The Splendour of Pagan Scandinavians

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the brave administrator of the very useful Destroy Zionism blog. He sent me a link to a text he has on his blog and asked kindly what I thought about it. It basically was a text discussing the most known positive aspects of the Scandinavian people, and I was so impressed by it I immediately put up as a link on in the links section, but not feeling this was enough I have desided to write this little comment and recommend it for everyone! It is a text confirming just about everyhting positive we normally say or think about the Pagan Scandinavians. It is a torbedo to the bow of those who claim our forebears were primitive savages. Enjoy! Thanks a lot, dear Destroy Zionism administrator, for sharing this with us! 

Never mind the crucifixes on the flags below. Look instead at the three Scandinavian brothers standing together against a common enemy!


47 thoughts on “The Splendour of Pagan Scandinavians

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  4. As for Asterix the “Gaul” more Gaul than the Gauls
    Here’s some info about his creator Goscinny

    “Goscinny was born in Paris in 1926, to a family of Jewish immigrants from Poland; his parents were Stanisław Simkha Gościnny (the surname means hospitable in Polish; Simkha is his Jewish name meaning happiness), a chemical engineer from Warsaw, son of Abraham Goscinny a rabbi , and Anna (Hanna) Bereśniak-Gościnna from Chodorków, a small village near Żytomierz in the Second Polish Republic, now Ukraine”


  5. Hello Varg! I have a question.
    How do you feel about the Gauls? How do you feel about the Asterix cartoon? And how does Mrs. Cachet think about Asterix? Since it is French.
    I just got into watching the English translated movies and I think they’re great.

  6. Christ the Lord Enslavior, those crucifix’s man, which pagan martyrs are they going to be this time? University of Chicago press is a liberal think tank along the lines of John D Rockefeller and co. Why would the chiefs answer the King Olaf Tryggvason with such words as “let those win the day to whom fate assigns the victory”? They revised it like they did with the demotic scrolls adding hebrew. Ever wonder the Methodist Church’s flaming cross logo? Look closely, see two hebrew letters. I have an idea what they really said. A lot of really talented liars in this world. Non pagan sites should not be included here Varg. Peace bro. 78

    • Sorry, but I don’t follow. What are you talking about? A link? The crucifixes in the illustration? What?

      • Well a person with some sort of not-funny reference to a loser like L. Ron Hubbard as his nickname and the place of origin as Florida… It kinda narrows it down why his posts are totally insane. I mean, read them through and you’ll notice this even by yourself. And “peace bro”? What? Excuse me, but I think his input is basically just insane gibberish. I don’t want to act like a goddamn militia here but hey, you draw the line somewhere.

  7. Thanks this was really great article, but i still wonder that why would people choose to live this honourable and pure life when they can live the life or sex, drugs and alcohol? People don’t really believe in afterlife or anything like that so why would they change, what’s the motivation? Or lonely person, why would he stop drinking booze everyday or smoking weed, it’s not like there is somebody giving him respect for that or anything.

    • You are correct, to a degree. There would be no one nearby to respect the lonely man for his deeds, but he can still respect HIMSELF. Whether he decides to have children in the future or not, he still has a direct responsibility to ensure future Europe is a better one, free from the disgusting and hideous Jews, as we ALL do! Which is why he should abandon destructive drugs, binge-drinking and other such practices and face up to his responsibility as a European. Of course, many are so brainwashed if you were to tell them this they would shrug it off like water from a raincoat and continue on their path to destruction. But we must not lose hope nevertheless.

      • Well said, M.V., it very much does come down to self-respect, and also respect for those around you (including the coming generations)

        Unfortunately, the last part of what you say is true… it’s very hard to awaken people, but it can be done. The Jewish brainwashing runs very, very deep, and I myself am only recently grasping the magnitude of the Jewish problem.

        Referring people to this site is the best thing to do for now; all of the information is here and we learn more everyday. Also, it is much easier to awaken people with the use of positive information first, such as the propagation of our European morals and customs.

        And Polar, I choose to live an honourable life simply because I have a conscience (I am European after all…). I’ve never felt the need to abuse drugs or alcohol, I’ve always had a romantic view of women, I’ve always been brave to stand alone, I’ve always had a love of everything European. I can’t escape this because it’s my identity and my lineage. Now, I’m not perfect, but I try my best.

        I don’t enjoy living in the Jewish-influenced shit show that is modern life. I don’t enjoy degenerate culture. So why would I want my future children (or anyone else’s children for that matter) to have to live in this?

        For me, that is motivation enough; I want the world to be better, and I want to leave it in better condition than our parents have.

      • I meant that the brainwashing is so deep, starting with children as young as 2 or 3! Hypothetically speaking, even if the Jews were gone from Sweden, there would be a lot of work to do to UNDO the Judaification!

        • This is totally correct. I think its in all european countries the same but worst in germany/Austria. We learn from kindergarten to the end of school that the choosen people were gods darlings. I was forced to read anne franks diary in school. In highschool we were forced to watch schindlers liste and other stuff like that. ( pockerer etc.) The brainwashing is very strong and goes real deep. I needet years to show my wife the real face of the itzigs… So maybe i am not the best teacher, but if it took years to get our people out of the swamp, we should start immeadetly…. There is a lot work to do!!!

          • Don’t underestimate the power the Jews hold. In Austria you have to be VERY careful what you say or you will go to prison for offending the Chosen.

            • I was working as a bouncer for many years and i really enjoyed talking to Young people.I was surprised how much of them had a right wing point of view when it comes to the muslims. But they were shocked when i lead the direction of the talk to the jew. So i learned to be careful and talk about zionists, bankers, illuminati and so on….

          • Similar things happened to me when I was a lad. Near the end of primary school they began to have us conduct studies on Hebrew language and “culture” for ostensibly no reason at all (I of course understand why they did it now). They even took us to a synagogue once, offered us skull caps and we had to listen to the Rabbi read excerpts from his holy book. Ugh. Needless to say I did not wear the skull cap and I felt an innate disdain for the whole affair.

    • Seems that southern European countries have less blacks and soon more blondes than you guys. Is this the reason all southern European countries have “economic’ problems? The fact that we are more strictly adhered to our traditions? Brainwash doesn’t work, so they are using other methods?

    • I already hoped that someone wouldn’t post that photo here. What a fucking disgrace and what a bunch of whores and sluts. I’m ashamed I’m of the same people.

      Maybe this will even out the situation a bit:

      • Sorry for posting it, Lauri. It wasn’t my intention to ruin someone’s day. But we must realize, no matter how much it hurts, that we have a long and difficult struggle ahead. Sometimes this anger puts things into perspective.

        • I like to think myself as a peaceful, good-meaning and patient individual but sometimes I just lose my nerves and you all know how we finns are when someone fucks with us, right?
          This kind of stupidness, sluttiness and overall shadiness like in that photo you posted, makes me want to explode from anger and frustration.
          I think we might need a new Führer in Europe some time soon…

          • We all now the Finn’s prowess in fucking shit up when they feel the need to. I mean, look at the Winter War against Stalin’s oppression.

            • Heheh, that’s kinda funny to compare modern-day finns to those WW2 veterans. The difference is quite remarkable, unfortunately. But honestly I think there’s still something bubbling under in our mentality, so I don’t find it impossible either. For example, a year ago some finnish right-wing politicians got their word around EU and suddenly there was a little scandal in Brussels because of that. It had something to do with the huge monetary loan Finland was supposed to give to Greece and it was close to never happening just because of couple of individuals. And I mean, that’s at least something if you consider our geopolitical location.

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