Shadows of the Mind

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Once upon a time I was a fan of classical music who became an Iron Maiden fan, a thrash metal fan, a death metal fan and musician and eventually a black metal musician. What drove me down that path was the melancholic atmosphere, aggression and energy of the music. I still like classical music and Iron Maiden too, in particlar their «Somewhere in Time» album, but thrash and death metal lost it’s charm the moment I found something better – in 1991.

This something better was called «black metal» by Euronymous, a name he had from a Venom album, and it was something brand new at the time; it was not originally a music style, but a revolt against the commercial nature of and the lack of originality in death metal. The so-called black metal bands were supposed to all be original; they were all supposed to bring something unique and special to the scene. If they didn’t they were not «true»; i. e. not worthy of the black metal label.

Darkthrone had their Satanic image; Burzum had the dark fantasy image. Mayhem had nothing to boast of at the time, they had yet to release their first proper album («Deathcrush» was absolute shit) but they had Euronymous, so they too were naturally considered to be «true». Immortal were not «true», and therefore called their music «holocaust metal» instead, out of fear of Euronymous and his reaction if they started to use the black metal label.

Darkthrone and Burzum – the only bands with an album out in early 1992 – were too successful for this to last though. As could be expected when some bands have success other bands too wanted to play this at the time new style of music – and yes, they saw this as a music style. So it became a music style, and we saw a horde of copy-cat bands coming; Emperor, Enslaved, Gorgoroth and others too began to play music very similar to the music of Darkthrone and Burzum. At first Euronymous tried to stop this, and even visited and threatened a few bands to make them stop, but naturally this was hopeless.

The scene was in turmoil, and with the success of Burzum – signed to Euronymous’ label – Euronymous all of a sudden saw the opportunity to turn his poorly run business into something profitable, and he started to sign the copy-cat bands. As he saw it he secured allies in his «war» against the trendy death metal bands.

Personally I didn’t like it when other bands ripped off my music style, but rather than go around and be angry over this I simply did soemthing new – again. I recorded the «Filosofem» album in early 1993 and made what was supposed to be an «anti-black metal album». I wanted to show the copy-cats that you don’t all have to sound the same; you can do your own thing. Like I did.

«Naturally» this failed miserably, and all of a sudden the bands started to make music sounding just like the music on «Filosofem», and I gave up….

Ah, but naturally I was a fool; bands don’t actually rip off the music of others unless they copy it; the bands who followed us were not copy-cat bands. They were just creative kids who were inspired by the music of others and who changed and even improved the music they were inspired by. Rather than feel insulted I should be proud of having inspired others to make music. Most of it very good music, I am sure. I don’t really know though; I have been to foolish to ever try to listen to any of it. My mind was closed. My heart was closed.

One of the reasons for that was also that with time I saw that Burzum was not only inspiring others to make good music, it was also used or rather mis-used by the same forces who turned death metal into nihilistic shit. Black metal as a movement turned into nihilistic shit as well; all the wrong things were promoted – heavily.

Being a European at heart I naturally didn’t want any part of that, so I repeatedly expressed my contempt for it all. The idea that my creative efforts and name would be used to promote a nihilistic movement was very offensive to me. And naturally I was right to feel that way.

Some times I do good things, and occasionally a string of words that makes sense might come from my lips, but most of the time I am of course the same old fool who was insulted when others liked my music back in 1992, so when I have tried to express my contempt for the twisting and perverting of black metal over the years I have failed to make it clear that I don’t actually think badly of individuals who like the so-called black metal music. Why would I? We are all lost souls in a dying world, so to speak, stripped of all sprititual life and energy by the societies we live in, and left to find new spiritual life and energy on our own. We stumble, we fall and we get up again, as we progress, and black metal, although empty and hollow like most other things in this world, is actually a good gateway to the Divine Light. If nothing else black metal has been a way to find true meaning, a positive direction and new life for many.

As I see it those enthralled by the aggression, melancholy and/or harmonic atmosphere of black metal are on the way to become better, and are thus already better than the rest, and I don’t want you to feel that I think badly of you when I speak badly of black metal as it is today. I don’t like the black metal (or any metal) life style, but that doesn’t mean I have anything against those caught in this lifestyle.

I no longer play metal music, so naturally I don’t say this for commercial reasons. I just think that we get enough shit from the world we live in as it is. There is no reason to add to that load.

HailaR WôðanaR! HailaR BalduR!

The Rhythm of the Universe

Español. Magyar. Serbian.

We generally think of the changes in nature as changes, but e. g. when the seasons change they really don’t, because after some time they change back to what they were. So there has really been very little or perhaps even no (significant) change. Rather than a change I think we should call it a rhythm. In a sense there are no changes in the universe, only rhythms.

The Ice Ages come and go too; they stay for about 100,000 years, or perhaps about 120,000 years, and then they go and leave a warm period for about 10,000 or perhaps about 12,000 years. In the long run, there is no change there either, only a rhythm. We are now living at the end of a warm period, and of course the scientists believe that the changes in the climate is due to human activity, but it isn’t; we are entering a new Ice Age, that will cover all of Northern Europe with glaciers, and the climate changes we see now are a prelude to this. Man has no influence over climate.

The forests come and go too; the glaciers wipe clean the land on Northern Europe, and then when they retreat they leave plains that eventually will become forests again. Then the forests change; e. g. birch forests become oak forests, and then finally pine forests. Then the Ice Age returns, and we see the whole process start all over again. Without any real change. It all returns to it’s original form and status. Nothing has really been changed for millions of years… In a sense we are caught in a loop, and we cannot free ourselves from this.

The change in our universe is thus really just a rhythm. There is one exception to this rule though; life. The different living creatures change, due to micro-evolution, or they change, not because they «mutate» as stated by the seriously flawed theory of macro-evolution, but because they mix with other species, as suggested by my wife, and thus occasionally give birth to new species. New forms of life.

Mankind is a living entity, made up of three different species (Africans [Homo sapiens], Asians [Denisova] and Europeans [Homo Neanderthalensis]), each made up of several sub-species (alias races), and each one of them mixed more or less with the two other human species. The modern human species and races can best be described as mistakes of nature, in the sense that their creation came about as a degradation of the original man. Most likely there was originally only one human species, but individuals from this species for some reason mixed with other creatures, and gave life to horrible and grotesque creatures such as chimpanzees, gorillas and the like, and then later on other human beings mixed with these creatures again and gave life to more horrible creatures; cannibalistic, cruel, stupid, sinister and destructive creatures of no value to the universe. Mistakes. Freaks.

The Original Sin” that we can read about in the bible, of we ever bother wasting our time doing so, is most likely a reference to the mixing of species, when the divine man mixed with Earthly creatures, and gave birth to the modern man; a defective creature, unable to get rid of this “original sin”, because it is in his blood. The “defect” is passed on to the next generation. Naturally no “saviour” or “God” can save us from this; only we can; by means of eugenics and by embracing Ôðalism, a religion offering a cultivation of only the divine man in us and subjugation of the base in us.

Perhaps you object to the term “religion”, and would rather have a scientific solution? Well, then I can tell that science today is also just a religion, with extremely religious terms such as “The Big Bang”, based on assumptions and wild speculations by man and with no proper scientific backing whatsoever, and where everything is “too difficult for you to understand using your logical faculties”, meaning you are left to trust the magnificent and mighty “scientists” (alias priests) to do this for you. When they actually fail to they just make up new entities and terms, such as “dark matter” and “dark energy”, that nobody can see or in any way perceive (much like “God”), and then use this to fill in the holes in their own seriously flawed and utterly religious hypotheses and theories. There is no such thing as “science” in this context; it is all religion. It is all based on beliefs, imperceivable entities and the hopes and wishes of man.

No, I will stick to the more honest approach, and I will call “my” solution a religion. Yes, this is not my solution; there is nothing new in what I say, only what has been said before – not least in Ancient Greece – and what has been forgotten. I am not the painter of a magnificent and beautiful picture; I am just one of several human beings collecting and putting together the bits and pieces that were scattered by (a sinister) force some time ago; I work to restore a magnificent and beautiful picture that was painted a long time ago by others. By divine Europeans in an age long forgotten. By our Forebears.

We are ourselves the once magnificent statues of yore, but we are soiled, broken and faded, and we need purification, repairs and new life, to be restored to original form. Ôðalism is the tool to fix us. You and me. We don’t bow and beg others to help us, we don’t pray for help from fictional entities nailed to a Roman execution devise, we don’t lie down and hope death will save us; we help ourselves, we find strength in ourselves and we see death only as an intermission in our quest to restore the Divine Europe here on planet Earth! HailaR BalduR! HailaR WôðanaR!

Venus, in desperate need of restoration; she is missing colours and both her arms;