From whence we come and whither we go.

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Most of us want to know from whence we come. We read about Dacians/Thracians, Illyrians, Greeks, Iberians, Celts, Scandinavians, Balts and so forth, with great interest, but we tend to fall into a trap that to this day remains undetected by most of us; we mix tribal names, languages, artistic expressions and culture and fail to understand that even though e. g. «Illyrians» describes a people the term «Celts» does not. Yes; there never was a «Celtic» people. Celtic is today a language group, but also the name of the Hallstatt culture.


The spread of the so-called Celtic culture from Hallstatt is described or at least understood by most as the spread of a people; that a people spread ut across Europe from Hallstatt. Sorry, but this is simply not correct.

The comparison I am about to make is not perfect, but it illustrates my point very well; today we have Coca Cola, McDonalds, English and Microsoft products pretty much everywhere, but would you say that the presence of English and all these products all over the world is evidence of an American tribe spreading out across the world, conquering it, or would you say that it is a result of trade? Norwegians too drink Coca Cola, eat at McDonalds, speak English and use Microsoft products, just like most Americans do, and yes, their culture has been changed by this, but are they not still ethnic Norwegians?

So why would we say that the «Celts» of e. g. Great Britain and Gaul originally came from Hallstatt? That Hallstatt is their «proto-Home»? Is the USA the «proto-Home» of modern Norwegians? Hallstatt is the origin of a specific culture, and this culture spread out across Europe, but it is not an ethnic phenomena. It did not change society dramatically either, it just added some products and customs to the cultures we today speak of as «Celtic» cultures.

The exact same can be said about the Corded Ware Culture, alias the Battle Axe culture, the (by some) assumed original Indo-European culture, that spread out across most of Europe. Okay, they made some really nice ritualistic battle axes, real macho symbols of power for the warriors, they had really cool burial mounds («I want one too!»), and their Indo-European language spread out across Europe as well, but no; they didn’t! There was no Indo-European warrior people spreading out, conquerring and replacing the peoples of Europe! Just like today good, beautiful and useful concepts, artistic expressions and ideas spread like fire in dry grass. We all do not stem from some Indo-European «race». We (unlike our Basque, Finnish and Magyar brothers and sisters) just happen to have some forebears who were greatly influenced by this European tribe. The Basques, the Finns and the Magyar simply skipped this particular trend. They are no less European because of that though.


And although we (save the Basques, Finns and Magyar) do speak languages that are defined as Indo-European we actually don’t only speak Indo-European. Like did you know that as much as 40% (!) of the Germanic words have a non-Indo-European origin? Yes, they are not Indo-European at all! They are «proto-Scandinavian». They are no less European because of that though.

What complicates this further is of course the fact that these tribes were nomadic hunter-gatherers, so although they didn’t spread out all across Europe and conquerred and replaced the others wherever they went, they did move about a lot. This makes it very hard for us to identify from whence they came in Europe or indeed whither they went before they finally settled down. Nor do we know if they – the tribes creating the cultures that what we know as the Hallstatt or the Corded Ware cultures – were large or small tribes.

What we can know for sure is that all the tribes (or «peoples» if you like) moving about in Stone Age and later Bronze Age Europe were of European stock, and by that I mean Neanderthal stock. Even in Antiquity many of these tribes still looked like Neanderthals, as attested by archeologists in France, investigating graves from French Antiquity (more about that on Atala). They were large and strong men, blonde-haired and fair skinned, with big heads and powerful limbs.

Looking like this (Gauls);

111_rd gauls_color images (3)

And like this; (Scandinavians);

The_Vikings_were_hated_everywhere teuton

And like this (Dacians);

images (4) l_103_Dacian_Cavalry

And like this (Pict);


Yes, even though the unmixed adult Neanderthals had somewhat different skulls (and some other distinct features too), they still pretty much looked like the Europeans did in Gaul, Scandinavia and Dacia in Antiquity (and like in Scandinavia even until the Viking Age). They still pretty much looked like large, strong and blonde (bearded) Europeans do today. Remeber also always that they were no less beautiful than the most beautiful and fairest of blonde Europeans today. Don’t let the Judeo-Christian lies about the Neanderthals and how they looked fool you! 

We know from whence we come; our unique European species (the Neanderthals), and whither we go? To more fame and glory! To Valhalla! HailaR WôðanaR! 

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  9. Julius Caesar and other Roman generals described the peoples of Iberia in their journals (specifically the Gallaecians, Celtiberians and the subtribes underneath those two banners), and the Gauls that lived towards the Pyrenees as varying from darker skin to pale as ghosts, and they would die their hair blonde with lemon in the sun because they viewed blonde hair as a sign of beauty. This is something that Romans recorded for many Celtic tribes. If you look at Galicia, Spain which is famous for its Celtic traditions, its still the same, skin color varies from pale to olive. But the European Journal of Human Genetics conducted a study that showed this place was the barrier for Middle Eastern intermixing in Europe and that there was none there except for parts outside of this province.

    Would you say the natural born darker skin and hair of these peoples was due to adaptation to the sun or intermixing with other races?

    • I have read that actually celts generally were quite tanned from working outside all the time, a combination of tanning and being generally “weather-beaten” I guess…And many would have had red hair, of course. Even dark hair (hence the appearance of many Irish people especially today?…), so they would have been similarly mixed as Mediterranean folk were increasingly becoming. The celts were probably quite nomadic as well I am guessing, their “empire” certainly expanded over a vast area anyway. (I am waiting on Varg to correct me over the problematic notion of the “Celt” label and what it covers but I am bearing this in mind…)

      • Yes, the Celts were very nomadic, many of the islands now considered Celtic were due to Celts from continental Europe moving there. But then again, we already know now the Irish are no more Celtic than any German by blood. Its more of a culture thing now. Why Ireland, Scottland, Wales, Manx, and Brittany (I would include Galicia in the list, but I’m naming the nations apart of the celtic league and Galicia is not in there due to having lost their Celtic language) are in the Celtic league is because of their language. The culture is what makes a place Celtic, and the language seals it. A black man who speaks Gaelic would be considered “celtic” by the standards of the celtic league.

        But we can’t forget the Celtization of people who weren’t genetically Celtic aswell. The Germanic tribes did this too, they Germanized other tribes.

        • Yes, as Varg stated in a post specifically related to this, the idea of a Celtic race like a Germanic race is a bogus one….Even back then it was more of an umbrella label for a subculture, but if it has to refer to certain people it does refer to people who emigrated from central Europe, and, for the most part, ultimately Scandinavia as well, seeing as many Celts would have been of Germanic origin anyway, genetically. I imagine their often blonde but quite mixed appearance was a result of them spreading out across Europe. I guess this is how, along with migrating Germanic tribes, you get blonde and red haired Spaniards and Italians, just as you get very dark haired Celtic-British people.

        • I beg to differ. A Negro speaking a Celtic language does not make them a Celt or ‘celtic’. To me that means if a Blackman or a Pakistani goes to England and speaks Anglo-Saxon then that makes him/her an Anglo-Saxon because afew pseudo intellectuals from the Celtic League say so? Absurd to hell with their opinion its foolish and Americanized. The Celts of today do exist but the term is incorrect and in reference to a tribe of people who encountered the Greeks in the BC era. Its used as a collective term the same way Teutonic is, or Slavic. These are simple words to describe people who come from different regions of Europe. Today they are Irish or Finnish [Baltic], or Russian etc…. But I guess these days a Black man can go to Ireland and as soon as he starts speaking Gaellic that makes him a Hibernian!

  10. Dear Mr. Vikernes, since you mentioned Iran in your texts and comments, I, as an Iranian, may add something up to it: well, as far as my knowledge allows, Aryans were people who immigrated from somewhere in Russia to Iran and to somewhere in Europe. Also it’s good to know that the name “Iran” means land of Aryans (at least we have the name, yet!). I may proudly declare that in those times when people in Europe or elsewhere were busy planning war, killing each other, and keeping slaves, Cyrus (the great), the king of Iran, was busy to develop human lives. He also made a cylinder which the United Nations has declared to be an “ancient declaration of human rights” (references are everywhere). well, Until the invasion of Mongols and (God-damned(!) Muslim) Arabs, Iranians were pure Aryans, specifically after the latter, all those great history and power collapsed. But fortunately, though there were some mongrelizations, all sophisticated Iranians have kept their Aryan spirit.
    By appearance, we are not like Arabs or Afghans or Indians or any nation around us, so please NEVER confuse us with those mentioned, and also by intelligence, just don’t get me started! just let me bring an example: when Europe was in the dark ages, Iranians were proceeding in all branches of science. Do you know the results of Crusades in details? well, during these wars, which were between Europeans and Muslims (Iranians were a part of it), some of the books and subsequently the knowledge of Iranians got handed to Europeans, and all of a sudden the Renaissance occurred! well, there is too much to say about these facts, but I hope I have clarify it to some points… 🙂 Thank you for your time

    • Yes, but these books were not made by Iranians. They were translations of old Roman and mostly Greek texts. 100% Made in Europe and by Europeans.

      The original Iranians came from Europe, I know, probably from the same branch as the Scythians, and I also know that you are not Arabs (and that if you ever want to pick a fight with an Iranian you can just call him “Arab”… 😉 ) Indians are more mongrel than you are, but the some of the “Afghani” peoples are probably less mixed than most Iranians.

      Europe was in the dark ages because of Christianity. Not because Iranians were more advanced than we were.

      You entered your Dark Age when the Mongols and the Arabs, but….you are still living in the Dark Ages. We on the other hand got out of there some 650 years ago…. :-p

      • well I will not argue about our history any more…. but yeah unfortunately we are in dark ages, which gets darker and darker! it’s just we suffer from Islam… well, “God” failed!

        • Don’t worry, people wake up to the reality of weak rhetoric and monotheist/Jewish propaganda, let’s just hope you don’t reject culture in general and descend into atheist nihilism as Europe has done…

        • And tell me Iranian friend, if you are not Muslim, are you atheist, or do you look up to your ancient Zoroastrian religion, Mithraism, or Manichaeism, as we do with Wotanism and Hermeticism?
          I am asking you because what Hrodberht said about falling in atheist nihilism is a real danger; a nation without spiritual principles is as empty as a nation without race, because it is the Spirit that makes Aryan blood different from other races. And I am curious as to the spiritual situation of our Eastern relatives, your kin and the few still pure Indo-Aryans.

    • Iran shows a lot more potential than other Islamic states…the country is indeed deluded by Islam of course, and unfortunately is not as secular as Assad’s regime, but is unflinchingly anti-Israel…I just hope the president is just sugarcoating his words and literally does want to “wipe Israel off the map” when the time is right…

      You are not right however, we can tell by looking at them that many, most even, are largely descended from Arabs…I am sure that area is not as detached from its once European roots as Egypt, the middle eastern countries like Syria and Iran are not without their fairer, more European people (Assad has blue eyes for one…) And Iranians do seem rather proud to be “Persian”…

      I sincerely hope that your once glorious country fully wakes up soon as Europe began to in the Renaissance, and that you don’t mix anymore than you have already. There is still hope! Even for “Arabs”…If any countries in that area have hope of improving it’s Iran and Syria, provided Assad keeps power (perhaps unlikely…)

      • Thank you for your wise look on Iran 🙂 but the fact is that the nation and the government are in a great conflict! we need a revolution, and also we hate that president guy with his war-like thoughts. fortunately his time is ending in the next 4 months 🙂

        • I think you need someone like Ahmadinejad. He comes across as a little bit…slimy, or maybe just cunning, sometimes (he just has that look about him), but like I said he’s openly anti-Israel and anti-Zionism…That part of the war will have a war, and needs one, I just hope that, if he stays long enough, he times it right and has the right support (Russia and Assad’s Syria if you’re lucky), otherwise he could launch an attack on Israel only to see Iran obliterated by the US 5 minutes later…

          The world needs war, it needs chaos to bring about dramatic change…No one wants it, but whether we like it or not, we rather need it….

        • (If I’m right about him hopefully he’ll just rig the elections anyway like Putin, which he probably has done already…better to have one strong politically corrupt leader who knows what he’s doing that a succession of hopeless governments (like us))

          • One thing that other people don’t see about Ahmadi nejad is that he economically has done a damage equal to 8 years war! so now everybody hates him, here. and his wishes for wiping out Israel are just some childish dreams, anyway he just instead of Israel, has defeated his own nation!! I wish you could get a person like him then you would understand what I am trying to imply 🙂

              • well so far he solely did all that damage by his false management, he also sends financial contributions to Syria and Palestine, while our people need it more. It is not fair, I think that’s how Zionist ruins our economy, indirectly!

                • which says it all really – He only feels the need to support Syria and Palestine because of all three countries’ problems with Israel/Zionists…Feel grateful those countries aren’t busy stabbing each other in the back and dragging everyone down the drain like the countries of the EU are…Might be crazy but at least Muslim countries know how to stand together, unlike western countries…

                • Iran’s economy from what I know if being directly attacked by the ZIonist bankers. They do their money-magic and inflate your currency; U.S. also has sanctions imposed on Iran, which makes goods more scarce. It is all a plan to get you (the citizen) to hate your leadership (which is openly anti-Zionist). So I see you are falling right into this trap!

                  • If what the president did do involved supporting Syria and Palestine, who can blame him? They’re nextdoor, it’s important. All three of those countries need to stick together if they want to defeat Israel.

            • Sorry I couldn’t reply your last comment, so I brought it here. Maybe you are right about that they support each other and maybe it’s good, but the fact is that we (as Iranian nation) literally hate Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and any country who has relations with Iran’s government. but there are also a few people who support them. Here, people have more respect for America; and for Israel I can say people are indifferent! All you see about the anti-Zionism in Iran, is from the government only and the few people who are still with government… Now you can see why we don’t want war specifically.

              • Well you need to see it from their point of view, as I said I hope he has been just sugar-coating his words and pretending he just dislikes Israel’s foreign policy…They would not be able to be overly explicit and provocative in being anti0Jewish, they have caused enough controversy already, and if they rallied the people to their cause they would surely be invaded by Zionists, i.e. USA and the UN

                • Yes, you’re right. Ahmadi-nejad is just (the best word for it) bluffing. Yeah, he actually hates Israel and Jewish but actually, he just wants to show himself off and be a theoretical hero for his nation and the world! but practically… he’s nothing

    • You speak about how civilized Iranians were under Cyrus and how uncivilized Europeans were but do you have any idea that Iranian people like Scythians and Sarmathians had a huge role in that 😀 So not all Iranians (or Iranian speaking) were under Persian rule. Scythians and later Sarmatians (and other tribes I don’t remember now) were a serious force for centuries and were ruling the lands from Mongolia to Easter Europe.

      • And their descendants still rule these lands, as Russians, Magyars, Ukraininans and other European peoples.

        The Persians were Scythians, but not all Scythians were Persians.

  11. Astonishing how deep and diverse the subjects discussed on this platform are, in contrast to the meaningless and insignificant conversations one unfortunately is confronted with all to frequently. Even at the university of Leuven in Flanders where I study history I have almost solely met mongrelized slaves that talk to the mouth of the (mostly complete incompetent) professor who spreads the propaganda that is dictated from the jewish capitalist government or formulates some unconvincing theorie or absurd interpretation of the historical events in our European history. However I feel also compelled to say that there are a few academics who take the study of history serious but this is sadly a rare phenomenon.
    No wonder most of us seem to live in solitude, one is almost forced to do so to stay pure. For residing to long in the poisonous clouds those brainless slaves constantly vomit would result in losing patience.. and we cannot lose our patience.. yet.
    The logical consequence of this withhold is deep suffering.

    Maybe this is a period we could partly describe as dwelling in the realms of the dead? Into the immeasurable and unmapped depths of our spiritual existence.
    It is in my opinion also a typical European characteristic, namely the fact that we are able to endure this great suffering. Where others corrupt and give up when exposed to misfortune and hardship, we go further, we may and shall not surrender nor abdicate our responsibilities.
    In addition the suffering of today is also a vital necessity, because when the tree of life searches to flourish and reaches upwards in Asgard striving for growth and prosperity, its roots correspondingly need to dig deeper into the dark depths. Into the uncertain, obscure, chaos, doubt and existential hunger, this seems one of the phases we all have been going through for now.

    In this sense we, living in this current time of decadent misery, are like the tree’s roots growing deeper whilst searching, because of the longing for clean water and healthy and decent nutrients. As when the winter comes to an end, all the dead and fallen leaves (elements of the current depraved society) and the nutrients/water we have found (pagan roots and the new answers which stem therefrom) through our journey in the realm of the dead (darkness and doubt and the accompanying suffering we had because of the corrupting powers) will be the fertilizer for the coming spring when the tree grows tall and firm once more, high upwards into the divine spheres of the gods, towards a European revival.
    So far my attempt to reflect this thought using mythological symbolism hehe.

  12. Being a hunter-gatherer people, it can be a double-edged sword.. How to create a High Aryan culture if you’re constantly on the run? I think that our ancestors were semi-nomadic, and this is why they left us the knowledge and culture. It is my opinion.

  13. What do you think about the theory that the tribes of India are actually European tribes, who wanderd of to far. I heard that that is the reason why they have some of the same symbols, like the swastika…

    • A ruling tribe was European. The rest were dark natives. When they mixed the European high culture there collapsed.

      • If the people in India are the offspring of europeans; do they have a higher intelligencd then the casual asians. And how did it come that they have dark skin while the neighbour tribes have fairer skin?

        • Like I said a ruling tribe was European. The rest (=majority) were not.

          Brown + white = brown.
          White + white = white.

          The neighbours of the North-Indians and Pakistanis have fairer skin? The South-Indians are very dark. The Burmese peoples are very dark. The Iranians and the Afghanis are also mixed with Europeans (and more so than the Pakistanis/North-Indians). The Himmalayans are fairer because the native Indians are originally very dark (=of the same race as the Austrlian Aborigines), so a bit European blood wasn’t able to make them lighter than the Himmalayans.

          You still find Pakistanis and North-Indians with very fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair some times, because the Caste system has kept them fairly white all things considered. These fair Indians/Pakistanis have a higher intelligence too, yes, just like the descendants of the nobles in Europe have a much higher intelligence than the descendants of ordinary peasants.

  14. You did something about the Celts! Thank you!

    Kind of off topic, but I want to get this out there. You may be interested, maybe, in this?

    In my view, a “Celt” is someone who speaks a Celtic language (and has origins in a Celtic-speaking country). Similarly, a “German” (in the broad sense of the world) is someone who comes from a country who speaks a Germanic tongue and has origins in a Germanic languages-speaking country.

    The German languages still are going strong. Celtic languages, however, are not strong at all. Gaelic in Ireland is dying thanks to English, and the same is happening in Scotland and Wales. In Brittany, Breton is dying to French and Galician has been killed (as far as I’m aware, I may be wrong). In this way, I think that the Celts will finally die out as other cultures have encroached on them.

    You talk about Coca-Cola and Microsoft in your article. In Ireland, that’s all I see. The only major remnant of the Celts left in the country is the music which even then has been corrupted.

    I don’t know what I just wrote, but you may be interested in my opinions. Interestingly, when in Ireland, I didn’t see many non-white people (I think I saw one in a weird part of Dublin, right outside a metal CD store), and the fight of nationalism is run by a socialist party called Sinn Fein. Maybe we’re just weird people.

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  16. Mr. Vikernes, have you studied the distribution of the various Y-DNA haplogroups in Europe? If not, I can recommend this site as a good introduction to the subject:

    I have seen the claim that the Y-DNA haplogroup R1a was not present in northern Europe prior to the Corded Ware / Battle Axe culture. R1a is also found in the parts of Asia influenced by the Aryan migrations.

    • But if you look at a map of haplogroup R1a in Europe it doesn’t at all correspond with the distribution of “Aryans” in Europe. Unless of course you claim that e. g. the English are not “Aryans”?

      Why would they not be? Aren’t the Angles, the Saxons, the Jutes, the Danes and the Norwegians who make up the population that we today call English “Aryans”?

    • If you look at this map you will see that they fail to identify Denmark, the Atlantic coast of Sweden and Southern Norway as “Megalithic” culture. So all our very physical and very present menhirs don’t exist?

      Their information doesn’t seem to be very reliable, but of course I can be wrong. Maybe I just looked at this a bit too hurriedly.

    • Because of the difference in the degree of mongrelization of the Neanderthals we can speak of different Neanderthal races. The one living mainly in the Eastern part of Europe was for a long time much more mongrelized than the one in the West. When these mixed, when they mixed with other non-Neanderthals and when these mixes mixed with others, and so forth, I guess different “haplogoups” came into existence; they were all different mixes, more or less Neanderthal. So, what does this mean? Possibly only that haplogroup cannot tell us all that much about.. well, anything at all.

      Another explanation is that one of these Neandethal-Homo sapiens mixes has been identified as the “Aryan” tribe, and the scientists can find their descendants by using their particular mixed race (=mixed Species) “DNA coctail”. But so what? They were just one of many European (=Neanderthal-Homo sapies mixes).

      I will read more about this, but my gut feeling tells that this is a dead end. Maybe I am wrong.

      Feel free to enlighten us all in this context if you can.

      • From what I can tell, haplogroup only tell us when foreign genes entered our pool. Notice that the R haplogroup appears when Neanderthal disappears? This is when Europe mixed with the foreign genes and “became homo-sapien”. Same scenario happens with other races, but earlier (and hence they are more mixed).

        Another possibility is that it is just different DNA that they falsely claim is “evolution” (aka “by chance” (which is impossible)). It’s like how we have a certain % ape genes. Well so do birds. It’s just instructions to create the creature, so similarities are bound to exist. It does not prove they have a related ancestry.

  17. Check this out:

    Dragos Kalajic’s Hyperborean realism. “Picture post cards of our inner empire”. Just an amateurish slideshow in honor of the master, Dragoš Kalajić (Драгош Калајић), one of the most significant artists and visionaries in European culture of the last quarter of the XX century. “You will renew the Roman Idea” baron Julius Evola said, looking him in the eyes. Pictures taken from Thule Art Gallery (Galleria d’Arte della Thule). Background music: Message from Hyperborea [Artist A.C.T.U.S./The Archaic Cultic Traditions United in a Society, song title Botschaft Aus Hyperborea, album Das Unbenennbare]

    Dragos Kalajic (1943-2005) graduated art at the Roman Accademia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) with highest appraisal. He was an artist, writer, philosopher, journalist… As far as I know, his works are not yet translated into English, but I’m not sure about Russian and Italian though. He also survived an assassination attempt. He died from a disease (died of cancer) caused by ZOG’s (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) bombing of western Serbian lands. He was a highly respected man in Serbia, Italy and in whole Europe among patriotic circles.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mr. Vikernes.

      “But if you look at a map of haplogroup R1a in Europe it doesn’t at all correspond with the distribution of “Aryans” in Europe. Unless of course you claim that e. g. the English are not “Aryans”?”

      I think you misunderstand what I meant with the term ‘Aryan’ in this context. I didn’t use it to signify a racial-biological category (such as ‘White’), but rather the early European tribe where the proto-Indo-European language first developed. As you know yourself (you mentioned it in your original article), the Indo-European languages weren’t originally spread over the entire European continent (and also in various non-European regions), but originated with specific tribes and gradually spread to larger areas. This can be explained using different hypotheses or theories, ranging from spread-by-military-conquest, to spread-by-peaceful-migration, to the theories of cultural diffusion. If I understand you right, you tend to support the latter one. I think all three explanations may be correct to a greater or lesser extent. While cultural diffusion seems to explain the spread of IE-languages in some cases, it seems likely that an actual migration of humans took place in other instances, for example when explaining the spread of IE-languages to Asia (Iran, India etc), and the occurrence of Y-DNA R1a among northern Indian Brahmins, and also in various other regions that have been under Indo-European influence, from Scandinavia to the tall, racially Europid mummies in the Tarim Basin, China.
      So when I link Y-DNA haplogroup R1a to the original IE-speakers, I do not say that haplogroup R1a is the haplogroup linked to racially Europid/White peoples.

      Let me explain:

      It is important to emphasize that the different Y-DNA haplogroups do not refer to distinct racial groups (a R1a-race, a R1b-race, an I1-race etc.) A Y-DNA haplogroup is defined by a series of genetic mutations in the Y-chromosome. These genes mutate at a regular basis, and spread through the population through procreation, obviously. When a new genetic mutation occurs, this means that a new haploroup subclade is created – a new sub-group that is branched off from the earlier series of genetic mutations. Successful genetic lineages may have thousands upon thousands of descendants some time in the future. If several people share a specific series of mutations in the Y-DNA, this means that they can trace their direct paternal lineage (the direct paternal lineage because the y-chromosome is passed on from father to son only) back to one single, common ancestor, in which this mutation first occurred. Of course, this ancestor had also inherited a series of mutations in the y-chromosome from his ancestors, and such mutations could also be traced back to one single man. The older a shared mutation in the Y-DNA is, the more ancient is the shared ancestor. BUT: a new mutation in the Y-DNA doesn’t suddenly mean that we have a new race, right? For a race to change its unique biological qualities, we need a lot of genetic mutations. A mutation (or a series of mutations) in the Y-chromosome won’t change how you look, for instance.

      This is why there are several native Europid/White Y-DNA haplogroups. They are just successful y-chromosome lineages that have first occurred in one man, and with time has become prominent in a larger population. New mutations in the y-chromosomes of his descendants, have defined new subclades of this haplogroup (such as R1a1a instead of R1a – these are just random names that the geneticists have invented to describe a certain series of mutations). If the common ancestor lived long ago, and many important mutations have taken place since then, the geneticists may decide to branch it off into a new haplogroup, such as R1b instead if R1a, even though they may be traced back to a common ancestor. By calculating the rate of mutations, the geneticists may estimate how long ago a common ancestor lived.

      Haplogroups may be taken into account when studying ancient migrations (the fact that R1a may be found both in Scandinavia and northern India, for instance, proves that there’s been some kind of migration to both of these places, by people originally descended from common ancestors, at least to some extent), but they do not work as distinct racial categories.

      I hope my explanation wasn’t that bad, I’m no expert on this personally either.

  18. Great post, odd (or not) that all day I have been talking about native artifacts. <>. Is it possible to find artifacts in Europe by means of any evidence of original game trails? Here in america I have been able to decipher old native foot trails near the trisection of rivers, the evidence being massive deposits of tools + spear points (never digging though-only on the surface). Although culturally separate, these items invoke a great deal of wonder and imagination and it seems the dates parallel hallstatt or corded ware. They call them archaic, pre-archaic, paleo, etc. I know the trees near where I have found ancient sites appear (without doubt) about 4-500 years old. Therefore would it be possible to find any such things (like a 500 year old tree in Europe, maybe Norway?) To aid in direct contact with the ancestors, and bypassing the falsified textbooks and using a sort of psychometry upon the artifacts? To look at it artistically and with imagination and wonder instead of new york times’ so mote it be propaganda.

    • We do have trees of that age pretty much all over Europe, and much older too (some several thousand years old). We also have many lakes that were used for thousands of years as sacred lakes (with many artefacts in them as well), and of course menhirs and such.

      • Good to hear that since I had heard the only old growth forests left were in Scandinavia. Therefore it could be possible to find your own menhir that no one else knows about…in a place that time forgot…where the ancients still exist. Where christianity didn’t bulldoze and where you can hear their voices and song.

  19. I’m curious Varg, have you considered doing a Thulean Perspective podcast? You certainly would appear to have more than enough material for one, and it would be a sure way of increasing interest in the blog. The productivity of this blog is prodigious, too much to keep up with really! Every day a new essay, followed by further essays worth of discussions and information in the comments sections. I would enjoy having an audio summary of the best bits once a week or something, and I’m sure others would as well.

  20. I’m curious Varg, have you considered doing a Thulean Perspective podcast? You certainly seem to have more than enough material for one, and it would be a good way of increasing interest in the blog. The productivity of this blog is prodigious, I wish I had time to read all the posts and conversations! It would be nice to have an audio summary of all the best bits once a week or so.

  21. Varg, I have wondered for a while: what is your opinion about nations which are too mongrelized to even resemble a tiny bit of what their ancestors looked like? Living in Eastern Europe (Romania, to be more precise, in a region exposed to unwelcome ‘visitors’), I rarely see persons who fit this ideal of beauty. They have an alien ideal, based on trends.
    Moreover, same goes with inherited moral and intellectual values. I’ve met few people I actually get along with. I feel rather discouraged: should I leave the country, or should I wait and hope for a change?

    • Intr-adevar, a trai in Romania si a gandi diferit e o truda la limita imposibilului. Dar viata pentru aceea si este data ca sa lupti pentru ea .
      Salut din Iasi!

    • Don’t worry, brother – you are not alone.
      We are not THAT mongrelized, don’t bother too much about it. There are beautiful and honest people all around you – they’re just silent and trying to be sane in this age of chaos.
      Keep in mind that this mixture (or are they really the same thing?) of Cultural Marxism/Socialism/Democracy produces these symptoms.. of social alienation, general mistrust, corrupted morality, neurotic people, social parasites etc. Seek out anything that leads you further in the quest for True Tradition (and away from their plague) and your heart will know only serenity and courage. 🙂

      We’re all on our own paths for now… but one day we will march together.

      • Thank you for commenting! You are absolutely right and your “political analysis” is right in the bull’s eye.

  22. I like travelling around Europe (still feels very safe and welcoming if you can avoid foreign elements) and observe the people and their native cultures.Having been in Norway a couple of times I must say that the majority of the people still look as you described .Large sculls , strong frames,light blond hair ,smooth and rather soft facial features and clear blue eyes . My question is how do you expain the existence of different types (subtypes?) within the same population.While being there I saw a good number of people who were tall but with a slender skeleton ,romboid shaped,ragged bony faces with strong high cheekbones , deep set eyes,sharp cut facial angles with a strong chin,hair usually not as blond as the former type but sometimes redish-blond and eyes more like blue-green . This last type gives the impression of a very wild and untamed individual.The rest of the population seems like a hybrid of these two types . Back again to the question ,how would you explain the existence of these two distinct types within such a homogeneous people as the Norwegians?

    • We can easily explain the different sub-types in the same population by telling that different tribes had different features due to mico-evolution of course, but mostly due to a different degree of race-mixing. Some of the tribes that eventually settled in what is today Norway had probably lived most of the time elsewhere; in Ireland, Crotatia, Iberia, Russia, Italy or anywhere else in Europe really.

      The differences we see today can also be explained by immigration to Norway (from other European countries) in historic times. During the Viking Age perhaps as much as 20% of the entire Scandinavian population was made up of thralls purchased or kidnapped in other European countries.

      E. g. about 90% of today’s Icelanders doesn’t just or at all stem from Scandinavians, but solely or (mostly) partly from Irish and Scottish thralls, and e. g. Swedes (generally speaking) are fairer than the Icelanders because their thralls [mostly Slavs] where fairer than the thralls of the Icelanders).

      • This is what I thought too,modern European phenotypes are a result of mixing between mostly europid subtypes,that’s why they can’t be seen elsewhere in the world . I always thought that Swedes have commonalities with certain Slavs eg Poles and it makes sense because we all know about their travels and adventures in Eastern Europe.About the Icelanders i think they are quite mysterious .They hardly look like anybody ..I could say they are quite unique and closed to their selves and that makes them a bit special.Thanks for the answer its sensible puts things in order and also thanx for not throwing on the table the famous Nordic-Iranian Hypothesis

      • It would not surprise me at all if Ireland had made an impact on the population like that (along with the English), given the missionary work…I remember reading too that a large portion of Icelanders are actually of “celtic” origin (i.e. British Gaelic – we should be less vague with them as you point out here)

        • You can see a number of “Irish” looking individuals in Norway so this could be the result of massive numbers of missionaries or thralls from Ireland.Also don’t forget Dublin was a Viking city originally so there definitely are relations.For the case of Icelanders I d say they are a result of fugitive outlawed Norsemen intermarried with Irish women .They are a nice mix indeed 😉

          • I have even heard that the people on Iceland have some Inuit or Native American blood. Might there be any truth in that?

            • Have you seen “Björk”? The little short-tempered “Icelandic” freak and musician?

              • She is strange looking, and generally a strange (and very left wing) person…also bisexual I believe, funny how many of the few renowned Icelanders are homosexual or bisexual – the current prime minister, the Sigur Ros vocalist…before long it will be basically a gay colony (as I doubt it would take long for them to outnumber the rest of their small population)

              • Yes unfortunately I have seen her… Quite a few of my friends love her and think she is so beautiful and whatnot… I just can’t see it. Most of my friends are left wing or care not of anything… :/

              • By the way, speaking of Icelandic musicians… The band Skálmöld is really good. Their texts are very close to Norse poetry with alliterations 😀 They are a metal band so I’m not sure if you’d like them (I’ve gotten a feeling that you don’t like metal that much, or do you?). Anyhow, they write good texts 🙂

              • I discussed the case of “björk” with several people by now searching an answer on what she actually is. Do you consider her to be Inuit ? Or may she have sámi roots?

  23. The pictures remind me of Astérix, a great comic 🙂 This was interesting and brutally logical. I guess it always felt strange that all of a sudden there came another people who simply replaced the other ones. And it reminds me of the Sami topic. People look upon them as indigenous and say “they were here before us”… But logic tells us that “we” must have been here before them, since the ice started retracting in the south first. From whence we came. And only later could the Sami come from the east and north. So “we” are more native here. Not that I care much about the Sami if they want to live up there in the ice and snow. But the whole discussion about them being the ones who should “own” Sweden becase they were here first is ridiculous.

    • Haha Asterix rules 🙂 and I m sure that pre-Roman Gauls must have mostly looked like them ! Sami are nice people rather quiet and peaceful from my own experience with them and point of view but its obvious they have nothing to do with Scandinavia . Europe and especially Scan/via breeds tall,fair and strong humans . These guys are obviously mongoloid and most probably came from East Siberia/Central Asia

      • Mainstream scientists seem too stupid to confirm for sure where they came from (same with Finns and Basques), but the general theory is they came from Siberia, which effectively makes them Mongolian…As the most likely explanation of native Americans says they migrated from Siberia across to America during the ice age…native Americans, Sami, Siberians, Mongols, Far East Asians and South East Asians obviously all come from the same stock…shame some of them, Japan especially (still believing in a stupid idea of Japanese “homogeneity”), struggle to acknowledge this…

        Differences between them and us also show interesting examples of minor evolution, such as East Asians’ lactose intolerance (which we are barely tolerant of because our digestion system is not meant to digest cow’s milk), and Europeans’ relative tolerance of alcohol in comparison to the likes of native Americans and aboriginal Australians, who quickly became alcoholic wrecks soon after we colonized them, unfortunately…

        • Alcohol is a tricky subject. I have nothing against it really. I sometimes drink a few beers with my friends or so, but alcohol abuse is really wrong, as most addictions. If one drinks it is wise to drink only so much as one can handle or less. Hávamál is good to follow 😀 The Injuns got our alcohol and started abusing it, but we got something much worse: tobacco. I can’t understand why it is so popular. It smells awful and must taste as bad :/

          Japanese will never accept that they share a gene with the other Asians x) I wonder what is to be made out of the Ainu. I haven’t read much about them but compared to Japanese and other Asians they have some features more similar to Europeans, have they not? Whence came they? あいぬはふしいぎ人ですね。x)

          • Ainu are ultimately Russian/Siberian, so maybe they are more racially mixed as some Siberians (and Sami) are…most are mixed with Japanese anyway now, though…

            I guess inhaling smoke has a certain mystical/ritualistic appeal, as that is what the Indians use it for…my point is that alcohol (healthy alcohol like ale and wine) in moderation is great, ans our bodies have adapted to it…I’m not saying we should push our bodies to the limits with alcohol, that’s how Europe has ended up in the binge-drinking embarrassing state it is in today…Just trying wine on the other hand was enough to turn Indians into alcoholics, the Europeans did deliberately wipe them out in other ways (like spreading disease deliberately), but I doubt they could predict the devastating effect alcohol would have…

              • Please elaborate. It would be interesting to know more about this. What is true then? Why did the myth come about?

                • The origin of the Small Pox Blankets myth comes from two conflated sources. One, is that at some point between the late 15th and early 17th century some kind of pandemic severely decimated the Native population (allegedly, I’m doubtful of the numbers claimed, but the pre-Mayflower Indian pandemic is part of the myth and anywhere from 50-90% of the Native population is claimed to have died from plague).

                  There is zero evidence that this happened deliberately and no one really suggests that it did.

                  Now, almost two hundred years after the landing at Plymouth Rock after the French abdicated in the French and Indian war, their Native allies started their own war against the British known as Pontiac’s Rebellion (named after the Indian Chief orchestrating the war). The British were being savaged by the savages having forts and towns overrun and the Natives wiping out nearly every living soul in the process (which is par for the course for their warfare; which they had done to other Indian tribes like the Huron in the region prior to any European colonization).

                  The British military commander of North America, Jeffrey Amherst (for whom Amherst, MA is named) wrote to one of his subordinates suggesting that he supply Natives with small pox blankets, which his subordinate had replied saying he had already done this very thing to the ones besieging his fort. Which happened at one time, at one fort to one band of Indians.

                  Unfortunately for their sake the very Chiefs that were supplied with these blankets survived the war and seem to have avoided infection, and the Small Pox epidemic seems not to have effected the Indians any worse (and probably not as badly) as it had the English. The reality is that, in the history of this war Indians and British were mixing it up quite vigorously and not just in combat. That the Natives were almost definitely infected from combat, trading, and other liaisons with the British.

                  What happens is that in this urban legend Amherst’s missive is transported back in time to the colonization of North America, and it was evil colonists throwing ‘infected’ blankets at Indians well prior to the germ theory of disease in order to engineer a genocide so their land could be taken, when the reality is that any deliberate attempt to infect Indians was literally ~260 years after the white representatives of European Empires first set foot on North America, and ~160 years after the Mayflower landed.

                  That it was also during an internecine Total War scenario, and it also probably wasn’t very effective as hostilities didn’t cease until the Indian rebels lost the war logistically, from not having any capacity to manufacture arms, and not because they were devastated by plague.

      • Yes, they do, and they did around only 2500 years ago. They are not native to Scandinavia at all, contrary to popular belief.

  24. 5,000 years old roots of literacy

    Serbian literature, emerged from the popular wisdom of the Middle Ages, is specific for the use of Cyrillic alphabet and the rule that one letter stand for one sound

    Serbia is the only country in the world characterized by the unique Serbian Cyrillic script in which one letter represents one sound.

    Read more:

    About Vinca letters…

    Vinča history in brief:

    Vinča, the Cradle of European Civilisation

    The remains of the oldest Neolithic civilisation in Europe lies in Vinča, on the right bank of the Danube not far from downtown Belgrade

    Lepenski vir, the oldest urban place in Europe

    This Paleolithic site on the banks of the Danube river called Lepenski vir is a proof that the local culture developed social relations, architecture and art over six thousand years ago:

    • Cool, but… yes there is a but; isn’t this just the culture in what today is Serbia, and not really Serbian culture — just like the Ancient Egyptian/Sumerian culture is not the culture of today’s Egyptians/Iraqis (=Arab invaders)?

      Serbs are Slavs, so their roots would be in the Scythian culture.

      The history of the Balkan peoples has a dendency to be very, very chauvenistic and self-centered. Vinca is nice and all, but it is not the cradle of European civilisation.

      • Great article, as always. As to Slavs being derived from Scythians – it is also a “crypto-historical myth”, according to official history. Or so we are told by our scholars. They would want us all to believe we went down from trees by the time of christianisation.

        • They must have, the Scythians covered a vast area, they were nomadic, and weren’t wiped out…a fascinating, and very important for us, people that people should spend more time studying

        • That’s right, many historians today learn us how we fell from Mars (or from Carpathian Mountains, however…) and came to this Balkan area between 6 and 7 century…but what if this is not true? What if we are always been here (since the first Europeans, according to the latest analysis of haplogroup), and others have just called us with different names, like Illyrians, Thracians, Dacians, Sorabs, etc. ???

          So yes, this is our land and native soil, we will never give up. We will resist, as long as there is a single man who puts his hand on what is ours.


          • Why would anyone (outside Albania, the JewSA and Israel) want you to give up Serbia?

            But you do know that your forefathers too were once nomadic hunter-gatherers, and that they didn’t just roam around in Serbia?! And that other European hunter-gatherers too roamed around in Serbia?

            It is hardly true that the Serbs have “always” been there. You are Slavs, and the Slavs are Scythian peoples, from the “Russian” Steppes.

            The Dacians/Thracians are the forebears of today’s Romanians. The Illyrians are the forebears of probably all the peoples in the former Illyria, mixed with other peoples — like Slavs from the Scythian tribes.

            Does it really matter? Do you really need to have been there first? In that case I can assure you that you were not the first there; the Neanderthals lived there 500.000 years ago. The proto-Neanderhtals even longer ago. (But thankfully we Europeans descend almost exclusively from them so…)

            This might interest you;

            Serbia is a great nation, very unfairly treated many times (last time in 1999) and I salute you for your courage and pride. I know that the future Pagan Europe will treat you much better. You are our brothers and sisters, and we will stand, fight and fall with you if your nation is ever threatened.

            PS. And I hope the pigs who ordered and participated in the 1999 attack on Serbia live long enough for us to be able to hand them over to Serbia to be put to trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Let them all hang in the streets of Belgrade!

      • Well no one ever said that was Serbian culture (!), but it is actually one of the oldest civilizations that is located in Serbia, and that has similarities with our letters. And then who’s here “self-centered”?

        • Does that make me self-centered? I could be called self-centered for many reasons, but I don’t think that would be one of them.

          Relax. I am not your enemy. Your links are very valuable and I appreciate that you share them with us. Thanks a lot.

          • I know you’re friend of my nation, and I appreciate everything you write, but as a member of the Dinaric sub-race, we have high temperament.. 🙂 Sorry.

            • Ha ha. No problem.

              I wish we had more of your temper in Scandinavia. Instead of revolting the Scandinavians are tolerating just about everything, accepting every humiliation you can imagine and just keep on living as if nothing has happened. Would Serbs tolerate a Muslim population who on average raped one Serbian woman in Belgrade every single day? I don’t think so… They would have killed these pigs themselves, in the streets! And rightfully so.

              But, on the other hand, when the Scandinavians finally act they do it properly, like the Germans (=South-Scandinavians) did after thay had had enough of the Jewish terror;

              • I hope that they will pay.

                I am sorry for digression, some time ago I read Irminsûl. I was amazed by your explanation of universe and it’s forces, very interesting. Also I was very interested in recreation
                -from-space thing. Do you still think that this may be true? For a long time I have an idea, later I read something like that in your book, that we can “evolve”, become higher kind, by advancing cognitive functions of our our brain, freely speaking. What do you think about that now?

      • Very true. I am an American with 3/4 Bulgarian heritage. I can certainly confirm that while the Balkan peoples have some decent qualities, dispassionate objectivity regarding themselves is the least of them. There is no such thing as a Balkan historian- only Balkan propagandists and chauvinists. Everyone should take what a person from the Balkans claims about history with a grain of salt. Their lack of humility and incredible exaggerations of their own histories can really be breathtaking sometimes. They can almost rival the Turks and jews when it comes to chutzpah.

    • OMG! The Cyrillic alphabet was created by Bulgarians for Bulgarians (and then spreaded to other Slavs). And it is not just about a few letters it is about the whole culture and literature translated and created during that period. Learn real history! Serb propaganda is such a joke!

          • Yes I do, but that is not relevant in this context.

            I just suggest here that Bulgarian propaganda is no better. Why would you believe the Serb propaganda is a joke, but the Bulgarian is not?

            • I know that lot things are joke, as we say here.

              But if anyone losed every propaganda war, ti is Serbia.

              I can give you few concrete examples but I think you know them (at least during few last wars, and like Merkale or so).

            • What I meant when I said “official history ” it was about the history of Cyril and Methodius and their work As for the Bulgarian propaganda, never heard of it, so I don’t now nothing about it.

      • If we bear in mind the Balkan wars and the First and Second World War, the Bulgarians were the biggest traitors in the Balkans.

        Never turn your back to Bulgarian (old saying).

  25. For example the word “sword” or “schwert” maybe has artic origin. Languages are easy to adapt, it needs only few generations. The jews know that and confuses nationalists, which claim, they are aryans. What is important to us isn’t our language group, but the race.

  26. Great article!
    Glad to see the reference about Dacians, it gives me an unrefrained proudness for being of European stock. Thank you for your atention and deep approach to the problems of our culture and ancestors.

    P.S When I was a child I read a book that , indeed, human race appeared somewere beyond the Carpathian mountains and that Atlantida was an island in Black Sea. I don;t know if it is entirely true, but it is more believable than official shit of creation of european man from negroes.

  27. Could it be said that the Hallstatt and Corded Ware cultures were developed by Europeans traveling eastwards away from Europe? Maybe the archaeological evidence is showing a culture being brought back to the original homes of it’s creators/developers? Maybe some even continued further east and arrived at the Tarim Basin, introducing bronze to the Chinese, and possibly a whole lot more? This may or may not be the case, however, if we reverse somethings we’ve been taught; believe in the opposite to most of what is being preached in this this modern world, we can join the dots a whole lot easier. Thank You for all your dedication, Varg. Your level of activity this year is outstanding. I understand that the last 3 or so years of yours were committed to creating great music, but seeing months go by without any updates of new written material on http://WWW.BURZUM.ORG was very agonizing! But I don’t blame you of course! Best health to you and your family.

  28. You know, I am still trying to get my head around this ‘we are Neanderthals’ idea. It is so radical, it will take some getting used to. I suppose it’s my sceptical side kicking in. So controversial, yet so intriguing. We are… Neanderthals… 🙂

    • Keep thinking of them as Ancient Northern Europeans.

      Yes, it is a major change in thinking for us, regarding our forebears, but only because we have been fed with so many lies for so long.

      Remember the allegory of the cave! They show us only shadows…

    • Remember also, that the earth used to be flat, and the center of the universe…

      For me personally, the idea of us being Neanderthals makes much more sense than the currently accepted theory that we came from apes (apes, really…)….it makes perfect sense, actually.

      The funny thing is that even if the theory of evolution was true, it would still technically mean that we are superior and more evolved than the negroes 😀 hahahaha

      • For some things you don’t need a scientific study 😉 It is common sense 🙂

        I’ve always seen evolution as a “Where things are going” approach rather than a “Where things come from” approach, even of course if it (tries to) explain(s) both. Maybe it’s because I’m a man who looks more into the present and future instead of the past. The past worries me because it is modified so much deliberately.

        Evolution can be a good model/strategy to plan out the future (if you see evolution not only as a biological concept). But for understanding the past we need something additional to evolution (a larger concept) and Atala seems to provide just that.

      • Mr. Smang15; I trust you know that OUR forebears didn’t believe the Earth was flat and the centre of the universe? This is a Christian misconception. The Pagans were never that ignorant.

        You don’t need to look further than to the Latin language to know that they knew perfectly well that the Earth was round. Why would they otherwise call it the globe (Lat. globus)? The other ancient languages show the same.

        • Of course I knew that 🙂

          I meant to say that first line in a tone condescending towards the church’s “dogmas of the day”; to say that the earth was NOT flat or that the earth was NOT the center of the universe was like “heresy” back in the day (poor Copernicus and Galileo)… just as the rejection of the ridiculous theory of evolution and the acceptance of the Neanderthal as the ancient European will be like “heresy” today.

          I was trying to make the point that the masses treat every “scientific” study they read these days like a religious scripture, and they don’t bother to think outside the box…

          • Yes, I understood what you wanted, I just wanted to make sure nobody thought that our Pagan ancestors were that ignorant. 🙂

          • [ just as the rejection of the ridiculous theory of evolution and the acceptance of the Neanderthal as the ancient European will be like “heresy” today.]

            Evolution is a ridiculous theory? Do you agree with that, Varg?

            • It’s not a ridiculous theory, evolution obviously DID happen, it’s how it happened that’s the issue, the field being plagued by entirely fictitious and politically-motivated theories that are an insult to real science

              • The “missing link” is not a missing fossil or anything lke that, but really the missing evidence that will verify the theory of evolution. Without this missing link the theory is flawed

                You cannot claim that 2 + 5 + X = 200 when you have no idea what X is. 200 is just a wild guess with no scientific basis. It is like religion, based on faith.

                Macro-evolution is thus flawed and no better than any other modern religion, and it is not at all scientific either (e. g. conflicting with the 2nd thermodynaic law of physics), but of course micro-evolution is absolutely true and real.

                • I was speaking more genuinely and not just about the clearly false out of Africa theory, as we must have evolved somehow, like any other animal…We shouldn’t confuse the two theories when one is obviously more scientific and legitimate than, albeit contaminated by, the other entirely un-scientific theory…

                  • Ah…

                    Henceforth we will always speak about macro- or micro-evolution, and never just evolution. Deal? 🙂

                • I agree with your view on the cosmos and that it did not necessarily have a “beginning”, but our planet obviously did…of course there is the theory that our origin is extra-terrestrial but this is grounded in even less evidence than the out of Africa theory…

                    • Indeed. But as Varg noted still more of a possibility than us all coming from the same village in Africa. So much for being a “scientific” alternative to creationism…

                    • And what of all the other creatures along our geological timeline? Where they populated by space men as well? Maybe the space men are actually higher-dimensional forces (from the Wyrd or place of no time) planting their consciousness into beings in our reality. For some reason THAT seems more plausible to me for whatever reason.

                    • I think Hörbiger wrote about those old ages. And I agree with that also. We are spiritual beings descended on earth to fight, conquer and spiritualize the brute powers of matter.

                    • Or simply to improve and then return stronger to enhance the “collective mind” (Odin I assume). At least this is what (as far as I remember) Varg proposed previously, and I take it quite literally, considering we have scientific proof of such experiences.

                    • Well, I think one improves by turning matter into spirit, and yes, that is like purifying and strengthening the race soul, empowering its spiritual force, so yes, I agree with that too.

                  • Indeed, who knows…perhaps our Neanderthal race is as eternal as the universe and the result of space colonization on a vast scale…at least it’s even slightly possible, unlike the out of Africa theory…

                    As there obviously are intelligent species in other habitable parts of the universe….for all we know, they could be the same as us…

                • Well, this is where I just have to say it aloud because it’s a common misconception and may give people a wrong impression of physics. Don’t take this wrong, I think you’re quite intellectual person, Varg, but I suggest you should study physics some more and especially thermodynamics (because thermodynamics is almost the hardest area of physics). You’d be amazed.

                  I’m not gonna write down the whole proof here, because it would take up my whole day and would lead into some very time-consuming debate about it.
                  Let’s just say that I’m not too keen promoting ideas against macro-evolution in the name of thermodynamics as it’s a common practice in some of the most extreme christian sects and cults and they seem to have only some or even none knowledge of physics at all. It’s almost like debating mathematics with a handicapped 5-year old with a cerebral palsy and all this “intelligent design” and “greath architect” -bullshit makes my bowels burn.

                  Believe me, it’s just a “jewish” scheme to twist and turn everything what is right and empirically true; people (and especially the readers of this blog) need to get out of their comfort-zone and read material, articles and books which are not necessarily familiar with them or even not comfortable and/or not supporting their ideas and views. You must build your own view and thoughts on these subjects. The more you get into this area, the more you understand.

                  A great book to start your journey into the magical world of physics would be Tipler’s physics book:

                  Have fun and keep up the good work, Varg!

                  • Thanks for the link. I understand that using “Creationist” arguments might not be the wisest, but I still think the theory of macro evolution is not better than other religions based on faith. There is a missing link (evidence) and what the “scientists” have done is only to make a Judeo-Christian creation story in a more scientific language, and they move “The Creation” further back in time. It is still based on faith. Not evidence.

  29. I’m really excited about the Forebears film!!!

    It’s the best feeling ever, to *finally* be able to communicate with and know others that have the same values and feelings as I do, after being force-fed bullshit (and knowing that it was in fact, bullshit) for so long and growing up confused and alienated in American society.

    HailaR WôðanaR!

  30. I’ve always subscribed to the Aryan invasion theory. This shows me my work is far from done. Fascinating read.

    • Thank you.

      I think all of us did make that same mistake. This false “Aryan” lead makes many of us search in the wrong places (are you reading this Mr. M., my friend? 😉 ), like in India, Iran and Tibet, for some “origin” of our race, some sort of “Aryan proto-city”. There is no such thing, of course, and the only thing we can find in these places are some “mongrelized” versions of our own Paganism. They too naturally hold truths, but nothing that we cannot find here in Europe, where they all come from in the first place.

      • what are your views on the origins of the language? I have read claims that Sanskript originated in Ukraine, maybe this is just some weird claim by Ukrainian nationalist black metal bands…

        Seems viable though that the language spread out from the middle (in the area around Iran?) and then spread further both east and west, instead of a wave of both language and peoples heading west into Europe (if this were the case we would have been mixed with Indians…)

        • The Indo-European theory tells us that we learned language from Sanskrit, but that is too absurd since there is evidence at least in Greece of a more ancient language, Linear A.

          Probably you have evidence for other parts of Europe but I don’t know much about the history of other countries.

          • You are absolutely right, Dimos.

            It seems there is something seriously wrong with the official theories — regarding just about everything really.

            • The Indo-European theory is based on some words that sound the same in our and their languages. But, if there was an Indo-European tribe wouldn’t it leave some monuments? Distinct mythology maybe? Not to mention Europeans look nothing like Indians.

              • No, but the Indo-Aryans who built th Indus Valley culture did look like us, and even today you can find blonde and some times also blue-eyed individuals in the upper castes in India and Pakistan. They were Europeans, but they mixed with the non-European locals, so their high culture collapsed.

                They came from Europe, for sure.

                • Yeah, I checked some pictures. What I meant was that there is no proof of a distinct Indo-European tribe, from which modern Europeans and Indians come from.

                  • Okay, I understand.

                    Yes, you are absolutely right! And if we try to find one we are probably chasing ghosts…

      • I am Mr. Vikernes 🙂

        This is a great article, and I am particularly interested in the real origin of the “Celts”, as I see my (and my father’s) tribe, the Gallaeci, there on the map, but never read anything about the racial origins of the population (both “proto-Celts” and “Celts”); they only talk about that cultural innovations and language modifications as if they were the only important thing. I have read a book about the Celts by Henri Hubert that, if I am not wrong, almost only cared about language and technology, and despised those “ignorants” who try to analyze the racial features of the Celts (that is, as you say, to see of what race were the people englobed in the “Celtic” culture), while at the same time recognizing that superior technology leads the people adopting it to adopt the terms and words used by the culture that produced such technology, even where there is no racial mix at all. If this is not racial intellectual warfare, I don’t know what it is.

        By the way, I am enjoying Marcus Aurelius “Meditations” a lot, and working on a short refutation of faith in favor of reason (though not denying the possibility of gnosis as purely spiritual or supra-rational intellectual intuition) as a defense of ancient European philosophers who were challenged (and sometimes killed; remember Hypatia) by Catholic fanatics and apologetics (things like: “yes, what I am asking –or ordering- you to believe is not reasonable, but faith is above reason, so believe it anyway”). I had this in mind since some time from now, but Marcus Aurelius (as the rest of Greek philosophers) focuses so much in the importance of reason for living a honorable life and approaching the Divine, that I felt I needed to work on it now. It is connected to the doctrine of the human compound we mentioned the other day, so maybe when I finish it you would like you see it; it may prove useful as a small contribution for finishing this dark rule of Judeo-Christian ignorance in Europeans, if not for what you call the brainwashed “parent generation”, at least for those who have being told that faith must reign supreme in the invisible and, having not yet fallen in the trap -or having the chance for escaping-, are still forming their consciousness and will; as Evola wrote: “Those who know and who, insofar as they know and are able—just as those god-men known and venerated by all great ancient traditions—must replace those who “believe”—the blind leading the blind.”

        • I’ve found in many of those otherwise decent books dealing with Europeans they rant in the introductions about how there is no ultimate line, no level we can go to where we can say “this feature or characteristic separates one race from another on a fundamental level”. They hope this argument effectively demonstrates that “ultimately” race does not exist. Unless of course, there is a political opportunity.

          Even as a 10 year old I knew this was utterly stupid, false and particularly cowardly.

          • The saddest thing is that people are not like you (or like all of us commenting here I suppose); they just believe everything they are told, even if they can see with their own eyes that that is not the truth. How can multiculturalism be good if those people form other cultures you brought into your country are raping your women? And yet they are so brainwashed they don’t see it. And if they do, the omnipotent law of silence works very well… as Seneca (I don’t know if it was the Elder or his son, the Young; I only read the quote) said about the Jews: “the costumes of that wicked race have already extended all over the earth, so the defeated have ended giving their laws to the victorious” (sorry for the poor translation). If this was true in 2.000 years ago, figure out now…

            • Reminds me of what Gibbon said in “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”:

              “From the reign of Nero to that of Antinious Pious, the Jews discovered a fierce impatience with the dominance of Rome, which repeatedly broke out in the most furious massacres and insurrections. Humanity is shocked at the recital of horrid cruelties which they committed in the cities of Egypt, of Cyria, and of Cyrene, where they dwelt in treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting natives; and we are tempted to applaud the severe retaliation which was exercised by the arms of the Legions against a race of fanatics whose dire and credulous superstition seemed to render them the implacable enemies not only of the Roman government, but of all human kind.”

              • It is really weird to see all of this happening. I mean, I have known and seen this situation, at least part of it, since my childhood as you, but sometimes I stop and think: who would have ever thought that we were going to be attacked by a whole race of liars during 3.000 years or more? It is insane, and still it happens, all of them contribute to their scheme with their money or, if they do nothing wrong, they become the “exception” that should be enough for stopping us to stop the tyrannical rule of the others. Like that man who sees his society destroyed by bands of Negroes and yet has a good Negro “friend” that makes him think that racism is wrong. We truly are “unsuspecting” fools as those poor Roman citizens.

                • People just need to learn to scrutinize; but I don’t see it happening. I don’t think all Jews are bad, yet I have no problem in generalizing the Jews as bad, because it is just that; a generalization. I don’t want them around because “in general” they harm us. If I were a Jew, I would AGREE.

                  Most people are followers, so to get them to do anything requires the right leadership. It’s really pathetic, because I believe in liberty. Sadly, most people can’t handle the responsibility.

                  • You have spoken true words. Responsibility is always over few shoulders, so few shoulders will see their heads falling down in case luck is not favorable.

  31. I would realy be interestet where you get all your Information.
    This, to me, our heritage , our origins, is a point wich interessts me a lot. I read a lot of Books about it but wich one is to trust?

    • You can read just about any of them and from what they offer come to the right conclusion yourself, using your own intellectual capacities. There are no other ways to figure this out, really.

      They say e. g. 2 + 2 = 719, so we just have to correct that and change the answer to 4 to make it all correct. 🙂

      Just like when they write that “Heimdallr is a most mysterious god“, and follow up by telling us basically nothing about him, we can find out more about him by simply looking his name up in an etymological dictionary (or two…). So, okay his name means “World Tree” or “Tree above the bed”, and from then on we can understand the myths including him much better. The roots of the world tree goes into the realm of the dead (= the burial mound, where the dead sleep in their “death beds”). The tree itself grows in Midgard (= not our world, but the exterior of the burial mound, surrounded by a a fence to keep animals from grassing there). The crown of the tree strecth into the sky (=Asgard), where the spirits (=wind) of nature reside.

      Using common sense, etymology and then of course our knowledge about our customs and traditions enable us to accurately recreate Paganism.

      (Sorry for digressing… 😐 )

      • I think this was a very helpful answer…
        And of course i make my own picture by all the informations i read….
        But like you said once we are bombarded by lies… So its hard to find out the truth.

        • Trusting our intuition is often the best we can do. Listen to the Voices of our Ancestors!

            • This also explains why the Jews are so eager to mongrelize us. The truth is in our pure blood, so they want to remove the truth by removing our purity.

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