Amongst the Ruins


In Europe, you can visit historical sites of different categories, and see the link between modern man and the past with your own eyes. You see what once was, and what has become of it. Most often it has been ruined completely or at least partly because of the anti-European wave of hateful destruction brought to our continent by the Judeo-Christians.

Today a friend of mine and I brought our families to a Gallo-Roman site. My family had already been there before, with a good friend from Île-de-France, but when we arrived we realised that – oh no – the last time we were there we weren’t actually there… we just visited what can best be described as a pile of rubble, a few hundred meters or so, I guess, from the actual site. I felt a bit bad for having brought my good friend all the way only to see that pile of rubble, the last time we were (almost) there, but desided to write some sort of report of this visit, hoping he would appreciate it.

Naturally, we brought our camping gear, and some food, and whilst preparring the meal and eating, we discussed the sad fact that Judeo-Christianity had arrived in our Europe, and had destroyed almost all the European sacred sites. The Judeo-Christians had also taken stones from the temples that once stood right next to us, in order to build churches (this time elsewhere). So the temples had been reduced to mere ruins not because of time and weather, but because of the actions of man. They had been built to last forever, but because of the Judeo-Christian man’s hateful recklessness and extreme contempt for the European heritage they were now just ruins.


No amount of Judeo-Christian destruction can take away the magic of a Pagan site though, or the feeling of being connected to the Ancients when you walk where they walked and touch what they built, or what is left of it.

Although we still have many of them, or rather we still have many of the ruins that are left after some of them, most such sacred sites were desecrated by the Judeo-Christians, who destroyed, often with fire, all the European temples they could find, tore down the stone walls, smashed the statues, chopped down the sacred groves and murdered the priests and priestesses. They then built their own temples, in honour of their criminal idol and his “divine father”, right on top of the remains of the European temples, and thus ensured that nobody would ever find them, wonder what they were, what function they served or whose temples they were. Only Judeo-Christianity was tolerated: everything else they got their hands on was destroyed.


So time went by, all over Europe, and our heritage could have been lost forever, had it not been for the invading Muslims. Yes, the Muslims found ancient Greek and Latin texts, and translated them into Arabic, and learned a lot, and in fact so much that they because of this were technologicaly and scientifically more advanced than the primitive Judeo-Christians! They had access to the old European science, philosophy, mathematics, and you name it: all that had been rejected and destroyed on sight by the raving mad Judeo-Christian lunatics.


In response to the invasion of the Muslims the so-called “Pope” called for crusades against them, and when the European crusaders defeated the technologically and scientifically more advanced Muslims and conquered their lands, they found the old Greek and Latin texts, or the Arab translations. They found a way back to Europe…


Rejoice Europe! When these texts spread out in Europe the Renaissance came, which was in effect the result of a Europe that found back to it’s own self: the Pagan philosophy, mathematics, literature and science of Antiquity, brought back to us via the Muslim invaders. We found back to all that had been destroyed on sight here in Europe by the hateful Judeo-Christians. Even the terror of the Judeo-Christians could not suppress that re-kindled fire, that re-awakened European spirit.


From the Reneissance and up until this very moment, Europe has been trying to rid itself of the Judeo-Christian yoke, to free itself from the mental, spiritual and physical chains of the Hebrew cult of “Christianity”. Slowly but surely we reject Judeo-Christianity, step by step, day by day, and cast aside the self-hatred, self-contempt, humility, life-hating Judeo-Christianity that has been forced down our throats, with force, with violence, with torture, with threats, with lies, with malice, with destruction.


Europe is waking up, and returning to life. Europe opens her eyes and sees light for the first time since the Christianization. Europe becomes Europe again…

Many stumble on their way back. Many fall. Many go astray too. And it might take some time still, before Europe is fully awake, but with time Europe will wake up completely – because no matter the amount of shit they pour over us, we will always be European underneath, because our blood is European.


Because of the Muslims we know well the Roman and Greek strains of the European religion, and because of chance we know much about the Scandianvian strain too. Because of folklore, folk music and modern post-Reneaissance archeology, we know a bit more about these strains and the other strains of the European religion as well. We know enough to reconstruct the European religion, to revive it and to through that revive Europe: blood and soil!

I advice you, fellow Europeans, to visit these sacred sites of Europe, they can be found all over Europe: feel the energy, feel how important they are to your spiritual being. See what the Judeo-Christians have done to the sacred sites of your forebears, and let the sight of this eradicate all your attraction to their so-called religion. Remember what you are! Remember who you are!

Hail our Gods! Hail and Joy!

PS. Some photos showing the ruins of the homes of those who built the temples we visited today:

IMG_2343 IMG_2344 IMG_2345   IMG_2359IMG_2362 IMG_2360 IMG_2361IMG_2346 IMG_2358 IMG_2347


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  1. I’m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog
    that’s equally educative and entertaining, and let me tell you,
    you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something which too few people
    are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I came across this during my search for something concerning

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  4. Something I asked myself for some days now, although it is pretty off-topic:
    Varg, what are your favorite movies if you have any, at all? I can’t remember you already talking about that topic in an interview or so.

  5. This is one of the many reasons I could leave the states for Europe. There are no ruins that tie my ancestors to this land. I often feel as though I don’t belong here. Unfortunately it would be much easier for me to be allowed to live if I were a third world “refugee” than a biological European who wishes to embrace the culture. It will happen in the future, it will just be difficult.

      • None that are close. The majority of my ancestors came to America in the time Period of 1860-1875 from northern Europe. I know for a fact I have some relation that still in northern Europe, as my family name is fairly in the Mittelweser region in northern Germany, and my great grandmother kept in touch with her Norwegian relation into the 1950s.

  6. I visited the ruins of several pagan Greek cities ( because Greeks are Europeans … ) , it is now Southern Ukraine and southern Russia . These cities are located on the northern coast of the Black Sea . There remains a great deal from those of the Greeks , the foundation of the city, any set of figurines , glassware , designs with images of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Ares. The Greeks were very advanced guys , so that everything is done perfectly , some of the exhibits are amazing . And architecture prepared as they say ” forever .” In the end, these cities were deserted after the raids of the Turks. Now there is a museum .

  7. The quality of the stonework is obvious in your photos, even after so many centuries and the damage done by man and exposure to the elements. From the drainage trenches at the perimeter of the site, the careful notching of the stones to fit snugly together, the angles and curves of the walls…it is clear these were highly skilled designers and craftsmen. A modern stonemason could only dream of building something so enduring.

  8. Nice pics Varg! I had the chance last summer to watch Sofocles’ play “Antigona” in this beautiful theatre:

    It’s remarkable that is pretty nice the middle ages arab influence in Spain, since we could recover some sience and culture lost with christianity.

    I’m not in my country now due to studies, but when I come back I’ll start to visit pagan constructions around my area, which are quite a lot as far as I know.


  9. They have discovered texts from the library of Ercolano that were turned to charcoal from the lava of Vesuvius. They can be reconstructed to an extend. Ironically, a volcano kept a library safe from Christians.

  10. The horrific atrocities that our European ancestors had to endure during this christianization is hard to stomach. Looking at those pictures brings conflicted emotions, on one hand I can feel a sense of belonging, looking at the tree’s that once knew what was, co habitation. Then a sense of anger that the ignorance of judeo christian ways, their appetite for destruction and a relentless hunger that will not stop.

    My parent’s traveled to Ireland for the first time, but to my mother it felt like coming home. Even if the tree has been torn down, the roots are extensive, we need to till our Pagan soul. Thanks for the uplifting post on our revival Varg.

    • PS: Note that the rest of the sanctuary is missing, and temple buildings were colourful, and there would have been votive offerings visible. So it was of course much more beautiful than what remains today. Nevertheless, it’s a good example of how it wasn’t aging that destroyed the temples; it was Christianity.

  11. Excellent post.Exactly my vision of the subject.
    In the same way,every ancient pagan fountain that we can find into the woods has been desecrated by the judeo-christianity.
    A good example here
    On the right,we can see the water that emerge from the ground,just under the rock,and on the left,the “virgin mary”statuettes,that are brought here by all those fuckin pilgrims(and at the same time boomers by the way).If you destroy them,you can be sure that some 70 Y.O old fanatic will come to put another one some weeks after.

    • There’s actually been a recent new discovery in the field of the Voynich Manuscript which may be of some import. Stephen Bax has proposed a possible translation of a few key words (proper names) by identifying certain plants, comparing them to contemporary medieval herbology guides, and various languages’ names for those plants. While he has put forth his proposed translation of these words with tentative warnings, and offers no over-arching big-picture theory to accompany his proposal, his hope is that it will be the first step towards decoding the work and discovering the underlying language of the text. His research can be downloaded here.

      • Yes,I had read that piece of news. He said he had managed to find the word for Taurus, alongside a picture of seven stars (seen as part of the zodiac constellation of Taurus) and the word Kantairon alongside a picture of the herb Centaury. According to Prof. Bax’s research, the script which appears to be a treatise on nature is indeed not nonsense nor glossolalia. And to deepen the mystery,last year, a theoretical physicist from Manchester, Marcelo Montemurro using a computerised statistical method to analyse the text, also found that it followed the structure of “real languages” and is unlikely to involve fakery.
        Perhaps these unknown plants and stars described in the book are alien or extinct species.
        Hopefully Bax’s work will encourage other linguists and cryptologists to work on it and he also mentioned holding a special conference this year regarding the script.

        • The most fascinating prospect is that we may learn something about an otherwise lost indo-european culture, political faction, or organization which attempted to create a written language to preserve their culture (very likely at the center of some turmoil, since it was lost). The Voynich Manuscript is obviously a purposeful document, in that it was meant to contain, preserve and transmit information in a codified (not encoded) way to be understood by other individuals who were familiar with the script.

          • Absolutely,And this coincides with the fact that it was composed during the Northern Italian Renaissance (the highest degree of human culture and intelligence at the time).Who knows? We might tap in to some scientific contribution.
            Reminds me of Archimedes’ Palimpsest : a manuscript with copious amounts of calculus and mathematical research that were way ahead of Newton or Leibnitz. And of course,a Christian monk took the book,scraped the ink,cut the pages and wrote prayers all over on top of it. It took modern cryptographers a decade to scan the book and find that it contained information that could have advanced science hundreds of years.

  12. Thanks Varg, for output, back to the roots! There was a long time I wanted to go see this place. There are lots of thing to discover, we are full of good moments in perspective to share! ;) has soon, my friend

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  14. Something pretty off-topic: You talked once about the next big sun storm that will destroy all electricity in the world (maybe it isn’t at all so off-topic, since the article is about the Judeo-Christians destroying our temples and the sun storm will destroy there temples [=the big cities that only can work with electricity]).
    My problem now is, that everywhere in the internet I read that a sunstorm can only cause temporary electricity failures because of the changed magnetic field. So how should it work that all the electricity is permanently destroyed?

    • It will destroy everything electric (making it burn), and I guess it will take at least 6 months before the fastest of us are able to get the electricity back up and running again. Unless the chaos will prevent this from ever happening…

      Everything made of metal will become electric, for some time, and those touching it will be electrocuted (so good luck to all those with piercings…).

      • For what my physics teacher taught me in school, when a great solar storm hits earth,we will be about 6 months to maybe more than one year without any eletronics,and metals,in that time it is presumed that 96% of the world’s population will die,and that we will basically return to a temporary stage of stone age.

        • Hail Sowilus! The origin of the divine sunlight will destroy the wrongful reign of the treacherous light of Loki and free the light of the stars and the moon. Day will again be day and night will again be night and the power that mankind has over nature will come to its end. He will have to relearn to live with nature and as a part of nature, not from nature as a parasite. The Judeochrislamists will be shoked and will pray to their false god, but their prayers will be unheared, who should hear them anyway? Our god of sun on the other hand will bring us flames of purification and thus revive Europe again without being asked by any prayer. We will see the myth of Phaethon with our own eyes.

          So hail to thee, Sowilus!

    • Will it destroy electronics or electricity? Because we’re all doomed if all electricity will fail, since our bodies rely on electric pulses and stuff…

  15. Those ruins look fantastic :) Too bad they’re just that… ruins :(

    The only sacred or old sites I’ve visited are Ales Stenar and some petroglyphs in Norrland I think… Maybe I should go to Uppsala and to Kivik and maybe to Gotland too. Would be fun. Guess I’ll have to get a driver’s license and a car first.

  16. Bear in mind that a lot of the ancient texts have not survived such as those by Aristotle.

  17. I just showed this to my firends … Now they know why I (almost) hate Christians. I’m living in Poland and when i see those big, expensive churches, I’m angry, because those money should go for something what can help or things like as the reconstruction of European monuments, temples etc… And those christians psycho, fanatics. When they see me in leather jacket and with long hairs walking in park/forest, they’re looking at me like at some terrorist, but really they are them …
    Hail Odin !

  18. I have mixed feelings regarding the Crusades. On one hand, they set the stage for Western European imperialism. On the other, it returned with a renewal of old ideas. But these old ideas were not entirely alien at the time. In the Eastern Roman Empire, there were schools of Philosophy that were set up since ancient times and even during medieval times thrived, despite Christianity — they even influenced people like Thomas Aquinas. And while Christianity spread destructively in Northern Europe, the Sagas and the Eddas were preserved by monks. But I understand the argument, though, that preservation would not be necessary if destruction hadn’t spread. Again, mixed feelings.

    • No need to have mixed feelings: detest everything Christian and everything they have ever done. Period.

      Europe is better off without Christianity and without any Christians who object to that too. Show them their way home to Israel, where they belong.

      • I find the Brandenburg concertos by Bach some of the most glorious works of music ever created. Yet he was a devoted Christian.

        Tchaikovsky was apparently homosexual, yet his musical works are fantastic.

        Just because one appreciates the works of Bach and Tchaikovsky, doesn’t necessarily mean that one supports Christianity or homosexuality.

        Just because someone is somehow trapped in the Christian world-view, doesn’t mean that everything they achieved should be rejected. Really, how would Bach have known any better?

        But Christians nowadays have few excuses. Christians should be confronted about their beliefs, especially as Christianity would have all Pagans converted or killed. No matter what an individual “Christian” might say, the Bible is clear that Pagans are enemies. Even if that teaching is not followed by an individual “Christian”, it is nevertheless there in black and white in their “Holy Book”. Therefore, at the very least, “Christians” should be confronted and told to do research into what they believe. In the time to come they need to be given the hard choice of either being in a healthy community, or being excluded from that community due to their subversive worldview.

        • I know what you mean. I think it’s very common that classical composers had profound religous outlooks, but perhaps were not always explicit about any Christian beliefs. Because of the prevailing conventions this might be expressed through Christian texts. It’s hard to say what their true beliefs were. Bach makes for a funny devout Christian as it’s well known he would drink a lot at bars and get into fights. It seems when we get to Debussy he is making Pagan and Christian links. There are probably others too. Most 20th century composers did throw out the baby with the bath water, but not really for the better. They threw out the religion, but also the musical traditions, and often replaced it with degeneration and chaos. But then you have someone like Arvo Part who threw away 20th century methodology and turned very spiritual, basing his music technique on medieval and Renaissance study, and who calls himself a Christian(Russian Orthodox I think). Of course, whether he knows it or not, he is drawing from the more heavily Pagan inspired periods.

          • Adalwolf, your comment on Bach’s drinking and fighting reminds me of what Nietzsche wrote on Wagner and other composers:
            ‘We all know the hybrid concept of the Christian gentleman. This innocence in contradiction, this “clean conscience” in falsehood, is rather modern par excellence, with it modernity is almost defined. Biologically, modern man represents a contradiction of values’… [that last phrase, ‘contradiction of values’, was italicised].

            I understand what you wrote about how the musical works and the actual beliefs might have differed. For instance, payment back then was often based on patronage, so one wrote what was pleasing to one’s patron. And Bach worked in a church of course.

            • PS: As far as Wagner is concerned, and others who tried to make a pro-European form of Christianity, that was a solution that might have seemed reasonable in the short-term, but it was foolish in the long-term. The European nobility, and Napoleon Bonaparte, made a similar error, by making an alliance with Christianity. For it breathed new life into something that was being discredited. No matter how much people try to twist Christianity into something it is not, the teachings that are hostile to eugenics remain.

              Anyway, hopefully Helios will send out a vast solar flare and Gaia will breathe freely again.

              • It’s interesting that the intention is not always the result. Wagner’s use of European symbolism made a huge impact even on people who sound very little like him.You had to figure out whether you were for or against him. In fact, Debussy is a prime example of someone who was profoundly influenced by Wagner, but didn’t sound like him. And Debussy is a precusor to 20th century chaos. In a sense, it could be argued that Wagner helped create the demise of Christian influence in classical music, although I suppose that’s hard to prove.

                Haha, well, maybe a solar flare is the answer.

            • I remember that passage, and agree with. Certainly the prospect of man having a contradiction between his inner and outer worlds, is not specific to Christianity, but I do think that this problem is exemplified in Christianity. To become an initiate you simply need to admit that you have some flaws, wash and repeat. Where is the incentive? To become an initiate in Paganism it was necessary to raise yourself to highest level possible. So Christianity essentially keeps you at arms length from truly becoming whole. It actually strongly suggests you be at odds with yourself. In Bach’s case, it can’t be denied that he obtained mastery, and tapped into something very powerful despite his dual persona.

              I agree about the patronage influence. Debussy had a rich wife, so he could really do whatever he wanted. Satie, was extrememly poor as he literally slapped influential men in the face. The 20th century composers to follow were mostly very poor until universities and various foundations like the Rockefellers started supporting it some.

              • Good points, Adalwolf. It’s a pleasure to discuss things on Thulean Perspective. I’ve learnt a lot from the articles and discussions and it gives one a lot to think about. Cheers.

                • I also enjoy, learn a lot, and have much to think about from the discussions here. Cheers Polydoros.

        • PS: I can’t stand Bach’s choral works, because of the Christian lyrics. That’s also one of my reservations about Wagner and others; although I love listening to some of the pure instrumentals.
          Simarly, I find many good things about Stoicism, even though the Stoic philosophers were not interested in bloodlines but radically egalitarian in this regard.
          The point I’m trying to make is not to “throw the baby out with the bathwater”, so to speak.

        • Tchaikovsky was as gay as it is now “Democracy is good.” There are no facts. There is an opinion that it is usual envy and slander. He was a very reserved man, while creative, fond of solitude, it has become a breeding ground for lies.
          I have often seen the writing on the Internet that Varg Vikernes is a homosexual))) but it is not, he has a wife, beautiful children, and an army of Vikings)) But his personal life was not shown on tv in the glamorous show this rumor , rumors, rumors

          • I read in a biography of Tchaikovsky a long time ago that he was homosexual, and that he spent a lot of time around homosexuals. I checked on the Internet before I wrote the post. That’s why I wrote “apparently homosexual”. I should have been more critical though, so I withdraw my statement.

            • Biographies basically write you know who . There is some evidence that the composer’s life , such rumors do not even arise, gossip began several decades after his death. Because of the fact that he did not advertise his personal life , we have to be unhappy love, after which he was unable to recover and build a normal life. Nevertheless, he was married several times . Rumors about his orientation disbanded just offended woman who was apparently ” collector ” . She lured talented people – Mussorgsky, Rimsky – Korsakov, Tchaikovsky … did not want to become part of her collection to mine , and the woman soon went scrip .

            • To his homosexuality, especially in the idiotic “biographies” have credited that he was a pedophile even bestiality. This envy, no more

              • I hadn’t read that. In any case, that must be hate-propaganda. It all fits the pattern of defamation by those who shall not be named.

      • yeah but what if the jesus character was actually a european character, and re-written to suit jewish superiority or some shit? Hitler called him the “galilean who was a revolutionary against ‘certain individuals’ in the quran it actually says jesus (isa) will come back to break the cross (judeo christianity) so what is worse? the character ‘called’ jesus? or the cross? (organized christianity etc.)?

        • He was a Jew, and everything he says is Jewish. Hitler didn’t know much about religion, and even less about the European religion.

        • Yes , this is also my view that the “nazis” were sympathetic towards Jesus , and meant he was an Aryan , but Paulus falsificated everything and made christianity into a judeo religion . I think the theory is interesting , and we also see today new books supports this theory ; that Odin and Jesus are from the same ‘line”.

          • The New Testament is so inconsistent, and the sources have been so much tampered with, that historicity may never really be known. The point I was trying to make above is that the New Testament contains NOTHING that is pro-Aryan. Eugenics is not promoted in Christianity. On the contrary, there is plenty that is anti-family, especially in the letters by Paul (alias Saul), including hostility towards fertility. And Jesus reportedly said that he would bring the sword to families, turning family members against each other.

            • Nietzsche hit the nail on the head when he wrote:
              “Within the narrow sphere of the so-called moral values, no greater antithesis could be found than that of master-morality and the morality of Christian valuations: the latter having grown out of a thoroughly morbid soil. (—The gospels present us with the same physiological types, as do the novels of Dostoiewsky), the master-morality (“Roman,” “pagan,” “classical,” “Renaissance”), on the other hand, being the symbolic speech of well-constitutedness, of ascending life, and of the Will to Power as a vital principle. Master-morality affirms just as instinctively as Christian morality denies (“God,” “Beyond,” “self-denial,”—all of them negations). The first reflects its plenitude upon things,—it transfigures, it embellishes, it rationalises the world,—the latter impoverishes, bleaches, mars the value of things; it suppresses the world. “World” is a Christian term of abuse. These antithetical forms in the optics of values, are both necessary: they are different points of view which cannot be circumvented either with arguments or counter-arguments.”

            • I think the fact that Jesus is born out of “Holy Spirit”, or Light , is an Aryan term .
              (and this is also one of the reason jews will never accept him as a messiah because the jewish messiah has to be born out of Davids root )

              Remember Aryan means “nobel” or “spiritual” .
              We have seen Jesus been depicted.with a dove hanging over him , we have seen the
              Light Aura around his head .

              But I agree , yes , much in new testament is inconsistent , and it’s difficult to know what is true and false .

              • PS. Read the “unveiled” posts here on TP. Use that term in the search engine, or find a direct link at the end of The roots of Europe post.

              • If you keep spreading such bullshit and lies here on TP I will remove your comments. Jesus was a Jew, and there is nothing “Aryan” about him.

                • Yes , thank you for that . All I have written from my wisdom . To be honest I am disappointed and will move from here of my own will .

                  Thank you

                  • That’s rather pretentious of you, Birgitta, calling what you have written “wisdom”… What you wrote is a mere hypothesis, which is also paper-thin btw. Just because the New Testament contains some religious symbols and language that is Aryan, doesn’t mean that the New Testament actually is an Aryan religion, or in any way good for Aryans. If you are not a shill, then you really need to read-up on the history of Christianity to see how the Church designed Christianity to appeal to Pagans, even though the core of Christianity is extremely hostile to higher life.

                    • I was answering V.V. when he said he would remove my commentS , and in that I understood ALL what I have written here on T.P. In ALL those comments there are wisdom . Not special these two in this topic !

                • To make his story appealing they obviously had to twist European folklore. This would explain why so many whites are drawn to the story of Jesus as with the complete blackout on true mythology anywhere else they cling to the sliver that remains in that story.

                  Changing topics slightly, that whole aura or halo thing depicted in a lot of Christian artwork has always bothered me. i can’t help but see them as bubbles, which would indicate that all good Christians live ‘in their own little world’ completely ignoring what is going on around them. It’s like the Christian ideal is learning to detach yourself from the world. I’ve commented before on how Christian teaching promotes dissociation which is why there are so many child abusers in the church, when the programming works it leads to the abused either repressing those memories or trying to distance their ‘soul’ from their body.

              • not everything biblical is anti-european/angelic

                “And after some days my son, Methuselah, took a wife for his son Lamech, and she became pregnant by him and bore him a son. And his body was white as snow and red as a rose; the hair of his head as white as wool and his demdema (‘long curly hair’) beautiful; and as for his eyes, when he opened them the whole house glowed like the sun …

                And his father, Lamech, was afraid of him and fled and went to Methuselah his father; and he said to him,

                “I have begotten a strange son. He is not like an (ordinary) human being, but he looks like the children of the angels of heaven to me, his form is different, and he is not like us … It does not seem to me that he is of me, but of angels…”

                • peterkeller4116, that is a real stretch, trying to equate “European” with “angelic” in the Old Testament! And after all, what is described is a child that is “different […] he is not like us [i.e. the Hebrews]”, and Lamech being scared and running away (cowardly behaviour too, btw).

                  The culture of the Hebrews is extremely foreign to the culture of the Homeric Greeks, Romans, or the Germanics! Have you ever read of Aryan leaders pimping out their wives in order to get money (a la the Hebrew patriarchs), or gaining control of finances of a foreign kingdom by stealth in order to corner the grain market? (a la Joseph)… No, no, the culture of the Hebrews in the Old Testament has nothing in common with Aryans. Yet Ben Shalom Bernanke and Rahm Israel Emanuel would feel right at home alongside Abraham, Isaac/Israel, Joseph et al.

                    • most contradictions are either a result of accidental or deliberate mistranslations

                    • The Bible is filled with contradictions; but the overall direction is the struggle for power by the Hebrews and the genocide of non-Hebrews. So don’t lose the forest for the trees.

                  • lol but bernanke and the rothschilds and all that arent even real (arabic) jews, they’re converts, moses, isaac and all that were different jews, not that any of this really bothers me anyway, im just sayin that not every christian is the same as each other, what matters is not words, names, titles etc.

                    but the course it takes you towards

                    i’ve had so many arguments with people over appearing to have “different opinions” and shit, then i practiced to just let things run it’s course, visually and i found that we were thinking the same thing after all….the problem with “the bible” and many other old scriptures is that nowadays it’s being attempted to be translated into modern language (which has become and is becoming more and more retarded with more and more junk words being integrated into normal language, that includes words being joined up with other words to become a totally different definition than both words that have been joined up have as being stand alone words) more and more from something that more primitive people wrote who were much more philosophical and knew much more than most humans do today how to say just a few words and say so much with it…short speech long sense etc. these days everybody is expected to speak in “sentences” which is like a speech sequence, humans are becoming more and more like playback bots, rather than speaking stand alone words with stand alone definitions….”oh, depending on what sentence it’s in, it’s a different definition” it’s completely worthless man

                    and another thing with the moses story, didnt he support bringing ‘the lord’ ‘burnt offerings’ ? is that good or bad for a pagan? arent all these conspiracy movements considering that to be pagan? and “evil”? to sacrifice and burn humans or anything else “in the name of the lord”? does this make moses one of those evil pagans or whats going on? lol

                    (just to conclude i made no agreements or disagreements with anyone, I don’t really do that, even if it appears so)

            • well i did read a psalm somewhere i cant remember exactly where and how it goes something like “you think i will bring freedom that everybody jumps happy with lots of energy? i say nay, but by division…” freedom by division…hmm

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  20. Out of curiosity, what do you make of human ritual sacrifices especially in pre-Roman Europe? Is perhaps the term “ritual sacrifices” misleading?

  21. Yes , it’s true that these sites have Spirits . If you relax and meditate you can almost get in contact with them . They are Beings with eternal Light .
    The sad thing is in this modern world we almost have lost contact with our Spiritual thread and heritage .

    Just try and wake up and you will have a new dimension in you life !

  22. I visited Seviac, France, in Gers department, a gallo-roman site. Very interesting. But during the visit, I learnt many stones were stolen during the middle-age period for building houses (for farmers and monks) and churches. No respect for History. Just destruction for their dead god.

  23. I have often pondered over how much we have lost since the Jewish plague came to our Europe. How many Homers existed whose work we don’t know about? How many unknown gods and myths don’t we know about from all of the writings, texts, paintings, pottery, statues and temples that were destroyed? How much of our tradition and customs don’t we know about? I think of the library of Alexandria and am mournful for how much wisdom and beauty was destroyed. I hope one day we can recreate it all.

    • Just look on the slavic mythology and you will see that we propably know less than we should… Sadly too many things bases only on our suppositions.

      • Could you recommend me anything in particular on slavic mythology? I remember some praise on this blog earlier on Latvian sources, if I remember correctly.

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  25. My favourite quotation from the Renaissance, by someone whom I consider to be the first known post-medieval European – who truly freed himself from Christianity…

    Machiavelli wrote to a friend:

    ‘When evening comes, I go back home, and go to my study. On the threshold, I take off my work clothes, covered in mud and filth, and I put on the clothes an ambassador would wear. Decently dressed, I enter the ancient courts of rulers who have long since died. There, I am warmly welcomed, and I feed on the only food I find nourishing and was born to savor. I am not ashamed to talk to them and ask them to explain their actions and they, out of kindness, answer me. Four hours go by without my feeling any anxiety. I forget every worry. I am no longer afraid of poverty or frightened of death. I live entirely through them.’

  26. Great post as always.
    Off topic did you listened iron maiden’s a matter of life and death album?

  27. The history of European Late Antiquity is an era I’d recommend everyone to study. So few people today know the first thing about it. It certainly formed a lot of how I view both Paganism and Judeo-Christianity. Being able to see the conditions that allowed a foreign religion to spring up and thrive in a world that was once thoroughly Pagan was enlightening.

    It certainly left no doubt in my mind about what caused “the Dark Ages”.

  28. It will never cease to amaze me-negatively of course- for how long this Judeo-Christian disease has been eating our homeland. But things are getting better- about a decade ago all Christians I approached were dogmatic, narrow-minded and entirely devoid of spirituality; today I see more and more of them becoming practically deist, although they are not ready to admit it, but some day they will- this is a good way out. Hopefully eventually they will go back to their roots, and places like the one you visited will be cherished and protected.
    It seems the main reason some of them still hold on to Christianity is their misconception of ”tradition”- for centuries they have been lied to and indoctrinated into believing that there had been no real sense of community before the creation of ”countries” as such; creation which in fact forcefully conjoined the free tribes and unified-that is, annihilated- their real traditions.
    In Poland where I come from all the holy sites are gone and either replaced with enormous Christian monasteries or forever buried and forgotten…For most tour guides these are just stories, told without a trace of sentiment or critique.

  29. Beautiful!!!

    Did you sleep there? You could take your camping gear someday and sleep there to see how is the ambient at night, I would totally do that if I could visit these places.

  30. I love how you talk about ancient times, nature and can pinpoint events that changed the world and mankind. You are beautiful and wise.

  31. As a young child my parents would take me to these places and I enjoyed them. Me and my dad went camping as often as we could and on adventures such as climbing some of the smaller mountains in England and such.

    I drifted away from that however, I discovered computers, computer games. I plummeted into the idea of modern social norms through high school and before I knew it, I was no longer interested in nature, challenge and sadly, my family.

    Through role playing games, folk, power and black metal, I am begging to find my way back. First I played role playing games because I liked the idea of character building. Then I listened to power metal because the stories of heroes, warriors and overcoming adversity appealed to me deep down. Then folk metal as they reminded me of happiness, the outdoors and, basically, the simple things. Black metal struck me due to its obvious rebellion against modern norms. Through that I found this site at the age of 18 and I’m being slowly convinced, helped.

    Congratulations Varg.. Although I’m not sure I agree with 100% of the things you have to say, you surely do help people see the importance of certain things, and that cannot be a bad thing.

  32. Your children are very lucky to have parents that show them the world in reality rather than on a screen. :) I am sure they will remember and be thankful for these field trips throughout their lives.

  33. By the way, Romans were not really nice with our forebears, they killed millions of Europeans from the north, and their foundation legend was linked to Trojan history (Turkish history) and they had (like Greeks) abominable slavery so I wonder if we can support Romans

        • Originally Anatolia was European populated, by pre-dynastic Egyptians, Hattians, Hurrians, indo-european speaking Hittites, Cimmerians, Thracians, Phrygians, Lydians, Luwians, Greeks, Romans etc.

          The history of Turkey begins in 1453 when the Ottomans nearly completed the conquest of the Byzantine Empire by capturing its capital, Constantinople.

          Troy was a Phrygian city populated by European people, not by turkish, neither by other mongoloids. So the Trojan history is not the turkish history.

          • I have visited Turkey many times and visited the most remarkable pagan monuments and necropoleis. The western coast was the centre of the classical world. I think there is so much pre-Abrahamic heritage still there because of the sheer scale of the land mass and underdevelopment by the Turks, very little has been built over or desecrated. The most evocative place I visited was the haunting entirely abandoned Kaunos. If you visit you have the whole city to yourself, it’s in the middle of nowhere.

            Contemporary Greeks are often degraded mongrels but there are still very Nordic individuals hearkening back to the glory days. I would certainly want Anatolia in a revivified Europa with Russia right through to the Ural mountains.

            • *The Turks stole their land from the Byzantines (“Greeks” who were very mixed themselves by the 16th-century) but the pure Greeks of the classical world were white.

              • The further back in history one goes, the more genetically Nordic Asia Minor and Greece were. In Homer, most descriptions of the heroes and gods were of fair-haired individuals, and Troy had basically the same culture as the Achaians, including the same language and customs.

                Btw, here is a video showing the ancient(!) Greek language still being spoken by an isolated population in Turkey:

                Notice that they are obviously genetically mixed somehow, but some nevertheless have fair features.

              • In Istanbul, former capital of the Ottoman Empire, I met people claiming descent from colonised European countries, having a “Christian” mother or whatever: blue-eyed whites. And the Turks knew we are the best warriors, hence the Janissaries.

                • Yes this is very common, many “Turks” in Istanbul are actually from the balkans, but Istanbul has always been a traditionally cosmopolitan city. I have my friends who come from different ancestry, I my self have Tatar origins (South of Russia.) I know that a lot of Turk are probably more “european.” Which really makes one ponder the definition of what it means to be Turkish. Some Turks are of, certainly Turkish descent, but many are also Greek, Syrian, Russian, Georgian, Macedonian, Albanian (the list goes on!)

    • We can’t support ALL what has been done during the Roman Republic and Empire…still, we should watch the good, positive and pure that we have inherited from them. If you want to reject the Romans, please, reject all what they have left for us…probably more than what you can actually understand.

      However, they were already degenerated times, because of many factors (among these, slavery…)…still, the story of those lands didn’t started with the Romans to which you are referring, if you understand what I mean.

      Even in modern times many European populations committed many crimes against other Europeans, because of a general degeneration in mind and spirit…this doesen’t mean that we should stop to support them and leave them to their faith.

    • This looks like a great site to explore. I’d be sure to visit it if I ever make it back to England. I visited some Roman ruins near Hadrian’s wall a few years back, and the photos in this article instantly reminded me of them.

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