Why Ôðalism?


Ôðalism is in the strictest sense an ideology based on blood (of the native population) and soil (the homeland of the native population); protecting, promoting and if necessary reviving the customs, traditions, world view, values and religion that naturally came from each particular population in their homeland. It can be applied to each and every people on this planet, and will also be different to each and every people on this planet, because they are in essence different from each other. Ôðalism promotes true diversity; respect for every people’s right to have their own unique culture in their own native homelands. Africa for Native Africans. America for Native Americans. Asia for Native Asians. Australia for Native Australians. Europe for Native Europeans. The human population of this planet will be rich only if we keep the diversity, and make sure that no human races are lost, either through interbreeding with other more numerous or dominant races or through other genocidal politics, such as feminism and colonisation.

Ôðalism is opposed to all forms of internationalism, be it universal faiths such as the Judeo-Christian religions or Marxist ideologies, because internationalism is a threat to the human diversity of our planet. Each religion, culture, customs, traditions and world view stem from the blood and soil of a particular people, and can not be made universal.

Ôðalism is advocating the repatriation of all non-Europeans in Europe as the solution to the genocidal politics lead by most European nations today – and also repatriation of all unmixed Europeans from the former European colonies. Because of the young age of the Native American population, going no more than 18,000 years back in time, and also because of the fact that the Native American population is a mix between Asians and Europeans, America is a special case and should be treated as such. If nothing else America should serve as an example of how colonisation leads to genocide and a huge loss to mankind; the American Natives are almost extinct today, and so is their beautiful and colourful culture.

There is not hatred for others in Ôðalism, only love for your own. There is no destruction of others in Ôðalism, only protection and preservation of what is your own. There is no plans for world supremacy in Ôðalism, only love for and a strong link to the soil of the forebears. There is no interventionism or aggression in Ôðalism, only respect for each and every people’s right to rule itself as it sees fit.

Ôðalism is not nationalism in a modern sense: each and every modern nation is a modern construct based on geography (where the borders have been drawn) and ethnicity (i. e. languages spoken) instead of racial – or if you prefer tribal – identities. The Ôðalic nationalism is based on race. E. g. to Europeans today the European race (and different sub-races) is the nation. The language spoken is completely irrelevant in relation to racial identities. 

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  1. Maori, American Indian, Hawaiian and Aborigines have and always had a low population. If European leave than Japanese and Filipinos over take Hawaiian and Chinese over take Maori.

  2. The problem is how to return to your native religion for example here in North Africa , there are no good sources for the berber paganism we know just some things written by the medieval muslim historians .

    • I am a Mediterraneanist and Italian and Asetian. Berbers are meds; practice an ethnic Mediterranean religion and repatriate to Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, etc.

    • Carthaginian culture and religion might be closer to what you need. And there is a lot more information about it than other cultures in North Africa (Egypt excluded obviously).
      PS: You’re quite white for a North African, that surprised me.

  3. i want to say thank you for sharing all your thoughts and ideas… all the things you write and your vision of the world i seem right.
    no long ago i start reading your blog, you are one of the few people that have a spark, something very good inside them… and open my mind a lot your way of thinking, you have your eyes open and your feets on the ground, you see the reality of the world, and you are aware of the inmaturity and degeneracion of the human. And you dont stay silent making the “normal” life where we are parasits of the world, you do something to change the things and that we return to live in harmony with our earth, at least like the “hibrids” we are, and acepting our diversity of races like humans, rather than the earth take care of herself to get back into balance, disastrously.
    is the first time i read about odalism and its something that i have in mind since a time in part, im agree.

    pd. your music is awesome.

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  5. When did European people become the parent of the mongrel? When did we become responsible for their ridiculous behaviors and their happiness and well-being? I read some of these comments and the only thing Europeans are afraid of being “hateful” and offending a mongrel’s feelings.

    I am offended by mongrels in Europe raping our women, destroying our societies and demanding to be seen as equal, when one only needs to look at their homelands to know how ridiculous that assertion is. I am tired of everything European people do being co-opted by non-Europeans and Odalism is no exception. The parasites come to feed, “where is mine,” they demand. Find your own bloody way to your spiritual heritage. This is OURS.

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    Bra grundläggande syn på tillvaron. Fascismen är inte Nordens fel utan kommer från ökenråttorna själva. Hit upp ska de inte komma och predika vare sig torarullar eller marxism.

  7. Well, good night. I’m from Brasil – using the ‘s’ as we do here – and despite being and descendent of Europeans, Italians and Portuguese, I’m the product of interbreding, including Indians and Negros, which I don’t see as negative : see the dogs for example, as the Pedigree is maintained also are the negative genetic characteristcs, but this is not why I’m writing. You see, all my life I’ve been drawn to the Norse mithology, and as I grew up I began studing more and more about it. When I pray, I pray to Odin, not in the sense of a God, but in the sense of a spirit, a energy, when I need assistance I chant runes, which help me a lot, when i listen the Norront in songs I get chills in my spine, being surrounded by your culture is when i feel truly connected to the whole. I must thank you for your videos, they’re most interesting and i could learn a lot from them, but I must ask: what is your position on a multiethnic person, which resembles more like an indian – south american one – doing as I do?

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  9. Well, I really have to say that I have great respect for you Varg, not only for your music, but also for supporting your beliefs with some facts and not stuff from pure imagination. I may differ in some beliefs in this, but nevertheless, I really admire your work, and the research you have done on this. It’s really rare to see something like that in these days, most people act without any research or anything!
    Also, I want to ask you, what are your thoughts about Greece? And views in Odalism about Greece too!

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    In relation to this post, as well as a fuller understanding of a more recent one.
    There are many people stating that any such ideology is irrelevant because it is just highly unlikely that all it’s aims will form into reality. I say – never think on grand scale first. Always put your loved ones, your closest circle before anything else. Take care of them, make sure they’re protected physically and mentally from any harm. It’s your most important obligation – and one of it’s side effects is that it renders any global speculations that less important and necessary.

  15. Varg, I want to know by you if I really need to be an Odalist. I really feel I need (MUST). I want to hear my forebears. Well, I’m descendant of europeans. My grandparents are from Portugal, Spain and France. They moved to Brazil, but some relatives still live in Spain. My mother is still descendant of europeans, from Portugal.
    I’m not an fair eyed as my grandparents are and I’m not as white as my mother. She’s like a Nord. Really. The thing that aches my head is the fact I live in Brazil and I have a curly hair. Not like a black person. I think you understand.
    (Note: My mother is redhead and smooth haired)

  16. The Neanderthals ARE NOT our Ancestors!! NO WAY!!! HOW dare you compare the beautiful NORDIC RACE to these APE-LIKE SAVAGES!!??? The Nordic Race is a direct offshoot of the CRO-MAGNON RACE, which still exists almost pure in CENTRAL SCANDINAVIA(DALARNA region of Sweden, TRONDELAG region of Norway). We actually DO NOT KNOW where the Cro-Magnon Race comes from… I have an idea about this, But I will not express it here because I would be smeared and ridiculed immediately!… Suffice to say that the remarkable researcher H. WIRTH(who was shamefully persecuted under the Nazi regime, for his defense of Nordic Woman’s rights!)came to the conclusion that the Nordic Race was perhaps MILLIONS OF YEARS old, and most probably evolved in a Polar environment, beyond the Arctic Cercle. It’s most probable, exact point of origin is GREENLAND, which was completely free of ice just 2 or 3 millions years ago… The glaciations of both Greenland and Europe are a VERY RECENT event in Geological time scale! Furthermore, I will say that MODERN EUROPID REMAINS have been discovered all over the world, dating back TENS of MILLIONS of Years!!! These findings have been systematically CENSORED by “mainstream”, “official Archeology”… For more details, refer to the landmark work of Michael CREMO and Richard THOMPSON: FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY. Obviously, the true past of our ancestors needs to be revised drastically!! One thing is SURE and CERTAIN though: we DO NOT originate from BRUTISH, APE-LIKE NEANDERTHAL SAVAGES!!! The Neanderthal skulls look much more like those of today’s African negroes than that of Europeans!…
    But still, congratulations for your good work!!

    Sincerely Yours,

    Marc de Logères

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  25. Well, as someone who not necessarily agrees with, but definitely respects your beliefs, I must say that I agree with this post.
    Love of your own culture and heritage does not equal hatred of other cultures or races. I find it a shame that many see it as such.
    Europe needs to rid itself of INVASIVE cultures, which, as Varg put it, are a form of colonization, and therefore destruction of a native culture. This would include foreign religions, mass immigration, and imposition of foreign political agendas.
    Even worse is when these cultures USED Europeans to propagate themselves to other countries and cultures, such as colonial Africa, America, and the conquered lands of the Spanish.
    Pagan religions will always be rooted in blood and soil, but Abrahamic religions like Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are invasive and viral, and thus serve no purpose to anyone other than to control, convert, and destroy. I don’t even think they should have a place in the middle east, they should be wiped off the earth.

  26. Here are two videos I found today on YouTube that need attention! They’re only short videos, but will make you really angry. Sorry about that.

    • niggers look better hanging from trees. Sorry I live in America and I detest niggers. They are and will always be viewed upon by me as nothing more or short of a Nigger Ape. To be the Klan didn’t drive them to the sea once they were free to leave. Sorry videos of white women and children being assaulted by these Apes angers me to the point of no return. I have seen them do it and no body do anything about it. We are afraid racially of defending ourselves when attacked unprovoked. Luckily now I walk my niece and nephew to school and if a single Nigger ever says anything o me I beat the shit out of them in an alley somewhere. I live in a rough area and have learned to never fear them, best not to provoke them but when and if they touch you, defend yourself. I have done it from a young age and have no issues with it, if I saw those Niggers attacking those white women I would have gone beserker on all of them. They would leave France with the clothes on their backs, their trash bags will with clothes and their Nigger Islam to boot! So sick of this criminal species.

      Its amazing how this Nigger species of Ape are not well liked anywhere. The Jews call them the children of ham, cursed with black shit colored skin to live in Africa as punishment for something. I wonder what they did to piss of the Jews but after watching these videos I could only imagine.

      • Hating negroids is as sensless as hating muslims who invade europe ! You just aim for the tip of the iceberg ! Unlike what our history book teach us, negroes weren’t unhappy to be slaves ! Most of the time they were treated as some kind of pet, with some sort of affection ! They were properly fed and allowed to bride ! They mostly never revolted ! They’ve been going crazy cause they’ve been given the rights to call themselves equal to whites by our beloved leaders ! I can’t possibly hate negroes, even after my mother was attacked by one at some point, we couldn’t help but look at them as some kind of animals who haven’t been tamed properly ! So you’re right, we have to defend ourselves against their agression but keep your hatred for the mastermind behind the problem !

      • I cannot get over “PYRAMID PROPHECY”….
        But please reason why “polygamy”, if agreed, was a sin? Not that I would promote it, just that you sound like Xtian with mind in a little box or a jar… Like I said, I would not promote but I can tolerate if REASONS are given, your call.

  27. Adit, you state here that Odalism is ‘contrary to the laws of nature’ and will ultimately fail. You have not explained how Odalism is contrary nor how it will fail. Can you enlighten us? as you make a serious claim here.
    Secondly, you state ‘This proposal would be scene as an incredible sign of weakness and would signal that we are prey’
    Can you also expand on this disturbing observation you have here. What scene specifically and how would Europeans signal they are prey?
    I don’t understand so please explain in more detail what you mean.
    Oh, and Duncan Stewart; you are posting some terrific goodies for us all.
    That chart with all the European face variations is fascinating.

    • I explain this partly in a response below. In synopsis, Nature makes you no guarantee of anything. Whites do not get a perpetual lease to Europe nor do we get a non-competition clause either. No living creature gets that. You have to fight for survival, not barter for it. Further, no creature willingly gives up territory since more territory equals more chance to survive. The only reason a creature gives up territory without a fight is because it is too sick or weak to defend it. These are the reasons I say it is not following the laws of nature.

      As it stands now, at this moment, Whites everywhere are ceding territory to others without any fight. This signals weakness and not only that, but these ‘immigrants’ are being rewarded for invading via welfare, etc. This is unprecedented in History and is highly unnatural. Behavior this bizarre signals something terribly wrong with us (i.e. sick) which just encourages the ‘immigrants.’ Get it while the getting is good, so to speak. Take Sweden as an example, the rape capital of Europe. You think they haven’t become prey? This is all bad enough, but If we were to just cut and run from America, etc. what message do you think that would send? Weakness writ large for all the world to see. They would believe if we abandon all that, surely we must be on our last legs and would move in for the kill. That is how nature works. There would be a bum’s rush to see who could grab Europe first. That is what I’m afraid of. Even if we do become weak enough to where we are forced to all retreat to Europe, we have to make a fighting retreat of it. We have to show that we still have teeth and are still a force to be dealt with. The only other choice is to be prey. I hope I explained that coherently enough.

      Just to point out, I agree with most of Odalism. Its just that you can’t ignore the laws of nature and expect there not to be serious consequences. That is what I believe to be happening in a few points, so it needs to be discussed or at least thought about. There are also problems on the ground now and Odalism’s solution seems dangerously wrong to me (I think there are consequences that were missed/misunderstood.) I’d rather people thought about it now then before an ‘unintended consequence’ bites us in the….

      • Right now we need to fix the one huge problem we all suffer from right now.

        The future is a different story.

        The Neanderthals lived in Europe, North Africa, the MiddleEast and Central Asia too, by the way.

  28. I have some big problems with Odalism as it is stated here. The biggest is that it is attempting to work contrary to the laws of nature and because of that will ultimately fail. Nature always wins in the end.

    I also see a big problem with the proposed abandoning of the European Colonies, but for political reasons. I have spent 40+ years of my life around non-whites and I believe I have a better understanding of them that most of my European brethren here. This proposal would be scene as an incredible sign of weakness and would signal that we are prey. In other words “Whites people have become so weak and pathetic that they have to run home to hide.” They WILL act accordingly.

    • Us having colonies justifies the mass immigration to Europe to a lot of people. Is that so hard to grasp?

      • I know the argument. Its classic anti-white and its s a BS argument based on White Guilt. If it wouldn’t be colonization they would find another excuse (We need them for the economy – a famous one in America ) Conquering and colonizing other peoples is nothing new in History. Where is the mandatory immigration for those peoples? Nope, its just for the Whites. Stop pandering to the anti-whites and giving them the moral high ground. Nothing you do will ever be enough.They want nothing less than our extinction. In nature, does any animal try to purposely eradicate its own species? That should tell you all you need to know about them and their arguments.

        Unlike most Whites, 3rd worlders still know the score on nature. The fittest survives and weakness is punished. Nobody is guaranteed survival or territory. Why do you think when they are in Europe they treat us with such utter contempt? Because we have shown nothing but weakness by behaving in a most unnatural fashion. (This includes ALL of the West.) Only Whites are nitwit enough to even listen to their arguments let alone take them seriously. They don’t take these arguments seriously themselves and are utterly amazed that we do. They are quite literally laughing at us. Why not? We went from conquerers to groveling for forgiveness. Think about what that says. Now, think about what giving away territory says let alone a full blown retreat as you have suggested. My instincts and experience tell me you are wrong. I think it sends a very dangerous message. Not at all what you intend.

        Let nature be your guide and tell the anti-whites to bugger off. (in proper BUGS fashion of course.)

        • We will do well with all those non-Europeans on our side in this. We have a common cause and a common enemy all of us.

          I care only about the survival of Europe.

          • You know, they don’t think the same way we do. The blacks, even if they realize the jews are their enemies won’t act so long as there is still opportunity to take from us whites. The Muslims won’t attack the jews so long as they can more easily move into white countries and profit off of the system.

            These people are not concerned with the long term. Muslim immigration was a win-win for the enemy. Not only do they weaken us but they give the Muslimes something better to do than attack them.

            And when ‘we’ deprive them of their benefits I really doubt they will side with us. Rather they will side with those who will bring back immigration and welfare. We might be able to get some of the Asians on our side, but we all know how well that worked for Germany…

            Anyway I think Adit’s point is something we should consider. The Arabs look for weakness and charge head on into it. Giving up America is a sign of weakness in their eyes and it will encourage more aggression. As usual we must take the harder path and hold both continents. And don’t tell me it can’t be done. It is vital for the survival of Europe that we strike fear into these people. Closed borders, unfriendliness to outsiders, and no backing down. If we don’t do this, they will attack. They won’t suffer from ‘the fall’ like the others, in fact it will help their position.

            • I tend to agree with you here Kevin. I think it’s way too optimistic to think that we can somehow make all non-whites agree with us. What’s in it for them? This is the best they’ve ever had it! Many of them are in Disney land, and at our expense. And in fact, the rules of conduct do not even apply to them. Sure because of globalisation certain, mostly asian economies have seen some growth, and some people willfully return to their homelands. I don’t think we should expect very high numbers to return willfully though. Especially since their economic boom is pretty much slowing down to a halt.
              I think Eustace Mullins framed it pretty well in that article Varg linked to on Parasites. Once the parasite sets up shop, it begins to introduce other foreign elements to weaken the system of the host, ie mass immigration. It was also a great point to note that the parasite adapts to the hosts attempts to fight it off. Cultural Marxism, and Political Correctness, and all the new laws are the methods of preventing the host from reacting as it did in the past when it successfully eliminated the parasite. So certainly there is going to have to be a new response on the part of the host. One that circumvents or destroys the parasites new lines of defense. I’m not sure that giving up the colonial outposts, and getting non-whites to agree with repatriation is the answer though.

            • Actually I didn’t say we should abandon America. I said America is a special case and should be treated as such too.

              It is the homeland og the Natives, but where are they? Almost gone… so it must be treated differently than e. g. Australia.

              • You did kind of imply it in previous articles though, hence the confusion. Or you were just saying Europe is our first priority in which I would agree.

                I think Aus and South Africa are kind of the same situation though. The native cultures of each are pretty much lost. Though in the case of Aus I suspect that they would voluntarily separate themselves from the white society, those of them that haven’t let them selves be ruined by the society must realize the damage it does to them. I believe I’ve read that some have. The continent is big enough for both races to live there and remain separated.

                South Africa is a difficult one, all I can say is that I wish them luck. If they can pull through their current situation and survive the coming fall they have my respect. The whites still living there must have a real strong will.

              • I find America strange. Lately I though about this ‘exodus’ on another blog you had mentioned. I find it unbearable here because the Anglo-Saxons in America [original country builders] do not identify with this identity. They have forgotten it or do not take any pride in it. I do not know however many British immigrants and Irish immigrants to my area are extremely liberal. Not to mention one is a perfect example at my University, he literally promoted the works of Engel and Marx in an British Literature class. At this point I felt this nation is beyond saving. I feel that the east coast would be okay if only Europeans lived there but that is not the case. Not to mention hundreds of ‘white’ people here now claim they are ‘native american’. I do not know why? I do not think this is good in the sense of how stupid a European can become when disconnected with ones roots. One moron in my family claims they are Native American, yet all of our ancestors came here in the late 1800s from Ireland, France, Germany and Finland. What is Native American about that? Nothing! I even showed this relative the family tree, everyone in it came in 1890, 1918, etc…. not one person has been here prior to that. I feel bad and ashamed for my ancestors who left Europe for what ever reason, but more ashamed that I am related to people who are ashamed of where their roots come from.

                I suppose I say this because as mentioned before is America and the Euro-Americans savable or are they in a eternal state of ignorance? I am a blasted ‘American’ but cannot offer any explanation as to what the major issue is here anymore in regards to ‘White’ people. I reject calling myself ‘white’ since the Nigger can reject calling himself ‘black’ and labeling himself as a African. I think its foolish Europeans here have no self pride what so ever.

              • America is a special case for a variety of reasons. We were forced into a war for survival with some of the tribes who inhabited the Continent. This war was forced on us. As you pointed out many of these tribes and peoples are not indigenousness to the Continent. For those who follow the discoveries of Carlsbad man, Kenowick man and others this is proof that our Race was here first. Therefore; this is Our land. I love Europe. Every time I go over there I love it. When I lived in Germany 25 years ago I fell in love with it. But, my kinsmen left to forge their own way in the wilds of the North American continent…why would my family want to relocate from our homeland here? We wouldn’t. Good article.

            • Yes, it’s the same. Muslims are, as they see it, colonizing Europe right now, just like we did to other places before. Why is that so hard to accept as true? They conquer by numbers. Mass-immigration and mass-breeding. They colonize Europe. And “someone” we know well let them.

              • I see the difference, but why would we give them anything that is ours? Do they make any use of it? Any good use, I mean? They don’t want it, they don’t deserve it and they can not make use of it if we force it upon them.

                The WASPs and Germans in the USA and Germany gave Israel nuclear arms and submarines able to deliver nukes. Perhaps they should NOT have done that? Wouldn’t we have been better off if these “white elites” DID NOT spread their technology to what you call “mud races”?

                • Sure.

                  If any nationalists out there view me as a low life hippie then they have a problem.

                  Good luck to you.

            • I share the opinions of both Adit and Kevin here. The other races will use any means necessary to advance and if that means take what is ours, they will do so. If America falls totally, then Europe might be in a big danger. I believe SA is a different position, barely nobody was living in those lands, the negroes came from the north pushed by the British. The boers are entitled to that land their forefathers worked, we can’t just give it up and I’m sure they will fight until their last man to defend their land. About some races detecting weaknesses (like blacks), I can attest to this from an american acquaintance who was in prison. There their true colours show up and if you show weakness or even any compasion, they will beat you down, the more sorry you are, the more they will beat you down. This also happens in the real world, look at the invaders “immigrants” in Europe, they walk around like owning the land, not for nothing they call Germany “New Turkey”.

  29. How do you feel America should be treated as far as multiculturalism? Should the whites go back to Europe and leave America for the Natives? Or should the whites stay there and call themselves natives?

  30. If you are interested in neofolk, I’d recommend Forseti and Sonne Hagal. Extremely inspiring bands.

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  32. @ Varg: your avatar, is it a Trojaburg / Troy Town labyrinth?

    The ‘Wereldmuseum’ in Rotterdam uses almost the same icon http://www.wereldmuseum.nl/en/home.html

    Btw I think that anthropological musea are very worthwhile to visit for nationalists / racialists / odalists, even if their expositions feature non-European cultures. Examining other peoples culture and still cherishing and caring for your own, is truly celebrating diversity, as opposed to the common multicultural dogma that celebrating diversity means eating in exotic restaurants and having mixed-race babies.

    • Interesting…
      “The Nordic race is a partially depigmented branch of the greater Mediterranean racial stock. It is probably a composite race made up of two or more basic Mediterranean strains, depigmented separately or in conjunction by a progressive evolutionary process.”

      • That’s Carleton Coon (what’s in a name 😉 ) you’re quoting, right? Never knew what to think of that hypothesis… It seems more likely to me that there hasn’t been any ‘depigmentation’, but rather the reverse: a pigmentation by those who wandered south. But this is just an idea; I never did any research about it.

      • Well, that is not correct.

        The Nordic race is simply those Neanderthals that were the least mixed with Homo Sapiens.

  33. Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; wilderness is a necessity.

    All of the races of the world spawned from some pristine, wild highland area in the world. Capoids, Mongoloids, Congoloids, Australoids, and us, Europoids.
    The White race, our race native to Europa, for example:
    Alpine peoples coming from the Alps, Nordic peoples coming from the mountains of Scandinavia, Finno-Ugric peoples and Slavic peoples coming from the west side of the Urals, so on and so forth…
    I think many people need to come to reality and understand that the pristine wilderness of the mountains is our home, that Europa is our home, and that wilderness is a necessity.

    Ave Europa.

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  36. Well the way I view it is that our ancestors conquered the Americas, and we’ve made it to what IT IS, So I don’t believe Repatriation of Europeans back to Europe is the answer, and neither would the boers or Afrikaners would want to give up their lands that easy. Besides there is also evidence of Caucasoids being there (the americas) before the Red mongols came from asia. Plain and simple, we conquered and we Created, and now its time to see if wether we’ll allow ourselves to end up like the Red mongols and be the ones that are conquered by other aliens. I suggest people read the Book “scalp dance”.

    • They would all be better off in Europe, especially Afrikaners, do you know what goes on out there? Boer farmers are murdered on a regular basis, we should be able to provide for them in their homelands…

      The Americas belong to the natives, I think once you got rid of the rotten government, the corporations, and the other immigrant groups we’d be on our way to a good solution there….I don’t see why any white people would want to live in areas like Arizona or Florida though…

      • I think the Afrikaners would be better off in Europe. I’m still not convinced that such a backward people as the Australian Aborigines need such a huge swathe of land with infrastructure made by us while having a population that is very sparse. Maybe the state of Australia should be divided, with the more temperate south going to Europeans while the North granted to them. It’s all just hypothetical anyway. Something similar with North America too.

        As I’ve always said though, I’d happily pack my bags tomorrow and leave for my mother country England if all the non-whites were removed.

        • Again, I don’t see why anyone would choose to live in Australia, New Zealand maybe, as the climate seems very similar to Britain.

          I agree, also they destroyed huge areas of forest like some native American tribes, so they can hardly complain about us ruining their land…

          • I didn’t choose it obviously, and being a young man with little to his name I can’t pack up and head over to England just yet. One day though…

        • I did? I think America belongs to those we call Native Americans today, but like I said the situation in America is a bit special, because the Natives there are close to extinct…

        • Because even then they must have been in the majority, I agree that Americans should not feel bad at all about living in the North (the only area with a climate that suits us), and that Indians should wake up and realise the vast majority of white Americans are not their enemy and never have been (I am sure plenty do realise this), but it is their culture, their land.

          We need to be realistic though, so much has been destroyed already….South America could potentially be put back on track but I think the damage is done up North, which is a shame as it is the Northern tribes that I admire most…

      • I’m divided on this.

        We’ve got to somehow balance the idea of natural selection with being reasonable. And the idea of us returning a bunch of land without reclaiming any of the land that has been stolen from us just seems like another attempt to pander to the ‘white guilt’ that let’s admit it, has been so thoroughly pushed on us that you have to consciously put in effort to not let it affect your thinking.

        You also have the fact that it’s pretty much white custom to challenge ourselves. Putting ourselves in hostile environments is what we do. To say whites in Australia and other places are foolish is to say our Neanderthal ancestors were so for sticking out the ice ages as much as they did.

        Personally I think we should have a presence in pretty much all parts of the world. Not because I think we owe something to the other races; nor because I think we should ‘rule over them’, in fact my line of thought has nothing to do with the other races. Simply because it allows our people a place to go, to experience the different parts of the world and to challenge ourselves to live in different climates. Short of going into space we’re running out of ways to challenge ourselves. And I think that is a big factor in why so many whites act self-destructively today. We fall into depression without a hostile outside influence.

        This presence in various parts of the world will lead to wars, which I feel if we don’t have we’re end up squabbling amongst ourselves. Plus it gives future generations a chance to prove themselves.

      • I disagree, America DOSEN’T belong to the “natives”, technically no one has ownership over those lands, since as far as I know, everyone migrated there in the past times. Second, it wasn’t Natives who build all the infrastructure here and everything else that involves making a Civilization, Don’t you know natives where also constantly Waring against each other before the western man came? I know the hollywood version of NA’s is very cunning, but thats why i recommend people read that book I talked about before.
        I know very well that the White South Africans are dying daily down there, and its a Tragedy, But you don’t see them all wanting to move back to holland or england do you? my point is, theres always going to be people in the America’s, Australia, and South Africa, that are NOT going to wanna give up their lands that easy, because most of them know well that those Places would have never existed if it wasn’t for the European settlers that broke their backs to build their civilizations over there.

        Most “Native americas,” are mongrels anyway, so they can’t purely claim anything, look at most mexi’s, who are mostly either a mix of Iberian, Sephardic jewish, and Amerindian. I mean do you really want these clowns to win the argument – http://patdollard.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/White-Racists-Go-Back-to-Europe-1-05-29-2010-033.jpg

        • Mexicans are mongrels from modern times….they are only a mixture of Jews because they’re mixed with Spaniards, and Spain unfortunately has more than its fair share of Jewish, Moorish and Berber heritage…

          That about them being at war with each other is total crap, you really need to read up on colonial history about how scheming colonists manipulated tribes and drove them to war with each other. Sure they had some degree of tribal warfare, so did we – did we just sit around building houses in ancient times? That’s like saying the immigrants of today deserve to inherit Europe because we were fighting all the time in ancient times….

          Certain cultures like the Aztecs were particularly backward (I think some like these may have had some African heritage, they did and still do look different), but these cannot be held as an example of how natives in general behaved. Overall they weren’t all that different from Neanderthals, that they lost all that they had was tragic.

          Why should we care about modern American civilsiation? We are better off without civilsiation anyway, cities are rotten and degenerate and inevitably decline over time, so I really don’t see why this is a sign of superiority. The natives build many great towns and cities of their own anyway, before colonists forced them to leave them as ruins

          • You are wrong Sigebrand. The natives raged wars against each other too. Entire tribes were wiped out long before the Euroepans came (in their second wave).

            • yes but this was by no means a universal case, matters were hugely worsened by the scheming of colonists, and my point was really that in this sense they were no worse at waging tribal warfare than Europeans were (apart from exceptionally brutal tribes like the Aztecs)

  37. As a lot of others said : this is so true, inspirational and beautiful.
    I sometimes see hatred and contempt for foreign cultures or races in European-pride posts, and it actually looks like a flaw and a weakness : if we are aware and proud of who we are, of our culture and forebears, if we respect it, there is absolutely no need to feel or express any kind of hatred or contempt.
    And even for the ones that we acknowledge as “enemies” (because of their threat towards our integrity and essence as a race) : history shows that one can fight an enemy and still respect it, see the beauty in its own culture even when we reject it for ourselves and fight it.

  38. Native Canadians are apparently the largest growing segment of Canada’s population. Part of this is that more people are identifying as being part Native in recent surveys.

    I think this is a great post. I think often times the basic truth gets distorted because of all the injustices that are occurring, and the negative feelings they naturally produce. But if we take a step back, a message like the one in this post is really at the heart of it, and one of the best ways for people(including non-whites)to understand it.
    I think the resistance in the common man will come primarily from their understanding of Paganism being associated with things like Wicca, and then also seeing it as being ‘backwards’.

  39. The last thing I ever want to see is different races disappear all together because of any outside threats. I hate it when other cultures are ruined by another interloper one, especially one that brings nothing good to the table.

  40. I think its agreed, this is one of your best posts Varg. So genuine and beautiful. The positive posts are so great to read, thank you! Hail you and HailaR WôðanaR!!

  41. Reblogged this on Virðing and commented:
    This is one of the most beautiful posts that I have read. Thank you Varg for spreading the light to so many people, and hopefully many more to come.

  42. Just real and beautiful … is it more true that you can make this movement .. true multiculturalism and true freedom for all the world.. Hail to you Varg!!! really!!! Hail to you!!


  43. Varg do you have an opinion on the Solutrean hypothesis?

    There is strong evidence to indicate that Europeans settled the North American continent thousands of years before the Ice in the Bering strait melted and allowed Asiatics to enter the continent.


    Wouldn’t that make north America, native to our people also?

    • There is also at least one mainstream documentary about the subject.

      ‘Ice Age Columbus, Who Were The First Americans?’

      • I have seen this documentary but couldn’t remember the name of this hypothesis, thank you very much for posting it 🙂

    • Yes, but the Native Americans are their descendants, because these Europeans mixed with the Asians. The Native Americans are different because they are not Asians; they are a mix between Asians and the Europeans you mention.

      • Imho such mixtures *could* be stabilized and eventually grow out into a new folk. I’ve never been to the other side of the atlantic, but those euro-amerindians seem to be good people in general. They even sympathize with our, and similar, causes!

        Of course, we ourselves are such a stabilized blend between neanderthal and sapiens hominids. Yet, we should not mistake this acknowledgement as an endorsement of race-mixing in general!

        • Exactly! Just like we Europeans are a fairly stabilized mix (on average 99,7% Neanderthal and 0,3% Homo Sapiens).

          I can also add, to all the Americans today, the America was never a problem to anybody as long as it was a Native American land. We can NOT say the same about the “European” USA.

          • Actually Varg, America largely minded its own business while it was a predominantly European country. As the racial demographics of our country have shifted towards nonwhites, our foreign policy has become increasingly erratic and destabilizing.

              • Varg, America is not solely responsible for either of those two wars. America largely tried to stay out of WWI for the first few years, and as for WWII, yes FDR tried to get us into war, but you can’t entirely shift the blame away from Britain, Nazi Germany, and the USSR. And believe it or not there was a strong isolationist movement in America that was fairly popular amongst white Americans. It took Japan’s foolish Pearl Harbor move and FDR’s manipulative foreign policy to discredit America’s anti-war movement. And even today, Jews and their allies try to dig up and smear the isolationist movement as “pro-Nazi”. The Plot against America by Philip Roth is a great example of such anti-white American hysteria.

                  • Did I fully absolve the US of guilt? No I didn’t. I even acknowledged FDR’s foreign policy decisions that helped provoke Pearl Harbor and Hitler’s Declaration of War on the US. I don’t see how that makes the European US as something uniquely evil or harmful that you implied with this: “I can also add, to all the Americans today, the America was never a problem to anybody as long as it was a Native American land. We can NOT say the same about the “European” USA.”

                    Britain, Germany, France, and Russia were all major players in WWI and WWII. That is a fact. And what does the US’s involvement in those two wars make us somehow more problematic in your eyes? And again, the white American PEOPLE wanted to stay out of both wars. And if it wasn’t for foreign influence, we probably would have stayed out of both wars.

                    And our foreign policy decisions have been consistent since WWI: wars that are not in our interests, and end up costing us much in blood and treasure. We have never benefited from a single foreign policy decision since the Spanish-American war. Even the Iraq War did not offer us anything. For the last century we have been used as foot soldiers for the benefit of both foreigners and ideological zealots (be they neocons or Cultural Marxists). And the same powers-that-be are deliberately trying to eradicate the European bloodlines in America, hoping that all of these Third World people will somehow be more compliant. We white Americans aren’t good enough orcs.

                    • The American PEOPLE is made up of 90% over-the-top Christian fanatics, too fat to walk uphill any more than a few hundred meters, or they will die from exhaustion: These people were chased or even thrown out of Europe the last few centuries, BECAUSE they were religious FREAKS. Everything the USA touches turns to SHIT, from wars (that we initially talked about) to fairy tales (e. g. Disney’s RAPE of European fairy tales), to popular culture (e. g. Elvis Presley’s African “rock’n roll”), food culture (e. g. McDonalds and Coca Cola turning the world’s population into fat arse losers), etc. etc. etc. If you only knew just how NEGATIVE the USA has been as an influence the last few centuries you would have been shocked, I am sure.

                      Let the handful of good Europeans over there return home, and the rest can stay there in their Judeo-Christian “Paradise”. That’s all I say. I don’t care what happens to the religious freaks. They are not Europeans. They are more like Jews, in all ways.

              • I will say that I stick to my original committment to drop all past feuds for the common cause. We all know that we all have a few cards in our back pockets we could pull up at any time – but what’s the use?

      • But Varg, it is the same argument anti-Whites use in Europe today. To them, Europe belongs to mixed race mongrels because they are descendants of the original inhabitants.

        I don’t accept that, neither do I accept that North America can exclusively belong to the Indians.

        • The mongrels in Europe have not lived there very long and they are not a distinct race of humans, adapted to their environment through micro-evolution for 18,000 years. They are just mongrels.

          The(ir) comparison is idiotic, and just because mongrels in Europe today say this doesn’t mean we should not say the same when it is right to say so.

        • Varg, that is one of the most ignorant statements I’ve ever seen you make. I am from America, and your perception of white Americans is hardly the truth. America has been very religious at times, but secularism also has also been very strong. The Founding Fathers weren’t super religious, and American Christianity has been on the decline for decades. The only region of the country that has remained stalwart Christian is the South, and their Christianity is much more friendly towards ethnonationalism than the New England variant.

          And my ancestors were not religious freaks, nor were they kicked out of Europe for being crypto-Jews. My Irish ancestors were escaping English persecution, and my French-Canadian ancestors likely did not have Christian fundamentalism as a motivation for settling in Quebec. My Russian, Polish, and Italian ancestors were simply looking for a better life, and considering what happened to those nations a couple of decades later, I’m glad they left when they did.

          Obesity is a problem, but it’s not something that’s uniquely white American. A lot of blacks are also extremely overweight, and Mexico has surpassed us as the world’s fattest nation. As for McDonalds, there’s many of us white Americans who hate McDonalds, Walmart, and Starbucks, and do what we can to support local organic farming. It’s actually mostly whites who can be found supporting organic and local-grown foods. There’s also plenty of us who are trying to do what we can to stop Monsanto from poisoning the world.

          There’s also a growing folkish pagan movement within America. The Asatru Folk Assembly is one such movement, led by Steven McNallen. They have values similar to Odalism, except that they see North America, or Vinland, as their legitimate homeland.

          I also find it strange how you admit that your past negative perception of the Russians was fueled by the media, and you’re doing what you can to exorcise those feelings (which is good), but yet you espouse anti-American sentiments that aren’t entirely grounded in reality. Perhaps the media has poisoned your outlook on white Americans as well?

          We white Americans are not your enemy. We are in the same boat as continental Europeans, and I hope we can set aside our historical grudges and work together to ensure the survival of the white race. And for what it’s worth, I do what I can to disarm anti-European sentiments amongst some white conservatives. Some white conservatives have perceptions that every native European is an Islam-loving Communist/Nazi. Those are just as dangerous as European perceptions of white Americans being Zionist toadies.

          • My negative view on Americans (in general, of course) is fueled by personal experience and observations.

            Why do you think everybody outside the USA hates Americans (as a general rule)? It is not just me, you know. And they do in spite of all the positive pro-USA propaganda we see everywhere, in papers, in TV, in films, in books etc. etc. They want us to think well of the USA, “the land of opportunities”, but we don’t. We really, really don’t. And for a reason. For many reasons actually.

            I will remind you of the fact that the Holocaust — something I should not speak much about here in France — was “discovered” (to put it that way) by the Americans. I hope you understand the magnitude of that “discovery”?

            American troops behaved like SHIT in Europe during WWII. They were terrible soldiers and unless they outnumbered the Germans by at least 5 to 1 they always lost the battle, and usually the only way for them to take anything was to call for artillery support (and thankfully for them they had plenty of that). The average US soldier killed something like 0,0000036 enemies during WWII, and half of them were POWs killed by transport units far behind the enemy lines, who didn’t give a shit about the rules of war. In comparison Finnish soldiers killed on average 30 enemies each. These are FACTS, and all of Europe knows this, so when we see PC games, films and books about heroic US soldiers kicking German arse we don’t think this is cool. It is ridicules. It is embarrassing and also just f***ing annoying. The US has NO HONOUR. The only people US forces killed successfully were German civilians during the war, women and children, from their bombers, and German POWs AFTER the war. Yes, they machine gunned them in the POW camps, for fun, during the night. When the wives of these Germans soldiers came to give them food the US soldiers often took the food and raped the women, and then sent them back home bleeding, crying and suffering. And then they machine gunned their husbands during the night. For fun. 3 MILLION Germans lost their lives in 1946. Yes, in the year AFTER the war.

            So, yes, the US role in WWII is very important. It didn’t matter for the outcome, the Russians won the war all by themselves, while the US and British forces were working their arses off to beat that one single tiny German Africa Corps operating in North Africa (about 1% of the German forces), but it did matter a lot for the aftermath, with the Holocaust “discovery” as well as all the bullshit “culture” we have seen since then, being showed down our throats, about WWII and the US role in it.

            Don’t accuse me for being ignorant when I HATE the USA.

            • PS. The Finnish number of kills is very exagerated. I mixed it with the Finnish-Soviet kill ratio, which was 30:1. The correct number is much lower, but still many, many, many times higher than the US number.

            • I’m an American who shares your passion on the subject; I agree that we’ve done a bang-up job of diluting cultures with stupid money-making ventures, and some sort of bizarre obsession with possessing. Since its colonization, America has been founded on obtaining things, people (as slaves),the aesthetics of various cultures all without understanding them. I remember hearing about the 1950’s “Hawaiian” craze. The whole thing with wearing grass skirts, lays, while playing the ukulele while doing a little hip-swaying dance has absolutely nothing to do with Hawaii. It was an invention by Americans to benefit their entertainment industry. It was one of many trends which all point to the almighty dollar. I long for a culture, some sort of heritage, but I’ve been robbed of that because (and I don’t love my family any less as I say this, though I do feel somewhat betrayed) my family didn’t see their cultural preservation as a priority. My motivations for cultural preservation are predominantly aesthetic. I could be celibate for the rest of my life if it meant that my involvement with someone would dilute the substance of their heritage, because art, music, literature, language…it’s all too important and it’s way bigger than the 80-100 years I’ll be living on Earth. I just wish I could regain some culture if I do marry one day, and if I have kids, raise them solely in the tradition of the man I would marry. I’m not sure what to think. A lot of conflicting emotions and ideas. Haha. It’s not like I don’t have time to figure all that out though. Thank you for sharing your opinions. Definitely some fascinating thoughts.

              • Also, I realize that Hawaii is part of America, but it definitely has a different culture than continental U.S.A.

  44. Few people that rarely comment, they do now because you mentioned the other races, kinda like D.Duke does, yet he still gets hammered down and labeled. To them (not you Varg) ,is like you’re afraid of defending jealousy and with honor your own world, without having to mention the others to justify it? like the popular saying goes “I’m not racist, but…” kind of people. I dont get it, to me is first my people, all else is secondary. This is not the first time Varg talks about this also, he mentioned it several times. But yea, overall I agree with the message.
    I think we’re all grown up enough in this planet to defend our own interests, (except whites today) let’s keep that altruism in check, save it up for our people. As for the lands, we all lost here. Europeans have lost lots of territories since antiquity due to mongrelization mostly, a big part of Asia was ours. The bushmen of Africa, which owned so much lands also lost big time to the negroes (Hottentots). It’s estimated that in 2100 African population will quadruple, it will be a dark and brown plain world. In this day and age we’re losing more and more land, look at Europe, infested everywhere and if we don’t act, we will suffer a lot in the future, we and our descendants.

      • A lot of music labeled ‘neofolk’ is very pagan in lyrics or theme, the music is surprisingly filled with a number of Ôðalist musicians and fans as well. Unlike other music such as metal, which almost always uses it only for the appearance, it tends to be a lot more genuine.

          • Most of these so-called néofolkish bands are only pussies and jew-lovers scums who only plays with european symbols to sell their shitty music

  45. I think we should all do our best to spread Odalism. It’s a great movement only in its infancy at this point.
    Looking forward to seeing more and more comrades to rush to the call of duty when the time comes to restore our broken realms.

    I keep saying it again and again, Nature is going to fix this shit. Nature is going to put people in their place, where they belong. Remember that She will only spare those in communion with the Natural Laws.
    The Jew is a race biologically incapable of Communion With Nature, that is why they are the eternal enemy and will soon be crushed.

    Hail to all of these deities we know by blood and soil.

    • A Texan once told me that the North (in the USA) is growing more and more “white”, and the South more and more “dark”. The climate dictates, man listens….

      • Absolutely. I am soon making a voyage to the north, to the mountains of Montana. If you didn’t catch that.
        Here is a .gif showing the demographics maps from 1960 – 2010.

        I am so sick of living here in the southeast US. It is so dark (racially and climate-wise), so moist, so hot, and almost every insect and animal can and will kill you.
        I’ll stop complaining here, but just know that I cannot wait to join the few who move north.

  46. I tried to tell this to a co-worker once, when we were talking about patriotism and nationalism, but he attempted (poorly) to counter with the “In America, there should be no majority. It’s about all the people in this country. Then again…I’m unsure if I can reason with him, because he’s been getting into WWII books written by Juden and has taken a bit of liking to Alex Jones’ show…

  47. Hello Varg,
    I would respectfully like to acknowledge, and I’m sure that you are aware, that the European Solutrean people are now considered to be the first settlers of North America. In what way do you propose to treat North America as a special case?

    • America is European today, and should possibly be treated as such.

      Sure, but those European forebears are not YOUR forebears. They are still the forebears of the Native Americans, whose Asian forebears mixed with these Europeans.

      • Varg, what are your thoughts on Australia and New Zealand? Imho, what I like to think of as ‘Greater Europe’ encompasses, besides geographic Europe, also parts of the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, some parts of South Africa (Transvaal and Oranje-Vrijstaat) and likely some parts of South-America too. I’m not too sure about their exact sizes and locations though 🙂

        My point is: many of these grounds were cultivated by our folks. South-Africa for instance, was *not* colonized with a huge black population. There were some bushmen (hottentot – who are in fact not negroid but belong to a different race) but most parts were empty of people, and cultivated by the Boers. Only when the white people already had built an infrastructure, black people migrated from the north into South-Africa. And the white South-Africans made the mistake to rely on black labor force, just like whites did in the USA — and like our parent generation did in the 1960s with importing these guest laborers from North-Africa and Turkey. Capitalism is no less harmful than communism.

        • South Africa was, like you say, the native homeland of the Hottentots, and they were neither Negroes nor Europeans. The latter two groups are invaders.

          South Africa was invaded and stolen from the Hottentos because of extreme greed. There are diamonds there, and platinum and gold… so would you be surprised if I told you that a surprisingly large percentage of those “whites” living there are not actually “white”? And they are only there for the gold and diamonds etc.

          About Australia…. well, what about the climate? Are Europeans by nature well equipped to live there? Why would any Europeans live there? It is a bit like having a colony of Negroes on Svalbard. They don’t belong there. Go home!

          New Zealand is the native homeland of the Maori, right? So…

          The world was colonised because of greed. Not neccessity or to help anybody. It was all about greed.

          • I think only the Northern half on New Zealand was the native homeland of the Maori. I am not sure to what degree Australia and South Africa were inhabited and / or cultivated by indigenous people before the Europeans arrived, nor do I want to suggest that cultivation is the best way to treat nature… But still, we cannot in any way compare these migrations with those of today where all these none-Europeans, mostly muslims, come to Europe, in an already hugely cultivated environment, an already established infrastructure etc.

            My suggestion is, that some European core territories in those overseas areas are established. Some migrations cannot be realistically undone. Like the Turks took Anatolia (which should ideally be Greek — while the Turks move back to the plains of central Asia) the Europeans took some of the regions I mentioned. In contrast to the Turks, or to any migrating folk, they build a civilization from scratch, rather than taking it over (like muslim immigrants do in most European cities nowadays: they use OUR infrastructure, OUR social welfaresystem, OUR buildings etc,)

            I wouldn’t want to live in Australia myself (too hot), but those ethnic europeans who do, seem to do just fine.

              • Skin cancer is indeed a big problem here. Although the heat here could be comparable to say the Mediterranean, (I found Greece even hotter when I was there), it’s a different sort of heat. In Greece I actually tanned and it was like a slow roast oven, here in Australia if I go out in the heat I will burn very badly, it’s like it fries you. That being said, there are very cool regions in Australia, mainly in the south. Tasmania resembles Europe climate wise for example, and the Tasmanian natives were completely genocided.

  48. This post is nothing short of beautiful. Finally an intelligent alternative to all the simplistic ‘white supremacy’ bullshit. I never thought I’d embrace another -ism again, but here I am.

    Takk for at du serverer puslespillbitene jeg har manglet, herr Vikernes. Det store bildet har blitt mye klarere nå.

  49. While I do like this article, I feel that Europeans who have toiled away for hundreds of years have made permanent “outposts” of Europeanism, and therefore can be seen as expanding European soil.

    • I agree to that, although we should not be imperialistic about it. I would not think it unreasonable, if e.g. the Maori’s in New Zealand and the Aboriginals in Australia would be allowed self-government, and eventually fully independent ethostates would emerge in these regions. Same goes for the US, but it will be very hard there because the spreading of the races has occured on a local level (neighbourhoods) and not on a regional level. The border problems that such a separation will render, will dwarf those the Croats and Serbs experienced when they broke up Yugoslavia.

      • I take it you’re not from Australia – our aboriginies would never be able to run anything.

        • Maybe that is just fine? Let Australia be a wasteland inhabited by savages.

          So what?

          Do we really need to be there and “run things”?

          • I say yes – we have been here for a couple of hundred years. Our ancestors have fought and died for this place, to let it fall into ruin is an utter waste.

  50. What goes around comes around though, and hopefully someday, somehow, certain so-called “cultures” will reap what they have sown for the last two thousand years…

  51. THIS is true multiculturalism, not the garbage in the media where they think it should be mixing all of the races together, but this is how it should be. What you have posted here is exactly how I feel on these matters, and I believe that this should be shared with as many different people from all corners of the globe. I will do my part to spread this message, as it is truly how the world should be.

    • Multiculturalism essentially destroys everything it claims to promote: diversity. Shall we all integrate an compromise our way to fit the ways of foreigners, true diversity will whither away and be replaced with a consumer based, watered down version of other cultures. USA is the perfect example of this.

      • Perhaps multiculturalism was not the appropriate term, though what Varg has expressed in this blog entry is an ideal world where every culture is allowed to flourish with no genocide or mass control like what we are facing today

        • Really I just stated the same message you did in another form. Multiculturalists destroy the same thing they claim to promote would have been a better thing to say on my part.

          • I messed up, I read your first reply wrong and thought I was giving the impression I believed in the current idea of multiculturalism. Only shortly after I replied did I realized I had a total brain freeze, sorry about that haha

      • “Multiculturalism essentially destroys everything it claims to promote: diversity.” Very, very true — to suggest that multiculturalism celebrates diversity, is probably the single biggest lie of our present establishment. Cherishing diversity means cherishing ethnicentrism, *not* having all ethnicities live in the same area, promoting interracial relationships etc.

  52. Pingback: Two new Thulean Perspective posts | Ancestral Cult

  53. Jews want to turn this world into some Mcdonald’s eating, Coca-cola drinking, racemixed world where everyone is their slave.

    • The Jews should have been placed in Antarctica instead of Palestine after WWII! The problem would have been solved a long time ago!! lol!

  54. In my opinion, this is probably the most sound post I’ve ever read here – practical and rational to the core. Love for everyone and love for oneself should be the norm in these days. The world is beautiful because it is diverse. Claims of superiority and racial imperialism helps the Marxists and other Judeo-Christian imperialists to prove their point before the blind international population.

    The reasoning here is as complete as the beauty you manifest in your works as Burzum.

  55. Very inspirational and informative as per usual. I think this might do especially good in showing those unfamiliar with the term to see that we aren’t unkind, hateful people.

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