Science in Scandinavian Mythology; the Magnetic Field, the Ozone Layer and Ultraviolet Radiation.

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Europe was once a very enlightened continent, with a Pagan world view based on science. Not on politicised quasi-science, but on real science. We find evidence of this all over our mythology.

From Grîmnismâl, stanza 38, we hear talk of a shield between the Sun and the Earth, protecting the land and sea from burning up. The shield is called Svalinn («Cooler»);

38. Svalinn heitier, hann stendr sôlu fyrir,

Skjöldr skînanda goþi:

björg og brim veitek at brinna skulu

ef hann fellr î frâ.

(38. «There is one called Cooler who stands before the Sun,

a shield from the shining goddess:

the mountains I ween, and the stormy sea

will flame if he fall from thence.»)

From Wikipedia:

The Earth is largely protected from the solar wind, a stream of energetic charged particles emanating from the Sun, by its magnetic field, which deflects most of the charged particles. These particles would strip away the ozone layer, which protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays. Calculations of the loss of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere of Mars, resulting from scavenging of ions by the solar wind, are consistent with a near-total loss of its atmosphere since the magnetic field of Mars turned off.


So did they know that this «Cooler» protected life on our planet? That if it had «fallen down» the land and sea would «burn»? About ultraviolet rays we can learn that;

However, the entire spectrum of ultraviolet radiation has some of the biological features of ionizing radiation, in doing far more damage to many molecules in biological systems than is accounted for by simple heating effects (an example is sunburn). These properties derive from the ultraviolet photon‘s power to alter chemical bonds in molecules, even without having enough energy to ionize atoms.

If «Svalinn» falls we will (Sun)burn, and perhaps our forebears already knew – at least a thousand years ago. 

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  1. I believe we where closer to the sun in the ancient past, and we had a water vapor suspended above the atmosphere. So i find it interesting
    that the sheild is called Svalinn or Cooler.
    The water vapor would have filtered out harmful gamma and x-ray radiation from the sun, and it would be an oxygen rich environment. Bacteria and other parasites
    would not thrive in this environment, so it`s highly unlikely that the world would move into a Jew world order 🙂

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  8. This makes sense. The non-Abrahamic religions respects and connects to real science more than the Abrahamic religions ever will. Too bad I’m Asian.

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  10. Sorry Varg, but here I must agree with sinimusta, especially when you, on the other hand believe our forebears would not even have known how procreation works (which to me sounds just as erroneous). Your thoughts, although they often seem like an artificial construct, are mostly consistent within themselves, but here they’re not even that. It’s speculations like these, that make me very skeptical whenever reading your texts.

    • Actually, I (now) think they did know how procreation works.

      You can believe what you want, but be open to the thought that perhaps you e. g. disagree for all the wrong reasons.

    • By the way; what is not consistent in what I say here? Accuse if you want, but not without pointing at the cause for your accusations.

      • My point really was, it is not consistent to claim that on one hand they wouldn’t know how procreation works, but on the other hand had this highly advanced scientific knowledge (and this also doesn’t match with some of their superstitious beliefs, e.g. getting the sun back with sorcery or rituals). Of course one can never rule out the possibility they knew a lot more than we today usually think, but you’re talking about your assumptions like they are an actual fact. And therefore your argument with the greek fire and the pyramids is not very accurate, because the pyramids are still here, we know about the greek fire as well, but we have no evidence, that the ancient scandinavians knew about the magnetic field, ultraviolet radiation or that Jupiter protects Earth from meteors. I often get the impression you too easily base your ideas on pure assumptions and wishful thinking. For instance, I don’t think it is very academic or reliable to base a complete calendar system on one single newspaper article, that was more likely a canard. At least one should not rule out the possibility it might have been a canard.

        • But you miss one point here; I am not a static being, unable to improve and learn, so if I say something today this might not be representative for my view one year later. You cannot use something I said eight years ago against me today, because I am not that same person. I know more now. Unlike many others I am open to improvement, I admit that I can be mistaken and I will adjust my views if I should.

          So the problem is not me or what I say, but the way you read what I write; you don’t read the post, but instead read the post through very old lenses, and in darkness.

          I don’t just base the calendar on one single newspaper article. You should also be more humble in relation to your own knowledge and perhaps also in relation to your own ability to reason; even though you don’t know or understand something doesn’t mean it isn’t true. For all you know I look at a great ancient picture, and I have seen it all, but you don’t see it because you look at it through a modern telescope and only see bits and pieces up close. You can see closely at one star through the telescope, but you cannot see the whole firmament at the same time.

          No, we don’t know Greek fire. We only know that some have written about this. Do you know it is true based on that? If so, did really women worship and have sex with Satan in the Middle Ages? The same type of sources claim that too..

          • Well, my reason somehow tells me, that women having sex with Satan (or ancient Europeans knowing about ultraviolet radiation and the like) is not as farfetched as the the existence of greek fire in the Byzantine Empire. But maybe I just should be more humble in relation to my own ability to reason.

            I never claimed, that what you say is certainly not true, I just said that some of your thoughts, to me sound not very likely. But other then for me, for you there apparently is no need to be humble in relation to your own knowledge, because you of course have the ability to see the whole firmament, in every sense.

            • We all have different perspectives. I see some pictures you don’t see, and vice versa.

              No, I am in no need to be humble in relation to things I know much about.

              • Just to make sure I got you right:
                In other words, with your last sentence, you want me to believe that you know, or that you literally posses the knowledge, that there is science (advanced science, as described here in your posts) in Scandinavian mythology?

                I appreciate that you are able to change your views whenever it’s necessary. But I bet you would have presented the same or similar “arguments” (regarding your knowledge and my alleged ignorance or lacking abilities) against me when I mentioned the procreation issue a year earlier. And I have seen this kind of reasoning of yours (and much worse) before here on this blog, when people merely disagree respectfully with you. Maybe this is also the reason why there rarely is anyone who dares to do so.

                PS: I really never intended to offend or even ridicule you.

                • You attacked me for using “only” a newspaper article to support my claim regarding the calendar, but do you really think that I only used that? That newspaper article was to me like finding the missing link would have been to evolutionists today; it made everything fit together, all the parts of the puzzle all of a sudden could be put together to make that large and correct picture. So, when you argue like that, assuming I base a theory on a single newspaper article and nothing else, I assume that you either don’t want to agree or that you are not able to, and then I become more condescending than I actually intend to.

                  And no, I didn’t have in mind science in the mythology, we were discussing the calendar, and yes, I do know this calendar, just like you probably know the Julian calandar, and I know also that it was used in Ancient Scandinavia. How? Because it fits perfectly with everything else I know in this context. If 3+5+9+X=20, then you know that X=3. Right? When someone then claims or assumes that what you base your answer on is this X being 3, then it gets a bit… frustrating, so to speak.

                  There is strong evidence that the European Pagans knew many things that we don’t think they knew, like how gravity works and how the magnetic field protects life on this planet, and what I did was to show you the evidence for this in the Scandinavian mythology. I don’t think I know that they did. I only believe they did, because of the evidence.

                  If people disagree respectfully that is perfectly fine, and I am sorry if I have given you another impression. There are plenty of statements in the comments on this blog that I don’t or only partly agree with. What are you actually referring to?

                  I only remove comments when those who disagree either start calling names instead of arguing or spread information that I am convinced is either wrong, harmful (like pro-drug comments) for our cause or completely irelevant. If e. g. some guy tries to convince me that there were more Jews in Western Europe than in Poland around year 1350 and all the available sources tells otherwise, then I simply stop the discussion and remove his BS from my blog.

                  • OK, I now can see what you really were bothered by about my comments and why you reacted the way you did. Sorry for that.

                    I can’t recall the particular comments, but I got the impression you often accuse people of being ignorant or brainwashed (seems to be your favorite), when you are not able to disprove their arguments or prove yours. To me this is just unobjective, cheap polemics. One good example which I have in mind was a comparison like this: “In this discussion you are the peasant, and I am Copernicus.” And you use less harsh (I have to admit) but still unobjective arguments in your posts as well.

                    • It has happened, yes, but certainly not often, and I wouldn’t do that unless I felt that the discussion was going nowhere.

                      Besides, it is true that many us modern men are indeed brainwashed, and pointing at this fact is not at all irelevant. Ignorance too is very widespread. You have to agree on that, right?

                      When e. g. (as happened here on this blog once) some Croats go on and on about how Jewish, worthless, Gypsy and Asian the Serbs are I can only say they are both ignorant and brainwashed. Arguing against them is pointless; they are not able to or willing to listen to reason anyhow, so yes, instead I just say they are ignorant and brainwashed — and they are. (Note though that of course I don’t think all Croats are, but Croats who claim such things certainly are. As would Norwegians who said similar things about Swedes be.)

      • (Couldn’t reply to the respective comment: Varg Vikernes – 03/02/2013 at 15:57 )
        Of course, some indeed are brainwashed or ignorant, but we ourselves have to watch out as well not to fall in the bias trap.

        • You are right, but… prejudice is some times good too — and prejudice is really just a less flattering name for pre-knowledge anyhow. If someone says “Negro” you will know that the person in question has black skin even before you see him (=pre-knowledge), but you can also know a lot of others things about different groups long before you see them….and this will most often come under the “prejudice” category, even though that too could perfeclty well be called “pre-knowledge”.

          Do you really need to meet a Gypsy to know that he is criminal scum? Is it prejudice to think so or pre-knowledge?

          • Speaking for myself, I had to say “prejudice”, because I know close to nothing about Gypsies. And that’s also why I will (or at least try to) never judge about things I am not certainly sure of.

              • Being an ever fair minded individual, even I was willing to give the Roma Gypsy scum the benefit of the doubt. That is, until the bastards – working as a sneaky little team – picked my pocket when I was holidaying in Tenerife last year.
                It was late in the evening on my first night on the island, and, as I looked around for my relatives, I saw one of these scum (a male) eying me up in the distance. I thought it was just another of these people passing out leaflets, as I found myself being constantly approached and invited to strip bars, etc. ‘Where the *hell* have I found myself?’ I thought. ‘This is more like Vice City than a holiday destination.’
                So I tried to avoid this dirt-bag by taking a left turn, but he quickly came after me, apparently desperate to pass me a leaflet to some strip bar. I don’t know what came over me at this point, as I have travelled often around Europe and dealt with such people very firmly. Only this time I was extremely polite, insisting that I would ‘consider’ a visit to a strip bar, even though I wouldn’t be caught dead in such a sleazy place… especially as it would be filled with diseased ridden mongrels. However, this scumbag seemed persistent, and tried to bring my attention to the shorts I was wearing, saying, ‘Look here, look here.’ I pushed him away and told him to get lost. However, in that split second, out of nowhere, this little fat mongrel woman forced herself against my left hand side, grabbed my crotch area and said, ‘Give me €10 and I will sucky sucky your cock.’ I pushed her forcefully away, saying, ‘No! Get off me!’ And the bitch promptly left. I was shaken slightly, but relieved this encounter was over. I was thinking to myself, ‘How desperate does a person need to be to throw themselves at you like this?’ But just then I heard another English tourist shouting to his woman, ‘Shut the fuck up! He’s been fuckin’ mugged!’ I looked over at him, as if to say, ‘Who has been mugged?’ He turned to me and exclaimed, ‘You’ve been fucking mugged, lad!’ ‘He must be mistaken,’ I thought; ‘I haven’t been mugged.’ Just forcibly accosted by a couple of desperate mongrels, that’s all. But then I placed my hand in my left pocket to check my money, and the only thing I found was the leaflet to the strip joint. :-/ I had lost over €100. This was a most surreal experience. I thought about chasing after these scum, but they had vanished down a dark alley way. Wearing my flip-flops, I didn’t feel as though I was in an ideal position to act. Plus they may have been armed for all I know. So – in my naivety – I went looking for a police officer, but couldn’t find one. As I would later find, even if I had, they would have practically laughed at me. The police on that island are worse than the UK police in that respect. Utterly hopeless.
                I went back to my hotel room to put on a pair of trainers, then walked around in the hope of finding this bitch who picked my pocket. No luck. All I got was more mongrel and African street prostitutes approaching me for ‘business’. Unbelievable. I would later find that, later in the week, this mongrel Gypsy scum had played the same trick on another English tourist, this time stealing over €500. His holiday ruined, obviously. He and his pal gave chase after the scum, but she fled down a dark road where she had a car full of her brethren in waiting, just in case things turned bad and got out of hand. The two English tourists in question were almost run over by these miscreant vermin. These genetic garbage.
                How did I ‘know’ these were Gypsy scum? Well, I pretty much knew straight away from the appearance of this woman. Brown skinned, vicious looking and unbelievably bold. She looked like a far less well groomed version of Baroness Warsi
                and it is well known that these Roma Gypsy scum are said to be of Indian/Pakistani extraction. But she spoke Spanish with a Spanish accent, dressed like a regular Spaniard (rather than the traditional dress of a North African or Indian), and finally the locals confirmed it. It is simply the case that these Gypsy vermin are absolute brazen criminal scum, and they are proud of this fact. They well and truly ruined my holiday, even though I was lucky compared with this others. After that episode, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving any of my possessions in my hotel room. I just kept imaging these scum, with sinister smiles on their faces, having a field day with my belongings. :-/

                • When I was a kid in Norway we had Gypsies “camping” in the area every now and then, and when this happened we not only had to start putting locks on our bicycles and other stuff, we had to bloody carry everything portable inside our houses. If it could be carried by one man it would be stolen. This happened every single time they were there. The result was always the same; Norwegian children crying because their stuff had been stolen by the Gypsies, Norwegian fathers approaching the Gypsies asking them to return the stolen goods, police, fist-fights, etc. etc.

                  All Gypsies are scum. That’s not prejudice, but hard facts. It is in their mongrel blood.

                  • I guess there is truth in the “stereotype” even where the traditional communities in rural Romania are concerned, I want to like some aspects of them, because they’re nomads I guess, but…Just as the medieval/early modern image of the savagery of Jews is totally true, so is the one of gypsies I expect…

                    I’d say it’s more of a social/cultural thing than a racial thing, they don’t even know or care where they come from, all we know as they they come from India somewhere, I’d liken them to the equally immoral, violent losers in Europe who let decent Europeans down, just as they let down decent (Hindu) Indians…

                  • They are dirty, ignorant, uneducated, stupid, illiterate thieves. They live in the garbage. ‘is the absolute truth there are many of them here in Beograd. I’m almost certain that I have not seen at least half-decent one ever.

                • You’re not alone, I went to Berlin on a school trip in sixth form/”high school” when I was more open-minded, “liberal” and gullible I guess…a gypsy approached me in Alexanderplatz and asked for money and I parted with a couple of euros, out of pity, later on I realized they were all over the place, many walking around cradling plastic babies….I felt like such an idiot…I hear Rome is really bad for gypsy scum as well, and regarding you account, having read up on them recently for my history course, they do have quite a history in Spain…maybe she came over from Spain, or maybe she just comes from Tenerife (all the Spanish islands speak Spanish, right? I’ve only been to Lanzarote, which is unbearably hot and touristy)

                  I still want to believe there are decent Romani gypsies. I still want to believe there is some truth in the romantic image of this mystical, nomadic country folk…In the cities they are scum, but in the proper, traditional rural communties in Romania perhaps, maybe they aren’t so bad and quite pleasant…They surely would not be as bad as the inbred Irish work-dodging gypsies over here…I know it’s England’s fault Ireland is in the state it is, and I am proud of my Irish heritage, but Irish gypsies (all non Romani gypsies) are scum…

              • Alright, I will do so, when the opportunity arises, but as long as he/she fails to provide me with enough facts that convince me of one or the other (because I might also meet someone how claims something else than you), I prefer not to judge about this topic, OK?

                • I will not even call you brainwashed. 😉

                  Only (brainwashed…) left-wing extremists and those blissfully ignorant will claim anything else than I did here. I trust you will learn that if you investigate a bit.

  11. I’m a bit skeptical about this. How could our ancestors know things like magnetic field or ultraviolet radiation if they couldn’t perceive them? And the same thing with the idea that Thor is a metaphor for Jupiter and giants for meteors. How could our ancestors know that Jupiter protects Earth from meteors? So basically are these theories just your modern and educated interpretations about the old myths?

    “I too think that it is possible to gain knowledge through intuition rather than just sense perception–”

    Through intuition? So are you saying these things just popped into their minds?

    • Technologically more or less advanced civilisations have existed before this one.

      They saw the Aurora borealis, they saw the stars and at least 7 planets and the Sun and the Moon. They knew the Earth was a globe (round). They were extremely intelligent, and more so than modern man is. They knew many things that we know nothing about today (like can you make “Greek fire” today? Do you know how they built the pyramids? Do you know what herbs to use to cure a person suffering from this or that condition?).

      You should not underestimate the power of intuition. Not only what you know and possess is real.

    • Even birds are aware of earth’s magnetic field, so why should our forebears not be aware of it? They could have been aware of it even if they couldn’t explain it in mathematical terms.

      Also as far as I know it is possible to see meteor impacts on Jupiter without any advanced technical equipment.

  12. This article is a masterpiece of the ideas I’ve suggested here before; we should really embrace the ancient knowledge and use it to our benefit and progression as they hold great ideas and remarkably accurate observations of the world. It’s just like science should be: we have a phaenomena, we wish to explain it, we make an assumption (axiom), then we make a suggestion (hypothesis) and then we test it and observe it on the grounds we’ve created. If the suggestion doesn’t hold, then we make another until we succeed or find out that our original axiom was wrong. Ancient people didn’t have the methods to test out their assumptions and ideas, but to have this kind of significant observational and theoretical (explanatory) skills makes me really amazed about their intellect.

    Modern science has absolutely nothing against these old scriptures and ideas.
    The language has just evolved and it has homogenized itself, just to have a common scientific language, but the truth is still there, between the codes, equations and mathematical symbols and we should really give some credit to this kind of knowledge and try to find something new from there or even supportive theories and ideas of our current physical problems.

    Ode to intellect, I say. Praise it.

  13. When it comes to global warming alarmism, keep in mind “who benefits”?
    The solutions proposed to combat global warming are not to stop the activities that allegedly contribute to it, but to set up carbon taxes and carbon trading schemes.
    They propose allowing the same levels of carbon emissions, as long as countries producing these emissions give money to countries that produce none.
    This money is taxed in the carbon producing country, then sent to the non producing country which is generaly run by a corrupt dictator, who then stashes the money in a bank account owned by jews (what bank isn’t) who then reinvest it in more polluting ventures.

  14. Thank you!! I didn’t know about this one. I knew about the Thor one (the post above), and similarities with other planets. Please, more Ancient Wisdom!

  15. Wow. I did not know this. Truly, you are a Sage. Now I’m interested in more! Please! More!

    • Thanks. I have only looked briefly at this, but it seems to be very good. I too think that it is possible to gain knowledge through intuition rather than just sense perception, and I have to say I have yet to experience that I feel good about a thing that is not good, or that I don’t emotionally reject a thing that is bad. This type of “sorcery” is definately true!

  16. Here is a translation of this stanza that I found by English scholar Benjamin Thorpe:
    ‘Svalin the shield is called,
    which stands before the sun,
    the refulgent deity:
    rocks and ocean must, I ween,
    be burnt,
    fell it from its place.’
    Doesn’t this mean that, if this ‘force’ (the god Svalin) did not hold up or protect us from the sun, then it would come crashing down on us and burn everything is sight? That’s how I’m reading it.

    • The shield is called Cooler (Svalinn), and if he falls the goddess Sun will burn us.

      I see your point, but would you hold the Sun up with a shield? Would you not rather protect yourself from her rays with a shield? (Or from Meduza’s gaze, or from the dragon’s breath). I just don’t see how anyone can hold up anything with a shield. Don’t you agree?

      Besides, the Sun will not fall down; she is already pulled over the firmament by two horses (Early-woke and All-fleet), mentioned in verse 37.

      • Yeah, you are right. If the shield fell from its place, not the sun. If the shield fell from its place, the rays of the refulgent sun would burn everything.

  17. Just imagine all the knowledge of science and wisdom that was lost when the library of Alexandria was burnt down presumably by early Christians . And the interest for scientific advancement back then had nothing to do with profit gains.It was exactly the Pagan way of thinking where people found satisfaction just by becoming wiser and by discovering and inventing all sorts of amazing things about the world that surrounded them.

    • Exactly, and about the Library of Alexandria I recommend the film “Agorà” (2008). How many things we can learn about our forebears thanks to Mythology…we shall be proud of them, and I thank you, Varg, to make more light on our beautiful past.

      • Oh, I almost purchased Agora once, but then I saw a Jew (Rachel Weisz) in the actors list, so I didn’t. Perhaps I should after all.

  18. So much wisdom in the past. Yeah, someday our Planet will be just too much chopped into, dripped, drained, polluted and that will be the end. Our forebears knew that, so they had a simple rural life respecting the Planet.

  19. Good find…of course it’s because of paganism deep roots in nature instead of moronic superstition that we have any knowledge of science at all…(Probably why Jewish “scientists” can only plagiarize, I expect it is beyond their level of comprehension)

    I’m still not entirely cynical about global warming, the pollutants of extensive industrialization can’t be doing the atmosphere or ozone layer any favours…Of course it may be exaggerated, and the focus has been on global warming and no other environmental issues, regardless of how urgent, as an excuse to tax us…But I still wonder how much longer we can last with uncontrolled industrialization and fossil fuel-burning…Hopefully an ice age will come first before the Earth does start to warm up and the layer is stripped away…

    I know climate change naturally happens, but would not surprise me if we have managed to affect the climate, and better to be safe than sorry in my view…(I guess the main problem as always is overpopulation, as with far fewer people we could take the sustainable method of log fires and would have no need for power plants everywhere…)

    • Now, I don’t think we cause them — but the Sun for sure does! The Sun is the factor here (wel, actually,; the Sun and the stars), causing the Ice Ages to come and go — whether we drive our cars or not.

      Think about just how little we change in the ozone layer compared to a major Sun storm.

      • Good point, we need to be aware of just how easily we can ruin the natural environment (we’ve ruined most of it already), but the Earth warms up and freezes periodically anyway…I’m not very well read on the science or broadcasts, but I guess we’re probably just as likely to hit another ice age reasonably soon as a global increase in temperature and sea level rise, perhaps more likely…

        We should focus instead on how we affect the environment down here on Earth…

    • I typed up a reply but it got lost. What I was saying was:

      If you think that we animals and human beings have been produced naturally by Sun and Earth, then the way we treat our Earth is also natural (even though it is very ugly at times). Our overpopulation and our technology is just accelerating the cycle between heating up and ice ages, but it probably can’t be stopped (because we are us). We are meant to be overpopulated and technologized and the cycle must go on and on. The only question is who and how many of us are the fittest to survive even multiple ice ages

      • No we aren’t, humanity is now a hideous unnatural plague upon nature…most humans do now know what is in there nature, because most are corrupted by mindless, nihilistic zionism and greed. If Judaism/Christianity/Islam had never happened we would have shown a lot more respect to our environment over the centuries, millennia even, because it is in our nature to. Humans naturally understand and maintain nature, we only treat it so badly because most of us have been left mentally retarded and abysmally ignorant because of the Abrahamic religions

      • We must make sure, though, that the survival of the best is ensured, and not the survival of the most cunning. That is why we need Paganism.

        • Yes of course, with “fittest” I mean that the best of us need to survive, where “best” equals living according to nature in every sense (unlike homosexuals, child murderers etc)

          • But nature is not just in this context; nature allowes the one with the most pointy elbows and fewest moral constraints to survive, at the expense of the kind, the honest, the brave and the valiant.

            So, in effect we should strive not to do what is natural, but instead do what is honourable. It is natural to run away from battle, to ensure the survvival of your genes, but it is honourable to stand and fight — to sacrifice yourself for the betterment of the group (family, tribe, nation, race and ultimately species).

            Don’t you agree? To follow the laws of “nature” is to be nihilistic. Nature has no honour. Lions kill and eat the weak children of other animals. Snakes kill by poison and with ambushes. The sting of a scorpion is natural too, and it can kill a grown man. The Jewish David with a sling can kill the honourable Goliath, because he has no honour and brings a missile weapon to a duel. Etc.

            • I’d say we should behave naturally in relation to nature, and honourably in relation to each other…Though I suppose honour is largely important in relation to nature as well, or rather, it should be…the way humans factory farm animals and eat lambs does not make them any better than the “savage” predators like lions…nature has given us morals and a conscience for a reason…”with great power comes great responsibility” I suppose…

              • The relationship to nature of the “European Pagan savage” is often ridiculed as “superstitious”, but I think that he e. g. could talk to trees and address them as intelligent beings because he was honourable. Think how good it si to e. g. ask the tree you are about to chup down for permission to do so? Every time you cut down a tree you are reminded of the fact that trees are living creatures too, trees need to be treated with respect too, trees die too. So maybe he did only for his own sake, to remind himself of these facts, and to never allow himself to forget his respect for nature.

                The gods resided in trees they said, and spirits, and in every other plant and animal too. I don’t think they meant this like that; they just lived honourable lives and wanted to keep doing so. The yew tree was the tree of the goddess or god of hunting (because they used it to made bows). The olive tree the tree of the goddess of wisdom (because they sat there, in the shadow of the olive trees, and contemplated). They were well aware of reality, but they lived honourable lives…

            • But it is in my *nature* to be honourable 🙂 My parents or my schools certainly didn’t teach me to be honourable so it must be somewhere contained in my blood (nature). A man without honour is unnatural to me, just like a homosexual.

              • Yes, our European blood is the blood of Gods and Goddesses! But they are above the nature of the physical world. 🙂

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