Why the European Religion?

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The native European religion, traditions, customs, culture and world view, is known in slightly different hues from all over Ancient Europe. This Pagan religion is the religion of our blood and soil, and like a mind can not be separated from the body this religion can not be separated from us; without it we will cease to be. Without it we will die, like we do today, because we don’t practise it. With the re-introduction of the European religion we will start to live like we did before, in harmony with ourselves and our environment, and be able to cultivate our racial peculiarities, known to have brought forth philosophy, mathematics, architecture, beautiful music, sculptures, paintings, poetry, medicine, astronomy and all sorts of technology.


The European religion promotes not some fictional otherworldly “Paradise” as the ultimate goal for each individual man, but instead the eternal life on the soil of the forebears, and immortality through Honour. There is no contempt for the Earth, no description of Earth as something you have to “endure” or “tolerate” until you can move on to something better. The European religion promotes the Earth and life on Earth as something good, valuable and meaningful, and holds the Honourable life as the highest ideal. Life is lived with the betterment of everything in mind, the preservation of the good and the promotion of Honour: the Honourable European Pagan lives his life knowing – or if you prefer believing – that he will himself be re-born by his own children or grand children after he has died, so he does his best to make life as good as possible for those who comes after him. He will not deplete any resources or chop down entire woods for profit, because he knows that he will himself need them in his next life. All he does well in this life will be to his own benefit in his next, and he will only be reborn if he lives and dies with Honour.


The European Religion is not just our religion; it is the quintessence of the European man! The mind and spirit of Europe! Without the European Religion the European man is like a computer without software (e. g. an Atheist), or with software that is not or only partly compatible with the hardware (e. g. Buddhist) or even with malicious software (like a virus) working to destroy everything inside (e. g. a Christian or Muslim). He is not working properly, if at all, and he will crash. Re-boot if you like, every time you crash, but be prepared to crash again and keep crashing until you remove all viruses and install the right software. You can. Everything you need is here, in the 30 oldest posts on this blog. HailaR WôðanaR!


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  12. I remember Plotinus saying about the fact that the gods should come down to me and not viceversa. Kierkegaard in one of his aphorisms asserted that between man the the gods there should be a form of comradeship. To raise the arms towards the sky instead of kneeling down in submission and self-denial, that’s the difference I believe.

  13. I would like to know more about the actual practices of European pagans. Yes, I read Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia and that helped a lot. Anybody have any good books or sources to recommend?

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  16. The founders of the Chinese Civilisation were most likely the same peoples as the Tocharians, Caucasian mummies over 6 feet tall found in China, the PRC conveniently attempted a cover up. The Egyptians such as Rameses had red hair and green eyes, he was most likely a Berber or of some other origin, and because of his appearance his subjects revered him as the incarnation of the God Seth. Both the Parsi and high caste Hindus of India were of Persian origin, and this is still ostensible through linguistics and their physical characteristics. In the 30’s when Hitler visited Iran, the Shah was compelled to revert back to the nation’s ancient name of Iran (Land of the Aryans) from it’s then name of Persia. Subsequently Nazi Germany recognised Iranians as being racially aryan and removed racial restrictions from them marrying with Germans. Even the ashkenazi Jews originated from khazaria and were a people of the steppes, like zoroaster was the medes and the persians too i might add, aryans in other words.

    • Persians today are of mixed race, but with some Aryan roots.

      DNA tests show that the Ancient Egyptian royals were Western Europeans.

      • I see a lot of links with greek paganism, in your posts and arts, so you agree that Tracians have same origins as other europeans, or did they have too many connections with persians and so..?

  17. I think that we should get rid of the term “religion” for it is a very loaded word (in a negative way). This word will only attract religious bandwagon jumpers who try to carry their sick Jewish morale into this movement (as we could see in the last couple of days).

    I would propose we use the term “folkdom” (from the German word Volkstum) instead of “religion”. Folkdom not only describes the culture and tradition of a race but also includes the racial aspects of it and it hasn’t been misused by any Abrahamic religion yet.

      • Good to hear that I’m not alone on that one.

        I wish more people could see that we would be better off if we got rid of that term.

      • I think the term “European” weighs up that though, 😉 We talk about the EUROPEAN RELIGION. not just RELIGION. Big difference.

        • But you have to admit that the term “European Folkdom” has a nice ring to it 😉

          Either way, It was not my intention to create dissident ideas. It was just a suggestion.

          • We should not give up on good terms though, and “religion” is a good term. It describes the object in question very well.

  18. Hi,

    I consider myself as an atheist as I don’t believe in any gods.
    But I installed your software on my computer. Not as a religion but a way of life 😉


    • And that is perfectly possible. You don’t need to believe in any gods or anything at all, but you can still embrace the ideas of the European religion and live by them.

      • You believe in gods if you simply believe in channeling good in yourself! The only reason it is seen as stupid, superstitious, is because judeo-christians ruined the term. A god should be a personification–it is not all powerful force to dominate humans like in the Jewish religions, as the European is an untameable wolf. It is simply a way to inspire ourselves to make the pack stronger, wiser, and more good.

    • From your point of view most of the people who participate on this blog are “Atheists” (including myself).

      The reason why we don’t use this term is because Atheism as such is nothing but a modern Socialist movement.

      Why would you want to call yourself an Atheist anyway? This term only describes what you are not and not what you are. It would make much more sense if you would call yourself a rationalist. This term has not been soiled by any sick movement yet.

      • True. I distanced myself from the term ”atheism” because many atheist nowadays are whiny liberal idiots. Few years back I debated many christians but now I find that to be useless. I don’t like the world ”believe” because it sounds so irrational. There is a difference between believing and knowing 😉

        When an ignorant man asks me if I’m a christian, I give them an ignorant answer “I’m an atheist!” even though I don’t if I’m an atheist or not. It is just a question of terminology, you know?

        • Yes, it is a question of terminology but most people wouldn’t know what you really mean by that. Most people would think that you are one of “them”. That’s why it’s better to just say that you don’t believe in any gods and then walk away from that person.

        • Or just answer “I’m a European!” 😉 When they ask what you mean by that, namedrop this site and walk away.

  19. I feel the need to say a few things about atheism. I was not aware of the pluralist, multicultural, ‘cultural marxist’ associations that some who call themselves atheist, attach to the word atheism, until some people here mentioned it. And indeed, when I delved into it, this sadly has appeared to be the case.

    I’ve called myself an atheist — and still do sometimes, in conversation with certain people. Sometimes I say ‘spiritual atheist’ – to make clear I’m not a nihilist.

    To me the word ‘atheist’ is ONLY relevant in relation to the supposed all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-existing god of the Abrahamic faiths (judaïsm, christianity and islam, and their offspring): אהיה אשר אהיה, יהוה, Yahweh, אֲדֹנָי, Adonai, Eloah, Allah, whatever. It does not mean anything other to me than just not believing in the existence of this god, and not even having the slightest reason to even presuppose his existence. So, to me it is a single statement, only expressing the lack of belief in – and lack of even assuming the existence of – the god of Abraham, *not* an entire philosophy of life.

    Why would I only see it in relation to the Abrahamic god? Well, because *only* those religions claim that their god is an objective, physical, historical reality, belonging to the same domain (yet at the same time preceding all of it) as everyday stuff. The heathen gods, at least in my perception, are more like they exist in the same domain as language, ideas, and mathematical elementary shapes. These do exists regardless of my own existence, yet they are connected to human consciousness; there is no need for us to actually pretend that we took the creation myth, where Wodan, Wili and Ve found some trees and turned these into the first human couple, literally. Neither do we have take literally how they slaughtered Ymir and build the world. Yet these myths are important and meaningful, and imho will continue to be so even if the advance of science learns us more about the universe. In contrast to christianity, we do not need to either deny e.g. dinosaurs existed, not retreat our spiritual ideas where they conflict with common sense and/or scientific finds.

    • I agree. People who take Pagan mythology literally are no better than religious nut jobs. Our ancestors have romanticised the natural forces and some of us do the same to this day. Only idiots would take those stories literally.

      This was a form of art back then. None of them actually believed that there is a man in the clouds who throws thunderbolts down to earth. Our ancestors would only pity and laugh at those “Wicca” or “esoteric Paganism” movements for they haven’t understood what Paganism is about. They, our ancestors, would also be confused about such a question because they only knew this way of life. Living in accordance with the laws of nature was the only way they could survive in this harsh environment.

      In regards to Atheism:

      I think it is best if all those “Atheists” on this blog would stop calling themselves like that. This will only make people believe that we sympathize with those pro-gay, humanitarian and socialistic sheeps. Call yourself a Pagan or a rationalist instead. This makes more sense in my opinion.

        • I guess you meant Odalist? Because I can only read “…..alist” in your reply. My browser doesn’t seem to recognize certain characters.

            • I assume Varg used the acuted ‘o’ and the ‘eth’ (the reverse italic stroked ‘d’) My computer usually depicts them well, but in that instance I also just read “alist” preceded by two blank squares,

              @ Johann: I agree with you in spirit, but at the same time do not think we should other people dictate the definitions of words… I admit that is less easy than it sounds 🙂 Words always work between a sender and a receiver, and none of these are devoid of association.

              • I understand what you mean but I think we should adhere to certain rules in order to keep our community clean, if you know what I mean.

                And furthermore, I’m a notorious “smart-ass” and if someone disagrees with my views I tend to get “angry” with that person quite easily 😀

                • Haha I think that’s a trait most of us possess. I don’t wanna applaud myself, but I am trying to rid myself of that, and sofar i think I do okay. It means compromising at details/depth but (hopefully?) gaining on the bigger picture/width.

                  More clear: waht I mean is, if someone wants to preserve the white race and is all into some weird heretic ‘pro-white’ interpretation of christianity, I acknowledge what we have in common *before* I start arguing that christianity itself was originally not designed by and for our people. Because I know I am not likely to convince this person in one conversation or in a few conversations anyway. But he’s already pro-white/pro-European, so there is no priority for me anyway — which does not mean I endore his being christian, but I endorse his pro-whiteness, and hence he is my brother.

                  • I can understand where you are coming from but I can’t agree with you in this matter.

                    I’m sure that there are a lot of “pro-white” Christians (especially among the Catholic community) out there but we should not let them join our movement.

                    Don’t get me wrong, I wish it would be like that. I wish we could trust them, but we can’t because once we open the doors for them, our movement will be doomed to fail.

                    It will only lead to disagreements and dissident ideas amongst us which will ultimately result in a divison within our movement, once we let them join us.

                    I’m afraid I cannot refer to a Christian as one of my brothers/sisters, for this will only cause mayhem within our ranks.

                    • @ Johann: I’m not talking about having them ‘join our movement’. I just think that there are higher priorities than trying to talk some American or Eastern European (because it are usually either US protestants, or French-Canadian catholics, or Orthodox christians who are into all this christian shit) out of his religion. Maybe I ‘applied the term ‘brother’ all too lightly and should have said ‘comrade’ instead.

                      And de facto, in spite of ,my (arguably) good intentions, I must confess I still find myself arguing over christianity with them anyway — I just make it clear before we start, that we agree over the most important issue: the continued existence of our people. So, the argument over christianity is an argument between brothers, or between comrades if you will, rather than an argument between adversaries.

                    • See the “About Christianity” post and also “The Fruits of Christianity”. Maybe you will change your mind.

                    • But the Christians are our adversaries, even if they don’t say so (or seem to be).
                      Christianity has done to European Paganism what the black death has done to Europeans. It attacked and almost destroyed us from within.

                      Christians are but useful idiots. They are the unsuspecting lackeys of the Jews. It is sad, yes, but we must not allow ourselves to feel any kind of empathy for them. They have chosen their fate themselves. They are either with us or against us, there is no in between.

                      In short: They cannot be Christians and at the same time “pro-white”.
                      Their whole faith is built around the glorification of the weak and meek. They glorify servanthood. They represent the complete opposite of our Paganism.

                      Just in case I didn’t make myself clear enough: When I say “our movement” I am referring to every men and women on this globe who are of European descent and who have similar views. Most of them probably have never heard of this blog before. So, I’m not just talking about the people who participate on this blog (this wasn’t necessarily directed at you but a general statement)

                      I hope I wasn’t too harsh. I always get a bit emotional when I have to talk about “them” 😉

                    • @ Johann [This should be under your last post, but the ‘reply’ link is off-screen and I can’t get to it,

                      You weren;t too harsh, and I overall agree with you.Christianity is an alien doctrine which, taken to its logical consequence, leads via universalism, then cosmopolitism, then multiculturalism, to the melting pot society — which inevitably leads to the vannishing of indigenous people.

                      It’s more a matter of ‘you should not make Truth too salty, because then people might have difficulties swallowing it’ (allegedly Nietzsche said that, although I don;t know where exactly)

                    • Christianity is mainly a problem in the “colonies”, so to speak. In Europe hardly anybody with a three digit IQ cares about Christianity, and those who do are freaks anyhow. Not having them in our movement is probably better than having them on our side. So…

                    • And some of them are bound to help their “Chosen people” too, and thus the problem remains no matter what.

                    • @Varg and @Johann: maybe I have the impression I am defending christianity of christians.Believe me, I am not. I was already an adversary of both christianity and multiracialism more than a decade (likely even two) before I even heard Burzum for the first time 🙂

                      It’s just that I sometimes meet (online) these exemplary white nationalists who also happen to subscribe to some form of christianity. Now, I most often actually do challenge their adherence to this alien religion, I just do not do it in the “Hey, asshole” kinda way.

                    • “You should not make truth too salty.”

                      Yes, I can somewhat agree with that, but we shouldn’t fool ourselves either. The truth can be uncomfortable, yes, but I’d rather live in an uncomfortable world than in a cosy world made out of lies. There is not much I can do, If people feel appalled about my statements. It’s the truth. I didn’t make this up.

                      Everyone can read and educate themselves about this subject and they will come to the same conclusions that I have come to. If they can’t or don’t want to accept the truth, tough luck.

                      That being said, I’m not a good writer. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who could have said the same only more accessible for the people.

                    • @ Varg: yes this situation where I find myself in dialog with a christian usually concerns people from the colonies — the extra-european anglosphere, so to speal. But recently I found out that Catholics (especially from Croatia) and orthodox christians also manage to identify both as christian and white nationalist… That’;s probably because in these branches of Christianity it is less usual to actually read the Bible. So, apparently these people don’t even know that their religion is for > 90% based on judaism. After I pointed out to some Croat fellow that neither mine nor his ancestors did listen to names like Yitzakh (Jacob), Sarah, Ebenaezer, and Miryam he bluntly asked me what the relevance of that statement was. Now, you probably won’t convert a sincere (yet misguided) guy like that in one conversation; you have to let him find out himself. So, rather then tell him ‘you’re doing the enemies work here’ I’d keep relations open and friendly, and tell him how I think about it.

                    • “Now, you probably won’t convert a sincere (yet misguided) guy like that in one conversation; you have to let him find out himself. ”

                      Exactly. I have written a similar statement in one of my comments some days ago.

                      We shouldn’t be interested in “converting” people who need help with every step but in people who can make the first steps by themselves. This will assure that we only have people amongst us with a medium or a high level of intelligence.

    • I don’t think Athiest is the right term either though. Odalism doesn’t really say “there isn’t a god”, it doesn’t take a stance on that issue either way. The correct term would be Agnostic. A term that fortunately doesn’t have any links to the liberals.

      • Kevin: I used that too, but at I point I realized that this didn’t civer it either. Agnosticism involves a stance that we d, no not and can not know anything about god(s), the afterlife etc. While that might be literally correct, that aspect of it seems to be stressed too much for the term to apply to me — I feel it supposes some ‘fundamental limit’ in what we can know, and this is not the angle of my perspective in general (which is not the same as saying I totally disagree).

        Anyway, this is just my reasoning, not necessarily the last word on it 🙂

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  21. This is interesting view on reincarnation, to be reborn in one’s kin through the Honuor.
    So in fact, when you are working for your race or better- for you children – you are working for yourself, the “future you” reborn in a body of one of your descendants.

    • Exactly. And as you might understand already, this is also the reason we still use to name our children after our (originally) dead relatives; they are returning to life again…

      • It reminds me a documentary i watched some time ago about a 5 years old boy who claimed to be his reborn grandfather ( who died before he – the boy- was born) . He somehow was able to saved a memory of his past life. He knew details of his grandfather’s life that – according to his father – he couldn’ t know. The 5 years old also told his surprised fahter that he remeber the time when he ( his father) was small boy sitting on his lap etc.

    • Coming from a highly cynical point of view, this could be why there were few ‘selfish individualists’ in the ancient world. I kinda doubt these people didn’t exist, they just realized that if they acted too selfishly they’d be screwing themselves over in the long run.

  22. I like your software metaphor. After giving some thought to your views on our parents generation, I have to say, that for now, I differ with you here. I agree that every man is responsible for finding the truth, but perhaps our parents’ generation did not become men, or women. They were uploaded with too much faulty software.

      • It’s a good point, reading your old posts about ‘initiation’ I think that is a large part of why the previous generations acted the way they do. They are like children in adult’s bodies, there must be something in the brain that doesn’t activate without some kind of initiation.

        As I’ve said before, I pretty much triggered it by accident and my personality/attitude changed massively like the flick of a switch.

        This is why I think your blog is one of the most useful in the ‘movement’. You can throw hard facts and shame at people all day but if they’re still in the mindset of a child they’re going to expect someone else to look out for them/do things for them. We have to focus on ourselves and spiritual awakening lest we be remain a small force of men who stumbled upon adulthood accidentally. The good thing here is that this belief makes our movement solid. You won’t get your: Libertarians, liberals, democrats, communists, anarchists, extreme individualists, etc. as our ideology revolves around the need of a structured government and tradition that helps to bring about this initiation. These other ‘sub-movements’ are not compatible software, so the ‘server software’ can be programmed for only one OS without the compromises and bugs brought about when making it widely compatible. 😉

        If anything, this was the sole purpose of Christianity. It keeps people as children with a ‘father'(God) who they are dependent on.

        • If anything Christianity was doomed from the start. Nothing like making ‘in-compatible software’ for the people with good morals then pointing their finger at them when they crash. Not only will the younger generations want nothing to do with the obviously flawed religion; but then with the morals as well.

          It’s like Alex Jones, the nonsense he spews proves him untrustworthy, and in the reverse his untrustworthiness ‘invalidates’ the few truths he says as well! It’s the same charade, the jews really only have a few tricks up their sleeves. I tire of it… surely if they were so smart they’d not rely on the same old swindle time and time again. It really puts our race to shame :/ Fool me once…

          Your software analogy really got me thinking Varg, you should write like this more often. 🙂

      • Perhaps their software was made somewhere in the West, and ours was made in China, and perhaps both broke down at around the same time. The difference is their software lasted long enough to have made them into something that could not be altered. Our software broke down before we had much of chance to even use it, and we couldn’t use their software either – it was broken. Plus we can look at our parents with hindsight.

        Don’t get me wrong I’m really not happy with what happened with the results of our parents generation. Actually, it infuriates me. I’m just trying to be objective. Many of us don’t even actually have real parents. The dynamics are completely eroded between parents and children, and male and female. No more fathers passing down trades or skills or wisdom, no more mothers being very caring, our graceful. So it is actually them being corrupted which partially serves to awaken us. We look to our parents as we should, but they cannot fulfill their roles! For those who find themselves in that type of situation, how can it not stir up a great intensity? I just don’t know what the use is in directing it towards our parents. We can’t change them, and I personally cannot blame them even though I would really like to. It’s all on us now. We have to take it all in. Everything that they did not. We need to learn how to live without the aid of parents, or culture, and at perhaps very unorthodox ages in comparison to the past.

  23. Christianity is the source of today’s pseudo conservative values. Even though our youth is rebelling against this, many young “rebels” act against pseudo conservative values in the way our media wants them to behave: They live a life with people that are incompatible, which leads to their parties being filled with drug abuse so they can pretend like the people they’re with are interesting and they can pretend like the person they’re about to bang is attractive, only to wake up with an awful hangover and then think “Wow, I should do that again!” Their pseudo conservative parents obviously frown upon this, and therefor our youth thinks it’s a form of rebellion, when it’s really repeating the garbage fed to us by MTV. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

    This is why I’m happy to see this blog, and I’m happy to see even a few posters in my generation. Many are realizing that Jewish religions (Christianity and Islam) are wrong, but don’t realize that Paganism is the light. As far as Atheism goes, I believe it can be a stepping stone to the Pagan path. Drop the superstitious garbage, question everything, and search for the truth. The definition of Atheist that most people use will actually suit us, and that’s not believing in an invisible man in the sky. We have gods, but our gods are not invisible people in the sky, they’re cultural icons that give us answers when we’re lost.

    Heil Wotan!

  24. Hey Varg. I was wondering if you could provide me with a full list of the titles of your books. I am currently very tired so I apologise for requesting something that may be easy for one who has his wits about him.

  25. Pericles Yanopoulos, the philosopher of hellenic nationalism said a century ago(Varg will agree with him): “We the Greeks of today are the worst of any time.

  26. I think the computer analogy is very apt. Atheism is no software. Others’ religions are the wrong software. However, Christianity is a MALICIOUS software (aka a VIRUS).

  27. This hits the nail right on the head. Perfectly explained. This post should be spread as much as possible.

  28. “known to have brought forth philosophy, mathematics, architecture, beautiful music, sculptures, paintings, poetry, medicine, astronomy and all sorts of technology.”
    There were others civilisation who were rather superior in mathematics, astronomy, etc. than European civilisations.

    • And you will still claim that when DNA shows that the Ancient Egyptian civilisation was European? When we know thet the Sumerian civilisation too was European? When we know that the Indus Valley civilisation too was European? When we know that even the founders of the Chinese civilisation were Europeans?

      The Arabs were never advanced in anything; they learnt everything they knew from European sources from Antiquity. Europe was at the same time backward for some time solely because of Christianity.

    • I was trying to find anything about some several articles I had read a while ago (6 years ago maybe?) about how they had found 2 male skeletons in an underwater cave in the Yucatan peninsula that were completely Nordic in appearance.. but all such information has disappeared hmmmmm…..

  29. This, “Why Ôðalism?” and “Alea iacta est” are the posts that we should focus when it comes to spreading the word (even though Atheists are likely to get their feelings hurt with this one).

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