Shadows of the Mind

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Once upon a time I was a fan of classical music who became an Iron Maiden fan, a thrash metal fan, a death metal fan and musician and eventually a black metal musician. What drove me down that path was the melancholic atmosphere, aggression and energy of the music. I still like classical music and Iron Maiden too, in particlar their «Somewhere in Time» album, but thrash and death metal lost it’s charm the moment I found something better – in 1991.

This something better was called «black metal» by Euronymous, a name he had from a Venom album, and it was something brand new at the time; it was not originally a music style, but a revolt against the commercial nature of and the lack of originality in death metal. The so-called black metal bands were supposed to all be original; they were all supposed to bring something unique and special to the scene. If they didn’t they were not «true»; i. e. not worthy of the black metal label.

Darkthrone had their Satanic image; Burzum had the dark fantasy image. Mayhem had nothing to boast of at the time, they had yet to release their first proper album («Deathcrush» was absolute shit) but they had Euronymous, so they too were naturally considered to be «true». Immortal were not «true», and therefore called their music «holocaust metal» instead, out of fear of Euronymous and his reaction if they started to use the black metal label.

Darkthrone and Burzum – the only bands with an album out in early 1992 – were too successful for this to last though. As could be expected when some bands have success other bands too wanted to play this at the time new style of music – and yes, they saw this as a music style. So it became a music style, and we saw a horde of copy-cat bands coming; Emperor, Enslaved, Gorgoroth and others too began to play music very similar to the music of Darkthrone and Burzum. At first Euronymous tried to stop this, and even visited and threatened a few bands to make them stop, but naturally this was hopeless.

The scene was in turmoil, and with the success of Burzum – signed to Euronymous’ label – Euronymous all of a sudden saw the opportunity to turn his poorly run business into something profitable, and he started to sign the copy-cat bands. As he saw it he secured allies in his «war» against the trendy death metal bands.

Personally I didn’t like it when other bands ripped off my music style, but rather than go around and be angry over this I simply did soemthing new – again. I recorded the «Filosofem» album in early 1993 and made what was supposed to be an «anti-black metal album». I wanted to show the copy-cats that you don’t all have to sound the same; you can do your own thing. Like I did.

«Naturally» this failed miserably, and all of a sudden the bands started to make music sounding just like the music on «Filosofem», and I gave up….

Ah, but naturally I was a fool; bands don’t actually rip off the music of others unless they copy it; the bands who followed us were not copy-cat bands. They were just creative kids who were inspired by the music of others and who changed and even improved the music they were inspired by. Rather than feel insulted I should be proud of having inspired others to make music. Most of it very good music, I am sure. I don’t really know though; I have been to foolish to ever try to listen to any of it. My mind was closed. My heart was closed.

One of the reasons for that was also that with time I saw that Burzum was not only inspiring others to make good music, it was also used or rather mis-used by the same forces who turned death metal into nihilistic shit. Black metal as a movement turned into nihilistic shit as well; all the wrong things were promoted – heavily.

Being a European at heart I naturally didn’t want any part of that, so I repeatedly expressed my contempt for it all. The idea that my creative efforts and name would be used to promote a nihilistic movement was very offensive to me. And naturally I was right to feel that way.

Some times I do good things, and occasionally a string of words that makes sense might come from my lips, but most of the time I am of course the same old fool who was insulted when others liked my music back in 1992, so when I have tried to express my contempt for the twisting and perverting of black metal over the years I have failed to make it clear that I don’t actually think badly of individuals who like the so-called black metal music. Why would I? We are all lost souls in a dying world, so to speak, stripped of all sprititual life and energy by the societies we live in, and left to find new spiritual life and energy on our own. We stumble, we fall and we get up again, as we progress, and black metal, although empty and hollow like most other things in this world, is actually a good gateway to the Divine Light. If nothing else black metal has been a way to find true meaning, a positive direction and new life for many.

As I see it those enthralled by the aggression, melancholy and/or harmonic atmosphere of black metal are on the way to become better, and are thus already better than the rest, and I don’t want you to feel that I think badly of you when I speak badly of black metal as it is today. I don’t like the black metal (or any metal) life style, but that doesn’t mean I have anything against those caught in this lifestyle.

I no longer play metal music, so naturally I don’t say this for commercial reasons. I just think that we get enough shit from the world we live in as it is. There is no reason to add to that load.

HailaR WôðanaR! HailaR BalduR!

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  1. desde el abismo veo , escucho leo y me sigo sorprendiendo mas y mas la admiración es el resultado de una vida propia y que los demás no la tengan .

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  4. I did not listen to metal at all until I heard Burzum, to be truthful. Right before I got into Burzum, I listened to either Projekt darkwave artists(Dark Sanctuary, Lycia, and Autumn’s Grey Solace) or a lot of folk, ambient, and industrial artists. Burzum was the first metal that meant shit. Primal and Mythic all at once, It reminded me of Autumn’s Grey Solace because the music to me sounded organic and reflective of nature.(in a totally different way than AGS Riverine and the like). There were other elements though, that meant more in Burzum. I got the ambient albums as soon as I knew they existed, and listened to them just as much.

    When I encountered the nihilistic black metal later(recommended of course for my love of Burzum) I was alienated and a bit confused. Mainly because these musicians seemed stupid. Some bands I learned of later had raw, natural sounding music but the lyrical content was stupid as well. Later this confusion would be alleviated by a quote by another non-stupid metal band here in the States named Fauna in which he described these musicians as “unwilling conduits” to something nature was trying to say or communicate. Recently that statement is starting to mean more and more.

    I am glad Burzum’s music is becoming less accessible to the metal crowd.(at least the lesser, brain dead headbanger music) Keep writing music that is flowing from somewhere, and communicates the European soul. You will be thanked immensely one day when the sleeping titan of Europe awakens.

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  6. Varg, I was always wondering what are (or were) your thoughts on bands like Limbonic Art and Dimmu Borgir ? I can probably guess that your opinion on these bands won’t be positive, but still I can’t be sure about that and that’s why I’m asking. I really hope you will reply and greetings form from Poland 😉

    P.S. I know I’m 2 months late on this post, but that question was killing me.

      • I quite liked older Dimmu Borgir, they had their moments….Since they got the “Peter Tagtgren Treatment” though they’ve been a total joke, and along with Satyricon and Cradle of Filth are the most guilty of milking the cash cow that black metal has become.

        The only symphonic black metal bands worth caring about are Kataxu, Sunwheel (both essentially the same band and paganism/NS-themed), Summoning (completely Tolkien-themed), and Arkona if they can be considered a symphonic black metal band (Slavic paganism-themed). But of course, some Burzum is symphonic in a way 🙂

        • Do you mean the band Arkona from Poland or Russia ?
          I can agree with Varg that Dimmu Borgir is shit for kids (the same goes with Cradle of Filth and Satyricon), but I got to admit that I like their first album “For All Tid”.
          I would add Nokturnal Mortum to the symphonic black metal bands that are worth caring about.

          • i guess they are symphonic, good point. Stormblast was a cool album too, then they just got really dull and commercial. They were fairly original early on too, so were Satyricon even though they have always obviously been heavily influenced by Darkthrone….

            I do mean Arkona from Russia, I don’t know the NSBM one really, I usually hate folk metal but even the daft songs by Russian Arkona I love, haha…..they’re just a good pagan metal band, and she’s a great singer and composer, so I can forgive them for their popularity…

    • I meant to say, since your past was mentioned, then I will post it. I am suffering from a bit of brain fog. Anyways, take care. Will return to read more of your posts. 🙂

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  12. There exists a fairly narrow but nonetheless existent community in the North Americas dedicated to underground metal, and is the first historical resource on the web to speak about such.

    Like this community’s, Hvis Lyset Tar Oss is ranked as the top black metal album on my list. After reading what you have written above, however, I realize that perhaps we are taking something from the album that was not of the author’s intent. Perhaps you can confirm this.

    Namely, I am referring to the grand scheme of the album, which has layered the strongest nihilistic elaboration black metal has ever seen. While this may not be something you intended (as evidenced by your beliefs above), perhaps you could point to where we went wrong in our assumption. I tend to not analyze lyrical themes very often although I am certain those contribute to our case nonetheless.

    In brief, the album takes the listener through a journey consisting of longing remembrance (Det som en gang var), an embracing of darkness and death (Hvis lyset tar oss), the breaching of our comfort zone’s walls and our projected values’ assumed greatness (Inn i slottet fra drommen), and the discovery of the abyssal void of inherent value (Tomhet).

    Thank you kindly for your time and best of luck in your future endeavors.

    • “Det som en gang var” = longing remembrance. You got that correct. I’de say it is also an expression of frustration over life in this modern world. There is no life here, no real life, so we cannot really die either.
      “Hvis Lyset tar oss” = a description of Christianity as not the “light”, but in fact death and darkness. What they call “light” I call “darkness”, but what you don’t seem to get is that I don’t embrace darkness; I just stress that their “light” is darkness. My “darkness” is light.
      Inn i Slottet fra Drømmen = in short “Âsgarðr”. This is a description of life, how I live it, how I endure the modern Christian Hell on Earth, and when it ends; I enter Âsgarðr, more than willingly.
      “Tomhet” = The afterlife. A period of absolute rest.

      Nihilism is the opposite of any Burzum message. From the first lyric on the first album I make it very clear that I care. I care for the future of Europe, I care for what has been lost, for what once was, for our true European light — banishing the Judeo-Christian darkness.

      • I love your “Hvis Lyset…” album. It had the most biggest impact on me back in the 90ies. And it’s probably my most listened to album (along with “De Mysteriis Dom…”) ever.

      • Thank you for your reply. Perhaps I should elaborate, since hrodberht793 has posted a relevant, thought-provoking statement.

        This is taken directly from the organization’s website:

        “Our view is that by accepting nothingness, through nihilism, we can see what is of actual value and uphold it, bypassing the denial and illusion of this age.This “focus on the real world” view is anathema and taboo in today’s society.”

        Nonetheless, many thanks for your explanations and pointers. Best of luck.

        • You’re either nihilistic or you are not, if you believe in nothing and that nothing has any value then you are a nihilist, if you think otherwise you are not. Like I said, it is the modern world that is nihilistic,m we should never view it from a nihilistic perspective. This is one of many flaws with Buddhism.

  13. I have quit too, Varg. Better to focus on simple things than get caught up in the “scene”. Make music at home, keep it underground forever \m/

  14. Greetings , i would like to know do you intend to continue with some more ambient stuff like some songs you have in another albuns .

    By the way thanks for all the music you have done to tell the truth i like all albuns you have released . thank you

    (sorry if there are some mistakes in text but i’m not english i am from a broken country Portugal)

  15. Hej Varg..jeg skriver på dansk eftersom jeg har læst meget omkring dig og din person…jeg er meget stolt af at være dansk men også vores fælles skandinaviske historie, vi er trods alt nogen af de ældste formidler af en kultur som er ved af være død, takke være de venste-orienterede og selve staten som åbentbart lige meget hvem som styrer den er i gang men en form for selvmord..fordi vi må ikke mere være dem vi er

  16. I am wondering, does it means no more albums like “Belus” or “Fallen” due to “not playing metal anymore”, or is that part about not playing metal only to present how you no longer care about the music type labels that could (or would, by listeners) be attached to it?

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  18. Varg I just wanted to say after reading this post that your music and your attitude were a really big inspiration to help create my own music too since I was a 14 years old and even tough I don’t listen to it as much as I did before everytime I listen to it it’s like a massive nostalgic journey for me and you should be really proud of what you created because there are loads and loads of bands that try to rip off your sound and even tough they manage to do it they cannot rip off that magic you created.

  19. Varg, it doesn´t matter if you are going to more black metal, because all your music is Legacy, and that is the thing that matters.

  20. Great read Varg. I too have found black metal to be a gateway to the divine light in many ways.
    It doesnt serve much purpose to go around speaking blasphemy against christianity anymore. However, I would like to see more bands speak out against centralized power and the evils of globalism. By the way, that riff in Valen…how do I say this? Kicks Ass.

  21. Varg, do You consider recording guitar music in the future. I mean tracks similar to “Back to the Shadows”, that is only guitar, bass with added “drums” played on cardboards?

  22. Hola Varg,
    Gracias por dejarnos lo que nos dejo esas grandes letras que expresan su pensamiento y es comprensible ver como este virus existente y mutante se apodere hasta de lo mas undergroun que es el Black Metal…Saludos

  23. We’ll get away with the filth of this world, not only is that Varg has to do it, but all the people who think it right, I’m starting to do my part, I say the same way he began’m starting. Because he has always been an influence and today I enjoy metal because it can tell you for sure, he may have stopped but I will continue where he left off … Varg thanks for your music. Takk for alt stor kriger o/

  24. Greetings from Bolivia, i spent years listening to Burzum, and I feel that was a big influence when I started as a musician and played Lost Wisdom, now I have a personal project looking for a unique sound, away from the black metal. (…) We are still a clandestine nation that seeks to recover your identity. Thanks for sharing this world of dark fantasy.

  25. Varg!
    It may not be wrong for me to say that your music & black metal was an inspiration to the lives of many. Black metal indeed have become a music style ( a way to make money) but I believe it should be one’s personal dedication to his inner thoughts & his expression via music with no intention of making money.
    I used to feel bad when you used to talk against jews, muslims & other “sub-humans” as I am an Afghan & a muslim (or maybe just by the label) & that too from Pakistan/Afghanistan borderlands but then later I realized everyone has their own right to speak & it is their duty to protect their heritage, society, land & culture. Patriotism is nobility but speaking truth is divine.
    Every human should be confined to their own space with their own race without being allowed to mix up with others.
    I am sorry for even keeping such a thought about you. You have my respect & you will forever have it.
    An Afghan.

    • Well, he mostly refers to the muslims(and especially Turks) living in Europe and who behave like sub-humans and believe that Europe is their home. Varg generally expresses the idea that everybody should live on the land of his ancestors, and till you are living in your fatherland and have an anti-jewish attitude – I think you have not to receive this as an offensive to you or people living there. We have a common enemy, and once the Europeans and Muslims had united already against the jews. And there will be no any hate or war if everybody will respect the borders and culture of each other.

      In modern times the jews already attached twice your country: first the Soviet Union and the second USA, alias JewSA. And the Afghans are thinking wrong if they think that Europeans invaded your country(I’m sure you have there some kind of jewish propaganda too) and this is what jews want you to think.

      By the way, aren’t those who listening to Black Metal punished with death there?

      • That is why I said “I am sorry for thinking such as I realized I was wrong”. Afghans are part of Eurasian people (Caucasians) & have always lived with dignity. We are like “barbarians” (as some would label us) but we are confined to our own territory i.e lands of our ancestors. Our way of living (Pashtunwali – a pagan way) is so much like the ways of the Scandinavian people. We believe in honor, courage, respect, protection & revenge. I am strongly against race mixing but Islam (off-shoot of Judaism & Christianity) has altered our thoughts & teachings to be tolerant which saddens & angers me that we actually believed it & continued to commit the sin of race-mixing as it is the main reason the world is getting hostile & confused. Merging 2 cultures together creates confusion. Muslim & Europeans enemy is the same but let us not forget that Arab muslims are our enemies too. When they get done with jews they will eye for a bigger prize i.e the north (which they already are by migrating there in thousands).
        Jews are behind the trouble in my lands but the trouble is brought here by the hands of these sub-human arabs. I have no rights to claim the resources & lands of the blacks but I don’t give them rights to take mine either. Religion & faith is someones personal belief & should not be implied on any other by force or by sword so listening to black metal won’t get me into problem yet but if these hordes of ignorance continued to funnel into our lands & your lands than rebelling & fighting would be the only option.

        Our Afghan lands & Afghan culture is mostly destroyed & we should save what remains but I would make a request to you Europeans to save Europa (land of our ancient forefathers from the north) that not to be tricked by these Semitic (jews & arabs) like we were tricked.

        • Well, my Middle-Eastern friend, I hope you will excuse my ignorance on Afghan people, because we here in Europe do not receive any trusted information about Afghanistan – all media, including internet resources, is owned and controled by jews and I think that they do everything to make us(Europeans) think about Afghanistan bad, including some stereotypes like that Afghanistan is populated by Arabs and it is mainly Muslim; ignorance here is ruling. And it is always suprising to find a Middle-Eastern man with anti-islamic and anti-semitic views. Very few Europeans know that Pashtun people speak a very old Aryan language called Pashto, and that Pashtuns themselves are carrying in their veins much Aryan blood. And of course a good illustration for this is Pashtunwali that as I know is very Ancient and it is very well that it survived trough so many centuries of Islamic domination. As I know Pashtunwali means “the way of the Pashtuns” and it is very interesting that the word “wali” looks very similar to English word “way”, Italian “via”, German “Weg” and even to Romanian(which is my language) “cale” – I think this demonstrates very well the connection between Pashtuns and Europeans. And I also think this is one of the main reasons why for you is not a problem to learn English. By the way, do the Pashtuns consider Iranians as their brothers(of course not from religious pointview)?

          “Barbarian” is a quite subjectiv terminology. In fact, it’s first meaning was “alien” or “different” and was applied by Ancient Greeks to Ancient Celts and other non-Hellenic people about whom they knew too few and whom look very “different” from them(mainly because of the clothes). In my opinion only due to “barbarian” lifestyle, the Afghan people could resist to such a War Empires like Soviet Union, USA and NATO, though they had(have) a much more performant armament, but Soviet Union failed like JewSA and NATO will fail, or better to say are still failing. So I think Afghan people show a good example of bravery and courage, like the Syrians, that modern Europeans should follow too. And from the example of Afghans we see very well that there is no need performant armament to resist and fight international Judea. To my judgement Pashtunwali played a great role in this resisting(corect me if I’m wrong). I hope Europeans will wake up soon and will fight as bravery as Afghans, for this Europeans must to remember the principles(forgotten for a long time) that are very similar to Pashtunwali: such as Badal, Tureh, Sabat, Imandari, Ghayrat Namus and Nang(correct me if I’m wrong somewhere). Our enemy now is stronger then ever, and if we want to defeat it we’ll have to unite, otherwise they will defeat and enslave us one by one.

          • The reason for that ignorance is the media. It focuses on the weakness of a particular race & expose it in a new way which make us think bad of our fellow man. It was this very propaganda by semitic speech & text which made blood brothers enemies of each other.

            As we all know Afghanistan has been in the center of civilization migration, Invasions & cultural diversity but it has always surprised me that my language has adopted words from the far Europe (note that there was no communication between the far Europe & Afghanistan as per record). As for example, the words for mother, father, sister, brother are mor, plar, khor & vror which resembles European words for the same relations. I have not done much reading about it so It would be ignorant for me to go in details but If you read a book by Mr. Bal Gangadhar Tilak, (scholar from India) where he studied the Vedas to find an ancient homeland of the Aryans & he came to the conclusion that aryans came from the far cold north. Much of the ancient holy scriptures in this region tells that the Aryans came as gods spreading their great wisdom & enlightenment.
            We do believe Iranians as our blood brothers as this whole region (where we live) was called Ariana (aryanlands) but when the mongoloid hordes came, they destroyed much of our heritage & later the division of sects within Islam brought differences between us which ofcourse was used as a tool by Arab imperialism just as Judaism & Christianity did in Europe by dividing brothers in the name of empires.
            Infact we Afghans all are muslim but deep down in our heart we have a pagan code (the way of the pashtuns) & we have couple of saying here that puts our way above religion.
            1. That what is found in Khost does not exist in the holy book” (meaning honor is not found in holy books but is found in these lands)
            2. Doomday will not arrive when a messiah would come but it would come when the pashtun say goodbye to his nang (honor).

            You were pretty right about everything, including the main principles & It is this code that is still playing the role of our survival orelse we are already victim of arab imperialism of deception telling us that race mixing is fine which in reality was a tool to subdue us so we can act as sheep & do what the master tells us to do.

            Anyhow, we have lost the color of our souls if not the color of blood but you Europeans have a huge chance to save everything from these sub-humans.
            Protect your Badal, Tureh, Sabat, Imandari, Ghayrat Namus and Nang.
            Our enemy indeed is strong & we should unite as blood brothers even if our brainwashed brothers think otherwise.Someday they will be defeated & driven out of our respected lands like in the old days 🙂
            Stay strong & stay safe, brother.
            Pagan Pride.

            • Well said my friend & now in the age of wisdom we can now act much stronger & tell our generations to practice their ancient ways because identity is not from a country but from a region. Atleast I will be teaching my children the importance of our ancient cult & would make sure to avoid inter-racial marriages & would stop the deception of these sub-humans. I would keep it clean & pure to revive the old genes that still lives within us, it would just be matter of few generations in our case (as we still have light/brown blonde hair & bluish green eyes in our family) & would make sure to protect what these Semitic people destroyed with their ignorant thoughts. This Iranian dude Mohhamad-Ali Ramin is pure blood, unmixed & no wonder he holds such strong belief against these sub-humans as he know their plot of taking over Ariana (aryanlands Iran Afghanistan).
              I have yet to learn more about my ancient cult & ways alongside Odalism (of which I only know the summary without any details) & to my surprise it really is similar unlike the teachings of these Abrahamic religions. Just a while back I was reading “Oppressed Women” by Mr Varg Vikernes & it was so on point that it literally speaks of “A men honor is women & women honor is the home of her men” (again a pashto saying). I would gladly say it again to you Europeans that do not mix & keep your blood pure, don’t even mix with the Afghans or Iranians yet that are funneling into Europe just because they are warstruck innocent people. They are still infected with a plague (Semitic teachings) like we are & it would take some time to actually get rid of it.

              P.s I like your name, it has that European roots to it. My name is Ajmal Khan (of Semite origin) I think my ancestors were deceived & impressed by Arabian lies, hence the name we have common is us.

              I will end the discussion here as the moderator of this page might be getting flood of emails of replies & I don’t want to create any convenience.

              Stay safe blood brother.
              Pagan Pride.

              • Honour and Pride to you Ajmal!

                P.S. With the Semitic names here in Europe is the same thing, because of the Bible of course. For example, one of the most spread names in Europe is John(=Ioan, Ion, Juan, Johann) that is an ancient jewish name. Another jewish name popular through Germans is Joseph. Even my surname is of semitic origin, the core “Lazar” proceeds from a biblical jewish name “Eleazar”. Because it was a time when it was “cool” to give biblical names to the kids or to make a biblical name into surname. Just likewise it happened to you there. Just incredible how similar is the situation of Afghans to that one of Europeans.

                • The adoption of ways over time & blending within cultures & people is the main reason Afghans have a vast Islamic (or should I say Semitic) image & behavior now as Islam is here for the past 1400 years now Just as Christianity & Judaism is there for around exact the same time. In short it was a plot to change different races (& species) into one by a lie, telling us all that we are equal. The situation is similar because they want to make a world that has one color (brown), one race, one species (so called modern humans) just like making one global culture (media, $ currency, English language etc as global mean of communication & interaction). The plot is to such an extent that they want to wipe out the white race (Europeans, Caucasian or Arians). Redheads would go extinct by the year 2060 & not even the blacks would remain black. Everyone would be of same color (beige & brown) & this should be stopped by extreme measures before they further annihilate Caucasian (whites) species & mix it with the semitic-negroids, capoids, congoids, asia-mongoloids, australoid (which infact is a different species of human than the whites) in inter-breeding.

            • But isn’t Middle-East and Central Asia the same? Why then it would be called Middle if it is not Central? Otherwise it is just a confusion in English terminology that, I think, is acceptable from an ordinary ignorant anti-imperialistic Moldavian peasant 😉

              At least Moldavians haven’t conquered any territory in Europe 😦 and especially in Asia, so the ignorance of Moldavians in geography is justified 😉 We are absolutely from other dimension so this world doesn’t bother us too much 🙂

                • Well, I think I’m a good example how useless are the schools in Europe. At least you were in Asia(Iran) and smelt it’s air, so you felt what is Asia on your own skin.(I don’t know why I wrote this, but I hope it has any logical connection with what I said higher ;))

                  By the way, with a just a few comments lower there is an Egyptian writting that your ideas are becoming very popular through Egyptians and influences even the politics.

  26. On the topic of Mayhem, a large part of why I love “De Mysteriis…” is the killer bass lines.

      • got to agree there 🙂 I have always loved this part, the album does have a magical production, strange how some of the best black metal, despite traditionally not caring about bass that much, does have some brilliant prominent bass 🙂

  27. I do not want you to stop playing Varg, their songs are very important to me and many fans do not have to change your mind?

    jeg vil ikke ha deg til å slutte å spille Varg, sangene deres er veldig viktig for meg og mange fans trenger ikke å skifte mening?

  28. Unbelievable how everyone accepts the gay Gaahl, even Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone is a member on one of his side-projects, the whole world really needs to wake up from this Jewish nightmare!

    From the other side, hi Varg, I probably have been listening to your music for a kinda long time (about 2 years), and i agree with almost everything i have read on the website and this blog so far, you always think in a good way and you get back to the human nature in a very fine way, and of-course Jews are the real enemy, everything is from their creation including Muslims, whom my country is invaded by, Yes i am Egyptian, but although I have the ability to tell the different from the right and the wrong, I am not brainwashed as the rest of the people, what is important is do you find it interesting that some Egyptian follows you and uses your writing on politics, ideologies, opinion w/e, to understand many things, It all started when i enjoyed your music back from 2 years ago, Burzum was the only music i happened to like by-then, I found about it by chance because of one your pictures was used as an user signature on a computer science forum, and it did shine on my sight, the mace in your hands drove me crazy, and I had talk with him about how nice that there’s people who bring fantasy to music, he introduced me to metal/rock, But i did not have time because I was too busy with your music samples, and i managed to order both Fallen and Belus albums on the same moment, now that I did never liked any of what that guy listed me, as he had put you next to Immortal and Gorgorth, which look’d very silly, did not have the fantasy atmosphere at all, So i had to look all over for similar bands, so far i also got introduced my self to a new style which is very close, Pagan/Folk/Epic Black Metal, bands such as Nokturnal Mortum and Darkestrah, i also own few albums by them, This is simply my story with music, other-than that, I get very merged with reading on pagan topics, i own a Pedia on Egyptian Mythology, and The Book of the Dead, but because i am on a high school education at the moment, and in Egypt it’s a pro-Jew Islamic one, our Arabic book is paged at 400, and Physics, Chemistry, Psychology is all the same, lots of huge subjects, so i am not allowed to touch a different book (of course by my parents), i am not against education but this rotten and corrupted country is in the hands of some greedy Jewish Islamic Arabs, who just do anything to grow us tired, and brainwashed, or even cause damage to our brains so we become dumb, other students who get %99 or %100 are extremely dumb after the education period, they hardly pronounce words or focus on something, expanding education this retarded way and putting everything from A to Z is just a plan to corrupt and make wealth of it (we have to buy expensive alternative books since the school ones are low-quality and unorganized, as-well as we have to pay teachers to come as tutors in home for extra teaching time, because the daily 7 hours at school is not enough for such a huge shit). I have been like that already for 4 years, Sorry all but my hate for idiotic humans and Muslims have become very extreme.

  29. Hey, Varg.
    I agree with the most the things you say here like the things you say about jews, negroes, muslims et cetera. I really do admire your statements, I found most of them to be true. There is something I haven’t still really understood. I haven’t understood why you don’t accept homosexuality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m cool with that.

    My opinion is (if you even want to hear it) that I accept homosexuality IF, and only IF it happens inside your own bedroom. When ever those faggots start to publicly spread their ”progressive” sexuality then its WRONG! I don’t support gay marriage or gay adoption rights.

    I hope I get an answer without getting called a ”gay-lover” or a ”faggot”. Thanks for your time.

    • Homosexuality is a tool promoted and used by Jews to ensure the death of Europe. So it must be fought i all ways possible.

      Homosexuality is pervers too, and if you accept that what will the next be? Will you accept peadophilia too? Sex with animals? Incest? Where do you draw the line? Well, I think we should draw the line right now and say that we don’t accept any perversities, be it homosexuality, bondage, S & M, porn or anything else promoting an unnatural and unhealthy life-style.

      PS. Animals only turn to homosexuality when they are in captivity, i. e. when they are messed up in their heads. Why would we let people who are lessed up in their heads have any influence in the socities that our children move about it?

      • Agreed! I don’t know where I stand on what causes it, I guess I think some are genetic defects (of which there are much more these days due to a combination of inbreeding (cheers, Freud) and interbreeding), and the rest (most?) are just messed up, confused people turned gay by liberal propaganda. These days the ancient concepts of male companionship and a non-eroticised admiration of the body don’t really exist, so I think most are just forced into confusing this with attraction to members of the same sex.

        To call it sexuality and what they do “sex” is ridiculous too, as anything like this – “intercourse or whatever” – linguistically and traditionally specifically relate to the relationship BETWEEN SEXES…Gays don’t have sexual intecourse, they just feel it’s “normal” to put their members where they really don’t belong…

        Like I’m saying, shoot me up, it is more a problem of liberal Jew-minded perverse propagandists who brainwash everyone into think homosexuality is normal and wonderful. Yes the gay community plays a role in this but it is not their fault there are so many of them in the first place…After all, like I said, the vast majority are not really gay anyway.

        • Reason why it’s not fine even if gays do their kinky shit only on their bedroom is because they want MORE, now that their stuff is fine and normal they really show their true perverted nature, they adopt kids and give them hormone pillers to turn them from boys to girls and vice versa and all other sick stuff, so they are more fucked up than just that they have lust for same sex.

    • A band i like a lot is “Irminsul” the European band NOT the Russian band under the same name. The entire CD this track comes from is really good. It has a great balance of clean vocals and the “growl” also the interweaving of female vocals is wonderful. There music is great for waking me up in the morning and making me want to go sailing in the open seas…they have that feel to them. I hope they make a second CD and not blow it. So many bands tend to make great stuff and then burn out quickly and sell out quickly.

  30. To be honest, i’m very excited that you left the metal music behind.
    I have always liked your electronic ambient tracks so this feels like returning back to the real evolution of Burzum.

    It is like fresh chapter in a staggering book.
    It is pretty obvious that you are a man of minimalism what comes to music, and i think ambient music fits much better this style than metal. I hope to see more than this one ambient album from you.

    I know that this is not going to happen, but i would literaly explode if you did a Middle-Earth themed ambient album 🙂

  31. If DEAD would not have killed himself the band Mayhem would never have become my opinion.. and .He wrote most of the better songs so..

    • lyrically, yes, but Rune Eriksen/Blasphemer was a much better guitarist and composer who blew anything Euronymous wrote out of the water….Wolf’s Lair Abyss is a masterpiece

  32. Eld was a true gem, the intro and the long track 793 can really transport you back to those perilous and vivacious times. Beyond the Black Metal spectrum I would recommend Forseti from Deutschland, very ancestral and folkish. Can I add Fire and Ice to the list too? I saw them live and they were extremely interesting and truly pagan in spirit.

    • I did 😦 Don’t forget Kroda and Kataxu too (Ahhh the black metal bands that are actually good that are almost always eastern European these days….probably because most are more pagan metal than black metal…)

      • Kataxu is awesome. Though I must say that nokturnal mortum might be best when it comes to eastern euro black metal though, blood of kingu and hate forest are interesting too.
        It seems that not to many people here like Swedish black metal here. Dissection,vinterland,dawn,and sacramentum will always have special place in my collection.

        • I quite like dissection but they’re not really black metal and too Satanic really…I do really like Arckanum, though, even if that is still a little Satanic….overall though I am really not bothered about the Swedish and Finnish ones. Beherit were good too but that’s about it…

            • I have, I;m not that bothered to be honest, I think the only US band in that area I care about are wolves in the throne room and I rarely listen to them

              • Well, the wolves in the throne is good, but, if my memory doesn’t betray me, a few years ago they expressed a negative attitude towards Varg.

                In fact, Agalloch is my only american metal band to what I listen, they are playing a some kind of Eco-Post-Black-Metal(or Dark Metal with folk influences), also Acoustic music, based on a Heathen ideology. What I like in them is their lack of ridiculous posing and behavoir(from what I know) typical of BM and Pagan BM bands, and a high quality of the music. The most from their albums I like “The Mantle” and “The White EP”. In any case Agalloch coresponds to my (sometimes too)whimsical tastes(at least from musical viewpoint).

                • I think they dislike “extremists” but they are clearly influenced quite a bit by “eco-fascist” Pentti Linkola, I know at least one of them like Linkola lives a back to the basics living off the land lifestyle out in the countryside where he just catches his own fish.

                  • Well, I thought we dislike “extrimists”, at least you and me are not “exstrimists” or acting on this way, am I right?

                    I have to recognize that I didn’t know about their land lifestyle, but this only increases my respect for them(maybe because my lifestyle is very similar, though I have no animals yet).

                • Agalloch is very good and they are from my hometown. Where i live there seems to be a lot of bands that go nowhere and are honestly really bad! Agalloch is a breath of fresh air. Wolves in the Throne Room are from Olympia Washington the state right above me. I like them also (favorite CD Celestial Lineage), but for me Agalloch is more in my interest range when it comes to this genre of music. I was surpised when i heard them sample some dialog from the pagan themed movie The Wicker Man. British made, filmed in Scotland, 100% ANTI CHRISTIAN FILM! For those that have not seen it, it is worth it!

                    • One last post about this. The beautiful Scottish Rose McDowall doing her version of “Willow’s Theme” from The Wicker Man. Rose is my absolute favorite female singer. Everything she touches turns to gold! 🙂

                  • It’s a great film that has some good messages, good acting, good music, good setting, I love it BUT the depiction of pagans as hedonistic bloodthirsty hippies is incredibly stupid

                    • Well the film is a sign of the times considering when it was made. Still the best film i have seen and can find when it comes to the Christian getting what he deserves so rightfully so in a manner in the end that puts a smile on my face. He still preaches his Christian God while he is burning alive and the pagans are singing and celebrating (as how it should be)! Actually a Summerisle would be a rather pleasant place for me in those regards. The pagan themes in it am fine with, yes there is some obvious errors, but still it is a very enjoyable film. Maybe we should in those regards call them “neo-pagans”. They were not Wiccans (thank goodness) as Wiccans would never sacrifice a human. Wiccans are white light and follow more along the lines of Christian based themes (whether they will admit it or not). So i would place the Summerisle folk somewhere between paganism and the more “light version” of neo-paganism. For “hippies” though, they were bloodthirsty, but for a clear reason defined in the film, sacrifice to the sun God for the crops to grow and flourish, the virgin Christian was exactly what they needed. Regardless of any of this or anyones interpretation, it is still a great film and nothing i have yet to find that is like it.

  33. I too agree with you Varg. However I feel like ‘scenes’ in general are Jewish creations because they end up in THEIR markets. I found myself once listening to thrash metal like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Venom, Immortal, Enslaved but then came too a realization that not much of this music expresses any form of Europeanism. I still have these old albums from these bands in my room and from time to time will find myself listening to them but I mostly listen to Irish folk music and classical music like Wagner. I enjoy this more possibly because I am more mature and do my best to revolt against the Jewish music industry not just in America but in Europe as well. A band I recently began listening to is Forefather from England…mostly because they sing about British mythology and they are not in bed with the Jewish music industry. Scenes however are Jewish tools to use to identify people in the ‘Modern Age’ , and I find it revolting. I notice not many 25 year old listen to Wagner or Irish folk music…or Scottish Highland music or under ground folk metal like Forefather. I reject the music industry completely in todays time. When I find myself driving my car or going running I play Irish or Scottish folk music because its not a scene its European culture!

    Here’s a link to my favorite folk metal band that at least play Old English and promote European culture. I love them because they blend other forms of rock music and make their own ideas come to life. This song is amazing because its about the Anglo-Saxon soul being lost in a forest where Europeans no longer venture to where they did centries before. I suppose it sort of reminds us how unhealthy this industrial jungle we call society is and how we no longer care about the environment or our biological existence. Maybe m going to far with it but its an interesting poetic song that speaks to me in such a manner, thought I would share!

  34. I know nothing of metal. I do like fun bands like Korpiklaani. They make me feel like a little hermit druid in a little hut in a big forest.
    I’ll share some here:

    • I like some of their music, including the song you linked, but they’re awful boozers. A lot of their songs promote excessive drinking.

      It’s a shame though, ’cause I’m quite fond of the uplifting composition in those songs but the lyrics tarnish the experience.

      • Yeah. I had known this, and I had always been a little reluctant to post their music because I knew I would see this criticism.
        I still think they’re a very energetic band, and really polka-ish, despite some of those songs that I do avoid.

    • Great band. They are fun to listen to! Ever hear of Heidevolk..they are Dutch and most of their music in about Germanic mythology and they even use old instruments. Their music I enjoy too. Its different like Korpiklaani and Tyr.

    • Isengard is a very good project. I really love it. Storm is good too. It’s a pity, that Fenriz stopped such projects. Songs, like Neslepaks, Naglfar, In The Halls And Chambers…, Vinterskugge are great. Also, I love Fenriz’s “a cappella” tracks (Landet og havet, Nagellstev), his vocals are beautiful there.

      • The only bad thing about Storm really is that Fenriz’ vocals are basically a bit rubbish 🙂 Can’t knock him for trying though, as he clearly had a passion for it back then….But I can also see what he means when he says the whole metal/folk-hybrid thing just doesn’t, and shouldn’t, work….Some bands do get it right though…

  35. As for Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson certainly is an interesting character. Is there anything he doesn’t do? Pilot. Running an airplane maintenance business. Fencing. Writing…Iron Maiden.

    Good interview with him here…

  36. Just wondering whether or not Pytten retiring has anything to do with your leaving Metal music behind, since all your Metal albums were recorded with him in Grieghallen.

  37. Interesting read. I have to say that even though I still like to listen to black metal these days, I listen mostly to old records from the early Norwegian wave – from when I was 16 myself. Some “modern” German bands are quite solid as well. As I aged, from my early twenties onwards, I have felt increasingly distant to the whole “black metal scene”; the egos, the cliques, the drama, the “fans”, the festivals/concerts. I went to a few but I always felt black metal was an individualistic expression, isolationist even, and therein lied most of it’s appeal for me. Philosophical and atmospherical. Perhaps this is why I was always a fan of Ildjarn. As I grew older I discovered classical music. Even though not a classical composer in the true definition, Erik Satie is probably my favorite. What’s your opinion on his works, Varg? p.s. In one of your photographs I spotted a Games Workshop bag. Are you in any way interested in any of their games?

  38. I like metal okay. But if I listen to too much thrash or black or even death (like sad-ex) I will quickly get back into drinking heavily again 😉 Now a days my favorite stuff is this very English and very white sounding prog band Van Der Graaf Generator. I’ll also listen to Burzum Fallen in the car and there’s a really ripping CD to check out- Mike Browning’s Trancemissions (dark synth ritual music). Woke up today and put on the Paganini Caprices for solo violin or what’s best —- just write my own music (like the piano song I just added to my site). My favorite pagan / ns bands generally don’t get many followers (thus excluding a band like Wardruna). The Pagan Front compilation Night and The Fog Vol 2 kicks ass. Though I’d say one of my favorite old metal acts now isn’t Maiden, it would be the band Raven.

      • Oh yeah the Nargaroth with the Day Burzum killed Mayhem song, lol what’s up with these guys. 😀

      • Nargaroth Is really hit and miss for me, like some of his material is quite good, “Seven tears Are Flowing To The River” is a beautiful song. Most of his stuff is shitty though.

        • Listen to this:
          There’s nothing left what Kaanwulf (or how he’s called) hasn’t already claimed… he has basically claimed having done everything what Varg has done (AND the rumors about him), from murder out of debt to jail. I on principle don’t listen to people whom I don’t respect, neither their thoughts, not their music.

          • Taake used to be cool on the first album, but I can’t listen to them since I saw Hoest kissing onstage with that junkie faggot from Shining

            • I posted it only because Nargaroths song reminded me of that. I didn’t respect Hoest anyway, but good to know that…

              • Isn’t Taake also the guy who got his knob out onstage? I’m not bothered….Part of me thinks even his “nazi” views are just for show…

                I think we can discredit pretty much all public black metal musicians since the original wave….Black Metal is a product of its time, like 80s action movies (sorry if that’s a really insulting comparison, haha), the only bands that are good now are the really private, low key often self-released/indie ones like Drudkh (before they became really boring), Sunwheel/Kataxu, Graveland etc….Kroda too though Kroda seem to have developed a fondness for looking stupid in corpsepaint and spiked arm bands these days….At least they don’t care about the ego and personality like Taake and Shining do though…

            • I’ve seen it right now and I guess I have to spew right now. Sorry everyone because I’ve posted the link to the song above.

              • haha, we’ve all made mistakes, especially where black metal is concerned…

                Maybe I should sell my God Seed album like I did with Satyricon’s Now Diabolical (and, I hope, DImmu Borgir’s Deathcult Armageddon)….I think I can smell a stench come from the depths of my CD rack…

                • Everything you listed there kinda sucks. So selling them should be a good idea. If you have some of the old dimmu borgir and satyricon albums from the 90s you should keep them though, still pretty good material. What is the generally consensus here on blackgaze(black metal and shoegaze hybrid bands) like alcest,Lantlôs,Amesoeurs,Sun Devoured Earth,etc……

                  • I hate the shoegaze stuff, Amoseurs sounded alright but Alcest is just incredibly boring and the lyrics (translated by a French Canadian friend) mean complete bollocks….This is what Drudkh sound like too now, which is a real shame, as they used to sound great…

                    I do have the first Satyricon album, and the next two on my computer, same with the first three DImmu albums….I think more of their albums could have sounded good if they weren’t given the awful polished Nuclear Blast/Peter Tagtgren treatment…For All Tid and Stormblast are great though….But as with early good Emperor, it’s not black metal…Just symphonic metal…

  39. I saw Negura Bunget last year, here in Albion, and I cannot deny that they were very inspiring with an opulent and uplifting sound. I have got a few released by Drudkh, the first ones are the most interesting and a true panegyric to the spirit of yore. I would recommend Ianva from Italy, but they are not black metal at all. Nevertheless, they eulogize a certain weltaschauung which has a lot in common with the visions expressed on the blog.

    I am really intrigued and eager to listen to the new Burzum, I hope I will be captured again by his intricate hymns.


  40. Speaking of metal, I recommend to all the british thrash band Sabbat, especially their “Dreamweaver” album, insanely good thrash and very well written pagan lyrics (based on “The way of wyrd”)

    • I like Waylander and Forefather. Also Heidevolk and Eluveitie mainly because their music is about old Europe and our heritage. I mean a diverse set of names I listed but they are mish mash of Celtic-Germanic metal so I do find myself listening to it more than lets say ‘thrash metal’ or any of that stuff. I was wondering can you tell me of any more British folk meta bands or Irish. I try to support them as much as possible because they promote our culture. What I hate is that the modern Irish or British white person prefer Negroid music that the Jews profess as art and then call this devoid of ‘style’ or ‘ancient’. The Jews can keep their trends and scenes because my ancestors produced art that was admired throughout Europe! Europe produced some of the best art in history and the Jew is envious of this art so they pamper American Negroes and create scenes like ‘Rap’ and other worthless, perverse ‘art’ [trash] and brainwash us that it is art and better than anything the ‘inferior ethnocentric’ ‘white’ man creates. I tell them to stuff that nonsense up their arse!

      Completely non Jewish, non American and non Negroid monkey music.

      May our cultures prosper free from Jewish marketing!

    • Sabbat is amazing. Loved the Warhammer themed song “blood for the blood god” they did for the white dwarf back in 1987, never heard a thrash metal song use keyboards like that. The Japanese black/thrash metal sabbat is not bad at all either, even though they have more occult/satanic themes most of the time.

  41. Ukrainian pagan band called Drudkh is one of the best bands inspired by the style you pioneered in Burzum, Varg (the style itself is commonly known as “atmospheric black metal”). – their compositions are brilliant, very atmospheric and beautiful, they also make use of Ukrainian poetry in their lyrics. You should check them out. It seems you also inspired a lot of bands which are labeled as “pagan black metal” (e.g. Romanian band Negura Bunget) and “depressive black metal” (the latter being kinda nihilistic, but there are a few worthwhile bands in the genre 😉 ). Of course the inspiration goes far beyond black metal, and even metal in general. In conclusion – if I were you, I’d be very proud of this achievement. 🙂

    • I listen Bathory and Stormheit, but i don’t know can they be put on the same category as those other viking bands.

    • I find both of those boring as hell, but I love Bathory of course as well as Falkenbach, Enslaved and various other pagan/folk metal bands from Europe like Arkona, Heidevolk etc…

      • Vikingligr Veldi. They put all their talent into this album and then focused on their “career” after that (in my opinion). Still, this album is quite good enough for a lifetime. I was disappointed when I found out more about the artists behind it though. I remember reading an interview where one had said Varg was “weird” for not doing public shows. What an odd (really, stupid) comment. You have to be accessible and get as rich as possible or else there is something wrong with you I guess.

        • I don’t know when they became a “touring band”…Ivar at least is an intelligent guy, Cato and Herbrand seem pretty down to Earth guys too, Arve Isdal just seems in it for the “rock and roll” side I think….I actually may prefer Hordanes Land to Vikingligr Veldi, to me though their best albums are Frost and Eld….Eld is an absolutely magnificent album, and Frost was really experimental and ahead of its time as well….I think they became a “progressive” band very early on.

  42. I agree with my dear wife that Burzum was always clearly different from Black Metal. You always sounded (the younger the album the more) like a priest of our ancient gods. And if you ever tried to sound different my friend, than you failed 😉

  43. Greetings,

    I have to agree that the old spirit of Norwegian Black Metal was extremely radical and irresistibly spiritual. I still recall the days when I discovered acts such as Burzum and DarkThrone and a new meaning was found along my path. I do consider even now the Norwegian sound much more appealing than any other including the Swedish one. The music was timeless and very evocative that was able to enrich one’s soul with myths and atmospheres from the past. Those musicians spurned me on treading on a quite radical and traditionalist path, perilous and full of insidious traps inserted by the kali of today. I confess I have never deepened the music of Iron Maiden but now you have inspired and I will search for some of their gems.

    Speaking of gentile/pagan philosophers and emperors from our past, I will urge you to seek Julian the Apostate (thus called by certain theologians).


  44. Thanks Varg, your writings are as usual clear and honest.
    Like many others, i started to listen BM music because of Burzum and few other band like Darkthrone, i always missed death metal cause it was so an end to itself, so technical but full of “plastic” shit, so into system, only a “game”.
    The true Black Metal had the power to create unique atmosphere, i like bands which used dark fantasy settings and paganism, like Burzum, more to the not-driven-rebellion to the system. It was a perfect discover for me when i was a teenager :-).
    Maybe i’m strange for the majority of the people, but i like music wich spread something, it could be and ideal, a sensation, a history and so on.
    Bad quality music+absence of content=keeping me away…silence is better.

    Speaking of Iron Maiden, i like them so much…i think some European metal bands are/were great because they had a brilliant composition, in some case linked to classical music e.g., and great contents, clearly there is a lot of shit, especially today, into the metal scene, but generally all the music scene today is in this situation.

    Ps: Do you know the genre martial industrial/neoclassical? If you’ve time i suggest to you the band Arditi, they seems to be quite true, to speak ;-).

  45. …and all the metal fans come out of the woodwork 😉

    Varg, I’m just wondering if you have any enthusiasm for your death metal days, of course the majority of that music is garbage, but there has to be a reason why you were into it. there’s some interesting footage of an Old Funeral gig on youtube, from late 91. it seems by then most of the Burzum material was already ready to go. lots of headbanging from young “Corpse Vikernes”. a very good learning curve perhaps?

    • We were mostly just joking and having fun with Old Funeral. They didn’t take anything at all serious. We also mocked other metal bands, for their behavious.

      Oh, and many of those Old Funeral photos and videos out there does not even include me; even though they claim to.

      Speaking of…. As late as toay I received a photo from some guy who believed it was a photo of “Varg, Abbath, Demonaz and Jrn” of Old Funeral. In reality it was a photo of Jan-Atle (not Varg), Tore (not Abbath, Varg (not Demonaz) and orlakur (not Jrn). (Well, at leat I was in that photo, only not as he expected.)

      Death metal was cool for some time because it was the most extreme metal, and being a childish teenager I too wanted to listen to the most extreme metal. Until I grew tired of that, of course, when I grew a bit older. I think that would be the most accurate and honest explanation to this.

      • Jepp, tired is the right word here.
        I used to be a quasi-member (I rehearsed with them as vocalist but never joined them on stage) of a Death Metal band called Divination of Doom. One of those “brutal” bands with such deep vocals that you won’t be able to understand any texts, which is probably the reason why they never had some…
        Of course this was music without any message what so ever instead of beeing a alleviation of stress. Becoming more and more healthy in my mind I replaced this hobby with sport completely.
        Today I see Death Metal as one of those things that keep people wrongfully from revolting, just like alcohol.

  46. The more the place I live changed and thus the perversion surrounding me disappeared, the more I started listening to harmonic music not spreading dissatisfaction and reflecting my own anger. I understand that people living in cities need that kind of music, but it still remains the symptom of their life-standards and thus a mirror of their soul. I see such people more like children needing to fall to learn how to walk. It’s okay, but they shouldn’t get the feeling that it’s good… My husband stopped listening to BM since he found a not-completely-braindead-vodka Pagan Metal made by Nordids:

    Your music never was Black Metal for me; it was always Burzum. All the other bands I ever listened to were different from your music. I recognize a riff of yours even if I haven’t heard it ever before, like I do it with Beethoven or Wagner, and it doesn’t matter how you call your music; “ambiental”, “electronic”, “synthethic” or whatever strange words are used for your more calm music, it always remains Burzum. I strongly dislike electronical music, but your music DOESN’T sound electronical. The music of many other people trying to achieve the same mood does. Your music always sounds like the remembrance of something long forgotten…

    PS: To prevent others from caroling about Black Metal in general: I was called a whore by some BMlers who never saw me, only because they disliked the taste of my husband, because he didn’t listen to fat or skinny guys singing about total war. These guys are the prototype of a BMler nowadays, because they also listen to Hip-Hop (not kidding!) and promote that “girls mouths are to be used for other things than singing”. The only reason why they are still living is that this occured in the internet. Shortly after that I completely gave up the hope to find someone useful in the scene. You are doing right with being “too foolish to ever try to listen to any of it”.

    • I agree with your point. But I can assure you that you will find PROPER European individuals in the black metal probably more than in any other musical scene. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Wardruna but most members namely Einar Selvik come from balck metal bands. I hate the rest of the metal scenes personally because they don’t have the atmosphere I long for. I’m excluding pagan and folk metal of course. I don’t like electronic music that much either however dark ambient is my favorite genre along with black metal because it was the first music I’ve ever listened to and felt connected. I’ve only felt truly connected to black metal and ambient music including some neo-/classical as well.

      Some BM bands are also influenced by Wagner since you mentioned him. Speaking of pagan metal, many bands rejected the idea of being called racist like Týr from the Faroe Islands but many BM bands namely NSBM ones are brave enough to truly stand for what they believe. And personally those who listen to both hip hop and black metal are probably mentally unstable…
      PS: I’m not insulting or anything, just stating what I believe.

      • Please stop speaking about that pro-homo bullshit-Paganism Tibetean-sounding band Wardruna. From now on I will remove all posts even mentioning them…

      • Yes, I know Wardruna and no, I don’t talk about Tyr. I only state that I don’t encourage people in listenting to the expression of anger or whatever you may call it. I have listened to this kind of music and I don’t do anymore because I became better myself. Less desperated, with more beauty around me, with more hope and strenght. But I understand that not everyone can have so much luck as I had, so I don’t blame anyone for listening to BM, but I still don’t call it “good” to do so. 😉
        When you ever find a proper European in or around Berlin, send him to me…

  47. It certainly takes a strong (and intelligent) man to realise when he has been foolish. And hey, nobody’s life is without mistakes. There were certainly some very creative individuals that came out of the black metal scene, and not just in Norway. Bands like Summoning (hey, also Tolkein-inspired!) really show how amazing black metal can be when used creatively.

    And yes, big thumbs up to “Somewhere in Time”.

  48. Hey guys, something is going on with DestroyZionism. The site has been down all day(with a cached version still available for viewing.) Now that is gone too and the site is completely unavailable. Varg or someone else with DZ’s email, you might want to shoot him a message to see if he’s ok.

    • I did and he is. It’s maintenance, he says, but naturally he cannot be sure.

      If it is down I hope he starts a wordpress blog so that I can re-blog his posts. 🙂

    • It seems to work now.

      2013/5/1 Varg Vikernes

      > I did and he is. It’s maintenance, he says, but naturally he cannot be > sure. > > If it is down I hope he starts a wordpress blog so that I can re-blog his > posts. 🙂 > >

  49. I have actually never listened that much metal (expect alot Iron Maiden) and reason why i even found black metal was because my friend is black metal fan and i saw he’s black metal band shirts. So i writed some band (i think it was Mayhem and took the song Freezing moon) in youtube and listened and well i didn’t really liked it that much on that time (i guess i wasn’t used to vocals yet) but i still tried to found many bands and find out why people like this music so much, then i found Darkthrone – han siste vinter song and i liked the riff so much that i looked more songs from that band, but then i tried Burzum which i saw on wikipedia when i was looking for black metal bands and tried that and took the song Dunkelheit and really liked it so i started to listen that band more and more and more… and well now i’m here. 😀

    • But there was other bands i tried too like Immortal, Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of filth and some others, but i never really liked them i guess they i just find them kinda lame. My favourite are still Burzum and Darkthrone, Mayhem too but not so much.

      • Mysteeris Dom Sathanas is their best album in my opinion, i like Attila’s voice more than Dead’s (even though most of the people disagree with me on this. XD)

        • I really like Attila in Tormentor. But I have to say Dead’s vocals were something else, truly out of this world, that’s why his other band morbid’s record “The December moon” is one of my top 10.

          • I always found Dead incredibly average as a vocalist, even his look was not that different from Immortal (Darkthrone did the whole corpsepaint thing so much better), Attila is without doubt the best vocalist Mayhem have had, even if he is/was a bit of a junkie…

              • My impression is that he “cut back” on it at least, I think he was at his worse in the 90s….He’s quite likeable, even with his ridiculous weird stage costumes…At least a more pleasant and less obnoxious guy than Maniac anyway…

                • I only met him once, but spent quite a lot of time with him when we met, and I liked him a lot. He was intelligent, polite, politically on the right track, so to speak, and honest too. He even had a good taste in music. 🙂

                    • Attila.

                      I have never met Maniac. He was not a part of the scene back then. I never even saw him — or heard anything about him for that sake (save that he was living in another part of Norway).

                    • Yes, he was only around in the old days for the piece of crap that is deathcrush, then left because of “depression” (alcoholism?…) then was kicked out for good after returning for a few more years for his drunkenness, literally I believe, when Rune Eriksen got sick of him after a gig and kicked him down a flight of stairs…

                      He wrote good lyrics and did some good work with them Deathcrush excluded, but he always strikes me as very pretentious and unpleasant…..He’s also married to a Japanese woman by the way

                    • (Behind the scenes of the Live in Marseilles gig he is blabbering self-indulgent bullshit about how “barbed wire is good for the skin” and so on, and along with Dead he was the one who popularized the whole self-mutilation/cutting stage act that awful “depressive suicidal black metal” bands like Shining have done since…)

                • Well, talking about Maniac, he is very strange guy, but for me he’s the best Mayhem vocalist, because his vocals are very powerful and argessive.
                  Attila is good too. He’s vocals very atmospheric.

                  • Maniac is crap live though, I do like his work on the albums and his alternation between raw screamed vocals and theatrical spoken word vocals…(and on the odd song gregorian-style chants…)

                    • He became crap live after 2000. In 2004, to be exact. His voice changed, probably because he injured voice ligaments. It sounds like he did.

                    • In that Wacken open air concert he sounds bloody awful, even in the Live in Marseilles gig he got worn out pretty quickly and just didn’t bother on the spoken word bits

                • He did some interesting work with a band called Sunn O)))
                  You should check it out, though you probably won’t like it 😀

            • Yea Darkthrone was good but only when Ivar Enger aka Zephyrous played the guitars . I don’t know much about him .. But his face on Blaze in the northern sky album cover was BM spot on .

              • Let’s not forget the iconic image of Fenriz (?) on Transylvanian Hunger 🙂 Most of their albums were great, while they were heavy…now it’s just rather dull traditional metal-homage music, and crust punk….They’re cool guys still, but they could do better…

                • Yes, nowdays Darkthrone is not as bad as somebody can say. There’re good tracks. Unfortunately, their ideology became too “rock’n’roll like”.
                  And speaking about albums like Transilvanian Hunger and Panzerfaust, a one thing can be said – these works are masterpieces. Panzerfaust is my favourite.

                • Fenriz is such a sympathetic guy .. His face on the cover didn’t have the same effect as Ivar’s ! Really I don’t know much about later releases . I listen to nomore that 10 black metal cds over and over again . I really don’t like the change as I stated on a previews article

                • A bunch of alcoholics they are. Maybe cool, yeah, Fenriz in particular, but what’s the goal of their music? What’s the idea behind it all? There is none. It’s just another rock`n`roll band with a stupid “message” behind. I remember Fenriz saying that his only goal in life was to get a record deal, which he acheived at the age of 19. What has he done ever since? Mainly boozing and listening to 80s thrash metal 24/7. With disgust I remember him partying around like a silly clown with that absolute radical left-wing faggot Götz Kühnemund from German RockHard magazine who has been boycotting Darkthrone many years because of the “Norsk Arisk Black Metal” thing.
                  So, I really pitty the decline of Darkthrone. Nevertheless, I am grateful for their early albums which are among the best that Norsk Black Metal still has to offer…

                  • Well Nocturno Culto seems a very different guy, much more mellow and sensible (you can see him fishing the old fashioned way with the guys in Enslaved in his film “The Misanthrope”). That footage of Fenriz is comedy gold, I love it, haha. He is an intelligent guy, a good guy for sure, but also a bizarre one. He’s harmless really, he’s just a big kid, still firmly rooted in 80s nostalgia…And that’s a much better reason for making “rock n roll” music than simply doing it because it’s “cool” and “trendy” (like Satyricon, who have basically aped every single musical change that Darkthrone have done)

                    • I do not doubt that he is a smart guy, he just does not make any use of it. Sorry, but it’s not “cool” when a 41-year-old man lives, acts and behaves like a teenager

                    • Yeah, it’s kind of sad really, especially when you see his apartment and how obsessively he hoards vinyls and tapes….He lives in or near woods though I think so he’s chosen a good part of the world to retreat to at least…

                    • You listened to NC’s new band Sarke yet? It’s not Black metal nor is it like new Darkthrone but it’s really good. They’re one of my favorite bands.

                      I like newer Darkthrone. I can’t stand punk(for obvious reasons) but it’s different when they do it. I’m not even sure I’d really classify their new music into a genre, they’re still doing their own thing as they always have.

                      I’m a bit of a tape/vinyl collector as well as a stereo-head. Nothing wrong with having a hobby as long as Europe is still your first priority. I haven’t really watched any of Fenriz’s interviews though(can’t stand the interviewers :p) so I don’t know just how far he takes it. Honestly though as PC as Fenriz is on camera and as much as he keeps his music away from politics I get the feeling that he is on our side. Intuition and all that. 🙂

                  • Well Fenriz is adult man and he can do what he likes, he and Culto has given more to the black metal genre than all those many other poser BM bands will never give, and if he chooses to party whenever he wants, it’s not the end of the world, i like their new album the Underground resistance too.

            • DEAD IS AND WAS AND WILL ONLY BE THE BEST VOCALIST MAYHEM HAS EVER HAD..IMO..if you think mayhem with dead is good..try his older band MORBID…he sings the best with morbid’s demo December moon IMO 🙂

          • I agree with this! Attila did a good job on De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, but Dead’s vocals had a really eerie athmosphere. And his lyrics were really fascinating, and his stage persona too.

    • All metal bands i have listened apart from Iron Maiden and those black metal bands are mostly Dio, Manowar, Metallica, Megadeth and Bathory.

  50. Yes, black-metal lifestyle, and metal lifestyle in whole is not a good thing. So called “metalheads” are propagandizing this “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll”. Stupid schoolboy lifestyle, actually. And it’s good that some metal-musicians don’t support that and just make good metal-music. Varg always was a one of these rational thinking musicians.
    And copy-cat bands are actually opposite to original bands. Copy-cat band try to make similar music, but the music becomes not so similar, because copy-cat bands don’t understand an idiology of original bands.
    So, Varg can be understood when he tells that he quites metal. Of course, he doesn’t want to be classed as metalhead, because he is not a metalhead, but a lot of people, who don’t understand him and his music, don’t see it. And Varg also can be understood when he tells that he doesn’t want to be copied by stupid bands, because these bands are going to proclaim that they are like Burzum, but they are not.
    So, maybe it’s good that Varg quits metal. I sorry about this only because Varg’s metal was unique and atmospheric. However, I’m sure I will not be dissappointed by Sôl austan, Mâni vestan, because it’s going to be like beautiful Dauði Baldrs and Hliðskjálf. That’s a good point.

  51. Brilliant post, it really articulates and clarifies your viewpoints on Heavy Metal music. I’m glad that you feel this way… I feel this way too.

    Hail Burzum! I’m really excited about the new album!

  52. Good. I grew tired of metal at around age 13. Though you did continuously bring new things to the table and I enjoyed those things.
    It’s been a journey, and I can only pay homage to what I’ve experienced and learned from your music (particularly the two ambient albums) and your late writings on prior to the creation of Ancestral Cult and the TP.
    You have helped shaped the most of us so well, and whenever I find myself in central France, I promise to help with whatever you need. Maybe we will buy a huge plot of land and build an Ôðalist village and invite the rest of the growing community there.
    One can only dream, of course until he can work up the funds to do something like that.
    I hope you’re doing as well as I am, Varg and Marie, and I sure look forward to the future of Burzum and Ôðalism. I have serious respect and admiration for the both of you and so I thank you again for being the closest thing to a druid/skald/bard that we can get in this backwards age of man.

  53. I think I will always like metal to be honest, not just all black metal even, I listen death,black,folk,power,traditional,thrash,doom,grind etc.. though I’m quite picky and only like best albums/bands. Even though I branch out quite a bit into other stuff, mostly neofolk/martial industrial stuff like Death in June, Rome, of the wand and the moon etc… post punk/goth and ambient. Never did care for the lifestyle though either though.

  54. Excellent summary of your views. As with anything out there, there is quality, and there is SHIT. It lies upon us, to use our European brains, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    I would be interested to hear what you think of Wardruna. (yes, I know you aren’t a Gaahl fan…;))

    • I don’t think of them. They have a gay vocalist, so they deserve no attention whatsoever.

      • They are also very “new agey” and saturate their music with keyboards, and Tibetan-style music so it does not sound authentically pagan at all really….When asked about your views recently as well who is presumably the main guy was just saying how you get it wrong, use no “evidence” (mythology and primary sources aren’t evidence, then?) and base your work too much in James Frazer (I don’t see what’s wrong with basing anything on the one reasonably well known academic who got it right).

        Their only “source” seems to be a wafer thin supposedly amazing book on runes available at their shop at a stupidly expensive price

        • Well, let’s just say that if they speak against what I say I feel like a giant being attacked by a rabbit.

          (And I am not talking about that rabbit fom “The Quest for the Holy Grail” by Monty Python…)

          • Hahaha yeah….they do base their music around runes as well, but I am sure they get it all wrong and just base it on shallow new age/wiccan interpretations of the runes…

            They do make their own instruments at least….If they did not have a gay singer and the excessive keyboards I might still be interested in them…

          • How much do you like “The Quest for the Holy Grail”? As far as I remember it’s the only movie which made me laugh when I was all alone (to laugh in companie is a very different thing as we all know).

        • Hmmm…..different strokes I guess. They are one of my favorite bands…..I am actually seeing them live in California in September.

          As for the gay thing, it doesn’t bother me. Rob Halford, Freddy Mercury……Gaahl….I still listen to all three.

          Plus, if I stopped listening to artists (or associating in any way with anyone) who disagree with Varg, I’d have to be a hermit who never leaves his cave in the hils!

          Keep spreading the light Varg, and will try to do my part here in Cascadia.

          • Rob Halford and Freddy Mercury do even sound gay, how could a european not feel disgusted by that?
            Gaahl on the other hand showes great dark vocal skills in God Seed and the band even has a pagan image, but lots of “art” he does is “entartet” (take Gaahlskagg or his paintings as simple examples).
            Not all faggots are faggoty on the same level, but they all should be replaced as influences on the society by true undisturbed europeans.
            Gaahl shares similar images of the enemy as we do, but only to a insufficient extend. And even more important he doesn’t share our image of the gods. If he would he would need to speak up against people like himself.

            • Rob Halford doesn’t sound gay, he just has a stupid Brummie accent…I really like Priest but more for the guitarwork than anything else, they are daft though, their image is daft and for all these reasons and his homosexuality I have always been a lot more interested in Maiden…

              • To be honest I slightly prefer Priest, purely for musical reasons though, well actually just prefer painkiller era Priest though. Rob Halford can sing though.

  55. I am a Maiden fan too, especially the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son album (I like concept albums) 🙂

    Maybe that is why I never liked black metal… The Satanic and depressive/suicidal themes were nothing for me even though the music might be good. And then there are these few good bands/artists who don’t have anything to do with Satanism, like Burzum. I am rather glad you are moving on from metal, because even though all the albums you have made so far are unique, most of them have the electric guitar in common (but! it is good to have something familiar too), and there is only so much you can do with that… So it will be interesting to hear future records 🙂 Will there be more song in the future, since the upcoming one will be instrumental? 🙂 Lykke til!

    • I think these problems with even “true black metal” are linked to punk and nihilism. Much, Mayhem especially, is incredibly bleak, nihilistic and misanthropic, it comes from this modernist reactionary tendency to reject the current system by rejecting EVERYTHING, many black metal bands have more of an anarcho-punk ideology than a healthy, “old-fashioned” pagan ideology…..This is why I too can often only stomach pagan/folk metal bands these days

  56. Good article. I’m glad you still like some metal. I have to agree with your interpretation of black metal as a stepping stone towards a better life. When I first heard your music, my life was in disarray, full of sadness (we all still hold this because of the present state us Europeans are in) and misguided. I had always held great contempt for this modern world, but had no way to channel it into anything. After becoming attached to your albums and acquiring quite a collection of black metal, I started gaining other interests that I never would have thought I would have. Gaining interests in nature, classical music, philosophy, European history and even wanting to start a family have all been the results of this experiment with black metal. I’m not saying that black metal is my life, but it has helped shape me into something I never would have been without it.

    Thank you Varg.

  57. Black metal has become an integral part of my life that I can never part from and I will always listen to it until I die.

  58. I completely agree with everything you said, and definitely understand your point. I’m quite excited to hear more ambient from your part! I too feel the same way about getting ripped off all the time. I’m involved in graphic design and illustration and you could say I’m quite innovative and have a peculiar style, and am highly praised for that. I noticed when I started showing these things that everyone had started to copy me. I feel flattered about it and all, but… it took me twenty years of hard work and sacrifice to do what I do and to get these results, you know? I naturally feel insulted at the same time for the fact that someone in five minutes ripped off something that took me a whole lifetime to achieve, understand and discover… and no credits given! I guess my problem is the lack of humility people have these days. It made me consider not even showing what I do at all! But I guess that’s a part of the game. But, as I mentioned before, I am quite excited about your new ambient path! I expect to hear nothing less than a masterpiece!

  59. “As I see it those enthralled by the aggression, melancholy and/or harmonic atmosphere of black metal are on the way to become better”

    This is true in my case. I was completely enthralled by your music when I first heard it. In fact, the first riffs I learned to play properly on guitar were from Lost Wisdom. 🙂

    Your music in turn led me to you, Varg, and I found that your words rang true; you gave voice to what my gut was telling me was true.

    I listen to a good deal of metal these days but the range of bands for which I still hold any interest has considerably narrowed in the last year or two. I stick to older thrash and some atmospheric/ambient metal projects. And Iron Maiden, of course. I find that Bruce Dickinson’s vocals have a way of introducing an aura of ‘mystery’ (don’t really know how else to describe it) to a track. 🙂

    You’re right about death metal, by the way. Some of it I quite like but the vast majority of it is tremendously boring and uninspired. It seems as if the entire tracklist on an album simply blends into the same monotonous song. And their lyricism is extremely juvenile. The lyrics handbook might as well consist of “Guts and gore and so forth.”

  60. Black metal nomatter what has a unique ability to create intense soundscapes and an unstoppable torrent of feelings . Prior to BM I had never been particularly interested in music . Also because of Burzum and a couple of other unknown bands i started playing the guitar self-tought ..first song i learnt to play was “Han som reiste” .But the positive thing here is that i involved myself into art which is better than doing nothing or staring at the tv

    • Self-taught is the only way, if you learn of from others you just play like they do — and very often fail to make any music of your own.

  61. A tolerant attitude from Varg, eh? (and I use the word “tolerant” in its true sense) 😉

    There is plenty of good European music out there, you just need to spend some time sifting out the not-so-good. I think some of the bands playing atmospheric black metal have done some interesting and soulful things with the original BM formula (Askival, Drudkh, Summoning, etc.), and a select few folk/Pagan metal bands are truly inspired (Arkona, SIG:AR:TYR, Waylander, Moonsorrow, etc.) rather than just talentless geeks jumping on the bandwagon. Folk can also be great (Empyrium, Dornenreich, Daemonia Nymphe, Loreena McKennitt) But, of course, many others are complete garbage, even if inspired by all the right things.

  62. Cool post. Have you always disliked Immortal? I read one, or two interviews that were done in the early days …and you said something like, “I am a scald just like Fenriz and Demonaz of Immortal, join us Norsemen and cut the modern crap” . So I was confused.

      • im very fucking disappointed in abbath when he made an obvious sub conscious insult to varg when he said “we dont wanna………………………end up in jail ahaHAHAHAHA” and poked his tongue out.

        • He also more interestingly said in until the light takes us “he’s a very intelligent guy, but he fucked up”….I guess anyone can be “intelligent” in comparison to those guys but at least they don’t just blindly worship Euronymous like the losers and outsiders in Emperor and Satyricon, even if they did discreetly backstab quite a bit

          • lol Satyricon don’t care about euronymus and all that, but Satyr likes Burzum though he said in an interview

            I met him once, was a nice guy

            • Well they don’t really care about anything (apart from making money), as they’re just posers, Same with Emperor, they only worship and mourn Euronymous because they feel they have to for their image, they clearly didn’t know him. How can you care that much about someone you don’t know? Pretty much anyone who really knew Euronymous agrees he was an arsehole and a leech who got what he deserved….I’m sure in the 90s Satyr would have spoken out against anything punky and rock and roll, people posing in slicked back hair and sunglasses, look at them now…Embarrassing…

  63. At least Enslaved did not adapt that stupid satanic image, but focused on Nordic mythology. Their early releases are brilliant nordic music

    • I meant to mention Enslaved, I totally agree, even the early music on the EP and the first album is not just derivative of Immortal and Darkthrone anyway, a lot of it’s instrumental and “progressive” in a way, and I love what they did with (charmingly primitive) synths on Hordanes Land.

      Enslaved don’t seem to have a clue what black metal is really about (like Ihsahn), but as they never claimed to be Black Metal, only “Viking Metal” anyway, this never bothers me. I really need to be in the right mood to commit to the recent “cosmic” albums, but Eld, Frost and Below the Lights are all brilliant masterpieces 🙂

      • I lost interest in Enslaved after “Blodhemn”. But I still do listen to Hordanes Land, first 2 albums and their demo. Great European music.

        • There are a couple of excellent Norse-sounding tracks on Monumension and Below the Lights. This is when they got all “proggy”, but Below the Lights especially is a beautifully crafted album and the track Havenless has nice chant-style vocals reciting Havamal 🙂

    • Ironically they were sort of forced to do that, because Darkthrone already had a Satanic image, and Enslaved wanted desperately to be “true”, so they had to come up with tomething special. And of course they did, and chose a good theme for sure.

        • Interestingly Ivar, the 14-year-old, was the brain of that group…. Although it does mean I think Ivar was very bright, it also means that I think the other guys in that band weren’t very bright, so to speak.

          • Grutle seems bright enough, as for Trym….he always just strikes me as a (very talented) “drummer for hire”, in the Frost album photos with them all dressed in armour he just looks very bored…Now he just works in a tattoo studio and is involved in some film by his African-French/American friend I think… Enough said….

            Even now half the band seem to be just doing it “for fun”…

            • Grutle? I don’t want to say something negative, so I don’t want to say anything about him… 😉

              • Maybe he’s grown up a bit recently then, but Ivar seems to do most of the talking anyway…All I really know is Grutle is the one who listens to loads of old prog rock like Rush and King Crimson, though I think they both do….

      • enslaved best BM album is of course FROST imo

        on another note varg you never mentioned SODOMs first album and 2 demos (witching metal and victims fo death) very underrated is OBSESSED BY CRUELTY!

  64. Good to know 🙂 And I do still listen fairly regularly. Though these days I find myself listening more to “pagan metal” inspired a lot by black metal like Russia’s Arkona and England’s Forefather – good, positive uplifting and patriotic music, that still has the same fondness for the power of atmosphere and for drawing out emotions. Where black metal is concerned now I only really listen to pagan-themed or even “Nazi” black metal such as Burzum (naturally), Sunwheel and Graveland. I used to listen to Mayhem A LOT, as I still think that musically all of their full-length albums are brilliantly written, but I guess I am less attracted to the cryptic, nihilistic and borderline Satanic lyrical content…It’s pretty hard to work out what Mayhem have ever wanted to achieve, if anything, especially as the artistic direction has drifted between Euronymous, “Maniac” and Rune Eriksen/”Blasphemer….

    Nice to hear you still like Maiden 🙂 I despise Number of the Beast but the 80s albums especially are good, positive. I guess I have underrated Somewhere in Time, it has a great production, I have always favoured Powerslave, Killers and I suppose Seventh Son… though. I think “power metal” and traditional metal in this vein is why I still stand by metal as a genre, it is not all about negro music, it is not all rooted in negroid and Jewish trash. In many cases, with the bands and sub-genres that actually sound good and get it right anyway, it’s to me more about reclaiming a genre that was originally purely European anyway, that was just degraded for a few decades under “rock ‘n’ roll”, blues, punk, 60s pop music etc. With bands like Iron Maiden the composition is far more closely rooted in European classical music, I think the same can be said for sure about 1970s progressive rock bands as well (as any decent, i.e. European music can be “progressive” in terms of composition and structure anyway)

    • The unfortunate thing about Somewhere in Time are the boring lyrics of Heaven Can Wait and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner… but Alexander the Great is a masterpiece 😛 And musically it is one of the best Maiden albums. I think almost all 80’s Maiden albums have been my favourite at some point… Even NotB 😉

      • Maiden is even a good history teacher… I think they have kindled an interest in history for many a metal fan.

      • I guess it starts off brilliantly, lulls in the middle then picks up towards the end…each Maiden album usually has at least one duff track (on Powerslave it’s back in the village…)

      • My favourite Maiden album is probably the first album, Killers, Somewhere in time (especially Wasted years and Caught on somewhere in time) Powerslave and Matter of life and death (i can’t decide which album i like the most they are all great. XD The really mocked album No prayer for the dying has Mother Russia and No prayer for the dying song).

  65. so no more metal albums? gonna make something completely new? 🙂 or you finished with music all together?

  66. Pingback: New Thulean Perspective post; “Shadows of the Mind”. | Ancestral Cult

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