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Now, one year after the release of the ForeBears’ film, we have covered all our costs, so we are giving the whole film in HD on YouTube. We still have many DVDs, so if you like the film and want to support us or our work, please buy the DVD on our Web Shop:

Signed copy (for support) + booklet: 30 €
Not signed copy + booklet: 18 €

Please note that this is a PAL DVD.

You can also donate here:

To learn more about the Neanderthal Bear cult and its incredible importance in our culture and mythologies:

Associated links:

For the memory of our ForeBears, we must educate ourselves.
Please don’t let the hearts of our ForeBears be taken away from us!

63 thoughts on “ForeBears (Full Film) on YouTube

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  2. Excuse me? What did I see in first minutes? A caged animal for the amusement of people? A bird with wings inside of cage or did I see wrong?

    • A wild bird flew in our window, and we filmed it for some time before it found its way out the same window it entered.

      This happens from time to time here in the countryside.

      Is that a problem to you?

      • Take it easy. I just asked you a question. I looked like it was caged. I got hard time dealing with animals in cages. That’s all. Have followed you for a while and I truly admire your stance but you seem very sensitive. Mea Culpa almighty Varg for asking a question. Sun & Steel.

  3. thank you for sharing this Marie and Varg. unfortunately this year I was unable to afford anything other than my basics needs and some handtools so I couldn’t afford to buy your film. I will watch it today.

  4. Very beautiful film . Very beautiful pictures and music . If we lived in a normal world this film would have won prizes in Cannes and Holywood…
    This film is on the level of the great filmmaker Ingmar Bergman (even better)

    The contrast to this mock world we live in is enormous . Oh , how how I long back….

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  6. Aesthetically wondrous and grand, the scenery is incredible and I believe it is in a beautiful part of France. It’s a country I have to visit more and discover those snowy peaks where the gods dwell.

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  8. Is it right to hate all Jews just because of what has happened throughout history regarding them?

    • I do not go as far as saying i hate any specific group of likeminded people (Jews as an example). Though, upon revelation of what any specific group does and upon first grasping and understanding, hate can be the first initial reaction. Hating is just wasting my energy, and my mindset i would rather keep in a more positive direction. I do though know who it is i will not trust, see through the lies, deception etc… In that regards i am past hating, as i see any specific group, religion, politics etc…for what it is. The wool has NOT been pulled over my eyes. On the flipside, i can hate a person for something done to me on a very personal level. I just see hating a group for whatever reason brings me down to there level. I would prefer to be above and beyond there low level.

      To each there own on this subject.

    • Some people feel hatred toward a group that threatens their very survival, others act on rationality alone. I can only speak for myself in saying hatred doesn’t play into my actions one bit.

    • The problem is I don’t know at this point how to act anymore. Should I act on the truth I have learned about what has happened to the world because of certain people or what? I am conflicted as usual because I don’t know how I should act to these transgressions at the hand of those who wronged us.

    • I haven’t even met a Jew and I’m also not entirely convinced that it’s the “Jewish” attitude that is causing the problems in our society; I see plenty of Europeans with these traits. Once you start talking about control of the media, politics and finance indirectly influencing people then you’re into the world of conspiracy theories; nothing in that world is ever based on first-hand experience. I’m living my life in ignorance but I can console myself that at least I’m aware of this.

      I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, all I can say is that I don’t hate Jews.

      • The Jewish attitude is the dominant attitude, which is why you see Europeans practicing it also. I believe this is one of, if not the main reason to rail against Christianity. And of course, many of them have our physical features and names at this point. If Europeans practice Christianity, it essentially makes us second rate Jews. We play by their rules, but it’s in their blood, not ours, so they naturally will dominate. It might do you well to try and know some. I have known many just from chance. And actually, I have known them very well.

        • I see what you’re saying Adalwolf. I sometimes feel that if this a truth, then it’s one I fear discovering.

          • If you haven’t had the experience, I agree, that it is hard for you to know. At the same time, the truth exists apart from our acknowledgement or labels.

      • Saying that though, I always hated Christianity when younger. My anger though was always directed toward the hypocrisy of those around me trying to push something which seemed so wrong. Never considered the origins of the religion in those days but it does make you think.

        I’ve mellowed a lot recently as my anger was only hurting myself.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the film; the landscapes and scenery were amazing. I felt anger at our giving this glorious land away to foreigners from distant deserts and wastelands, very angry.

    I was amazed to see the buffalo and the bear in Europe, I thought the former was extinct and that both belong in the USA.

    I was interested in the extracts from the ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’ over against the expected Germanic sources. I did know our white ancestors were based in Egypt during the the last Ice Age and that the ancient Egyptians were certainly not the Arabs/mongrels of today.

    All in all, an excellent production and very commendable. I would love my children to have these experiences.

  10. This film is very enthralling : pure contemplation. There is so much peace, harmony and serenity, one would like that it never ends. The only violent thing is the return to reality … The contrast is awful.

  11. One off topic thing Varg, your new Burzum album will be probably tuned to the standard 440 Hz like old Burzum and most, not even all music today. But some time ago i found your ambient masterpiece Tomhet in the 432 HZ .
    The 432 HZ is so called “harmonic” frequention , there is a very interesting article on this .(notice the water sound images) 440 Hz seems to be like “aggressive” and “oppressive” and disharmonic. This just can sound pretty ridiculous i know… but you should make attention to it.

    • Unfortunately the artists surname is “Levi” and the album on which the song is included (It’s called “Ancient Landscapes”) contains (amongst many other good ancient European songs) also songs about King David and Moses and the hebrew tribe of the levites…

      • He’s a Levite, that’s for sure. On the plus side, he is committed to the ancient lyre art form, and as far as I know, he is the only person performing these pieces. I can still get a clear difference of the compositional nature between the Hebraic and Greek pieces. They are quite different. If you do a seach for “Valgaldr” in youtube you will find a scandinavian creating new lyre pieces. This is the way forward. Most of the old pieces are fragments, and they are filling in the gaps anyways. For better or worse, we have to re-create ourselves.

  12. that’s very kind of you guys to upload it in HD for free. its a beautiful film, a breath of fresh air. I treasure my signed DVD! best wishes to your family Varg & Marie

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  14. Here is another perspective that seems to be rather prevalent among a lot of groups in the antizionist/jewish community, if at all it can be seen as a community..

    I havent spent any time diving into this material, but I see it as potentional damaging with such divergence in opinions of biological heritage among the same people.

    Any comments?

    Ps. I have a cold beer ready and look forward to see your film later on. 😊

    • Theses assumptions are totally false. Yes they have some Neanderthal DNA, but they are not “the hidden Neanderthal people”. Read for more details about that. These hypotheses have emerged to divert the so-called white community from truth (and it sometimes works), they are totally illogical.

      • Thank you for your swift reply. I never really studied their claims, but thought I ought to post it to show some ideas that I run across quite frequently in “our camp”.
        We live in a swamp of disinformation, wich of course is an excellent tactic by the enemies of mankind. They love to see the hated goyim running around in circles searching for their enemies, and make sure we are constantly well stocked with fresh enemies and puzzles to solve..

        I enhoyed your movie btw. Wonderful images, text and music. I was expecting more of an academic run down of your studies, but I forgot to remember you are married to an artist. 😊
        Thank you for a well spent and enjoyable hour and a half!

        • The author of that theory is of Jewish heritage fyi. Sometimes I wonder about Israel, A while ago I was curious and looked up Neanderthal Archeological sites and many of them were in Israel. It makes me wonder if their insistence to reside in that land may because there is something there they’d like to keep hidden.

          The real catch with this theory is that the Jewish people are heavily mixed, hence they would likely have some Neanderthal genes. For the theory to be taken seriously though, that % needs to be compared to that of the other races. As soon as it becomes obvious they have less of those genes than we do, that theory goes out the window.

          • Well the Jews are the most mixed peoples in the world so it wouldn’t be at all surprising if they had some Neanderthal DNA.

            Interesting bit on those archaeological sites in Israel. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit if they were trying to hide something more than just gold. Archaeology is in no sense an unbiased or non-politically motivated field just as science is (how about Out of Africa?). I have heard of archaeologists destroying evidence that disputes the “official” story.

    • Btw, the same Christians often claim that we — the Europeans — are the “true” Jews, the true Yehova’s “Chosen People”.

      Now they claim that the Jews are the true Europeans (i. e. the Neanderthals) too.

      Ignore them. They just make this up, because they want to be the “true chosen people” of their Hebrew faith, and they are not.

  15. Everything put out by Varg and Marie will be pure and honest! There is no ulterior motive involved. When someone looks at my vast CD collection of many genres of music style. I always say, the purest and completely honest music i have is BURZUM! I know there is no deception involved. I tell any interested person, Varg is exactly what he is, either love him or hate him, but one cannot ever say he is deceptive and a liar, and that is a very rare positive trait to have in this world we live in. This stems to ForeBears and the work Varg and Marie put into it, it is pure and honest, if one cannot see that, then move on and go for something mainstream that is force fed to you and shoved down your throat with the motive of $$$$$$$’s behind it.

    I cherish my signed copy of ForeBears by both Varg and Marie, it sits on a shelf on a wood stand so i can see it everytime i pass by. :-)

    Varg and Marie, THANK YOU BOTH!

  16. Varg: I’ve tried several times over the last year, but have never been able to make a donation through bank-eez. If you have an Amazon wishlist, perhaps I could fulfill something on it.

  17. Varg and Marie, you two have perfectly captured the essence of our eternal European past and have preserved it so pristinely. Very generous of you two for providing it to an even broader audience. Yet another example of the kindness and compassion of the European spirit. Thank you both for all of your contributions.

    • Thank you. Our European spirituality/philosophy/religion is much more important than all the money in the world. Our ancestors are buried in the ground we walk on, and that soil is the most noble material. Others believe that it is gold (…), but it isn’t.
      But, most important is our spirit which, if we don’t forget, will be eternal.

  18. After watching the film now I definitely want to buy The book of the Dead. But there are so many different versions of it (also with very different numbers of pages, one had almost 1000 and one only 31), that I simply do not know which of them i should buy. Varg and Marie, could you tell me the ISBN-number of the one you have, so that I can buy a copy of this version?

  19. Don’t let anyone ever saw that you two aren’t generous. It’s a very inspiring film, I think I am going to have to watch it again one of these days. :)

    Off topic, when MYFAROG is done a good way to advertise it would be in playing with some of the regulars here over Skype. You’d especially want a few tabletop game newbies *cough* on board so that you’d have an excuse to explain how the game works.

    • And then posting said videos onto youtube* I don’t think us regulars need much convincing to purchase it when it comes out. :)

      • Excellent idea! And even for those who will buy it anyway, it would be nice as a tutorial and for inspiration!

  20. Boundless eternity hath been granted unto me, and, behold, I am the heir of eternity; to me hath been given everlastingness.

    I utter words, and I know; in very truth, I am Ra himself.

  21. This signed disc is one of my most treasured possessions. For you to make this film available to all like this is a wonderful gift.
    Did Marie really make all of the costumes herself? And the children’s little shoes?

  22. I really like the way how the norns determine my life.

    I read in Taciti Germania that the days of full moon and new moon were dedicated to start something new. This saturday (in 2 days) is new moon, the first new moon (or full moon) after winter (if you define winter as the third part of a year that has its middle at winter solstice), the first new/full moon after my 21st winter. So I concluded with myself that this has to be the day when I am no longer a youngster, but an adult man. I will wear an Suebian knot on this day, because only the germanic tribe of the Suibi did so and only free adult men of them did so. One sub-tribe of the Suebi were the Marcomanni and the Marcomanni were the Forebears of us Bavarians. And now 2 days before this big day in my life I happen to be able to watch “ForeBears” for the first time.

    I really am a friend of destiny, a friend of the vyrð, Wurtwin. This is my real name and with finding it I regained my honour from a previous life.

  23. Useful yet very calming, and resting.
    Living this way is out of this world, and I wish a lot of worthy people, white European brothers and sisters could raise families to live like you tend to.
    My husband, children and I try our best everyday to learn, and carry on living a purest life.
    Marie, Varg and children, my family and I join you all to thank you for the wonderful images, music and caring of your movie.
    May all of us meet and share, one day.
    Greetings from the calm woods of Brittany / Lisa.

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  25. Thank you so much! I really appreciate this. I would have bought the film if it had been on amazon. I am really weak in ordering thinks via internet :-/ except for amazon where you simply can buy a gift card and “upload” the money by typing in the code from the gift card.

  26. This DVD is my best purchase of the last year (It was given to me in December as a present). I know this may sound like a fake Amazon-style review, posted to attract some costumers, but this is just not the case: ForeBears IS the best work on the European spirit of the past. Eternal thanks to Varg and Marie for this precious gift.

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