going to order your book, but I saw that there is a new edition which is planned to be out in December. Is there some new content in it or is it just an update of the cover (a.k.a should I wait until December ?)
    Thanks, I’m looking forward to read it.

    • The new version is a fraud, an attempt by a Jewish-owned publisher in the USA to hi-jack my book.

  26. There are no words to describe the joy I will feel, when I see the facial reaction of communist, christian and unnationalistic parents, when I buy their children Varg Vikernes’ Role Playing Game…

  27. Great news, hope it goes well (Hopefully your issues will be, for the most part at least, sorted by then so you can get it published without hassle)

    Sorry I never got round to testing it myself, I basically have NO ONE who would play it with me, unfortunately, and doing it online, even over skype, just wouldn’t work…

    I will definitely pick it up though, even if I don’t use it for anything other than mythology reading for years

    You’re too harsh on SRAS by the way, it’s an excellent book and you should be very proud of it, I think it really deserves a repress, with the amount of latecomers on here it would sell in no time, it would only need minor revisions like the ones you posted on

  28. Wæs Hæl,

    I’ll be grabbing that work of yours, been on my “wish list” for a bit now.

    My tribe honors modern day heathen heros once a year, on what we call FolkDay.
    I will be raising my horn this year in honor of Varg. Hail to you sir!

  29. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I am eager to play your completed RPG. I will have to find some others interested to play it with me as well. It’s frustrating to see even the modern D&D crowd seems more concerned in collecting and painting figurines than actually playing the bloody game 😦 Thankfully there are still some purists around.

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