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First some appropriate music.

Some time ago I did something I am not very good at; I made up a story and wrote what was intended to be a fairy tale intended for children, and was even happy with the result. If I had been able to I would have done this more often, and ideally I would be doing that instead of making music – the latter I do only because it is all I know, and apparently because that is what I am intended to do.

The story in question was called Perþ, and it is named after a rune sign. The name translates as “journey”, mainly of a spiritual kind, of man travelling up or down between the realms of man and spirits. I don’t remember exactly when I wrote it, but it must have been some time in the mid to late 1990ies, and I wrote it in Norwegian. It was then translated to English by Vidar Ermesjø and published on I think in 2003 or 2004. Mr. Ermesjø did a good job translating it, but I have still gone through the text and made some improvements and corrections, and wish to share with you this short fairy tale. I hope that if I ever grow old I will be able to sit down in a study, in peace and quiet, and produce more such fairy tales. I enjoy them very much, and do believe they are valuable.

For now, this is all I have. A short fairy tale called Perþ. Listen carefully….


Part I
Once upon a time, in another world and another place out there in space…

I was young and curious, sought and searched for answers to the most unbelievable questions. I grew up in a noble family and was educated to become a knight. I travelled far and searched for honour and fame – like all knights do. I found both, but I never found happiness. There was too much injustice and cruelty out there for me to be happy. Only fools are happy.

Famous and honoured as I was, I thought it my duty to end all injustice in the world. I knew the gods were behind this and therefore decided that I should find them and demand answers to why they were so cruel and unfair. Why they let young boys get cut down on the fields of battle; why they let innocent infants die of disease in the crib; why they let plague and sickness ravage; why they let some live like slaves their whole life, only to die filthy and old in their beds. Why were they so cruel?


With my big headed ego I therefore one early morning trampled down to the most wise man in my home-town. I hammered impudent on the door with an iron glove and announced loud and clear that I wanted his service.

“Where are the gods?”

He was (dressed in a nightgown) astonished, not only by my bearing, but also by my question.

“Where are the gods?”

He repeated my question to himself. He pointed towards the heavens and said:


“But I want to talk to them. I have a question for them. Are they never here on earth?”

“It is a long time ago since the gods wandered among us.”

He bade me indoors and his servant (who also had been aroused by the commotion) served us food and beverage.

“There once was a time when the gods themselves wandered on earth. They descended from the heavens in their shining wagons and altered everything that existed. Mankind was destroying the whole world. They had burned or cut down all the forests, they had fished all the fish in the sea, they had killed all the animals that existed and the soil which they grew grain on was emaciated. There were too many humans, and all had become bandits. The smoke from the chimneys polluted the rain and made it dangerous to drink. The ocean, lakes and rivers died. The growth and plants, birds and animals that were not already dead because of the humans died too. Even the humans got trouble with breathing the air, which because of the funeral pyres was thick and heavy.

The gods therefore descended to restore order. To give life back to our planet. They burned the cities and slaughtered humans in tens of thousands. Lightning and flames rained down upon the fleeing masses. The sea washed up on the land and pulled humans back into the deep. The wind blew them away and crushed them against the ground. Mountains collapsed, some over the cities. The whole world lay in ruins. Ashes, mud and rocks, sea and glowing lava had covered everything. Only vestiges of the old world peered over it.

The gods then created a new world and let some people from the old world live there, but to prevent the humans from again demolishing the earth they placed Guardians among them. Thereafter the gods travelled back to the heavens. No one has seen them ever since.”

“But I must speak with the gods. I must meet them”

“Then you must speak to a Guardian. Find a Guardian. Perhaps he can help you?”

“Where are these Guardians? How may I get a hold of them?”

That I do not know. They are invisible. They only see, they can not be seen.”

Once again I ventured out in the world, not to win honour and fame, but to confront the gods with their wrongdoings. I intended to march into Valhöll itself and point accusingly at Ôðinn, while I put forth my allegations, questions and criticism. “Why are you so unfair and cruel? Why!?” Very content with my noble goal I therefore left to find a Guardian. I searched high and low, in old ruins from the old world, in high towers and deep caverns, in dark forests and over wild seas. There were no Guardians to find. No one who knew where the gods were. No roads ascending to the heavens.

I was travelling for many years. My followers fell one by one. Some were killed in combat against jötnar and trolls, worms and bandits, other fell like rocks down from high mountains and walls, some were victims of plague and sickness, others just died. I do not even remember any more how and why they all died. There were so many in the end. My anger only increased. My aggression towards the gods only grew in strength. They did not even care to give me an answer!

In the end I lay there on the ground myself, wounded and dying. Exhausted and weary, dejected and in despair. It all had been without meaning. Without a solution. Without an answer. Without a cause. It all was going to end in the mud, where I lay. Bloody and beaten. Alone amongst dead humans that I soon were to join in death.

Then I saw her; a fair being on a white horse. Smiling, almost laughing, she slowly rode towards me. My vision was double, the horse had eight legs. She laughed at me:

“Hold on if you can.”

I did not understand what was happening, everything was so unreal. But, somehow I got up on my legs, and suddenly I was sitting there behind her on the horseback. The horse galloped away as soon as I got a grip around her. In my condition it was not easy to gather everything that happened, but it seemed as if we were riding upwards, upwards and ever upwards. Towards the heavens. I clenched to hold on. It went so fast. After a while I hung in a vertical position after the horse. The hands clenched around the hips of the fair woman, but I was about to lose my grip. I cried out. In despair, but also with the hope that she would help me. But she did not help me.

“Hold on if you can.”

She nearly grinned it to me again, teasing. There was no compassion, no help. Nothing. I screamed and screamed. I lost my grip around her hips and slid slowly backwards, with my fingers at the horse’s back and behind. In the end I hung after the horse’s tail. Straight out behind it, on its wild race over the firmament.

Then there was a silence. There was no other sound but my own screams, and the woman’s teasing “Hold on if you can” that rung back and forth inside my head. It was not cold, nor warm. My body was no longer feeling heavy, but nor did it feel light. Time somehow stood still. We only rode towards the light up there. Silently. I do not know how long it all lasted. The light enclosed us entirely after a while and the horse began riding downwards again. But I could not endure any more, I had no strength left. I could not hang on any more and let go. No! No! No!

But suddenly there I was. I had let go even as we landed. I lay on the ground. The horse stood there. The woman – still smiling and teasing. More fair men and woman assembled. They were so light they shined. Not fair as us, but even lighter.

“Bring him here” I heard one of them say.

Part II
“Where am I?” I heard myself say. I was in the process of waking up. There was somebody there.

“You have arrived” said a voice.

I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a large room. The walls, the ceiling, the floor and furniture were all white. Soft and white. Comfortable white. The sheets were also white. A fantastic beautiful woman stood there with a clever smile. “I shall announce that you are awake” she said and left the room.

My byrnie, seax, helmet, shield and gloves, pants and everything else I had brought lay beside the bed on a white stool. Newly washed and cleaned, repaired and in good condition. I searched my body and understood that it as well had been repaired. The wounds were healed. There was not even a scar to see, and no bandages either.

The door opened again and a woman peeked in. “You may enter” she said. “Get dressed and come.” I wanted to ask her how long I had slept, but she was too fast and closed the door before I could. I dressed and remembered why I was here.

Outside the door a corridor led me down to a large door. The woman escorting me said that “Now you are here.” As if she new why I was here. I swallowed heavily and braved myself to knock on the door. She smiled at me as I peeked at her uncertainly. “Come in” it sounded. What else could I do?


A vast hall opened itself before me. Straight ahead there was a large throne, wherein Ôðinn himself sat. Around him sat and stood many other gods, in a crescent towards me. They were all fair and wonderful, tall and healthy. They had no faults. No visible flaws. Some bore serious facial expressions, other smiled at me. Even Ôðinn smiled too. “Now, what does this young sire want?” he said with an artificially strict voice. He still smiled. I felt rather small where I stood. My great ego was suddenly not that great any more. My great self-confidence was suddenly not so great any more either.

“Well” it nearly peeped out of me.

“According to my records you bring some accusation” said Odin, and demonstratively flipped through some papers. He acted irritated, but even so gave me a feeling of security and confidence. Nothing could go wrong here. Here was nothing to fear. I was safe.

And so it came, the accusation. In detail. I told about how unfair life was for some people, how cruel for others, how undeserved certain individuals found happiness and how undeserved others did not. I spat out one accusation after the other to a patient gathering of gods, and ended my prosecution with a why!? Ôðinn was not stirred. None of the other gods seemed stirred either.

“You ask us hard questions. To answer them I must know what you already know about earth and life on earth. For example, do you know from whence the humans come?”

“Yes I do. We are your children. We are the children of the gods.”

“And whence do you think the water spirits come, or the fairies and dragons, jötnar and trolls?”

“I do not know.”

“Let me tell you a story” said Ôðinn. “A long story, that you might not understand.”

“Try me.” I had won back my self-confidence.

“There was a time when neither jötnar nor trolls, dragons or fairies existed. Only men and animals, only plants and mountains, ocean and heaven. Mankind had wagons to pull themselves, they had tamed vast birds that flew about in the wide world. They had dwarves forge them food, so they needed neither fields nor farmers. They raised towers that nearly reached the sky, and delved caverns so deep the flames from the inner earth came out and burned them. Ashes and smoke poured out and enveloped the cities. The animals got lost in the darkness of this ancient world. The fish in the sea drowned. Birds fell as rain from the heavens, gaunt and lifeless – some with humans riding them. Plants decayed and the earth was no longer fertile. Mankind had forgotten everything about the gods.”

“It was then that you descended and destroyed the old world?” I interrupted.

“Yes, it was then we had to descend and destroy the world of men. Because they had forgotten why they were on the earth and why they were humans. They had forgotten what they were to become and who’s children they were. They married animals and had children with them. In the end there were almost no humans left; they had all mixed with vile beasts. Only some few individuals were left, but also these lived like animals. It was but a matter of time before all our children would completely disappear. We had to intervene.”

“But with so much cruelty? Did you have to let mountains fall over the cities? Did you have to let the oceans swallow the human masses? Did you have to let the flames burn those who were left? I have myself seen towers from the earliest times, that jag up from the earth. They are still black with soot on the inside. How many had to die?”

“It is often so that someone must die so that others may live. The earth is created for our children, for humans, and all other creatures, animals and plants, fish and fowl, everything is created by us for the humans. So that man could live and grow. We created this earth, we placed her where she is now, between the warmth of the sun and the freezing cold of the vast outside. We do with our creation as we want. What we have created we have the right to destroy as we see fit.”

“But what about men? What about your own children? Have you no concern for them, no compassion or good wishes?”

“Children are unruly. They often do what they themselves want, and not what their parents ask them to. What we did was to save our last surviving children from extinction, by forcing them to live differently. By forcing them to live like they should. By forcing them on to that road that leads ahead. By forcing them on the right road. We took some of the animals and from them we created new species and races. We created jötnar, large, strong and stupid, to force men to fear the forest. We created jötnar to give them something to test themselves against. The jötnar are uncomfortable when they think, they therefore prefer the fight, because then they do not need to think. They hate the humans because they are themselves fallen humans. They are ugly and small, dark and foul, violent and dangerous, stupid and without a spirit. But they have a purpose, like trolls, dragons and other creatures they force men to noble deed. We replaced the old and sick world with a world that gave humans a chance to become something more.”

“That does not explain why you let young boys die before they get the taste of the fruits of love! Why you let infants die of sickness in their cribs, why you…”

“Yes, yes” He interrupted me. “Yes, it does explain all this too. Mankind needs to be strong, to face future challenges it must be strong. Is it then so wrong to let the weakest die, so that in fact the rest has an opportunity to survive the future? If everyone were to live everyone would die. Now only the weakest die, so the rest may live. And how noble are not the youth that storm forth and fall on the battlefield before they have even tasted the fruits of love? Would the rest of the world ever know how good blood their family had, if not these boys had proved it with their noble deeds? Would their mothers ever get the chance to refine their consciousness without this loss of a son? Is not the good man a man who has taught himself to tackle pain and to be able to imagine others’? Women’s tears are like red gold; her pain refines her conscience.

All the pain and suffering, all the hardness we put you through is to your own good. Without this you would once again become low life, without this you would again let the stupid and weak decide the course of the world. Without war it is impossible to unveil the cowards, and because of that if there are no wars the cowards get as much to say as the brave. Man becomes coward, mixes with animals and forgets the gods and the creed of the gods. What are we then to do with men, we have after all created them for a reason? We have created them so they shall become better, not so they shall become animals.

Look around, look at us. We are your parents. We created you. We want like other parents that you shall become like us. Just as beautiful, just as intelligent, just as strong, just as good, just as honest, just as tall, just as fair, just as creative, just as brave. You can become what I am, but then you must do as I tell you to. You must understand the necessity of the tests we put you through. No beauty comes without pain. No strength comes without hardness. Nothing noble spawns without misery.”

“But why have you not told this to us? How was I supposed to know that everything that happens, no matter how gruesome and unfair it may seem, has a profound and deep meaning?”

“It has no purpose. You must figure that our yourselves. That is a part of our goal with you, that you shall learn to think for yourselves. You must understand on your own, without us having to tell you what is right or wrong. You have our blood; listen to the voice of the blood, listen to your intuition. Those of you who understand will guard the others, tell them what is right and wrong, and see to it that the improvement of man takes place.”

“Is that your Guardians? But where are they? Where are these Guardians? I have sought them for years, but never found any!”

“Are you sure about that? The whole time you have searched for something you have had with you all along, in your own baggage. You must understand that you are a Guardian. A Guardian of life, a Guardian of the children of the gods. A Guardian of customs. A Guardian because you react to what is unfair and gruesome, a Guardian because you dare to travel up here, all alone, even to the gods to ask questions about our treatment of human kind. We can feel safe when we know that men are cared for by the likes of you. You will watch over them. You wish the best, not only for you, but for all of humanity. You will fight for people who would rather see you dead. You will fight for somebody who would fight to come first in line when you were to be stoned or hanged. You will fight for somebody who does not even deserve to lick your boots clean. But, still you will fight for them. You will fight because your own spirit says to you that; “forgive them, they do not know what they are doing”. It is not their fault that they are like this, but you know that it is your responsibility to make their children become something better – and then you must also fight for them. One can not hate a plant because it can not grow in dry sand, but one can take its seeds and plant them in fertile soil.

The female Guardians are too proud to defile themselves, the male too proud to lust for defiled women or others’ wives. All the Guardians are noble, and always grow more noble as their lives stride forth. Some even crave answers from the gods, when they see the sufferings of man. And some get answers. Like you have today. The best of them become gods themselves, are allowed to enter our halls and live with us like equals.”

Part III
This was what I remembered. After this I was escorted back to my room. I became sleepy and lay down to sleep. I was back in the mud, still just as battered and dying. But a young maiden had heard my cries and her parents came to my rescue. So I survived. I got to live.


Oft I wonder if it was all just a dream, a dying man’s delusions, but it strikes me as obvious that they were right. The gods told me only what was right. I got a whole new world view, and I hope also that others will learn from what I have told. You can not smell what I smelled when I was there, you can not see what I saw, nor can you know how my travel to the heavens was like – but you can try to imagine it.

This is how I found a Guardian in the end, who could show me the path to the gods and explain to me why the world was like it was. Why the old world had to end and be replaced with a new and better world. How you in your world got a hold of my story I do not know, and neither do I know how your world looks like, but I hope my story can help you know what you should do with your world, so that it too can prosper, grow and thrive in accordance with nature and the laws of the gods.


Translated from Norwegian by Vidar Ermesjø.

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    I could reblog every single post from Thulean Perspective, but this fairytale / short story does the job for today. Easy reading with a profound lesson contained therein.

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  3. The fourth picture (or the first at part III) is Millosh Kopiliqi. He is an Albanian who killed Sultan Murad I of Ottoman empire(at the Battle of Kosovo)

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  5. A main reason why I love the album “Umskiptar” is that the two songs “Nidhoggr” and “Gullaldr” are perfect for playing on loop in the evening, before going to sleep. They set me in the perfect state of mind. Imagine my joy when I discovered that ALL the songs of the new album “Sôl Austan, Mâni Vestan” are ideal for the same purpose! Thanks so much, Varg. 🙂

  6. It’s a beautiful story with many lessons within it. The main lesson that I want to focus on is the hope that we’re right and it all collapses, which is not easy for my to say. The alternative is that we all wait for a collapse and it doesn’t happen, and everybody race mixes and whites are just eliminated. I personally don’t fault women for being contaminated, because it’s their natures being manipulated. I can’t expect them to see past it. Men have little excuse. All I know is that we have passed the point of no return. It’s not just big cities here. The ideologies have spread everywhere. Sure, the non-whites aren’t in those areas yet, but the people will respond the exact same way when they do arrive. Their minds have been altered. I’m sorry to say, but I definitely do despair. This is all unfathomable for myself. Truly a world gone mad. Yes, I’m guilty of defending those who might not deserve it, because it’s my nature. Sometimes I don’t know what’s worse; the world we live in, or what has to happen to correct it all. I think we’re past the point where we can remove the cancer and spare the entire body. The body is infected. It has to die.

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  8. Good story, the old world reminds me of this world.
    Ps: posting from northern Norway and i can see some muhammed been placed on every corner it’s so irritating and depressing.

    • You’re a Finn, I’m sure you’ve got some vodka, a rag, and a lighter.
      You know what to do. 🙂

      • Oh right. 😀 Norwegians probably will do that soon, you can just see from their faces that they hate these animals, everyone avoids walking close to them on streets, also my sister who lives in here hates niggers also she said that the store where she works avoids hiring immigrants. 😀

  9. This is a pleasant short story. It could have been a little bit more descriptive, had fewer contradictions, more original dialogue and the words of the gods could have been more profound, etc., but on the whole it made for enjoyable reading. Inspirational also. Makes me want to get to work on my own little project. 🙂

  10. For a fairy tale, it is very impressive. It attempts to teach many good points. I’m very happy to see it talk about improvement. As I say, The Meaning Of Life Is TO IMPROVE — improve yourself, your family, your race.

    But. Yes, there’s a but. Can my comment be published here with this “but”? Two of my critical comments in recent months have not been published.

    The god says to our young Guardian:
    “You wish the best, not only for you, but for all of humanity. You will fight for people who would rather see you dead. … You will fight for somebody who does not even deserve to lick your boots clean. But, still you will fight for them.”

    THAT is a bad message. It is essentially as the same as the jews’ propaganda on the Statue Of Liberty, about accepting and protecting the refuse of the animals we call humans. We must flush the toilet, not fight to protect every fece. Now, IF the fairy tale is meant only for Whites, then the above quote is not so bad, but it is still bad. It says that we should fight for our worst, for example the murderers and rapists. If it doesn’t say that, then it should say so.

    In conclusion, it is an impressive fairy tale, and really I don’t like anybody to teach nonsense such as fairies and gods, but this tale needs a little improvement. As it is, it negates itself. I would like to see, at least, the word “humanity” changed to “our race,” or to “our Aryans.”

    James Laffrey

    • I don’t know what the original Norwegian version says, but of course I only mean the European species when I say “humanity”. I have to say though, that I too reacted when I read the English translation, and saw that word, but I figured it is obvious that I mean the European species and not the subhuman species so I didn’t chanfe it. Non-Europeans are NOT human like we are.

      • Yeah, it’s quite obvious. You also write humans married animals and had children with them. Of course we know we can’t have children with dogs. Animals are the other races in this story. So humanity is the Europeans.

  11. Are you sure you haven’t missed your calling as a writer? This is way better than most of what is sold in bookshops.

    • I think the story itself is excellent but it is written like a fairytale… I would like to read an actual novel with similar themes and plot.

  12. Does ‘defiled women’ mean just whores or any girl that’s been a stripper or druggie or maybe just been around a little bit? I really don’t know. I love most of them. Can’t help it–love is love. I like the story a lot I might read it to someone. I just wonder about if I like defiled women too much, don’t know what that means to you. I just don’t like the race mixers, but I might forgive them since I’m soft on women but not get close since they might’ve gotten Uganda Banga Aids. AIDS from Jigaboos. Don’t let em spit in your eye or something. I like the story, it gives more meaning to the message, I didn’t know this was on either. First time seeing it in english. Seeing it in Norwegian was cool, but looked kinda like Greek to me….Are there a lot of defiled women in Europe that make America look puritan, maybe I’m not getting something. I thought America had worse whores and “defiled” Maybe it’s all the English thoughts in my brain all day that caused this. Er, what’s the outlook? I see. Any links to defiled women vs. okay women who aren’t exactly angels but still pass for decent-enough, or just near the borderline? I’m not a feminist, but I’ve been wondering if you guys are kinda chauvinist at heart? I applaud the few married dudes on here, for real…and stay married too just to be in love and have something real. You’re lucky. Stay lucky forever…feel the magic I bet I could meet an angel in Europe Just wish upon a star, see her in the wishing well… Star light

    • do you have a link for the text in norwegian? it would be much appreciated if you could post it here. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would ike to read it in its original form.

      • I didn’t even have it in English…. I had to cut and paste from then modify it afterwards). :-/

    • If I understand the meaning correctly, I would say that \defiled women\ is referring to women that have been infected with the ideology. whether they have race-mixed or not. I say this because this the sensation I have. If I meet a woman describing herself as a feminist, humanist, or any other modern virtue, I definitely concede that I am to proud consider her any longer. But every time I feel bad, because I feel like it is another good one that has been lost. Even though I say above that I don’t blame women for being contaminated I still ultimately seek one who is not. .

      • Yeah it’s commonly agreed around here where I live that white girls who take up for niggers or faggots have crossed the line of decency. Though if you can catch them while they aren’t indoctrinated that much, maybe there’s a slim chance to divert them, but not usually. I’ve noticed some guys a bit younger than me (im 32) won’t accept certain girls. They are waiting for the idealistic person to come into their life. I don’t think that is reality though. Like V was saying…some pagan guys have girls who aren’t really pagan. As long as they don’t impose it wouldn’t really matter. A lot of white girls are a little bit racial, a little bit nature lovers, not religious, into good feelings…cat like… a lot of them do know better, look for them. Why be too idealistic, human life is not that rigid (not directing this to you, just a sentiment to reflect on). It is horribly sad when a decent one goes to the scum (it’s as if they died). It happened to me and it wasn’t easy to deal with at all. But now I realize I still love her in a spiritual kind of way like she still is a soul, its just the things she does that we cannot truly be friends, so there is no bad feeling now. I let go of that to make room for something else, something with real essence. To not see it as a failure and only remember the good parts…the inspiration, the happiness and wish her well and take that with me, but not giving a fuck what she does with her life at all. Like attracts like. Life attracts life. I just say for the younger guys to watch for the one who you might end up regretting if you let her go over a non-essential…they might be right where you are if you look, reach out and provide some human warmth, be comforting and take an interest in her mind. It won’t be easy…mountaineering might be easier.

        • You might be right that you need to not be diverted by non-essentials, if in fact they are non-essentials. It seems by and large that women just want security. Security is why they believe whatever television etc, communicates to them. If the media didn’t exist, probably our current situation wouldn’t exist either, because women would be subjected to the views of the men in their lives without media manipulation of a perceived security from the bluff-turned-reality of mass belief. I’ve noticed that women don’t even seem to care about my views one way of the other. At best they will squeamishly agree if they like me. If they don’t they’ll call me a white supremacist, as if I didn’t know. They express shock, but it’s superficial. They’re more concerned what other people might think, and how it would affect their social status. And these are supposedly intelligent women. I’m tempted to argue that the fate of European peoples has been a result of the weakness or stupidity of women, and likewise, that they hold the key to our renewal – but of course, maybe I’m just the idiot. Maybe it is the fault of men for not safeguarding their women. Maybe women have the ‘right’ to acquiesce to the perceived presence of elimination of their race. Maybe they only recognize the male weakness in not protecting them and exercise the only option they have left. Maybe they don’t need to talk about it. Maybe they just understand. Then again, maybe they just listen to the strongest voice, or the strongest action the repeats itself. Or maybe they listen to the weakest voice that constantly repeats itself. Really, I don’t know. There are many options to explore. I have to say that I’m probably extremely biased in my view of women because I live in a country where our national holiday is really nothing more than a day off work, and television is God.

          • I, believe in nature. No, I’m not a new age hippie. By this, I believe in men and women being the ‘reflect’ of those 2 poles. Male principle. Female principle. + and – Harmony, balance, creation ( this is exactly wIhy I couldn’t accept gay marriage, because according to what I have just said, it would go against this principle of nature).

            This said, let’s speak of the dark side now: l I have written above, is what could be for the best. But when I say the bunch of French women, English women, American women, Swedish women, and so on, spending all summer in south of France, emptying bottle of wine on the beach, fornicating with the WORSE hip-hop wannabe “gangsta” arabs, and even sometimes they go back to their country being pregnant ( if anyone know about this, the E.F was a summer group of people in Scandinavia coming there for the summer and doing I don’t know what, but what happened is that they had to stop this, seeing the BUNCH of girls going back to home pregnant).

            So all this to say that I see your point. I am still trusting in what I have said at the beginning (hope can be king, remember Tolkien, heh!), but yes, I couldn’t know how things can really change. it’s just a decline, let’s face it.

            PS: yes, TV was people’s god. now Google is the new one. Googleson, googlestein or whatever, but all I think, is that no book can change anything nowadays, and you wouldn’t motivate those GEEKS ass to get out of their room, repeating their “knowledge” like parrots (yes, they call repeating an art of “knowledge”). No… Mass non acceptance obviously appeal for WAR. it just cannot stay in books, or the Internet.

            The problem is multi-faced. No theory will destroy the “mother ship”. They created the maze themselves, they just don’t give a shit.

  13. I finally broke. I could not wait until I purchased it, I had to listen to the whole experience because you kept putting the music on the blog.
    I could not go outside in the woods because it is way too hot out there in what is equivalent to the Congo’s climate, but I did try to make it ceremonial enough.
    And I am at a loss for words, this is by far the most beautiful piece of ambient music I have ever let my ears listen to.
    Again, there is nothing in the English language to describe it, but we can definitely turn to others. German has a word, waldeinsamkeit, which means the feeling of being alone in the woods. It doesn’t translate to English. It described as wonderful, poetic, peaceful, calm, relaxed, at one with the universe, infinite, free, loving, meditative, contemplative.
    That’s exactly what this album was to me. Sôl Austan, Mâni Vestan is a masterpiece.

    • Oh and don’t worry, just because the whole thing is on Youtube doesn’t mean I’m not going to buy a tangible copy that I take where I need to.

      • If you ever get a chance to hear the vinyl version on a good turntable you should. It’s the best mastered and pressed album I’ve ever heard. And the dynamic range on it…

        I’m not sure how the CD version compares but youtube certainly doesn’t do it justice. And of course with all music of this nature, dedicate an hour to sit down and listen to the whole thing. Much like a classical piece it builds up throughout the album. It’s like a journey back in time, and the effect is much stronger when you take the thing as a whole. 😀 I came very close to having an OBE with the song ‘Heljarmyrkr’. So I put that into Google translate… yeah… that’s exactly what it felt like.

        It’s quickly become my favorite Burzum album though I really do like Belus a lot too.

        • Hi Kevin!

          Speaking of Vinyl, may I ask you if you ever had some issues with the Back To Black vinyls? I know that I was a bit “in war” with them a while ago, as it always seemed that their pressing is like the lottery, good or really bad. I’ve for example bought Det Som Engang Var again, brand new, sealed etc, and the scratch noise was just unforgivable during quiet part of the album. Only company I had this problem with..

          • I purchased the “Hvis Lyset…” vinyl re-issue on BoB some years ago. Awful pressing :/ My Belus and Fallen LPs (both on BoB), on the other hand, are pressed well and sound really good.

              • My copy of “Hvis Lyset…” is getting slower, then faster again, while playing, which is really unusual for a pressing on heavy vinyl.

                  • I don’t know. I don’t know either, if the same problem accurs with other copies of “Hvis Lyset”, but I know that others had similar complaints. BoB seems to have a reputation of pressing releases of “inconsistent quality”, to so speak…

                  • Seems that the quality varies. I always had this problem with them. unseal the vinyl, and get lucky or not.

                    I have bought Belus and Fallen in vinyl also, and the sound is perfect, no crackles, very good, just like said Nordblut. But When I bought Det Som Engang Var, it really sounded like dust was caught during the pressing, so that was giving a bad noise surface, crackles and stuff. I had to stop at Han som reiste before the vinyl fly by the window, it was jut getting ridiculous.

                    it seems that they sometimes make a bad job when it comes to some bands old albums. I wonder what they do to the mastering also.

                    • They’re actually one of my favorite labels. I know they had a ton of bad press a few years back, but I’ve only been buying records for the past year or so. My oldest pressing of theirs is from 2011 so I figure they must have cleaned up their act after all of the complaints. One of the reasons I like them is that they don’t seem to do any remastering on their re-releases.

                      Now if you want to know a really bad label… Hell’s Headbangers. I got one record from them and it was terrible. No dyanmic range, and this weird scuffing noise that played every rotation(and could be heard over the music!).

                      For what Nordblut said about the music getting faster/slower, the center hole is probably off a bit. It was apparently a big enough problem in the 80s that Nackamichi brought out a turntable made to correct those discs. I’m glad I only have one or two discs with that problem, it seems pretty common still.

            • I have always refrained from buying the old Burzum releases on vinyl more because of the artwork….I don’t know how large Kittelsen’s original illustrations were to begin with, but on the vinyl releases I saw at least they just looked blurred and “enlarged”, I wish a crisp, 12″ size release of those covers existed, but maybe it isn’t really possible to fully do them justice…

              Maybe I will start getting future releases on vinyl, though….or from depths of darkness if that’s still available…

        • Yes, correct, a high end audio system is the way to go, but also will cost a small fortune. Need a high end receiver/processor, clean outboard amps, use speakers with full mid and upper range spectrum, use two subs with 20hz drop (most music does not drop that low except Lustmord and techno ;-). Make sure the subs can play “tuned” low bass. Most cheap subs will just “thump”, this is not rap, this is REAL music that requires tuned bass. People can be obsessive about equalizers, i have never used one. If the speakers are high quality with clean amplification, high quality CD player and or turntable things should sound great. Unless the CD and or LP is mastered incorrectly then nothing will make a turd shine! Also, do not go cheap on the interconnects, use quality high gauge shielded speaker wire and interconnecting cables.

          Set up the speakers correctly. Sitting position or the “sweet spot” would be best between and in front of both speakers. The speakers slightly angled in will create the “phantom sound”, sounds that are mixed equally on both left and right speakers will appear to sound like they are coming from the center between the speakers, this is the “phantom sound” or spacial imaging. The vocals on most CD are mixed equally on both speakers, essentially the vocals would be in mono, instruments are usually in stereo to some degree. This all gives the illusion of a live performance (how the band would be placed on a stage). Good headphones will give this effect also, but it cannot beat the same effect of sitting in front of speakers.

          Varg’s Fallen CD sounds perfect! Everything is clean and crisp! The vocals, everything on that CD is PERFECT! The emotions and purity of the vocal range and instruments of Fallen is unique to my ears. I do not have the vinyl of it! I would LOVE to hear any outtakes or tracks that did not make the cut. I would love to hear just the vocals by themselves and the intruments by themselves. Yeah, i do love this album, it is way up there as one of my favorites! 🙂

          • Yeah, it can be costly. There are ways to get amazing sound on the cheap though. Mainly by running a headphone system and by buying vintage amplifiers rather than modern.

            I’m currently using a Sherwood S6000 amplifier and vintage STAX SR-5 headphones. This combo is much clearer than the Burson/Ultrasone combo I had before though bass is almost non-existent, hence why I’m upgrading to some Orthodynamic headphones.

            Unfortunatly I can’t agree with Fallen having good mastering. The intro/outro sound great but the rest of the songs are very compressed sounding. Everything sounds ok with my portable headphones but I really have to turn down the volume with my main stereo. That’s the downside to having good sound, compressed or loudened music can be painful to listen to at normal volumes. I think the studios do this to help sell the pricier records as with their(more accurate) mastering they sound much superior. The difference in sound between a well mastered CD and record are pretty subtle(some say that vinyl tends to have a natural crossfeed effect which is why it sounds more lifelike)

            • Interesting, i think Fallen sounds excellent. Everyone has what they like and what they do not like, plus every system will sound different, every room acoustics will sound different. I have listened to it many many times with my headphones and that CD sounds very crisp, by that i mean it “sparkles” clean sound. I am a fan of clean crisp sound, but if there is bass there it has to be heard or all the upper and mid range “crisp” will sound overly bright if the bass that is there is not being reproduced. A lot of speakers will not reproduce low end, if they do any bass at all it is often muddy sounding and just mindlessly “thumps”.

              Now Belus was the opposite for me, at first it sounded muddy and muffled, BUT after a few times played i got use to it and it is now one of my favorite Burzum recordings. I do know that Varg has stated he originally wanted Belus to sound different, but there was not time to get it to where he wanted it. This is where the sound of Fallen comes into play. Maybe someday Belus can be re-mastered (Varg, HINT HINT! 😉 I also realize time is money and putting out another batch of newly re-mastered CDs is money.

              Old amps as you mentioned, can be much better than the current crop of amps. Old tube amps and modern made tube amps can sound very warm as how i like music to sound, it has a more analog sound to them. A more organic alive sound, not so sterile and lifeless as cheaper amps can sound. I still use my heaphones for listening as i can hear every sound in there, but i do not get that really low end like i do with subwoofers. Still headphones make it a very personal experience.

              I listen to all kinds of music, from electronic to metal and a whole slew of genres in between.

      • I very much agree with your assesment of this ambient album. I also think its a masterpiece
        And I will buy the album because I know I like it beforehand. I like having a tangible copy if I know its quality.

        Some have complained that its not “black metal”. But in fact this is exactly why I like it. I only rarely listen to BM anymore, so I was eagerly awaiting that Varg would pursue his career as an “ambient pagan scald” 🙂 In fact I am probably not even a “real” BM fan anymore.
        Others have complained that it electronically sounds “dated”, but I actually like the fact that it sounds like something that could have been produced in the 70ties or 80ties. Electronic artists were in general also much more talented back then, compared to the average of today.

        And I have always preferred Vargs electronic outputs, compared to the BM, Even though “Daudi balders” had some cheesy sounding synth, it displayed great compositional talent, and very great feeling and spirit. Varg really is a master of ambient minimalism.

        It simply resonates better with me as a older guy in my mid 30ties, who also followed the BM scene back in the day in the gritty 90ties.

        So I can only conclude that I am fully satisfied, and I sincerely hope that Varg will pursue this artistic path.

        • We seem to be from the same generation, and I see what you mean…

          “Some have complained that its not “black metal”.”

          isn’t it so absurd, knowing that those saying that always proudly state that music is about freedom, while they obviously need to lock it in a dogmatic cage?

          They just can’t speak about a choice of sound too. The “I would have done it another way” I often hear from kids is just pure stupidity. Just like painting something from your own mind, and you’ll give it the color it really needs in order to completely match your mood, it is the reflect of what you vibrate with. it HAD TO be that color.

          They are the ones who fucked everything up. it’s like a cook going against fast food, create his own “anti burger” recipe, and soon fast food companies will rip him off, adding their junk food touch to his own cook, and mass produce it. Later, the people will say that the original cook is not the true stuff at all.

          ooh, I definitely have a love/HATE relationship with the Internet..

          • Well there is a lot of purism in the metal scene in general. So I certainly understand your analogy.
            Its implied that if you want to be a “real” metalfan, then you need to listen to certain bands with unspoiled credentials. And you cant really listen to music that is considered non-metal.

            I left this scene many years ago, but from what I have read on the net, this mentality is still very prevalent. Now its true that the BM scene started as a very marginal underground scene in Norway, and was characterised by being very anti-commercial.

            And that during the mid 90ties this changed very dramatically and the genre suddenly went at least partly mainstream. This meant that all the most controversial stances had to be ditched and the music became somewhat formulaic. Suddenly you had hordes of derivative BM bands, and several of the innovators also “sold out”.

            Now I can understand this sentiment, since suddenly BM became a commercial product marketed towards a nihilistic and estranged youth. BM was suddenly no longer a revolt against the modern world, but conforming to it instead.
            BM was never just a question of a certain musical style, no the essence was the general outlook on life. Once this went out, there was only a facade of hollywood satanism left.

            I think this is what Varg has been very much against. So in essence his electronic outputs, which in my opinion are his best, are more “BM” than what conventionally is characterized as BM.

  14. I’m not trying to annoy you but I was actually interested to have an answer. And I thought that maybe you didn’t notice it. If you still won’t answer I’ll stop bothering you.

    What do you think about the story where Kronos eats his own offspring because he is afraid they might overthrow him. What would be the closest equilevant in the Scandinavian mythology?

    In Paganism XIX you state Kaos is somewhat equilevant for the Scandinavian deity Svartr. When I read the eddas about a year ago I thought that Ginnungagap was a scandinavian Kaos, do you see any sense in this?

    These questions are somewhat offtopic but I hope you still answer them.

  15. Wonderful story, I’d really like to see more in the future. Teaching a lessons through story is a very European thing.

    My favorite quote: “You must understand the necessity of the tests we put you through. No beauty comes without pain. No strength comes without hardness. Nothing noble spawns without misery.”
    An extremely important concept, especially since Christianity has caused many to forget it.

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  17. And the crowd around the bard burst into applause …

    This story touched me very deeply, I am writing completely serious, and I’m not a child, despite the story is written for children.

    I like this part: “They married Children with animals and had them. In the end there were almost no humans left, they experienced all mixed with vile beasts. Only some few Individuals were left, but also these lived like animals. It was but a matter of time before all our children would completely disappear. We had to intervene.”

    I can see a clear parallelism with nowadays. Europeans are mixing with other races (beasts), creating amorphous beings, is only a matter of time before the gods destroy this world.

    • Exactly the Creator Race (Aryans) mixing their seed-line with Beast is truly a formula for disaster and the ultimate sin, Where will this earth be if it wasn’t for the Arier Seele.

  18. I often wondered why the hell there are so few people thinking and feeling the same. So few, asking these questions! Your fairytale transports the same light as your music, what a great story! For me it describes perfect what we are searching and longing for. If someone next asks me what this is all about, i will give him your fairytale. If he understands it and feels somehow deeply connected to it, i think he will be worth it. Wonderful indroduction to Ôðalism! Dankeschön!

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  20. It is a very touching tale firstly because of its majesty. And also it reflects your (and our) worldview very well. It is really disturbing to see people how they react to natural laws of life, how they can’t see any nobleness to permit somebody to die; how wild they feel when learning that a dying old man WANTS to die, and it’s nothing wrong to help him in this if he is doomed to stay in his bed for a few pointless years. The same applies to newborns; how can somebody believe that a child with inborne handicap would be happy to live- he is just a burden to himself and to others and he will never quench the true savour of live. Why mankind became so pitiful?! Let us be then guardians of light that is left.

  21. You really should write more of these. The thing I like best is that you’re left wondering if this story is supposed to take place in the past or in the future. There is an overlying theme of ‘eternity’ and ‘everything being a cycle’ even though it is not once mentioned. 🙂

    • Kevin, thanks for sharing your negative experience with pharmaceuticals. Do you (or any other readers) happen to have any experiences (of your own or someone you know) with anti-depressants you would be willing to share? I am having a rough time with the two anti-depressants I am currently taking. Some days I feel fine, other days I feel as if they are making me worse off. Obviously, I am not asking for professional advice here, as I already have a doctor I *think* I can trust (but how does one really know?). But if anyone could share an experience you think could be helpful, whether it be for or against the taking of medication for mood disorders, I would be appreciative. Sincerely

      • I’m not an expert for anti-depressants (never took them), but – why would anyone in this world trust a doctor? Do you really think he is interested in you, your health or your mental/physical condition? Do you really believe he is interested in “healing” you? All he cares about is selling some pharmaceuticals, what he is actually paid for by pharmaceutical corporations. All he can do is (temporary) fight some symptoms of a disease. But making some symptoms disappear for a while does not mean to heal the disease itself. There is a reason why you are depressed. And this reason lies in your own mental attitude. Taking pharmaceuticals does not change anything.

          • You know, many times we can forget about what the body really needs.

            For example, a person would go like :

            “I wake up in the middle of the night, sweating and in panic. I have dark thoughts, my muscles are tensed, I cannot focus on my work” etc..

            A bad doctor would go like :”it’s due to stress. Have some anti-depressants”.
            A good doctor would at least tell you “have some Magnesium for a months and see what happens” (or 2 months, like Magne B6 for example). Magnesium is often forgotten, and I can tell you that it is often what the people lack of ( if you are an artist for example, make it your friend right away! They can be always burned out because of this).

            Be always careful of the “medical mafia”. Some would feel just no shame in addicting you with pills, and then all they’ll do is saying “hmm…not feeling any better eh?…I’ll increase the dose, and take also this”… Don’t fall in the trap.

          • Some time ago i have read “Basic forms of fear by Fritz Riemann”. In general i don’t like psychoanalysis, Sigmund Shlomo Freud for example is worthless. But this book had a good theory about fear It somehow arranged the chaos. Anti- depressants are not a good option, but better than killing yourself! We all know the business. Find a private doctor and use all natural possibilities first. Your goal must be to find the natural reason for your depression. The modern world offers a lot of reasons. In general you need to sort your mind, make clear what you expect from life and where you belong. Find things that calm you down. For example this farytale or great music. Spend a lot of time outside in the woods. Natural enviroment. Do something with your own hands. Make sport and watch your nutrition. Depending on someone or something is often a reason for a depression. You need to decide!! Never work against the fear, fear is you friend. You have to accept it, pressure only makes the fear worse. Be confident and live conscious.

          • You are a great group of men. Thank you all for the advice and encouragement. All of your points are intelligent and well-taken. I will be making some prudent, incremental changes that will focus more on dealing with underlying causes instead of focusing on treating symptoms.

            Tillmann, I found one book on Amazon by Fritz Riemann that has been translated into English. It’s entitled ‘Anxiety’ and focuses on the ‘four forms of fear.’ It sounds good.

            Christophe, thanks for the nutrition suggestions. I will investigate what I can do better in this area.

            Kevin, my e-mail is:

            Thanks again, all!

          • Greystone, I’m sorry for your situation. I don’t know how serious and painful are your conditions, but it’s not really important. I think to be able to help you, if you can trust me. The good nordblut has said this: ” All he can do is (temporary) fight some symptoms of a disease. But making some symptoms disappear for a while does not mean to heal the disease itself. There is a reason why you are depressed “. But the reason IS NOT in your mind, please never trust to every people who tells you this sort of things. The reason is this: ( I don’t know what is your native language (there is an option to translate every page, hoping in a good translation) but please READ AND STUDY ALL WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THAT LINK, click all and read all, and if you have a rational and logical mind you will understand how your body and your mind really works and you will be able to regain your life. Please do it, otherwise I’ll feel myself responsible to have not been enough persuasive towards you and then help you. For every question contact me, my e-mail is on my gravatar profile.

        • Mental illnesses are often produced by the rotten world we live in, no doubt about it. But i’m sorry to disagree about your “never trust doctors” point, i found it basically incorrect. Although most of the pharmaceutical companies were owned by Jews (they often cover CEOs and other administrative Jewish figures) there is no reason to discredit an entire category because some of them have much intrest in making money instead of healing people. Google “Royal Raymond Rife” and realize how we have been, and there still we have, physicians whose primary goal is to help those who actually need care. All of you should take a look at people like Rife to understand how the jew’s economic system lead only to physical despair among people around the world.

          • My antipathy towards doctors has nothing to do with “the jewish question” (or at least that’s not the main reason). I just think it’s ridiculous how people look up to them, as if they were some “gods in white overalls”. A doctor is good for curing a broken leg, pulling a tooth and stuff like that, but that’s all. But people expect them to “fix” all of their physical and mental problems, but that’s just an illusion. A doctor heals nothing at all, he only treats symptoms. This is what the modern medicine is all about. And doctors in general do more harm to people than good, that’s for sure

            • So in your opinion 6 years of studying medicine and surgery are finalized only in “teeth extraction”? And the following specialization years are done in order to fix a broken leg? I don’t know what kind of trauma you had concerning doctors, but i can ensure you that you are wrong. I can name thousand and thousand of diseases that a fair doctor could heal at ease, and I can’t find any reason for your thoughts and prejudice about them. Just as i wrote, check “Royal Raymond Rife” and his history and than you’ll be able to talk wisely about those facts. If one day you’ll need a doctor for heal something that’s not a broken leg or a carious teeth maybe you’ll recognise their skills. I can agree about the vision that people have about them. A doctor is all but a god or something like that, it’s just a work. An hard work full of responsability and duty, and i can’t find anything bad in this.

              • Yes, he may study 6 or even more years at university, so what? That doesn’t impress me at all. A historian, for instace, does his studies at university for 6 and more years, as well. And what is it that he is taught there? Lies, lies and even more lies. Basically everything he learns there, from the ancient times to modern history, is simply not true. He’s just wasting his time and life, only to become a usefull tool for this rotten society and a system that is based upon lies.

                And yes, it’s pretty much the same with medicine and doctors, because modern medicine is almost completely wrong, not to forget that it is ruled, financed and owned by pharmaceutical mafia corporations. I had no traumas with doctors, I just avoid them as much as possible. I haven’t been to a doctor for years,and I don’t see a reason why I should go see one.

                Physical disorders are in most cases manifestations of mental and/or psychological (mental) disorders, that’s a fundamental truth that modern medicine denies and does not understand at all. Modern medicine is materialistic like is the whole modern society. Like I said before, it only treats symptoms, but does not heal the actual ROOT of a problem or “disease”. Anyway, I don’t know why you react that aggressive. Maybe it’s you who has a trauma. Or maybe you are studying medicine yourself?

                • Medicine has its proper place: as a child, I required an emergency appendectomy. If I had not had that operation, I would have died. My father required the same operation at about the same age when he was a child. I suspect I ‘inherited’ my faulty appendix from him, and surgery was the only solution for both of us.

                  At the same time, I agree the medical industry is filled with corruption and fraud.

                  • Yeah, but this is what I mentioned before. Broken leg, tooth, appendix and stuff like that, that’s what a doctor is good for. But I wouldn’t, for instance, let a doctor treat cancer, If I had it…Most people just blindly obey and do what the “almighty” doctors tell them to do, even if it’s only for the worse (like in most cases)…

                    • Agreed, nordblut. Many doctors enjoy playing God even when they don’t have the correct answers. It’s a sick (pun not intended) industry motivated by greed (at least in America, I can’t comment on healthcare in other nations).

                • What do you mean when you say “hysical disorders are in most cases manifestations of mental and/or psychological (mental) disorders”, reminds me a lot of the doctors I saw during the time I was very ill. It’s very common in modern medicine if a doctor doesn’t know how to help you to tell you that you’re mentally ill and to send you to a psychologist. And when you’re done with the psychologist they then tell your family that they need to see them! Our insurance company actually called us up at home, convinced my parents that they were depressed because of my illnesses, and then told them the solution was to stop trying to get me, and medicate me. And one of the jews who was at fault for getting me sick even told my parents to abandon me on the street.

                  It wasn’t the nicest way to become jew wise, but it sure was effective. It is actually against their religion to treat a gentile hence why modern medicine(which they control) will never treat more than just the symptoms.

                  • Oh, they will *treat* (read: screw) you, but they won’t treat you right. You are correct. Fortunately, as compared to your situation, I was *only* screwed in a financial transaction. At least it didn’t threaten my life … although the stress they caused (not to mention money stolen) took who knows how much time off my life.

                  • I am not referring here to medical care I received, but how I got jew-screwed financially or in your words, how I became jew wise.

                • Totally agree about the “history” part, they’re studying nothing but lies wrote by “the winners”, that’s all. But it’s obvious how distant is the “Medic” affair. Just like I intended in my first reply i’m aware of the pharmaceutcal mafia (if you took a look at Dr. Rife you’ll understand that on this point I’m at your side, if you didn’t…please do it.). I don’t want to seem aggressive (and if it appeared, I apologize) but all those kind of generalizations are obviously untrue and uncorrect. It’s true that the actual medicine is still based on the Ippocratic medicine and it’s true that the chemistry industries are doing all they can to stop medicine evolution but simply it’s false that all the physicians will cure only your symptoms, even with the poor “old” ways we have. I’m almost graduated in Medicine, but i’m not feeling offended in anyway by your speeches, yet I know for sure that what you’re saying is wrong. Not all the disease are rooted in psycological troubles and not all the doctors are “freaking psychiatrist”, and that’s simply not arguable. In final istance I just want the people to recognise the difference between “medic” and “pharmaceutical”, and IT’S A HUGE difference, There’s nothing personal about that, i assure you, just I’m in disagree with the “pict” you gave to the whole Medic comunity. A Doctor is supposed to heal with no money interest, the pharmaceutic will care only about money, without care in healing. Of course there’re a lot of bad doctors who will take care only of their pocket, but that’s not the rule!

                  • All I can say to you is ‘good luck’. I’m sure there are many people getting into the field to do good and I met 1 or 2 decent doctors out of the 20 or so I saw. The problem is that the good doctors out there aren’t allowed to help. The insurance companies are the big puppeteers and they make sure you will not get the care you need. Just when you think you’re finally going to see someone who can help you or you’ve found a treatment… “I’m sorry, but we aren’t going to cover that. Not until you’ve taken this pill for a year or been through all of these approved doctors.” Many times I’d get stuck in an endless loop of testing for things that obviously weren’t wrong with me. And many times I ended up at doctors who didn’t even specialize in what I needed.

                    And from what I’ve been hearing it’s just as bad for the doctors. If you spend more than 15 minutes with each patient, skip a simple test, or try a new treatment, or even try a known treatment without trying to medicate first… there goes your medical license and/or the insurance company’s willingness to work with you.

                    • And I thanks the gods of being Italian. What you said is absolutely true for the American health care but here the things are really different. My father is a doctor aswell and he’s not at all rich thanks to the pharmaceuticals. It’s sure i’ll need “luck” in my profession just like it’s sure that i won’t sell myself for a shitty travel in “somewhere in the world”. It’s also sure that i won’t be an H.D. in some department, but that’s not the reason that pulled me through medicine. You may believe it or not, but there’s still people in the world with the simple will to truly heal people. I’m aware of most things that others usually ignore about the lies and decieves of the pharmaceuticals, and I know that i don’t need to be a slave, at least here.

                    • I’m glad that there are still parts of this world that are still sane. Sometimes it’s easy to forget being in America that not all places are so corrupt.

                    • Exactly.

                      Most doctors probably start out naive and well-meaning, and end up facing the wall called ‘reality’. So they too become ‘murderers by means of drugs’.

                    • I’m quite crestfallen seeing how biased are the information disclosed on the medical community. You point exclusively on the “exploitation of the sick” perpetrated by some doctors in some places (usually the richest doctors in the richest places) deliberately ignoring the fact that not everywhere things are this way, and continue to refer to the medical community as being composed of “murderers by means of drugs”. The naivety falls very quickly, i can tell you, it only takes the first years of study to realize how things works (during study we attendo hospital departments aswell) and in the same way the alleged “wall called reality” is an entity whereby a “not rotten doctor” will never face. You are also free to continue in believing what you want and I’m really sorry to hear such an arrogance on your parts. There are doctors who go to war to treat soldiers fighting false and hypocritical wars, and then you tell me to have respect for these soldiers, but not for the medical field (they are, however, a category of doctors, which according to your generalizations are murderers).
                      You continue to refer to something that you do not know really, and you insist taking the examples of “bad medicine” as the norm worldwide.
                      I would like to know how many health care systems and doctors around Europe you’ve met, so that you can support the thesis of “doctor murderess.” We first should know how wrong all generalizations are, and frankly, I start to feel offended for the little credit you give to a person who has encountered this trip and who speaks with knowledge of facts. Just like i told before you should not take the US health care system as common factor for every single doctor in the face of the world, and none of you can deny that the doctor (or whoever took the place) is always historically been a figure engaged in the welfare of the population (and we’re talking about 400 BC). Since corrupt physicians are intentionally breaking the Hippocratic Oath you can’t assume that all of them do this, and it seems so clear to me.
                      If you want to discuss and compare be my guest, I think it’s fair to redefine the position of physician as it should be, faithful to his Oath and disinterested in commercial exploitation of the discomfort of others. I have studied and continue to study about and every person that I healed so far has never been forced to take unnecessary drugs, and it’s precisely for this reason that we study pharmacology. To understand “what is” and “what is not”. I am the first to recommend physical activity rather than exposure to sunlight for a couple of hours a day instead of taking certain medications, and I assure you I’m not the only one. I’ve met dozens like me and surely there will be even more.

                    • You have to understand that we talk in general terms. Nobody denies the fact that there are some good doctors. However, our — or at least my — opinion and experience is that the medical system itself is rotten to the core. You can disagree, but I speak from experience.

                      And why would I respect doctors who help soldiers who fight in wars for the Jews? They first of all help the Jews by doing so. Likewise, it is the medical community, those “good doctors who only want to help others” who with their medicine have FUCKED UP the entire continent of Africa (with very bad consequences for EUROPE too). Every famine is due to them and their help to people who ought to DIE. Now they survive instead, because of your precious doctors (often in leage with “humanitarian organisations”), and because of that they eat all the food, chop down all the trees (for firewood), eat all the animals and then when everything is FUCKED UP where they live (and it has turned to a damn desert) they die from starvation, because THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SO NUMEROUS. So FUCK the “good doctors”.

                      Sorry for using bad words, but I am PISSED OFF at this idea that helping others is a good thing. It is NOT. Let people who manage to take care of themselves do so. Let the rest DIE. Our planet suffers from one big problem; OVERPOPULATION. People dying is a good thing.

                      PS. TewdwaR and I have our own club for cynics… 😉

                    • About your “rotten medical system” we’re in agreement, i’ve already told it before. The system is rotten, but not all the doctors are rotten. And, btw, we’ve got various degrees of “rotting”, i.e. in Italy the health-care is “not-so-rotten” as in US.

                      About your “African” point I agree but a doctor is supposed to heal those who live in his comunity, he don’t have to go to Africa to help some strangers of other ethnicity. A good doctor simply heal his people where is needed, using the less drugs he can and highlighting the importance of a healthy lifestyle, that’s all we need.

                      “Cutting down trees” and “eat all animals” are due to their beastly and uncontrolled fucking istinct (proper of animals, instead of man) that led them to the overpopulation, but here again i can’t see the “doctors” fault. Millions of africans are dying of HIV and other disease like that and they deserve it. We can’t manage every fruit of those nigger’s loins. If we must blame someone, we should blame the church. Instead of their “anti-condom” propaganda they could solve the problem discharging thousand of “baloons” and let them laid as rabbits without consequences.
                      Here again all those humanitary non-profit organizations causes aswell their swarm in Europe so we can’t blame the “good doctor”, but an “utterly dumb not-so-good asshole doctor”, here’s my point. 😉 Doctors don’t feed them, those jew ONLUS does it.

                      The first who needs healing are those among us, Europe is the only continent with a negative birth rate, and here I think we should work (just like wisely Mengele tryied to do during the Reich, and later did in Candido Godoi): improving European birth rate, even by twins. So i join your chours on “fuck the overpopulation and fuck africa” but here again, nothing to do with good wise doctors! And IMHO it’s not cynism, is realism. We should care about our people and let strangers care about other strangers nations. None cares about our depopulation, so screw them all.

                  • Actually, that IS the rule; the doctors are paid by the pharma industry to push their poison. And they do. With very few exceptions they do.

                    • Just like i said before, here in Italy you’re not in this condition. Doctors that work in hospital or family doctors are not forced in this in any way, but the last ones often choose to get dirty with pharmaceutical in exchange for paid trips and shit like that. Sad but here we can blame only the person for being so greedy.

              • Let’s put it this way; of the tens of thousands of medicines out there only 500 of them are really what they pretend to be, and they are all natural and to be found in nature… the “doctors” use mostly the other meidicines to “cure” their patients — because they are sponcored by the pharma industry. They poison them with vaccines and other dangerous products, and they do more harm than they do good.

                • Sure but it’s not mandatory for any doctor to use or prescrive those kind of drugs. It’s a choice. If you want an all inclusive trip to Cancun in one of the best hotels once a year you have to prescrive some medicines, if not there’s no problem. No drugs, no unnecessary travels. That’s all! A doctor can became rich with pharmaceutical, or he can only get his well earned money and sleep like a baby at night. None points a gun on us and forces us in poisoning people. And we all should have more respect for those who take this journey leaded to heal people without personal interest. I’m a huge fan of the “non-antibiotic” treatments, but people would still be dying of pneumonia though there was no penicillin. I agree with the “flu-vaccine” bullshit and so on, but that’s not all about medicine guys.

                  • True. Even the alternative doctor I trust told me ‘Don’t be a fool, make sure you take the anti-biotic’ when I got my wisdom teeth out. And I had a nasty fever the week after so I’m glad that I did. The catch is that you have to then take some pro-biotics to undo the damaging effects of the anti-biotic which few doctors will tell you. There is plenty of good that has come from modern medicine and we aren’t advocating burning the whole system to the ground.

                    But you do have those insurance companies who from what I’ve heard will force you to prescribe a lot of crap. And even if they don’t, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d recommend people to see doctors who do, over those who don’t.

                  • Of course, but we don’t have to take the extreme cases here.. For the general cases, it seems that it was a ‘one way option’ mainly for a long time. Not informed people just follow, in the 80’s no one had Google to have all the answers. Only thing I’ve heard since child :”homeopathy is not reimbursed by the social security, sooo….”, Herr doc says.

                    • Sure, but (at least in Italy) this is due to the poor job of certain medical. It’s clear that there are lousy and lazy doctors around, but is aswell clear that they throw a bad light to those who put passion and commitment in their work.

                • it’s just like the whole antibiotics business, and the way they put it in the people’s mind since they are kids. “Are you ill? yes? Did the doctor give you antibiotics? No? Oh, so you’re not ill then”.. There was a commercial about it years ago, this was stupid, because first they brainwash the people about “ill=antibiotics”, then they blame them for this kind of reaction. Probably to lead them to something else, again.

            • I agree fully. They — along with other “scientists” — are the priests of our age, and people trust in them blindly — and are mislead. Again.

      • I’ve tried anti-depressants for a couple of weeks and they “worked” as intended. However I am ideologically against any forms of psychotropic drugs. I am against them because they work. Let me explain, I believe every progress man has ever accomplished through all of his existence, has been because of the difficulties he has faced. Based on your request I assume you have a troubled mind and I sincerely respect you for that. Sometimes I wish there were more people like you, actually. There’s a reason you feel the way you do, it’s not a disease imo. A society that looks upon sadness and madness as diseases that can be cured, is a sick society imo. The emotions you are dealing with can be a source for new advancements i human development. You are facing difficulties far greater than people who haven’t had pills prescriped from a doctor. Imagine if you don’t use antidepressants. You will be a man fighting dragons with empty hands! They will certainly drag you down but when(if!) you emerge you will have such stories to tell! Stories that excedes what any non-psycho tropic pharmaceutical user would ever be able to imagine. Necessity is the mother of invention. I myself live by this saying and I am not “saved” by any means. My life is probably a lot worse than the average person my age(I think) but I believe this saying is true and I have countless of exsamples of this in my life. Now, maybe you are suffering and maybe the pain is beyond my comprehension. I’m not you and I don’t know you so please listen to yourself first and foremost before making your choices.

        • Agreed. I’m the man I am today because of what I suffered. I was the fat, overweight video game junkie for most of my life because I repressed the abuse from my childhood. When I was forced to confront it that’s when I became who I am now. Surprisingly no one ever tried to prescribe anti-depressents to me, but if they had I’d still be the scum I had been before doing whatever I could to escape from my problems.

          As for statistics on anti-depressents… 90%+ of all serial killers were on these drugs. There are plenty of articles over on naturalnews(though this site is full of Alex Jones types their anti-psychiatric articles are pretty well sourced).

          The biggest issue with modern medicine is that it revolves around covering up the symptoms rather than addressing the problem itself(guaranteeing you’re be drugged up for life). Depression is a natural part of live, though you may have a form of ‘clinical depression’ which I suffered from as well. If you do, the only real solution would be to change your diet.

          Greystone, if I remember right you live in CT as well right? Shoot me an email and I can give you the name of a doctor I trust. He’s the guy who gave me my life back when Uconn said I’d never walk again. He never resorts to pills and could help you get some blood work done(more thorough than the average doc does) to help you find the source of your problem.

  22. European fairy tales, even those recently created, are eons far superior than, say, “Heather Has Two Mommies”. Our world is currently devoid of the old wisdom and tales. Even under the darkest moments of Christianity, we still had our tales.

    • I agree with you. it apparently was tales inviting the listeners to experience a certain initiation, and also to discover the answers by themselves. Not the “pre-chewed tales” of nowadays. Just like the Christian religion or else, they just have to read and follow. Nothing initiatory anyway, this is not the goal of the church…

  23. Varg I have a question for you- Do you think humans should stay on this planet or leave when the time is right? If we should stay, there is absolutely no need to develop technology because we won’t need it to fly away from earth. If we should leave we must balance living with nature and developing spacecrafts to fly to another place to live when the earth eventually becomes too inhospitable to live on ( yes I know a very long time in the future but it’s inevitable none the less ).

    • In my humble opinion, it is our duty to eventually leave behind what we once were. This is the grand test. I am not satisfied with only knowing about the universe from this rock. We need to see it for ourselves and to know the grand mysteries of it and to conquer it.

      • I agree with Hyperborean. As whites we are always looking for new challenges/frontiers to conquer. I think it’s inevitable that we will eventually end up conquering space as well and I believe it will happen well before the Earth becomes inhospitable.

        • Our biggest conquest won’t be nature, since nature isn’t our biggest enemy. That enemy is: ourselves. The Jew would be powerless if we don’t give in to their poison.

          • Indeed. I’ve been putting off writing a post on my blog about that for about a week now. About it being a waste of time asking the ‘jewish question’ when we haven’t addressed the ‘white question’. We’ve expelled them from our societies hundreds of times but never have we fixed the cracks in the wall they seep in through.

            • The Jewish question has come up ever since the dawn of man. A Jew will always be a Jew and ever so few of them can ever hope to be reformed. We’re something else, though. We’re supposed to be better. Too often we give into the temptation of their usury and the easy life and the offer of hedonism. You can’t blame a Jew for being a Jew. Europeans on the other hand should know better.

    • How did we get here in the first place? From space for sure, but actually put or engineered here by “aliens” (i.e. Neanderthals/their ancestors), or, as Varg speculated, drifting through space in a more detached, ethereal form that still contained enough DNA/physical presence to take form again? Both seem possible to me, and if such an advanced species is so desperately under threat from extinction, perhaps it will just detach when the time is right, just as we are often protected by out-of-body experiences when the time is right…

      I think space exploration is the only technology worth pursuing, but with this I think a dependance on laboratory science/medicine would be necessary too, or just generally depending on a lot of “synthetic” things. We should stay here for as long as we can, but staying here out of devotion to Earth would be folly, as it is not our ultimate homeland anyway….Just as Europeans have adapted well to areas like Washington, Canada and New Zealand, we will adapt to such beautiful and kind natural environments on other planets too.

      The trouble with space exploration is that it’s all still cold war technology basically, and though I want to get optimistic about the likes of Richard Branson funding it (if a billionaire’s going to throw his money at something, I’d rather it be space exploration), I can’t help being cynical about NASA….What will happen when space exploration and colonisation finally does (literally) take off? Will NASA/the US military (the same thing by then, surely) go about it with good intentions? I doubt it….it will be like a real-life incarnation of Starship Troopers…

  24. C’est très beau, et très initiatique. Félicitations, Varg.

    it is really pleasant to me to read such work, and see that you open a door sometimes, inviting the people to go through their own initiatory path. This honestly is my favorite part when it happens in your blog, as I have this passion for such individualistic journey, through this “multi-paths labyrinth”. I wouldn’t even be a musician if I didn’t have this drive.

    Thank you for such initiatory and meditative work (and fuck Kabala).

    PS: I would have so imagined this story as a full music concept in 3 parts, followed by its book with illustrations.

  25. You are wrong when you say that you’re not good at writing, this is a wonderful tale and it was a pleasure to read again. Perhaps I will read it to my children one day… And perhaps it won’t be the only tale from you that they will get to hear 😉

    • Some people like Kevin Sommers and some others have said it before, and I definitely feel the same that there is some really odd connection with this blog and our intuitive feelings. That have been plenty a time that I think of something driving home and I turn on the computer and I see there is a new topic about that same thing I was thinking about.
      Do you know what I’m talking about or have I just gone loony?

      • Yes, I understand what you are talking about. I was very busy with the translation of this tale during the the last few days, thinking much about it. And it is really remarkable that I’ve finished the translation this night, and today morning Varg has posted this fairy tale, as well. We are all connected. And somehow he must have received my mental impulses. Maybe. 🙂

  26. Hey. I’ve read Perþ to a group of kids before, my younger brother included, for a storytime session. Very good read and I’m going to send it to someone special to me to introduce her to some of your writings.
    It’s really late over here, but I thought I would be the first to comment here before I go to bed by sharing some music of my own.
    Some Celtic, mostly Pictish, reconstructions music involving really interesting instruments like the carnyx:

    Thanks a lot for writing it by the way. You could have it published as a children’s book under a pen name, and maybe change some language you had used to make it simpler and easier to take in for a kid.

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