Uncertain Identity?

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If you are a European and all of a sudden want to start cultivating the deities in you, what would you do? What deities would e. g. a Spaniard, a Romanian or a Frenchman identify with? What deities would a European American identify with?

To some this might not be so important, but to others it probably is very important. Personally I don’t really like to identify with e. g. Ôðinn, Freyr, Þôrr, Tyr, Njörðr or any others Norse deities, but actually prefer their proto-Nordic names (*WôðanaR, *FraujaR, *ÞunaR, *TîwaR, *NerþuR), or even their (older) proto-Nordic names (*Wôþanaz, *Fraujaz, *Þunaz, *Tîwaz, Nerþuz). I have even reconstructed their names as they probably would have been in the Bronze Age and possibly even in the Neolithic Age (*Woþanas, *Prius, *Dunus, *Diwus, *Nerþus), for MYFAROG, because somehow I felt that this was a natural thing to do. Yes, it is really just a question of names, because the deities are basically the same, all over Europe, no matter what we call them. Zevs = Þôrr = Juppiter = Perun = Perkele = Perkunos = Taranis et cetera.

Whatever feels right for you is right for you. If you are French and feel Gaulish then use a Gaulish name. If you are French and feel Roman then use a Roman name. If you are French and feel Frankish then use a Scandinavian name. If you really don’t care or are in doubt just check out where your forebears came from, or perhaps where most of your forebears came from, and use the names most commonly used in their homeland. The name is not so important in itself; what is important is your relationship to the name and how it inspires you to become better. HailaR WôðanaR!

Stones in Brittany!

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Stones in Scandinavia. 

Hunnfeltet, Skjærviken

Sense Perception versus Intuition


Our forebears didn’t have the information-gathering technology that we do today, but based on their intuition combined with what they could perceive they could nevertheless have found or come to believe in absolute facts regarding our universe. I know that, because I have found so many answers myself using intuition, and I have so often found these answers even before I found a relevant question or any related evidence, and almost every answer I have found has been confirmed by evidence gathered later on using the five normal senses. How could I have known the answers with no evidence and no reason to even ask the right question, had it not been for my intuition?


I have a normal sized modern European brain, but our Neanderthal forebears had larger brains than we do today, and no matter what people say today in this context, in an attempt to discredit our forebears and their achievements, and to flatter themselves, the average size of the brain in a population matters. It has always mattered, and until the Neanderthals were discovered it was an axiom that larger brains meant more intelligence. It then all of a sudden was not seen as an axiom any more, because the Neanderthal findings disproved their theory of evolution. It rocked with their faith in the science religion, and this could not be tolerated – so they started to come up with all sorts of silly and unscientific excuses to explain away this.

So there is no reason why our forebears should not understand the universe well, and much better than we do today, even without our technology. Even today we have human beings, autists to be more precise, in possession of abilities normal modern humans can only dream of. My intuition tells me that such abilities were the norm amongst the Neanderthals, and this would explain everything about how they could be able to know and understand so much. My intuition tells me that my exceptionally intelligent autistic wife is right when she claims that the Neanderthals didn’t have a technologically advanced culture simply because they didn’t need one; our modern and highly technologically advanced culture came not because we are so very advanced, but because we – unlike our more racially pure forebears – really need all this technology to be able to understand the universe on a level that we are programmed by our still 99,7% Neanderthal DNA to desire. We despair, because we cannot find all the answers we should be able to find – so we compensate by creating technology, and use this to assist us in our quest for enlightenment.

Ôðalism it is not a religion based on faith; instead I will claim it is based on evidence and supported by intuition, and rather than have faith in me and what I say, when I fail to provide you with enough evidence to convince you on a purely intellectual level, I will ask you to listen to your own gut feeling, and let your intuition guide you. If what I say is deemed by you not to be sufficiently supported by evidence, but it still feels right, then it probably is. To many this is not enough, and that’s okay, but I will then advice you to stick around anyhow, because the evidence you need to trust this or that hypothesis to be true might appear when you least expect it.

I am not against modern technology, I know we need it, even to satisfy us on a metaphysical level, but naturally I am against the common use of this technology when it in fact sabotages our efforts to reach enlightenment.

HailaR WôðanaR! 

The Thulean Perspective

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After some reading of comments and some contemplation I think the best thing to do is to state that the philosophy, religion, ideology, life stance, tradition, world view and spirituality expressed by me on this blog will henceforth be described as Ôðalism (Odalism). You will only find most of these interpretations of the European Paganism available for free here on this blog; if you find them elsewhere the person responsible must have used this blog or SRAS as a source (which of course is perfectly fine). Naturally this does not apply to everything in this blog, but it does apply to everything related to Paganism that is not commonly found in books (other than SRAS). Like this and this. If in doubt regarding the truthfulness of what I say here, I will encourage you to search through every single book out there, and every archive, online or physical, and see if you can find evidence of the opposite. You will not.

The reason why I state this, and make such a big point of it, is that I wish to define these interpretations and views clearly as Ôðalic and as a part of Ôðalism (pronounced «Othalism», with a th as in English that) and/or Ôþalism (pronounced «Othalism», with the th as in English thing).

You can agree with my interpretations or you can disagree, or you can wait and see before you make up your mind, but if you do agree your version of Paganism can then be defined as Ôðalism (Odalism).

Ôðalism is not just nationalism, not just Pagan religion, not just ideology, not just spirituality, not just environmentalism, not just philosophy, not just militarism, not just true democracy, not just a tradition; it is everything of the aforementioned – and this makes it’s meaning distinctly different from the meaning of any single one of the terms above.

My ambition with this is to by means of mere reasoning and by showing the truth enlist other Europeans to Ôðalism as a political-spiritual-religion fueling a real liberation movement in Europe. With this, and I think only with this, can we banish the Judeo-Christian darkness from Europe for good and turn our beloved continent into a true Europe again.

Any spark can turn dry wood into a fire, but we have not only a spark, but the very embers of our forebears, still glowing under the ashes of Europe. All we need is to add some dry twigs and branches, and they will turn into the wild, raging, roaring European fire they came from. With this fire we can warm and light up Europe again, and turn her into what she can and should be – and we can banish the Judeo-Christian darkness for good. This is only the beginning. HailaR WôðanaR!

The Splendour of Pagan Scandinavians

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the brave administrator of the very useful Destroy Zionism blog. He sent me a link to a text he has on his blog and asked kindly what I thought about it. It basically was a text discussing the most known positive aspects of the Scandinavian people, and I was so impressed by it I immediately put up as a link on ancestralcult.com in the links section, but not feeling this was enough I have desided to write this little comment and recommend it for everyone! It is a text confirming just about everyhting positive we normally say or think about the Pagan Scandinavians. It is a torbedo to the bow of those who claim our forebears were primitive savages. Enjoy! Thanks a lot, dear Destroy Zionism administrator, for sharing this with us! 

Never mind the crucifixes on the flags below. Look instead at the three Scandinavian brothers standing together against a common enemy!