The Thulean Perspective

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After some reading of comments and some contemplation I think the best thing to do is to state that the philosophy, religion, ideology, life stance, tradition, world view and spirituality expressed by me on this blog will henceforth be described as Ôðalism (Odalism). You will only find most of these interpretations of the European Paganism available for free here on this blog; if you find them elsewhere the person responsible must have used this blog or SRAS as a source (which of course is perfectly fine). Naturally this does not apply to everything in this blog, but it does apply to everything related to Paganism that is not commonly found in books (other than SRAS). Like this and this. If in doubt regarding the truthfulness of what I say here, I will encourage you to search through every single book out there, and every archive, online or physical, and see if you can find evidence of the opposite. You will not.

The reason why I state this, and make such a big point of it, is that I wish to define these interpretations and views clearly as Ôðalic and as a part of Ôðalism (pronounced «Othalism», with a th as in English that) and/or Ôþalism (pronounced «Othalism», with the th as in English thing).

You can agree with my interpretations or you can disagree, or you can wait and see before you make up your mind, but if you do agree your version of Paganism can then be defined as Ôðalism (Odalism).

Ôðalism is not just nationalism, not just Pagan religion, not just ideology, not just spirituality, not just environmentalism, not just philosophy, not just militarism, not just true democracy, not just a tradition; it is everything of the aforementioned – and this makes it’s meaning distinctly different from the meaning of any single one of the terms above.

My ambition with this is to by means of mere reasoning and by showing the truth enlist other Europeans to Ôðalism as a political-spiritual-religion fueling a real liberation movement in Europe. With this, and I think only with this, can we banish the Judeo-Christian darkness from Europe for good and turn our beloved continent into a true Europe again.

Any spark can turn dry wood into a fire, but we have not only a spark, but the very embers of our forebears, still glowing under the ashes of Europe. All we need is to add some dry twigs and branches, and they will turn into the wild, raging, roaring European fire they came from. With this fire we can warm and light up Europe again, and turn her into what she can and should be – and we can banish the Judeo-Christian darkness for good. This is only the beginning. HailaR WôðanaR!

150 thoughts on “The Thulean Perspective

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  2. You appear to be unable to understand what I write.

    Try thinking outside the box for a minute.

    Civilisation can mean and originally meant “cities”. People living in the city were civilised. The others were not.

    You can go to to find out more about our racial origins.

    You don’t seem to know anything about the Neanderthals. Try for info on that too.

    The Romans were not crap at math. Try reading about the regulation of Lake Nemi:

    “The longest tunnel excavated from opposite ends was built around the end of the 6th century BC for draining and regulating Lake Nemi, Italy.[91] Measuring 1600 m, it was almost 600 m longer than the slightly older Tunnel of Eupalinos on the isle of Samos, the first tunnel in history to be excavated from two ends with a methodical approach.[92] The Albano Tunnel, also in central Italy, reaches a length of 1,400 m.[93] It was excavated no later than 397 BC and is still in service. Determining the tunnelling direction underground and coordinating the advance of the separate work parties made meticulous surveying and execution on the part of the ancient engineers necessary.”

    Going in from two directions at the same time, and achieving success at first try. Yeah, they must have been CRAP at math….

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  8. Reblogged this on Thulean Planet and commented:
    “The philosophy, religion, ideology, life stance, tradition, world view and spirituality expressed by me on this blog will henceforth be described as Ôðalism (Odalism)”

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  12. Varg, have you heard about Alain de Benoist, a french writer and philosopher?
    He wrote a book called “Comment peut-on être paien” (which means How can we be pagan?). Did you (you or your wife) read it? what do you think of that book?

    • Sorry for being blunt, but I think it is soem neo-Pagan hippie bullshit, based mainly on feminism and pure nonsense.

      • How then can we be? What is needed to create this group, how do we group, where, how can we get to live they way you think? We are all here to help lay the foundation for you, to have a standard set of Odalic practices we all can do, and villages of like-minded people living as neighbors across the globe.

  13. Reblogged this on Heathens of Vinland and commented:
    One of the most ambitious, vibrant, unique and vital things alive today, and it is just beginning!

    “(It) is not just nationalism, not just Pagan religion, not just ideology, not just spirituality, not just environmentalism, not just philosophy, not just militarism, not just true democracy, not just a tradition; it is everything of the aforementioned – and this makes it’s meaning distinctly different from the meaning of any single one of the terms above.”

    This blog and its authors proudly and wholeheartedly support Ôðalism.

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      • I met a member of this church once, schizophrenic, stabbed all his comrades in the back. May not be typical but soured it to me entirely. The fact that it’s mainly popular amongst American rednecks says enough on it’s own though.

      • What is your opinion on David Lane’s Will of Aryan Nations? I find it somewhat similar to Othalism. I tend to believe myself a Wotanist however am also greatly influenced in my opinions thanks Mr Vikernes to your discovery of Odalism. I tend to believe thye are the same however your approach seems more whole than Wotanism but the two to me are so close there is almost no difference at all. To me they are the better than Asatru or this Hippy Wiccatru crap because they bring all true Europeans together and guide us to back to what once was prior to the arrival of Artificial Judaism. Victory or Walhalla!

  15. Can i say something here..You may have not aware that the Christian is getting decrease in Europe and other western country as well, there are some report on the website and others you can find it yourself on website! Did you know that most biggest Christianity will replace from U.S to Asia, which mean Christian is also decrease in U.S, and the point is that when they preach to other country, they can teach to the same ideal for those believers, they really don’t respect something especially the religion from Europe such as paganism, Asatru or Scandinavian mythology…etc! I doubted why, and I thought maybe Christmas is a reason, the Christmas is not come from Christian even if tradition, they just take it away and regardless the origin of religion.
    You would never have this experience when you reject to believe in Christian, how they will treat you, of course they won’t use violence or something, but they give you lots of hint to want you to believe in, they pretend to talk each other but actually they sarcasm and insult to you, can you stand this and live in this kind of condition every day, I mean no matter who believe in church, they use the same way, the only one thing they just want you to believe in Christian. In somehow they’re nothing different as a Imperialism. And Is something wrong if you look up to origin of religion!
    And I’m not RPG…you may think I am, but I don’t blame you if you think that because you not meet in the eye.
    Well..for those Christian end up self destruction.

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  17. That’s an interesting, but probalbly the most true, interpretation of the poem at the back of my “Aske” sweat shirt. I always saw that as being related to the individual being.

  18. I read today that Greek has “collapsed”! Actually out there there’re few sources.
    Here we’ve a huge coverage about pope, political elections and other bullshits, nothing about this…greek friends, any news?

  19. To Varg,

    We need to make Odalism ( / the European Paganism / its mythology) more accessible to newcomers without them having to study several books for a few years. Most people don’t even have the time/energy to follow a blog like this (they are imprisoned in a at least “9 to 5” cycle and their free time is occupied with consuming Jewish and foreign media)

    Christianity and Islam did have an advantage there – the concept is very simple to grasp. There is just one god and the only function that is required of you is to kneel down before him. You do not even have to read one page of the bible to understand it. The whole meaning basically fits on a simple picture of a Jesus on a cross. That’s why they were so successful I think. On the other hand, the scandivanian mythology is very complex and it doesn’t fit at all on a simple picture.

    Now that Christianity (and Islam ..) is already deep in the brains of europeans we have to do some “reverse engineering” approach instead.

    In the european regions where it is applicable (eg. due to language) we should explain the weekdays and the meaning behind every weekday (Thursday = Donnerstag = Thors Day, …). What I mean is something like a simple graphical chart/slide which you can share online.

    Then on another chart compare the different deities like you did in your burzum articles somewhere, from scandinavia with greek/roman/etc. deities (there is a “Aha! I didn’t know this!” effect in this and it creates a healthy affiliation to other european countries/folks).

    Then we need to explain (again some kind of chart maybe?) the pagan customs and rituals and compare it to the modern customs (Jule, May Tree, New Years Eve, etc.) or where it is applicable show that really they are the root of these modern customs.

    If we could create some material like this, it should fit on a simple screen or website or a “Pagan Manual” if you will, which you could share online easily. In other words some sort of easy to grasp propaganda campaign. Maybe it would even be possible to create some kind of online questionairre or poll where people can find out “how much pagan” (in percent) they already are, with or without them knowing, and displaying the benefits they would have when they adopt more “features” of a pagan lifestyle, for example personal health, honor, etc. (basically something like the nine noble virtues?)

    Finally there are the racial and ultimately political issues like immigration and so forth. In my opinion if you start with these issues first then you will just create a barrier for people to join a healthy Paganism lifestyle. You don’t want to become a pagan only to find you have become an “outlaw”. Also, the material that we create would be mostly illegal. It would be better to start on the other end and then let people discover for themselves that ultimately racism is a positive feature of a society.

    I think you are following a similar approach with your RPG. The next thing to do would be taking this out of the game and publishing it in a different format so to speak.

    What do you think about it?

    • That would be great. After that, the biggest draws to Christianity are baptisms, weddings, and funerals imo. Many people do them at a church even if they aren’t really Christian, and need to know about meaningful alternatives.

  20. Varg I’d like to know your opinion regarding people that agrees with the values and world view of Ôthalism (sorry, haven’t learned to type it properly yet on this device) and wants to practice it but are non European.

  21. Exactly because the “notorious” Varg Vikernes used the term “Ôðalism” for so many years, the leftist scum became alert and when (or if) this thing here will be seen as a threat to them , it will be legally banned. You can quote me on that.
    That is why I rather go for the deception tactic. Going head on into a raging storm is not what I would call a tactic at all. If your sole reason is to die gloriously in a battle, outnumbered by the enemy, then by all means do so. If you have other reasons for your fight, then this would not be the useful way to do it.
    But at least the decision was taken and there’s no need to discuss which term suits best.

    Happy birthday!

    • Anything politically related to Vikernes will be smeared as satanist nazi terrorism by the jews and commies, just like everybody else resisting them. Nothing to be too concerned about in my opinion. What exactly do you mean by deception tactic?

      • If I told you that, I would have to kill you. Hahaha!

        Deception tactic as in don’t let others see what hand you’ve got, explained in a poker manner. Savvy?

      • Pretend you’re one of “them”. Act like a buddy, or like a good colleague. Don’t let them know what you really think. Educate and elevate yourself. Learn a trade, go to school, college, etc. Be a part of the system and don’t let the system know your true nature. And wait. When the time is right, strike. Hard.
        In order to do the last part, beside training your mind and soul, train your body as well.
        Do the deception tactic, as I call it.

        • The negative side of that tactic is that many people may end up being “in camouflage” their whole lives, then die without having accomplished anything. It’s an easy excuse, to justify passivity… “I could strike, but I have to maintain my cover!” … then 20 years later… “This would be a golden opportunity to strike, but I can’t risk my cover! I’m a sneaky mole tee hee…”

        • What can’t you do in Finland? Be a nice guy, but maybe not the kind “they” would call nice?

          • Finnish are really silent and not hateful (especially up from the south) but if somebody pisses us off, it’s one hell of a beat up, like this coat of arms of Lapland, does that look like the face of mercy 😀

            • Also not long time ago finnish politician said nigger on tv and impersionated praying of muslim guy and almost nothing bad happened to him, he still has he’s job 😀

      • They are welcom to do so, and I am sure at least 10% of their readers — thousands of people — will do a simply Google search and find the truth. They realyl don’t want that to happen, so my guess is that they will ignore me and Ôðalism until they can no more.

        • That was actually a kind of a compliment. Maybe not a fortunate one, but still.
          You sure piss a lot of people off, Mr. Vikernes. And even if I wouldn’t agree with a single word you say and write, I’d still have to salute you for that.
          Chapeau bas!

          Anyways, in order to get rid of the nuisance, “they” will probably have to ban the whole damn internet.

        • Mr. Vikernes what is your opinion on Wotanism and David Lane? I tend to find he has helped me find more interest into European Nationalism and raised many good points about issues here in my country. I notice the Jews despise him with a passion and made sure to place Wotanism as a hate religion. I don’t think it wise however to ever call our old religons in the name of a specific deity because its foolish and tends to marginalize the other deities. Anyway heres a link

    • I hope some day i will have few seconds to say something in television i would say “fuck jews!” i would laugh my way to jail

    • A union of European nations isn’t bad its who is running them, the treaty of Lisbon, and the fact Jews have found their way into European politics again. To me a Union of European nations would be positive however a huge overhaul in policy to ensure no wars are fought amongst Europeans. Our population as a whole is too small to afford another ‘world war’. Another world war would be devastating to our survival as a species. Its bad enough that we are being reduced to a minority in our own countries and even worse that we still to this harbor petty hatreds against one another. I hate the whole Ireland vs England plight because while thye bicker about the past and Oliver Cromwell we have Pakistani’s and Somalians moving in and setting up a colony right under our noses and no one seems to care. It makes me wonder what is European anymore and what is alien to us? Well one thing for sure is that their biological presence is alien along with the religions they bring over which are entirely different than that of Europe. No more Winter solstice or ‘Easter’, it will be Ramadan. This is the price we are paying for multiculturalism.

  22. Happy B-day varg.
    Its nearly twenty years ago that you opend my eyes and changed my way of thinking.
    I do not agree in every point with you but i really honour you for what you have done, what you do and what you will do!!!
    I feel that we all together can start something real big and of curse we are lots of people from diffrent countries and everyone has an absolute diffrent background but the thing that will bring us all together is odalism! (And for sure your personality, your role as sorcerer that units the european pagans…)
    I hope we all together can wake up our brothers and sisters and i am sure – WE WILL!!
    So i wish you a happy birthday and stay healthy!
    Hail dir varg! Hail wotan!

  23. Happy Birthday, Varg! Long Live Odalism! I’m at the service of Europe until death, and again when I will be reborn!

  24. Now’s the time for everyone with social media accounts (etc.) to declare Ôðalism as their beliefs; the more who see it, the more will wonder!
    It’s our duty to spread the word and give our fellow Europeans the guiding light they need!
    “This is only the beginning.” — yes, this IS the beginning! HailaR WôðanaR!

  25. Ôðalism sounds good for my concern as I’m using the term for several years now. It is the perfect term to describe the noble family’s way of living. An happy birthday to you Varg. Wish you a good day with the family.

  26. I’m happy with the choice of terms. It’s nice to finally see an idea that I can identify with! So many today even within our nationalist communities have so much wrong with them yet Ôðalism contains truly European ideas!! I will be happy to help Varg and my fellow comrades in spreading the message to others so that we can make this dream a reality!

    Ahh yes and happy birthday

  27. Happy Birthday, Varg. Keep up your great work, it has inspired me to rise against the parasitical Jew in moments when I thought my struggle was a hopeless one.

  28. The pope’s out.Is this a sign ? A gift from the gods for your birthday 😀 Happy birthday Varg, long live to your family (and our big European family).

    • I was just going to say the same thing. They’re beginning to crumble at the weight of their own bullshit! Slowly, but surely they will fall as the old ways and a new Europe begin to rise once again… This time it is here to stay!
      Happy birthday, Varg! All the best from Croatia.

  29. Allright, Odalism is a good term. We should all Europeans stand together!
    You are, Mr. Vikernes, awakened in me the spirit of pagan years ago, and the more of you I read, the more I am aware of my weaknesses and immaturity in many ways, there is so many things to learn and study.

    I really respect you as a musician and writer.
    The more i read from your Thulean perspective, the more i understand the message of burzum music. Suddenly…life has new meaning

    Happy birthday and long live!

  30. Hello Varg,
    well, first of all, happy birthday!
    I’m a fan of Burzum music and writings and it was a big pleasure the discover of this new site : ) !
    You’re a great source of inspiration for many (true) pagans out there and i consider you (and your family) one of the last free men in Europe.
    Personally i’m tired of this society totally based on lies, a sort of idiocracy ruled by these ipercapitalism, lobbies, politically correct, jew centers of power, and so on.
    So, well, i’m glad to see that so many people are proud like me of ours heritage in an authentic way!

  31. ,Want to suggest, that if you don’t own a copy of SRAS it is a must that you have this book added to your library, I was fortunate to purchase the limited edition, in May. Actually the book was release the day before my birthday.

  32. Happy Birthday to you,Varg!…A special thing to do on the day your born, is to give your mother a gift (flowers are always nice) to thank her for giving you life! I wanted to share that with you and all my new friends. Thanks for giving the English pronouncation for Odalism, I could not figure that out!!!

  33. Happy 40th birthday Varg! I’m listening to det som engang var (the song) in celebration. Great song!

  34. I’ve always found all other worldviews to be incomplete, and only containing portions of truth. Ôðalism completes me as a European man.

    Happy birthday Mr. Vikernes 🙂

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  36. Hail Varg. Happy birthday. May you live to see the Pagan Othalist rebirth. Long live Europe. Hail Odinn.

  37. I’m really excited about this. I’ve been down for so much time, feeling I didn’t belong to the actual society, but now I have gained new forces and I don’t feel left alone anymore. It’s comforting to find people with the same goals in life.
    Thank you Varg for starting all this and happy birthday!

    Ôðalic Europe awaits!

  38. Hmm. “This is only the beginning.” What a pain it is to be at the start. Building the foundation, gathering the kindling. I sometimes get disillusioned at the undertaking. But, as they say, “Somebody’s got to do it.” Tomorrow, I will wake up and attend university classes taught by Jews/Jew lackeys and Negroes. Later, I will put on a fake smile and drive to work in a car full of Arab petrol to my job owned by Jews and Jew lackeys to make Jews and Jew lackeys more money. I simply cannot exist in this world without biting the bullet and rendering unto Caesar. I suppose I will just turn up Umskiptar, amp up the difficulty ever greater and replay the Historical battle of Teutoburg Forest on my Rome: Total War game. (Varus: You’re never getting back your legions!) I will never stop dreaming of what once was, and I will actively work towards what can be, what will be. Make this a reality. We need you. Keep writing. (I look forward to each new post when I get home.) You are mine and many other individual’s inspiration! You are holding the torch, illuminating this darkness that surrounds us! The more your ideas sink in, the more the wool is pulled back from our eyes.

    With every fiber of my being,

    HailaR WôðanaR!

  39. Hjärtliga gratulationer! 🙂 Til lykke! Though I will not call you lord, chieftain or something in the likes, haha, you are still an inspiration to us all 🙂

    I should maybe write this in the sacred marriage thread but… I thought of the tradition that the bride throws the flowers and who catches them will get married the next time… Is that perhaps related to the golden bough in some way?

  40. Happy 39th Varg! Though its still the 10th here.
    Mine was the 6th. I’m now 36.
    Now, when will we get our annual Burzum release? 😉 The film should hold me over till then … but how will I rip the music off the DVD to play in my headset?

  41. You just reminded me of lyrics of an Irish pagan band called Primordial:

    “This is my church
    It stands so tall and proud
    It has done for all time

    It has no walls
    Yet its vast halls
    Reach from shore to shore

    To whatever shore
    You know as your own
    We stand as one, we stand alone

    We are born
    From the same womb
    Hewn from the same stone”

    If there is a standard under which we’ll unite, I see an Odal rune on it. In hoc signo vinces!

    PS. Happy birthday Varg! 🙂

  42. To recruit individuals among the leftists and other groups that works against the European culture (the majority of the people)…It should be your main objective,using a easy language,..the younger will love it.The humor may be a useful tool.The angry is important..but dealing with such a people like “hooked noses”..the humor could be perfect…besides…it’s use their own weapons against them.Do not forget to unity different people,especially the workers (they have almost no choice in education) try to reach people that you never think to achieve….

  43. We have got our symbol and our flag! The seed for spiritual and racial rebirth has been planted. Let’s nourish and defend it with patience and enthusiasm.

    P.S. Happy birthday chieftain!

  44. The strong is more strong alone….It’s important to gather as many people as possible interested,on a single movement….the history prove that.Its not some underground movement…when you have to stay unknow to be considered important….so,as many people connected the best !

  45. HailaR WôðanaR! HailaR WargaR!!!! You are both, a true inspiration and a strong pillar for all of us true European with a pagan ( Odalic? 🙂 ) heart! Happy birthday Varg!! 😀 Viva Europa!

  46. I shall drink to your honor, Herr Vikernes. You’ve certainly inspired many with your music and writings. Many more years to you!

    • Thank you, my friend.

      Many more years are welcome, if I stay in good health and if I can fill them with hard work for our cause.

  47. I just want to mention that I have some artistic ability and that if this Ôðalism becomes a recognized political party/society, I will gladly work on the flag for us.
    It’s going to be 1933 all over again, with Varg as the Führer.

    • That;s of course a joke. This is no Neo-Nazi group, and that was a repost from the last post, by the way.
      Best wishes for your birthday! (or I like to call it Burzday, haha.)

      • Yes, and to round up the militancy to do so, you’ll need a banner to unite them.
        You and I are both huge LOTR fans, as I know. And we remember the Black Speech:
        One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
        One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

        You’ll need a ring to do these things, and that ring is the political strength of the European man. And for “in the darkness bind them”, you need to have a common enemy to unite the people against. That common enemy is all non-Europeans and their Christian and Marxist lackeys for a Zionist agenda.

        Also, I’d like to thank you for creating a term I can proudly call myself. I’ve gone through terms like Jingoist and Nationalist, but they never seemed to work.
        Odalism is full of both the legitimacy of rule needed and the visionary ideas to be carried through political strength and aggression. It works oh so well!

  48. Great! Finally a worldview/movevement I can proudly identify with.
    Best wishes for your birthday! 😉

  49. I was just discussing my plan to establish a traditional, near-nature community with some of my pals a few minutes before reading this…a coincidence?
    Anyway, happy birthday Varg and may the fire of true Europeans cleanse our land from hundreds of years of filth.

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