Sense Perception versus Intuition


Our forebears didn’t have the information-gathering technology that we do today, but based on their intuition combined with what they could perceive they could nevertheless have found or come to believe in absolute facts regarding our universe. I know that, because I have found so many answers myself using intuition, and I have so often found these answers even before I found a relevant question or any related evidence, and almost every answer I have found has been confirmed by evidence gathered later on using the five normal senses. How could I have known the answers with no evidence and no reason to even ask the right question, had it not been for my intuition?


I have a normal sized modern European brain, but our Neanderthal forebears had larger brains than we do today, and no matter what people say today in this context, in an attempt to discredit our forebears and their achievements, and to flatter themselves, the average size of the brain in a population matters. It has always mattered, and until the Neanderthals were discovered it was an axiom that larger brains meant more intelligence. It then all of a sudden was not seen as an axiom any more, because the Neanderthal findings disproved their theory of evolution. It rocked with their faith in the science religion, and this could not be tolerated – so they started to come up with all sorts of silly and unscientific excuses to explain away this.

So there is no reason why our forebears should not understand the universe well, and much better than we do today, even without our technology. Even today we have human beings, autists to be more precise, in possession of abilities normal modern humans can only dream of. My intuition tells me that such abilities were the norm amongst the Neanderthals, and this would explain everything about how they could be able to know and understand so much. My intuition tells me that my exceptionally intelligent autistic wife is right when she claims that the Neanderthals didn’t have a technologically advanced culture simply because they didn’t need one; our modern and highly technologically advanced culture came not because we are so very advanced, but because we – unlike our more racially pure forebears – really need all this technology to be able to understand the universe on a level that we are programmed by our still 99,7% Neanderthal DNA to desire. We despair, because we cannot find all the answers we should be able to find – so we compensate by creating technology, and use this to assist us in our quest for enlightenment.

Ôðalism it is not a religion based on faith; instead I will claim it is based on evidence and supported by intuition, and rather than have faith in me and what I say, when I fail to provide you with enough evidence to convince you on a purely intellectual level, I will ask you to listen to your own gut feeling, and let your intuition guide you. If what I say is deemed by you not to be sufficiently supported by evidence, but it still feels right, then it probably is. To many this is not enough, and that’s okay, but I will then advice you to stick around anyhow, because the evidence you need to trust this or that hypothesis to be true might appear when you least expect it.

I am not against modern technology, I know we need it, even to satisfy us on a metaphysical level, but naturally I am against the common use of this technology when it in fact sabotages our efforts to reach enlightenment.

HailaR WôðanaR! 

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  1. After reading and watching much of this work I believe there is a well laid out and researched book within you Varg that would shake this current paradigm to its core i patiently wait to find out more

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  13. This is very interesting. Time ago i red about the largest inventor and genius of all time( at las,t this “modern time”) – Tesla(true genius, not like idiot – stealer Edison, or jew – stealer Einstein) and he says that all the knowledge was given to him in a flashes of intuition (!) For me, he is an example of how our ancestors thought. He has also photographic memory and all life has great physical condition and so forth…. He also said, he was a medium – and this is what I also thought that he was chosen by some kind of ancient spirit.

    I am also glad to hear from you, that we need technology too. Sometimes it seemed like you totally rejected it 🙂
    In some old article you said that what if sun storm comes? Electricity will be useless to us then. Yes, that is true but i also said: what if some asteroid will heading to us?

    As for the technology and also the use of mind and intuition, we need to find a “golden middle path” an balanced European path.
    (sorry my english, hope you will understand…)

  14. My intuition – and I could be wrong here – is telling me that this post may be in response to my taking exception to your statement that ‘Neadnerthals understood and fathomed eternity well’ in the post ‘The Line & the Circle’. Now, I am certainly not opposed to people using their common sense, or gut instinct, when trying to make sense of reality and this world in which we find ourselves. There is nothing wrong with this. But I believe, and I’m sure most other thoughtful people do, also, that we need to use a more empirical method, in order to help confirm this ‘intuition’ more objectively. It is a simple fact that sometimes (or many times) our intuition does not always lead us to the truth. In responding, I basically took issue with the way you stated as a *fact* that Neanderthals had this or that cognitive quality, ability or characteristic. Now if one were to state words to the effect of, ‘Neanderthals had a much greater cranial capacity than modern Europeans/humans, so it may even be feasible that they had a greater sense of eternity’, this would most likely give the intrigued reader ‘food for thought,’ rather than have them exclaim, as I did, ‘How the *hell* does he know this?’ I enjoy your blog posts. I like your personal and easily accessible style. I have been eagerly reading them pretty much every day for the past few weeks now. When I happened to miss a day or so, I found I had half a dozen posts or more to get through, so prolific are you in your passionate quest to get this information out there. If anything, I would simply advise caution when it comes to certain statements without significant evidence, that is if one values their credibility.

    • That is of course good advice indeed. I’ll try to keep this in mind for future posts.

      I guess I am just sick and tired of some obviously wrong ideas, and end up being a bit too clear in the opposite direction….

  15. When you just get the feeling that you’ve already done something, the so called déjà that an “intuition” too ?

    I see a lot of people here are claiming to be autistic or with some kind of syndromes. During 30s Germans were studying those patients with syndromes..maybe to discover more about the links between modern European and Neanderthals?
    Nowadays we treat people with different capacities, like those mentioned before, as sub-humans.And it is purely natural that those who are unable to contribute to the survival of the herd are isolated ..

    • I have an interesting theory on that. If the world is utterly eternal, it was never created, it was always there and will allways be there and everything in it repeats itself, what happens if you subconsciously realise that what in the moment happens had happend infinitely often before already, because everything repeats itself? I do not mean that you come to this conclusion by thinking about it, but just by feeling it without knowing what exactly you are feeling.your spirit (önd), not your mind (hugr) realises it. Wouldnt this explain the phenomenon of déjà vus?

    • I often dream of things, usually minor events, before they happen. When I come across the event it feels like deja vu, perhaps in most cases deja vu is caused by simply forgetting those dreams?
      I am also autistic, is this seeing things before they happen common amongst other autists? I have found no reference to it anywhere.

      • I don’t know if this is linked to autism, but it might well be.

        My experience with deja vu is that I don’t dream about this beforehand, but rather feel as if I have experienced a certain scene in life before, and I feel that when they happen, or more often when they are about to happen.

      • I had a discussion with Duncan about this in a more recent article(can’t remember which one, but it’s one of the last 5). I can’t say whether it is common or not but it happens to me as well as a friend of mine(both Autistic).

  16. people would be less threatened by the unknown if they use their intuition more..but nothing threatens the intuition more than a disfigured ego, and nothing threatens a disfigured ego more than the unknown! If you guys have ever heard of the Piltdown man, this is when someone falsely planted a sanded down orangutan bone and people thought they had discovered the “missing link” (this was turn of the century) scientists wrote papers dicussing theories of evolution based on this bone. Then one guy looked at it – using his intuition. and said, “this is an orangutan bone!” he was quickly hushed up and ridiculed by his contemporaries, who had built their career on the authenticity of this bone. Years later they did a DNA test and fount it actually WAS an orangutan. I believe a similar cover up is happening with neanderthal, not only do certain people want to hide the difference of ancestry of europeans, but also people have their livelihoods tied up with the old way of looking at it, and if science proves them wrong, their career is ruined. So they ignore and suppress information. This happens all the time in so called “science” look at the sphinx!

  17. I think, that I am also someone with Aspergers. My mother always wanted to check me by a psychiatrist and change me, because I was I was unable to express my feelings and because of my weird behavior in school.

    • Not sure, but the fact that many jewish doctors today experiment on children and use them for their goals… I think it’s another case of them trying to project cruelties they’re known for on the German people.

      And if Mengele did do the kind of stuff people say he did you won’t find any sympathy for him here.

      • No i don’t sympathy on jews they have done more bad things and still do than any people ever, but it’s not really honorable to do some crazy experiements on children even if they are jews, that’s something i would expect from a jew but not from honorable european man

        • Exactly. It is not something that an honorable European would do. So if Mengele did do such things he is not one of us.

          • Intellectuals far beyond more intellectual than me and you have said that worldwide conspiracies are almost impossible to manage. It would require that hundreds and maybe thousands of people would all agree on all the aspects of their conspiracy and cling to it tightly.
            In my opinion that’s really impossible because if you tell a secret to say, some 20 people, you can bet that your secret won’t be a secret forever. Not that people would deliberately tell your secret to others just to be mean, but there’s always the little thing we call “chance” or “coincidence” which means that it could slip out somehow and one can’t just 100% surely tell that what are motives of other people.

            Alas, I find the global zionist conspiracy a little bit too windy and thin to believe but one can always think it in a way that there are people who are so shallow and egoistic and thus they drive only their own advantages and don’t care about others. In this aspect we can see “jews” as a metaphor; jews have always been hated and somewhat shunned and if you think Israel as a modern nazi-state, you can almost count 1+1 and make your own decision. I know a couple of jews myself personally and they are quite nice and intelligent people (they’re not religious) but their opinions on arabs and some other nationalities in the world are what we call “weird” and even “sinister”. I have nothing against anybody but I find this modern world order and political grabbing quite questionable and even frightening and Israel is not the least to blame.

            • I don’t think all jews supremacists but it’s shorter to say just jew than always say banker or zionist etc. There are Jews who have been exposing Israel and jewish lies but yes, Israel is definitely like an modern nazi-state

    • I still wondered, but seeing as all the claims made about him, more or less, seem to be in relation to his role in “extermination camps” rather than concentration/forced labour camps, I highly doubt it…I imagine he was just another scapegoat forced to flee to South America (or chased, so that he would not be around to expose Jewish bullshit)

      The Japanese equivalent though, Shiro Ishii, was real…really, really horrific, Just look up Unit 731.

        • No sane person likes it, apart from Jews…it just drives people insane though, in extreme situations, and the Japanese were desperate…on top of this they had a culture of extreme isolation and xenophobia that had built up over the course of centuries…

          • Sometimes it’s good that people go little insane on war, maybe that helped us finns defend from the communist Russia because fighting against such a huge country must have been really scary, but of course i don’t hate Russia or russians, it’s the Jews behind that too.

            • Well, there’s a “little bit of good in everyone” as the saying goes – Jews do have that bit of Neanderthal in them, and on the rare occasion (very rare), one of them will surprise us by saying or doing something decent.

              Australian Jewish philosopher and vegan, and advocate of euthanasia, Peter Singer, is a good example…

  18. I have read all comments and discussions with high interest…especially about the Asperger’s Syndrome…and only reading the comments here, I had the impression of being part of this group (maybe Intuition? 😉 ). I made some research about the argument and finally realized to be an Asperger (it says so?), recognizing me in many of the characteristics of the case, even if not in all, but this is very variable. Reading your comments I have learn, if I am not wrong, that Aspergers are High Functioning Autists (of Neanderthal Inheritance) while Low Functioning Autists are in most case of race-mixing inheritance. I read that some of you have learned to tie his shoes in a personal way from childhood…this has made me think, because from childhood I have never been able to tie my shoes, to such an extent that I have abandoned this way and even today (I’m 19 years old) I can’t tie my shoes in no way. Also I have also difficulties with every type on node (even with a scarf). What I would like to kindly ask, for now, is if a sort of difficult learning to drive and to “see” the road, in relation to the average of my age, can be related to the syndrome of Asperger. For example, my instructor repeats me that when I drive I’m “absent” and I have difficult to “see” the road. Thank you.

    • I had also great difficulties with getting my drivers license ( Although I passed both test on the first run, it needed a lot of practice to be able to drive the car)and even now it is a little problem to drive alone for me. There always needs to be someone watching me.

    • 19 here and got my license a few years back. Your problem is confidence. Stop thinking to yourself of the things you could be doing wrong and just make sure you are doing the task at hand right. That is where all the awkwardness of Aspergers comes from, from over-analyzing things. Take that from someone who rejected having the disorder and learned to overcome the negative side of it rather than just ‘living with it’. 😉

      • Thank you, aesopos and Kevin, for your replies. I want to study more about Aspergers, I want to know more about myself.

  19. Do you prefer positive or negative eugenics? Kill all mongrells or outbreed all mongrells?

    And which features you believe are more important skull shapes or fairnes? Because I often see some off the blondest people who have a underdeveloped nasal bone and a rather short skull… I my self have a straight nose, long skull and blue eyes but rather a dark hair and I feel more european than these “fingols”.

    • I don’t think we need or can handle a war now… how about to bring to this world as many european children as possible?
      Anyway… I think there’s a war coming, I can “smell it”. That’s what the jews want and need. It’s the perfect moment, people is succesfully brainwashed and nobody cares about its neighboors. Easy win.

  20. Hello Varg, I know this is off-topic but I’ve been wondering for awhile now, what is the true meaning behind the Valknut and the tree-horn symbol? Thank you.

    • I have yet to see any three horn symbol in authentic Viking art…is it not just a bastardization or “wiccan” interpretation of the walknut or triskele?

      It’s generally accepted it represents the valkyries and Odin. I think it is shown in that Swedish rock art of Odin and the Valkyries as well

    • Ieva’s Polka is one the few good modern folksongs I’ve heard. I’ve been meaning to visit Kaustinen some time now, but I haven’t found the time.

      I suggest you to also check out Piirpauke and their couple first albums, named “1”, “2” and “Birgi Bühtüi”.

    • from what I’ve heard theres an even greater difference between negroes than there is between any other race. This explains the condition of that continent imo. One major reason regarding civilized societies(that has so far been overlooked in this blog[atleast thats how it seems to me]), is the factor of race a society, as opposed to the race itself. The more alike people are the more they will trust each other.

    • Even in Africa there are plenty of mongrels…they are not that hard to spot really – the more white and “normal” and the less hideous/apelike they look, the more interbred they are…

  21. but I really like tecnology, like reading and commenting on this blog on my pc……
    I also really like being creative, an example:

    and if the Neanderthal did not develop an advanced culture like we have today, because his superior intelligence realized he could do without. Who’s to say, whether the same goes for the negroes in Africa, aswell. Or maybe monkeys haven’t developed an advanced culture because they’ve had the same realisation as you describe for the Neanderthal. I have asked this question before but I didn’t really feel like I got an answer.

    • I think Neanderthal had a “kind” of superior intelligence we lost when we mixed with other races. Maybe this intelligence allowed us to see through the eternity and to memorize stars positions ( ideas that have been developped on this site)
      The kind of intelligence we use nowadays is of course very usefull and make us the more advanced people on earth. I think that we must keep it but also try to remember and feel what we have been.
      My opinion is that this loss made us what we are today but as soon as we stop to try to remember (as we always did by instinct: intuition of something missing) we will fall into decay.
      Philosophy and mathematics are usefull and cool (for those who like them) but when you’re outside, in a forest or a cold river, don’t you feel that you’re in your element but that something is missing, that there is something else around here but that you cannot see ?

    • As far as I’m aware the Neanderthals didn’t have overpopulation and starvation problems. The Negros cannot survive in their numbers without technology. That is where intelligence comes in. You either make sure that you don’t need more from nature than it has to offer, or you advance yourselves so that you can expand.

  22. I read very often the word asperger so i googled it….
    It was absolut the charakterista (is this a english Word? 😉 )
    of my son. I was shocked! But i dont understand what it has to do with our race? Can you tell me please?

    • I think the English word you mean is “characteristics” my friend. 🙂 To the point, though, I think Ms. Cachet has spoken about the hypothesis regarding the connection between autism and neanderthal inheritance on her website,

      There are a few articles in relation to autism in “Chapter 2,” you should find the information there.

  23. Contrary to what I wrote before, being a bit sleepy at that moment, some issues still puzzle me, your world-outlook taken into consideration, Mr. Vikernes:

    1. If, as you claim your wife said, that “the Neanderthals didn’t have a technologically advanced culture simply because they didn’t need one”, when did they understood this? Of course, they understood this after they invented some useful tools and weapons (primitive, but still technology). Why didn’t they understand this before inventing primitive examples of technology? Maybe because they wouldn’t have survived? So, they weren’t all that dumb, but only of limited creative capacity, although armed with bigger brains.

    2. If we do the same, although our examples of technology are way more advanced, we are “unharmonious” and plain stupid. Could you explain how come?

    3. How many examples do one person need, in order to understand that intelligence is a very slippery issue and that bigger isn’t always and neccessarily better?

    4. How could, those who wish that, return to a neanderthal condition, if it was possible? Would that mean inventing a memory-erasing machine? Going back to the neanderthal condition, with the knowledge of today would be a bit unfair. Don’t you think?

    5. If we were to reach a neanderthal condition, by whatever means, how long do you think it will take for our enemies to erase us from the face of the planet? Would that be, if it were possible, a desirable situation?

    6. Who is willing to play the devil part, when all play saints?

    I truly hope you wouldn’t mind answering. Thank you in advance.

    • And a few others:

      7. Why didn’t the neanderthal feel the need to improve those primitive examples of technology, in the face of, let’s say, danger?

      8. Could the neanderthal ever get bored of the routine?

      9. Did the neanderthal ever felt the need to enlarge his horizon, to find out what’s behind the next hill, to see and learn new things by himself and not driven by the circumstances (ige ages and such)?

      10. Why did the neanderthal, with it’s bigger brain, mix with those stupid immigrants with smaller brains? Were those immigrants and their equaly stupid women that sexy?

      11. If we were only different races and not different species, would that make a difference to you and your attachment to your own people?

      I think I’d better stop. Thank you in advance, once again.

      • 7. What danger? They coped well with all the dangers of our world. The only thing they failed to do well was to keep their species free of Homo sapiens genes.

        8. You need tyo understand that life was no more boring then than it is today.

        9. So you are not aware that they too were hunter-gatherers who lived a nomadic life, and travelled all over (mostly Western) Europe all the time, exploring, seeing new things all the time and so forth?

        10. Because some of the Neanderethal groups had no women of their own (because the women were the first to die in crisis situations). When men have no women they tend to take what they have.

        11. To me personally no. To me it is only a good argument to support my struggle to make more Europeans racially aware.

        • So they coudn’t cope well with such a change, as the coming of the immigrants. Thank the gods for that, because it started to seem, after how they are portayed by you and your followers, as if the neanderthals were some sort of at least demi-gods.
          That aside, it is a proof of not being properly fit to face demographic changes.

          I find the life today to be anything but boring, so I cannot really share the boredom with those who feel it.

          I know what the neanderthals were and how they lived. It is not about what I know, but about your assertions.
          And my question was also not meant to be taken literally. I didn’t mean moving in space, but in mind.

          Good to know you support your fellow europeans no matter what and that this here is just an intellectual duel and it doesn’ matter (if it ever was a matter of) who wins and who loses (if there are any winners and losers at all).

          I thank you for the effort. Sincerely.

      • PS. The dangers they faced were healthy and good, save of course when it killed off all the females in a group….

        • Dangers are always good. Keeps the brain sharp and the blood flowing.
          No wonder they go for that “extreme sports” nonsense nowadays. See? That’s a thing that’s truly missing.

          Anyway, I kinda feel as if the whole “purity” issue is taken as if we are talking about livestock, dogs and such, not about human beings.
          I do not believe that race is such a “pure” matter, because I do not think it is absolutely biological, but also cultural.
          Could you, perhaps, explain yout view on this?

    • Sorry, but you have not understood the point.

      1. Neanderthals never had a need for technology; high culture came as a result of race mixing, i. e. when the Neanderthals was mixed with others and they no longer were so intelligent.

      2. See #1

      3. How many times do we need to say that the average brain size of a population is what matters before you understand what we say? No, the individual brain size is not so important, but the average brain size in a populaton is an inticator of the intelligence of the individuals in that population.

      4. You miss the point completely. Nobody is saying that we should return to knowing only what they knew.

      We can improve our species though, by means of eugenics.

      5. Your assumption is based on false facts. Like I said; you miss the point.

      6. There is no devil and no saints, only those who get it and those who don’t….

      • Do you actually say that high culture is a product of stupidity?

        Why are so many “pure” neanderthals still around?

        How about the brain size issue of the homo florensiensis and the questions that arise not only from that paradox, but also from the fact that “smaller brain” modern europeans simply did more, than neanderthals did?

        So, you do not want us to return to a neanderthal condintion, but to get forwards and develope ourselves. Than why all the fuss?

        The devil and saint sentence was not meant to be taken literally, but I guess you knew that.

        I am sorry if my way is a bit aggressive, or may seem that way, but I assure you it isn’t, just as it isn’t of a destructive or otherwise malign nature.

        • No, Europeans are not stupid. High culture is a product of the despair caused by a need to know combined with the inability to know — and yes, this was caused by a reduction of the general intelligence in Europe, caused by race mixing.

          There are no “pure” Neanderthals around.

          Brain size issue answered and discussed elsewhere.

          You don’t know what the Neanderthals did or did not do. For all we know they did in fact return to a low-tech life style after having tried the high-tech approach and after having realized that the low-tech approach was much better. Remember the Atlantis myth…

          I don’t react to your agggression, but I think you should read better what it written here before you comment. You will find the answers to most of your questions already written in at least one of the posts or comments on this blog.

          • Do you really mean something like “high” is bad and “low” is good, while assetting that “big” is good and “small” is bad.

            Good vs. bad/evil… hmmm… where could I have heard that one before?

            As far as reading goes, you ought to see the bookshelves in my house, before making such suggestions.

            • Sorry, but you just don’t seem to get it. That’s fine. We need simple workers as well.

              Yes, I understand that you have been brainwashed really well, with all those books written by Jews and their lackeys. You don’t get it though; you should read the posts on this blog. We don’t discuss your books, so they are not relevant. We discuss topics discussed here on this blog. These topics are not discussed this way elsewhere.

        • PS. Why all the “fuss”? *sigh* So if you fall in mud and get your clothes dirty you just think “ah well, never mind, then I can just keep soiling my clothes! They are already dirty after all!” Sorry, but in this situation I think “I better wash this filth of my clothes”. That’s what the “fuss” is all about.

          • Now you are the one who didn’t get something.

            And it is a matter of perception, your “clothes” part. You know there are people who are obsessed with cleanliness, don’t you? Maybe you’ll see how they’re called, when you have the time to spare.

            Now, be so kind and erase everything I wrote, under this pseudonym, justa as you did with what I wrote under other ones.

            Have a happy life, Kristian.

            • No, you’re still the one failing to see the point.

              Comparing normal hygiene and cleanliness with a pychosis is just ridicules.

              And what is it about you Germans and the Kristian name? Why do I keep getting low-brow e-mails and comments like this one, from anti-racist Germans who think they make such a good point calling me Kristian? Yes, my parents named me Kristian. So what? Does that say anything about me? Does that prove your points?

              • Hultan only proved very well that he can lose a debate… That was very Jewish behavior on his part, indeed.

                To expand upon your answer for his question 11, Varg, regarding how Neanderthal and Sapiens first mixed:

                What about rape? A “cross-breed’ seems more likely to have been born back in those times if the mother was a Neanderthal and the father was a Sapien (because of Neanderthals being bigger than Sapiens), correct? We all know niggers love to rape…

              • First names are unimportant. The only names that matter are your surnames and the names given to you based on how you behave or see the world. First names are a relatively new idea. Parents can simply “pick a name they like”.
                Like myself. I have Saxon names … until my mother gave me the Greek name of “Jason”. Which I do not like, nor use. It is NOT my name.

              • My entire point was simply a test. The computer and the internet were my tools for this one test.Nothing else. And you failed. “Miserably”.

                Just as you are wrong about me being german (or jewish), you are wrong about many other issues as well. I am sure you won’t agree, but that is also none of my business.

                You can have your little life-fulfilling toy back again.

                I wish you all the best, in your enterprise, however you like to call yourself.

                Over and out.

                • I can see that you’re very manipulative and egotistical which are both very unbecoming traits to have. It’s pretty obvious you aren’t a WN because you show no honor. You lost the debate plain and simple, and rather than admitting it you try to twist Mr. Vikerness’s words to make you the victor.

                  Why are you still here?

                • You really are a joke…You failed, you’re just a moron, you’re not “testing” anyone. Maybe you should read some books and learn how people with brains do it. Haven’t you ever heard of the Socratic method?

                • Your IP adress is all over my screen, and you live in Germany, in either Berlin, Kempten or Neurnberg (depending on which internet company you use), so assuming you are German is not so far fetched. Your e-mail address ends with .de too. Judging from your mail address info you are born in 1974 and you like rock’n roll as well. So, sorry, but my conclusion is; German metal head.

                  Yes, I am sure you just tested us. You are so smart (ending your argument by calling me “Kristian” was really clever). And I (we?) failed miserably. Sure. Too bad that is not in accordance with the impression you have given us with your low-brow comments.

                  You are either dumb as a bat or just a provocateur. Either way you are not welcome here.

                  I’ll be sure to trash any of your comments in the future, no matter what you say. Your name means nothing (I know you have been removed under a different name earlier); I’ll delete anything that comes from your IP address.

            • What do you want? Look at yourself, you can’t discuss like an intelligent person should do.
              Is that how you win your argument, saying Kristian? How sad then.

              It’s easy to hide behind the screen…

              If you don’t like what is said here, just go anywhere else or write your own blog, it’s that easy.

  24. The problem today is not necesserily that we have smaller brains .. Its the faulty or not compatible information/cultural input that we try to operate them with .

    • It must be said that it is ONLY a problem for those unable to cope with the world around them, with the world as it is, with the past as it really was, while having a huge fear about the future. It is not a general problem at all. Most people, intelligent or not, find their way around this world well enough. Some better than others, but still… we’re not equal, after all, and thank the gods for that.

      I see the weaklings and I hear their moaning, while knowing that they always existed, in all epochs and all walks of life, only that now they have the means of moaning aloud and of spreading their moanings all over the world, using technologically advanced devices they, at the same time, abhor.

      And I understand the problem: too many idiots, having too many rights allowing them to act in an irresponsible manner.


    • They too have Neanderthal genes, and in any case they are not as often autistic as Europeans, and their autism is more often of the bad one; low functioning autism.

      PS. So Hultan he is not ruining any party. 🙂

        • So you are sort of a party-pooper, right?

          I think you should concentrate more on all those books you claim to have at your home. Usually people with a huge book-collection tend to read ’em too and as far as I know, reading takes more time and patience than typing shit on people’s blogs.

          If you don’t agree with Varg’s views and discoveries, it’s totally okay, as I (and many others?) don’t agree 100% with him either. I can still keep my cool and discuss the topics like a civilized man is supposed to. Your personal bashing and nit-picking is just annoying and unintelligent and it leads to nowhere. What were the new information and the ideas you gave to us other readers by your posts? Absolutely nothing.

          I’d actually like to make a suggestion to all the readers: present your opinions and questions in a way that others can learn something from them. It’s completely useless (and somewhat a proof of stupidity) when someone just makes a claim and isn’t ready to rationalize it.

          That’s all I wanted to say.

  25. In the moment I was born the doctors recognized my striking big head (brain) and later on everybody admired my shrewd eyes and my stoic behaviour and my great memory. (For an example I was able to recite “Die Bürgschaft” from Schiller ofter one hour)
    When my family was christian (which I – praise the gods – succeeded to change) my mother always took me as her proof for the existance of god, because my intuition was so reliable that she said that the angels must have whsipered into my ear.
    And this is also why my trust in you two is so great, because what you both do simply sounds, looks and feels familiar. It feels like the truth and for having the second sight so often I’m well aware of what truth feels like.
    Hail to you

  26. Very well said, Mr. Vikernes.
    My only comment would be that intelligent people of today do not need technology, in order for them to know a lot, or to memorise a lot.
    It is the submediocre masses that need that and because we live in an apparently “quantity over quality” society, we tend to let ourselves be blinded by the sheer numbers of this or that.
    The proportion of smart vs. idiot was always almost the same, only that now we have the media and it seems like idiots are everywhere. They always were everywhere, but they weren’t advertised at all, nor did they had anything to say, concerning public life. This is what I truly miss, about “the good old days”.

    Intuition is everything, be it science, art, or plain inter-human relations. It depends on the practical knowledge of the individual in question, if intuition can also be applied.

    (I restrain myself from involvment in the “autism” topic.)

    • A few questions, though:

      How about the fact that women have a bit smaller brains, than men? Are women dumber, than men?

      Homo florensiensis, an insular dwarfism case, had a 3 times smaller brain, than homo erectus, but was capable of the same. How do you explain this one?

      • How do you know that she was capable of the same?

        Women are different from men; in some contexts they are less intelligent yes, but in some contexts men are actually less intelligent than women. The male intelligence obviously needs a bigger brain. That’s it.

        • Which means that it just might happen that it isn’t a matter of “big”, bur maybe of predisposition?
          Maybe it is something like the parts of the original human, cut in two by some ancient god, searching for each other in order to complete each other? Now, you must admit, that that is a nice thought.

  27. Varg, this is a little off topic but I always like reading these posts all the time. Normally people like me (mixed race) would never take the time to read these posts the second they read some of the things that you believe in (race mixing is bad, the jews are the cause of the world’s problems) Yet I on the other hand always come back to this blog to read what you post because you are honest in what you think. Even if I don’t agree with everything you say, my gut tells me that you are honest and not many people are like that in the US. Maybe that’s why I keep coming back to read what you post.

  28. Everything important in science and technology nowadays and ever is a product of ancestral cultures (mainly European but not only European).There was evolution in that case.The bad relationship between man and nature,it’s the negative side of the evolution…..that’s the point.Dealing well with his own nature (paganism) bingo! The man could evolve freely…..

  29. Hello, I find your perspectives challenging, interesting and inspiring so I will continue to stick around. There is a misconception about Autism and Asperger’s, that there is something wrong with the people that have them.

  30. the young man being interviewed in the studio, is leftwing-social-prostitute Peter Lund Madsen and the old guy in front of the city, is the dignified and honourable Helmuth Nyborg. Both studies the brain and intelligence. I’m very proud to have Helmuth Nyborg as a fellow countryman. Please go to for further information.

  31. I am not opposed to your theory that our forebears might have been more intelligent, however there is one thing that is not clear to me yet, and that is the statement that bigger brain size is indicative of higher intelligence. If it is like that, what do we make of huge animals who have even bigger brains, like whales or elephants? If those animals are not more intelligent, there must be some more variables included. That obviously doesn’t have to mean that neanderthals might not have been more intelligent still, I just want to make things clear to me.

    Regarding intuition I have always felt that it gains only little recognition in our current society and that not everyone relies equally on it. If you agree, why do you think some people rely on it more than others? Is it a natural skill that is unevenly distributed between people, or is it something that kind of withers away if you don’t make use of it regularly, similar to a muscle?

    I hope those questions make sense and you don’t mind me asking so much stuff, I find your blog very interesting and so I end up with a lot of thoughts and additional questions often. In some topics I sadly have only little preknowledge yet, so I can also only rely on my gut feeling yet 🙂

    • See my answer to Herra regarding brain size.

      Intuition is a sense, and just like a person can have bad eyesight, so can a person have a poor and weak intuition — and most do

    • Its brain size based on body size! If 1,000 sperm whales are tested, who each weighs roughly the same … the ones with larger brains will be more intelligent. Period.
      Unless it is an extreme case where it becomes a handicap. Like a human born with “water on the brain”.

  32. My intuition and instinct is what brought me here, and led me to believe in you in the first place 😉

    • I believe you!

      And chance (Lady Fortuna) seems to be helping us out a lot as well, as if she had a will of her own.

      • Although I do not know you personally, Varg, I feeled that we are in some way very similar (and that was the reason I was regularly checking and so I found out about ancestralcult nearly immediately you put it on the and now it seems that we really have same ideas – most of ideas you write here are also my ideas. 🙂
        (PS: I saw some correlation between my behaviour and symptoms of asperger before. I do not not if I have it but after reading this article and comments it looks more likely.)

  33. I have to say that I agree with your thoughts on the Neanderthal brain. It’s a relief to see that not everyone buys the crackpot theories of modern “scientists.” Your not alone in finding answers through intuition as I’ve found many myself the same way. I’ve found that some of the most important answers to things through intuition usually on hikes on things like that but not exclusively.

    • After a few centuries fumbling about in the science-darkness, we will soon emerge into the light because of our intuition.

      • Agreed, Europeans will continue to awake because of our intuition. The sun sets but must always return and it seems to me that the sun is returning again.

  34. Due to Marie’s article and some more researches I discovered that I and my sister are Aspies. We have almost every “symptom”.
    Varg, I always trust what you write because of my intuition. My intuition always led me to a Eurocentric, elitist, racist, eugenic, good, moral, wise and conservative point of view, as well as my sister. An Oðalic view, a Thulean perspective…

    • I am very glad to hear that. I trust more an Aspie than I do any “neurotypicals”.

      Just like you I fit into the Aspie category like a hand in a glove. 😉

      • Reading your articles in I identified many with you (I loved fight with woods branches with my friends when I was younger 🙂 ).
        About Herra’s coment: I remember that I couldn’t tie my shoes when I was 8-9 😦 , on the other hand I always discovered new ways to solve Math problems (I “studied” at most five minutes to tests, I never really got interested) and my theories and interpretations of the Universe in Physics and Chemistry classes left my teachers slack-jawed.
        Our Thulean perspective also brought some discussions at school to me and my sister, mainly in Religion/Philosophy/History classes (my favorite ones 🙂 ).

        • I could tie my shoes when I was a kid, but I did it my way…(and I actually still do). Like you I barely (if at all) studied for tests, and when I took my senior high school maths exams I hadn’t even opened one of the two maths books we were using, and had to learn the math in the test as I solved the problems (but I finished with good results!).

          “Lîk börn leikar bezt” (Viking Age Scandinavian saying; “Equal children play best together”).

          • Ha ha ha, I also learned my own way to tie the shoes that is different from the others! My intuition tell me that is better to stop today with this, because if we compare ourselves we will discuss it till tomorrow 😀 . Anyway I’m glad to know that there are so similar to me. Maybe it is the average European/Neanderthal behavior. 😉

            • Yes, we better stop this now.

              We are probably just very ordinary Europeans, yes, discussing typical European behaviour. And by European I naturally mean Neanderthal.

          • Impressive, I barely studied for tests but there was no way I would have passed them had I not been paying attention in class.

            Reminds me of one math class I had a lot of trouble with. The teacher would punish you if you did NOT use the calculator that was provided. I used to be able to solve the problems faster than the time it took to enter into the calculator so most of the time I wouldn’t use it. Even with the teacher watching me do my work he insisted that I must be cheating as I didn’t use the calculator and I rarely wrote my work down on the paper.

            It’s sad but that is how math is taught in the US these days. Many teachers only teach how to use the machine to get the desired result, they do not teach you how to do it for yourself. I also remember being told that I would be taking the ‘easy’ math courses because the honors class was full(a few months after I signed up for it?!) and that I could not take physics because ‘the teacher didn’t like the look of me(jew and husband of the one that abused me in E. School, should have called him out on it). I wonder though, was the school trying to hold me back by taking me out of the ‘honors’ classes? I hadn’t given it much thought before.

            • Not that impressive, considering how easy maths is on that level.

              The US school system sounds very bad too, but in a different way. At least the Norwegian school system is “chemically free” of Jews.

              I do not send my own children to school. They receive home-schooling. That’s the best for sure.

          • I must thank you Marie and Varg for your work. I’m not an exception between the others anymore, but a neandertal trying to emerge from my mixed adn .
            I too never studied for exams, had always a great intuition and things like that and it felt quite strange for the others.

            Now I’m looking back and I feel sad because now I’m able to see how my parents, teachers etc. banned some of my natural senses and skills; they wanted to fit me in the grey mass of people!
            So now I wonder if I will ever be able to recover from that mutilation and regain my skills…

            • Oh and one question about the article. Why did you put the image of Circe Invidiosa? I can’t find the link between the picture and the text, maybe it escapes my knowledge.

          • Haha I tied my shoes my own way until I was 11 and my dad got really upset for the knots being too big (things were always his way), then I had to tie them his way, and this way unties when I walk a lot far more often (-_-),

  35. Bigger brain doesnt mean more intelligence. The brain of elephants is bigger the Homo-sapiens and Neanderthal, and I dont see elephants and whales to be more intelligent. Of course intelligence is related to the size, but the evolutional developement is more important.

    The asperguer and inteligence is not related neither. Some asperguer persons cant tie his shoes. I dont see that inteligent.

    • If you take brain size relative to body size the elephants have much smaller brains than any humans do.

      Yes, average brain size (in relation to body size) in any populations has everything to say when it comes to intelligence.

      Aspergers have a different form of intelligence, a much more advanced form, but at the expense of some other qualities/abilities, like e. g. mechanical intelligence (yes, resulting in some of them being unable to tie their shoes as soon as normal children), and very often social intelligence too. The IQ of asperger children are significantly higher than the IQ of normal children, and it is not at all uncommon for aspergers to have exeptionally high IQ. When humans have exeptionally high IQ they tend to be Aspergers…

      Unintelligent autists are not aspergers (=high functioning autists). Unintelligent autists are called low-functioning autists. You can read about that on Low-functioning autists are most often race-mixed. Aspergers are most often Europeans.

    • In fact, some autisctic persons have very limited phisical capacity, so they will not live longer at Neanderthal times.

  36. I think this is an important point.
    I think so much europeans are finding back to paganism today cause we feel that this is right for us. We know deep inside that this culture belongs to us. We can feel the connection…

    • We can call it “the call of Ôðinn”, “Die Stimme der Vorvaters”, “blood memory”, a “spiritual awakening” et cetera, but no matter what it is, even if it is just intuition, it is REAL!

      • Best example – my kids- they were bored to Death by the religion lesson in school. (In austria they must visit it the first 4 years…)
        But they cant get enough when i read with them Nordic germanic sagas…

  37. I have something in common with your wife…

    Interesting theory about the Neanderthal brain. It’s a shame we can’t trust our modern biased “science” on these matters.

        • Only an autistic person can be so thorough and so dedicated to one particular subject — and also care so little about political correctness (i. e. the social stigma).

          • They gave me that label years ago, but apparently it doesn’t exist anymore, now it’s just “autism spectrum”. Anyway, I’m not sure psychiatry is a serious science so I don’t know what to make of it.

          • I am as well. I rejected it(and in the end overcame the negative aspects of it for the most part) because of what it meant growing up in an American school. It meant that you were not be to among the other students and that you were looked after by(often abusive, and usually Jewish) ‘teachers’ whose sole purpose in the school was to leave an impact on Autistic children.

            Perhaps having the jew drilling into my head that I ‘wasn’t human and had no future in this society’ was more than what I took in as a child. Perhaps it wasn’t just mere abuse but spite. I was the only one in the ‘group’ that didn’t end up buried in medications and pills. After that experience within 4 years of schooling I got myself out of ‘special ed’ and made my way to the advanced classes, graduating an honor student. It was about that time I was poisoned with prescription medication, had a few near-death experience, and woke up to what was going on. I think there was more to my abusive childhood than just ‘being in the wrong place as the wrong time’.

            On the original topic, it seems very true. True scientists make observations and start with ‘gut feelings’. From their observations they experiment and decide if their theories were true or not. Modern science goes in wishing to prove something. They have already decided that their conclusion is correct and are looking for proof. If it is not found they will either hide the results or only show a piece of them to make their theory look valid. A good example on how modern science works can be found in the dietary video I mentioned earlier, Big Fat Fiasco. It shows how we were lead away from eating meats like our ancestors and given the food pyramid which promotes excessive eating of grains/carbs that in tern leads to diabetes and obesity.

            • They fear autists, because autists don’t fit into their system — just like a Neanderthal brain doesn’t fit into a Homo sapiens skull…

      • Well my little brother has aspergers and he’s also sami/lapp (if that’s a race, there aren’t anymore pure mongolian/asian looking samis anymore in scandinavia i think)

        • I don’t know. Vaccines are an abomination, but I do not know if they play a role in the development of autism. It is possible that intoxication alters the functioning of the brain and neurons and causes autistic-like functioning. In most cases, the neurological features of autism are elements that are created during pregnancy and early life (first months). Of course this is not all the problem. My so-called autistic behavior is less remarkable without sensory stimuli that I avoid. The urban environment is a big pain. The environment is thus important, but the fact that it is poorly tolerated is due to neurological features.
          The problem with this debate about vaccines is that it wants to show autism as a disease or malfunction, while this is not the case. Most high functionning autistic people are happy to be as they are, even if there are many disadvantages in modern life.

          • Maybe vaccines trigger or directly cause many problems that are often linked with autism, and wrongly confused with it, in addition to worse cases caused by interbreeding…

            This was a great post Varg, and reminded me I had not got round to reading your autism post yet, Marie…I won’t regurgitate what I posted on there yesterday but an excellent theory, and I totally agree…it is not a problem, modern civilization is a problem…

            I also could not help but recall your point on the interbred wolves and cats and how these develop extreme shyness or “autism” in a sense, and erratic behaviour…perhaps this helps to explain the more extreme, hopeless cases of autism among interbred humans…sounds like the field of study of autism is in major need of an overhaul and reclassification…

            I’d be interested in your views on the definition, or diagnosis of “autism” as well…I personally have always been very shy, and rather awkward, in pretty much any social situation outside of close family…I often do not feel entirely comfortable or relaxed in social situations, even with people I have known for years…and aside from personal preference I really do loathe cities, especially more heavily modernized, louder cities (as soon as I enter London I can not wait to leave…It really is horrible, even without the crime and pollution taken into account). I wonder if this, if not “autistic” as such (I know there are varying degrees of Asperger’s…), if this could be considered a more “Neanderthal” trait?…

            • I stand behind my theory that all the negative aspects of Autism are directly related to the positive. Those with a higher intelligence tend to over analyze things to such a degree that it creates things such as ‘shyness’ or ‘social awkwardness’. Part of Autism is being able to see the many outcomes of each action, which in social situations usually leads to seeing a lot of negative outcomes and in that the reluctance to ‘take a chance’ and talk to someone. It was with that understanding that I managed to overcome those things myself.

              Though despite being diagnosed with Aspergers I have none of the ‘requirements for diagnosis’ listed on Marie’s site. I had many of them as a child but only because I was lead to believe I had such those issues by a sadistic jew ‘psychologist’. When I realized that I only had many of those actions because I thought I was expected to I dropped them just like that.

              As for the cities, I think it’s just a form of sensory overload. I’d say it’s more a fact of not growing up in that environment than it is anything else.

              • I too often see myself over-analysing things and situations, yet I cannot really help it…this is similar to what I was saying about how the whole theory about symptoms and diagnosis needs an overhaul, I doubt all autistic people struggle in or as others claim “are incapable of” forming relationships with others….And indeed, you can never trust a Jew’s words, or the words of psychology in general…it’s a laughable, embarrassing attempt at pseudo-science…I think even Christians better understand how the mind works on a scientific level…

                But of course, what else could you expect from a discipline entirely founded (or rather, stolen and hideously distorted) by a Jew?…

                • The diagnosis of autism is not directly related to psychology. Jewish psychiatrists (with Bettelheim) have tried to make of it a psychological disease, they said it was due to a more or less incestuous mother and they did a lot of damage in many families because of this, especially in France . But autism has not been discovered by the Jews, and at the time of this discovery it was not seen as a disease.

            • Do you have difficulty tolerating the change? Do you avoid people’s eyes? How do you think? Perhaps you are often told that you seems to easily see the details? How do you react to unexpected sounds? Can you go to the cinema? Are there some things that you find very unpleasant to touch? Are you easily disturbed by light, or rather attracted by it, like the reflections in the water? And regarding odor? Are you easily easily interested in a subject to the point to know everything about it, and so that all your activities are approaching near or far to this? Do you learn better alone or with a teacher? Do you have a tendency to collect? For example, you buy a book from a collection and you are bothered by the fact of not having all the copies? Maybe you find it difficult to recognize people? Do you feel different?
              There are a lot of questions that you can ask, but, yes, autism is a “spectrum” and there are different degrees…

              • Thank you for your reply. I often feel I have trouble maintaining eye contact, or, rather, feel uncomfortable when doing so…And I am often obsessed with details (especially when drawing or painting), over-think things or dwell on them too much I guess even though I know they aren’t very important…touch doesn’t really apply I think, but I am not sure what you mean, maybe some things…I tend to be shocked easily by sudden sounds I suppose, and my eyes are very light sensitive…without my (transition) glasses on I feel like a mole outside, even when it’s cloudy (which it almost invariably is here in England)…I don’t think this really applies to be regarding odour or being attracted to lights, but maybe I am sensitive to it and I don’t really think about it, I don’t know…I have a tendency to think of subjects on a whim and feel the need to research their origins on Wikipedia, even when it’s often something really ordinary or mundane, and I do tend to show an interest in detail generally and in reading up on things and their backgrounds…

                I have no problem with memory or recognition, I have always had, generally speaking, very good memory, I can remember the odd very specific thing about childhood that isn’t really important or “memorable”, but I guess I do prefer to learn things through self study…maybe this is part realization that schools these days are next to useless anyway, but I also now, especially with languages, feel a lot better learning things in my own way at my own pace…and I guess I have always been the “DIY” learn it yourself through experience type…

                Seems I tick many of the boxes, but maybe it isn’t really worth thinking about too much, as, they way I see it, something that is not a “defect” after all does not warrant a label, and need only be described as a “more European” characteristic as you theorized…

              • Odd, I could say no to all of those except for the eye contact and sensitivity to (sun)light. The first I could explain away by having a pretty isolated childhood and the second because I spent too much time indoors and have very light colored eyes. As for the learning bit I’d have to say I learn equally well both ways.

                Now I’m confused. :p. I seem to have a lot in common with those who have Autism and I’ve been diagnosed with it(not that that means anything) but I have few of the ‘negative’ symptoms.

        • I see the diagnosis of Autism as a way for jews to classify and act against those they find the most threatening. I’m thinking that before it became known it was just considered a different personality type, as it really doesn’t have a detrimental effect on life. Of course then you have the more severe cases, whom you’ll usually find are heavily medicated and around heavy jewish influence since birth. My story about what happened to me in school is probably the norm these days and I’ve heard from other people who went to the school that there a few perfectly normal students who were put under the care of the ‘special ed’ jews and then became unstable medicated zombies. One in particular was the jewess’s own son for whatever reason.

          Immunizations and shots are definitely an issue. Leaving conspiracy theories at the door for a moment you’ve still got a lot of disgusting stuff in there. (copy/pasted from
          Phenol (used as a disinfectant)
          Formaldehyde (cancer causing and used to embalm)
          Aluminum (associated with Alzheimer’s disease and seizures)
          Glycerin (toxic to the kidney, liver, can cause lung damage, gastrointestinal damage and death)
          Yeast Proteins
          Acetone (used in nail polish remover)
          Thimerosol (more toxic than mercury, a preservative still used in many vaccines, not easily eliminated, can cause severe neurological damage as well as other life threatening autoimmune disease – it has been said to be removed from some vaccines because of its link to autism and other imbalances, but that is debatable)

          On top of that there is usually Squalene a chemical that “sends your immune system into hyperdrive, attacking everything, which can result in worse symptoms then the actual disease they’re designed to “protect” against.” -quoted from

          Seems likely that this chemical may be part of the reason we have so many ‘auto-immune’ diseases these days. When I was a kid I had a friend who developed arthritis at a young age. That was seen as very odd, now it is more common. The same thing happened with Asthma a few decades prior.

      • Marie, I’d like to know if the aborigin people of America have Neanderthal heritage, your articles always focus on people from Africa, Asia and Europe but I think you have not written about the people from America, the ones that got there before being “discovered” in the XV century.

  38. I believe you, and I think a lot of people do. I’ve been reading your articles when they were available only on and then found a similar though of the european and even better when I read, and now with ancestralcult and thulean perspective I know that you both and I are right. Of course I also investigate by myself and with the help of you both I get to what I believe is the truth. Greetings

  39. Do you think one day our European science and understanding will make us literal gods of this universe?

    • Well, I think one day we will at least be the gods of our own world. The supreme masters of ourselves, so to speak.

    • I really wish that will never happen. As long as there are frontiers and other worlds we haven’t visited and maybe cultures and other lifeforms we haven’t encountered, I’m glad because I think the universe and our whole existence is based on infinite progression and making ourselves better all the time. What’s the point being the best? What comes after that? Keeping yourself the best? Blah.

      If there wasn’t anything more to find and discover and search, wouldn’t that make everything obsolete? And even more, I find your whole concept of a “literal god” quite strange. What is a “god”? Omnipotent being, who controls everything and everyone? No thanks, I like being just who I am (and I hope my children will too) and I believe in democracy. The whole concept of “god” is lame and stupid. If “god” was a metaphor, I can understand it, but if it’s literally “a god”, I detest it. Modern world is going down the drain, while people are actually going to other planets for the first time of written history and science is improving day by day. All this agony and chaos and the total dowfall of our european heritage just because of “a god”.

      Deus Mortuus Est.

      • We must never stop trying to be perfect, because it is the road to perfection that makes us better.

      • Exactly. What makes us better is overcoming obstacles and achieving more than those before us. If there is nothing more to strive for there is nothing left but stagnation and decay. That is why I reject the idea of perfection and heaven. They call it paradise, I call it a place where there could only be decay and chaos.
        Here’s a post on the prior subject that you may be interested in:

        I don’t really believe in Democracy because I see it as a system that can too easily be corrupted. If the guy in charge is a good man and supported by the people what use is there for all the red tape and for ‘giving someone else a chance’ after a certain number of years. In essence I’m for a Dictatorship but against Totalitarianism. There is nothing evil about a dictator if he works with and for the people.

      • By god I mean a theoretical scientific god, that can go beyond space-time, perceive higher dimensions and be immortal.

        • I still don’t like your idea of a god. “Scientific god” is a paradox because “god” is an omnipotent, multiversal and most of all, theoretical (meaning that aspects of god are nothing but guessable) stagnant being/entity.
          Science is all about knowing, studying and progressing and it has nothing to do with a god or supernatural.

          I think more convenient expression instead of god would be “european human”. I want to be human and I want my offspring to be human too. I want to die someday and I want my offspring to die too because not dying is unnatural and against “the cycle.”

  40. Pingback: New Thulean Perspective post; “Sense Perception versus Intuition”. | Ancestral Cult

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