The Ways of Yore



The Ways of Yore

After many years in educational system, we end up knowing what is in fact just theoretical nonsense. You get know artificially created problems with illogical solutions that don’t match reality. You get know the lies they want you to spend your time thinking about, the lies they want you to base all your reasoning on: gay rights, starving children in Africa, social injustice, gender equality, anti-racism, the splendour of the modern so called “democracies”, the evil and useless European nobility, the white man’s slavery of others, safe sex and how to not become a parent, etc.

While bending your bombarded mind around these problems, you realize that you actually have no skills. Yes. There we are, after all those years in educational system, and what do we know? We have been educated into dependence, helplessness and in fact slavery. No man can survive on his own, using the skills he has been taught after 13 or even 20 years in the educational system. He can not grow his own food to feed his family or even himself, build a home, hunt, build or repair tools, make clothes, skin animals, kindle a fire, find North without a compass, know which mushrooms not to eat, know which berries not to eat, find drinking water, make a raft, etc, etc, etc, etc. Even the well educated modern man cannot always find a job, and even after decades in educational system, he risks ending up like cashier in some store, or in some other tedious an low wage job.

The warning that we got from our parents, about horrors that we’ll face if we not get a proper education, was a lie. Education is not a guarantee for professional success today. You may as well be successful without one, by spending your time on teaching yourself some useful skill instead, and than turn that into your career.

“The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality.” (H. L. Mencken)

Further, what the education of the system first of all does, is to remove us from the family and from reality. Our forebears were from the start taught a trade, something useful to do: farming, hunting, fishing, or some craft. And by the time they were eligible for marriage, they already had a job, a career, at least one useful skill.

Women were educated as well, to keep the traditions, raise children and take care of the family. Tasks no less honorourable than any male profession. Thanks to these women, we still know our European traditions. They were the ones who kept them alive, through all these years of Judeo-Christian darkness.

Today, women are “educated”, most of the time with theoretical nonsense, until they are so old that they in fact become infertile, and need medical aid to even get one child, and another bank loan to cover the medical expenses. And if they do get this one child, they have no time to raise or educate it, and send it to kindergarten or school. And waste their children’s life to. They know nothing about our traditions, most of the time even less than modern men do, and they will teach their children nothing but extreme consumerism, repulsive behavior and self contempt.

Our parent generation failed us. They broke the tradition and lost all the accumulated knowledge and skills, that our forebears had. And today we have to learn everything by ourselves. We inherited nothing of it. We even have to search long to find out what we should learn, in the first place.

We often do that online, so in a sense the internet has replaced our parents, in this respect. And this might in fact explain why the internet is so popular among young people today. We teach each other, we help each other and we give hope to each other, we try to rebuild unique, glorious, skilled, wise Realm of Europe, which our parent generations ruined in less then 60 years.

So our survivalism is just an attempt to learn the ways of yore, inheritance that was denied to us, by the baby boomers who had it all. And threw it all away.

Fellow Europeans: have many children! Home school them!

PS. Thanks a lot to Aleksandar for providing me with the transcript for this video, after I lost my own due to ‘technology failure’.

82 thoughts on “The Ways of Yore

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  3. Hello folks! I have a question and it’s about getting vaccinated against tick-borne meningitis. Should I get vaccinated or not? Let me stress that I have been vaccinated against this disease three times in the past and now it’s time to get a rejuvenating shot. Thank you for your honest opinion.

    • Hello Filip. First question is, are you at risk for this disease? Is your risk of being bitten much higher than normal? And even if this is so, how healthy are you? The vaccination against this disease is not a common one. In general vaccinations affect your immune-system adversely. The pharmaceutical industry wants us to vaccinate against every possible disease, even if the vaccinations are hardly effective. For example, there might be, lets say, fifty different viruses that can give you meningitis. The vaccination might protect you against only two of those, so there are still 48 viruses left that could infect you ( no exact figures, just giving an example!). If you are at risk of being bitten by ticks, you can have the Homeopathic remedy Ledum with you, to take immediately after a bite. You will have to consult a Homeopathic practitioner after that of course, so first find a decent Homeopath, if you are interested in this method of healing.

  4. Hej Varg, now that we are back on topic, I have a question about raising kids to you as a practising father.
    How do you deal with your kids getting on the internet? As much knowledge there is so much (and let’s just be honest, multitudes more) is the trash out there. How do you nurture their minds in regards to this tremendously powerful force out there?
    Thanks in advance,
    Long live Europa!

  5. This is such a great video. I am back in school and it is scary how true your words are. In college, as in every highschool class before it, English does not teach anyone about the English language. Rather, we learn about social injustices and how white people hog the top class and keep everyone else down. In history I have to endure my fellow student’s misguided understanding of the world and their outright stupid lack of understanding.

    One very comparatively minor example, of the many that I have witnessed: Some students gave a presentation on warfare in ancient Sumeria and used illustrations of a Macedonian phalanx from Alexander & Philip’s era. Sigh… no wonder movies like 300 and Pompeii, and shows like Spartacus, are becoming ever popular…

  6. Completely off topic, but how is the building coming, Varg?

    I have found that the only education that is truly beneficial does not coming from any school, but from people in general. My great grandfather is 95 years old, and I have learned more from him that I could ever hope to learn from paying for an education. When I was younger, I was also in scouts. Putting aside the religious themes, I learned a lot of good survival techniques. I would have considered putting my sons in scouts, but they now are allowing gays in, so I guess They will be learning it all from me, which isn’t a bad thing.

  7. A friend and I were talking not to long ago about this very subject and more specifically to a college education. More people we know have gone to college, wasted years and money, and then switch to another major, and then end up either never graduating, and or graduating and never doing or finding a job for what they went to college originally for.

    I do understand though the blog you wrote is in a subject much different. Schools brainwash and brainwash the brainwashed! A WHITE friend of mine emailed me yesterday saying his WHITE son came home and asked him, “Are we racist because we are WHITE”? It turned out the teacher at school pointed out the WHITE kids are advantaged over the “minorities” and so in that regards there is a degree of racism involved! That is what is being taught at schools here in the USA!

    It is the WHITE mans fault that the “minorities” are held back and held down. WHITE man will not let them work and make there own way in life. WHITE man keeps them on welfare and foodstamps and sucks the system dry! We as the WHITE man is surely at fault. Wow, i do not ever recall in my lifetime so far as a WHITE man keeping any “minority” down in the welfare line, high on drugs and sucking the system dry. They freely and willingly do it to themselves! They complain how there ancestors were slaves, yet they now keep themselves enslaved by there actions! I work for a living and pay my taxes as this government sucks me dry, not the other way around!

    • I have heard that they now teach that whites are only successful because of “white privilege.” Yes, white privilege sure is a discriminatory force that is such an apparent concept when the minorities are being provided with artificial advantages in society through court rulings, affirmative action, statutory laws, international resolutions and “hate crime” laws. How terrible it is to be a poor immigrant in another’s country.

      • “Anti-racists” never complain about Chinese privilege in China.
        “Anti-racists” never complain about Japanese privilege in Japan.
        “Anti-racists” never complain about Nigerian privilege in Nigeria.
        “Anti-racists” ONLY complain about White privilege in White countries.
        “Anti-racists” WANT White geNOcide!
        They say they’re “anti-racist”; what they are is anti-White.
        Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  8. I simply have to post this, it is one of the most beautiful songs/videos I have ever heared/seen:

  9. “After many years in educational system, we end up knowing what is in fact just theoretical nonsense. You get know artificially created problems with illogical solutions that don’t match reality.”

    That’s pretty much it.

    When I joined college I was expecting to finally learn something useful for a career and/or life but it was just the same lame as always.

  10. Women won’t need loans for medical expenses in the United Kingdom. So what is the health care system like in France? Didn’t you have the U.S in mind when you made this video or can the citizens of France relate as well?

    • IVF fertility treatment cost thousands in Britain and may require several attempts before it is successful.

      • Well, now that you’ve highlighted it, there certainly should be a criteria to abide by if using the National Health Service because this type of treatment does appear rather costly and the rate of success is too inconsistent. It’s a double edged sword I guess.

    • I loved that music. Never had heard of them before, but now I’ll probably search out their CDs. Thanks.

  11. Absolutely spellbinding! This is good for long journey’s through the countryside.

    Norse Legends:

  12. When I attended school in England it was the not very bright pupils (strong in the arm and thick in the head) who were taught much more practical tasks not requiring too much thought. It was seen as a last hope to gain a sense of purpose and achievement whilst picking up some skills which may become useful at some point in their life.

    • And there is that tendency in the West to look down upon pratical professions as being the domain of those with lesser intelligence. This leads me to the point where brainwashing is also generally considered to happen to people who are of lesser intelligence. I don’t think this is the case. I think any brainwashing is directed at those of the average intelligence. This way others of greater and lesser intelligence will be drawn in is by our urge to imitate, to be liked, to not be thought traitorous, etc. All fine things in their right place, but here manipulated to other ends. Personally, I feel like an idiot not knowing very many practical things. And next to a person who does know practical things, I have been made to look the fool. I am, more or less an exact definition of what Varg described here, and that’s not something I’m too happy about. These days, if you want a job from education, you play their game and learn technology and banking to have relative ease with job placements, and reduce unemployment fluctuation possibilties. This is artificial reality though, and when too many resources – personal our societal are dumped here – it is really like putting all your eggs into a basket which doesn’t exist.

  13. I homeschooled my 3 for a year . The school still wants you to follow a curriculum. They give you packets and you go return all the homework twice a month. Yes theres a freedom about it in one way, but they still want you to learn the same irrevelant nonsense, so in another way they still hook you. Its a trap, because if dont do it their way mrs social worker lady comes knocking. However, I really thrived from 10th ,11th and 12th grade homeschooling myself. People are different. I agree with your post 100% though.

    • Not in the least bit surprising that even when you assert your authority to raise your own children that the schools still manage to sink their claws into our children via standardized tests and mail-in paperwork. I empathize deeply with those parents who live in a country where home-schooling is prohibited.

  14. Having lived in two different European countries I can testify that I haven’t met any worthy and interesting women. Thus I believe one has to develop oneself, fly upward and form one’s convictions but chasing one woman aimlessly can be really disheartening and discouraging. I’d rather cultivate my soul and follow my pursuits whilst waiting with ardour.

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  16. All my childhood I was made by my parents to attend so called good or prestigious schools and I was so manipulated into thinking that I needed it to prepare for my adult life, that I ended up choosing a ”prestigious” high-school for myself, where I was taught 13 subjects on advanced level and, after graduating, all I was left with were historical dates entirely devoid of context or put in a false context, a detailed structure of, let’s say, mitochondria, completely devoid of the sublime knowledge about nature in general, Latin proverbs also devoid of context etc. etc. Later, I allowed them to manipulate me into attending high education- I found myself absolutely unable to work in groups, to make presentations on ridiculous topic and to remain surrounded by people who believe that possessing a degree will make them somehow better human beings. I thought there was something wrong with me so I did quit the university and engaged myself in a ludicrous one year college course just ”not to be out of education”, because I knew my parents would condemn me for it. After completing the one year course, I went back to Uni which I of course quit again and switched to home-based part-time studies. The false feeling of being obligated to be in high education in order to mean something to my parents or to the world, made me practically- at least on the intellectual level- waste almost 7 years of my life. Luckily, the entire time I remained in a relationship with my husband-boyfriend at the time- who helped me break through and to start thinking entirely for myself. If it wasn’t for him I probably would have ended as another unhappy post-graduate who can find neither employment nor a real purpose in life, and ends up childless and unhappy at the age of 40. The things I have learnt which I truly find necessary in my life are things I learnt from my husband and my family in general, from the Internet, from books which I picked myself instead of having them recommended, from our camping trips,, and, of course, from nature itself. The rest is just a bunch of lies and trivial nonsense.

    • Your story reminds me of a lot of people I grew up with. You’re very fortunate to have someone in your life that helped you starting thinking on your own. From what I’ve seen, most people never have that opportunity.

      This is why it is so important to speak out about what we know to be true. Most everyone will reject you offhandedly, but if you reach a single person, it can be worth all of the trouble.

  17. Varg, I agree with you 100% but I fear the reason the internet is so popular with young people is because of pornography which is rife on the internet, that’s obviously not the only reason, but you get the idea. The internet is fantastic in many respects, there is much good out there, but an awful lot of rubbish also, so you have to tread very carefully.

    You’re right though, young people are like bright shining stars, they have so much potential, but that potential needs to be unlocked and cultivated.

    Many young people with great potential have unfortunately become “lost” due in part to the internet.

    I have a love/hate relationship with the net, don’t get “caught” in the web! but admire it sure!

    P.s I’m very excited to see some updates on the next Burzum record! From what I’ve heard thus far it’s shaping up to be superb

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  19. I have a question to ask any interested party. If you meet a woman who in many ways seems like a decent enough woman and you find out she does things like attend “art exhibits” featuring the works of homosexuals and other degenerates and then says she finds them “interesting” should you dump her? This is also generalized to any person you may meet in life. If you find out they do things which expose characteristics and tendencies which are degenerate should you waste your time being around them, considering the dearth of decent racially minded Europeans? I tend to think not, because I don’t want to waste one ounce of energy nor one second of time on these sorts and just want them to die off, what say the rest of you? am I going too far or am I too soft in even considering the question?

    • I suppose it could depend on numerous factors, and it would come down to a cost-benefit calculation. I.e. the likelihood of awakening and transforming this person and if the time and energy of trying this is worth it for you.

      • And what of someone who says they were “accidentally” in a relationship with a jew who never said anything about being a jew? this person also says they “aren’t for or against race mixing” I believe this person is irredeemable and not worth one second more of consideration, am I correct in this? or is the right thing to do to forgive the “mistake” and try and win them over to our side?

        • You haven’t even tried guy88. Speak your mind and tell this woman that that artwork is degenerate and that you are against race mixing. You will be able to tell from her protest(if she does) whether she actually does believe in these things or is just towing the PC line.

          It’s hard to judge from such a short description of someone, but perhaps this woman is simply looking for a man with solid views. While there certainly are exceptions(many of whom I glad to know) I don’t think many women care about politics. They simply want a man who is unwavering in his beliefs, whatever they may be. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these women also recognized healthy beliefs intuitively, though many modern food & drugs seem to disconnect people from their intuitive sense.

        • guy88, I wouldn’t be so hard. People make mistakes; they can get so confused by the brainwashing propaganda. I was there once too. I know how it feels. So confused. Like how Varg describes (to paraphrase): mountains seem like valleys and valleys seem like mountains, up is down and down is up, etc.

          On of the greatest talents of our people is the amazing capacity for objectivity, to see problems, situations, things from different perspectives. But this can be used against us, when our instincts are overridden by false propaganda. A person who can get him- or herself out of this rut can be powerfully motivated to do good.

        • So this hypothetical girl looks at homosexual and degenerate art because it interests her, may at times act degenerate herself, was in a relationship with a Jew because she was unable to identify them on sight, sound or smell (even without researching their appearance there are people who find them somehow “off” and unattractive just by instinct, thus allowing them to single out Jews without difficulty which we can infer she is not able to do…), she has no opinion on race mixing (possibly indicating that she either doesn’t think for herself much or that she isn’t very well educated). Is that about accurate?

          There are plenty of decent European women out there. You needn’t resort to dating a woman who you don’t have confidence in and who acts like a degenerate. Likewise, a woman doesn’t have to settle either. It’d be worth it to look for someone you can trust with all your heart who you can have confidence in to help you raise a traditional European family. Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking out for the best interests of your future children (for instance, can you have confidence that this woman won’t take your kids to these “art” exhibits for the sake of seeing if they share common interests with her? I don’t think so…).

          Maybe start volunteering at a local farm or get hired at a local farm? I know a few relatives of mine who’ve met decent people by working part-time on organic family-owned farms. At the very least you can then have confidence that whoever you meet will have some knowledge of growing food and/or raising animals. And if you don’t meet anyone you then gain that knowledge yourself (if you don’t already have it), so it’s beneficial either way.

    • I do not think that in this day and age, you can blame anyone for being brainwashed, or take an interest in some form of degeneracy, I mean, we are surrounded by degeneracy all the bloody time. Many of those who comment here have said that they came a long way, before arriving here. And we are all still learning. So you shouldn’t give up on someone too easily. But this person you are interested in should have some recognizable ‘instinct’ so to speak, a taste for pure things, be ill at ease with modern society and a willingness to have the veil removed from her eyes. Lift the veil just a little bit, and you will know soon enough whether you are wasting your time.

  20. Not to be outdone by their PS counterparts as activists for tyranny, 5 UMP senators introduced a bill on December 18, 2013 to outlaw homeschooling in France except in case of “incapacité”. Sign the petition to annul the proposition.
    Search this: Lannulation_de_la_proposition_de_loi_visant_a_limiter_le_droit_de_lief

  21. Not long ago I’ve found the website of a guy from my country who (over 25 years) built a little village in which the houses are modeled after actual stone age-bronze age-iron age ones. He lives there with his wife and produces his own food, keeps animals, practices smithing and horseback archery, and makes his own tools. I thought some of you might be interested in this, and in a way it’s related to this post, so here is the link to the gallery of his site:

  22. Not only has the rush to “educate” everyone been a disaster to the youth, it has also destroyed the soul and purpose of universities. Universities that have been a part of Europe since the late middle ages have been turned from places of knowledge to mass daycare centers.

    Student populations have increased many-fold in the last 60 years. In some cases, they’ve gone from a few thousand enrolled to over a hundred thousand. It’s not hard to see how it has effected these universities; they are simply overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people they have to push through. It has become their new purpose.

  23. This video is like the well of wisdom, because it says so many truths and helps many to clean their minds and understand concepts they have long forgotten, and also like a blade in my heart, because it remembers me that the horizon for those like us is often pitch black…but the wheel will turn.

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  25. This video is shocking but its right – I still can remember that I learnt nothing in school that gave a meaning to life and family or society. The only philosophical stuff was when the teachers talked about the “social” criticism of our unjust society with treatments of women and native races or legalising soft drugs…. We are now a people of the nuclear family with no atomic binding forces……..

  26. Här i Sverige är det olagligt med hemskolning… det är rätt tragiskt. Vi är det mest domesticerade folket i Norden, det tvekar jag inte en sekund på.

    • Undantaget skulle då förstås gälla de ultraortodoxa judarna i Göteborg. Fast det kanske har ändrats på den saken. Rent vansinne detta landet.

        • I Norge ble det nylig (en gang på 90-tallet, tror jeg) lovlig med hjemmeskoling, men før det var det så galt at de fengslet de som ikke sendte ungene sine på skole! Det var en far som satt i fengsel tre ganger for dette (2 måneder hver gang). Helt absurd!

  27. Alas, this is how many if not most young women (and men) behave. Nevermind fidelity, deferred gratification and having large families; just have casual sex, abuse alcohol and miscegenate to your heart’s content. Then once you’ve had your fix of such fulfilling activites, you can have a child through IVF at 40 and let the state raise it.

    As a young male I feel that finding a suitable, ahem, ‘mate’ is like pulling teeth. No wonder Europeans are being outbred at a rate of noughts.

    • Finding a good female is really hard. Most available ones are smokers, drinkers and hopeless consumers. And what is worse… many don’t want to have children, ever. That is the biggest concern of mine when I search for a good woman. If she doesn’t want kids, she can fuck off.

      • Nonsense. There are still true-blooded women out there that are educated and want to uphold the continuation of their heritage; myself being one. In contrast I believe it’s difficult for women such as myself to find men that want to start a family and stand by that family. Young men in their 20s are either playing video games and doing drugs or drowning in philosophies of pseudo-depth and pseudo-wisdom.

        • And a whole lot of young men and women think that those of the opposite sex are all worthless, and have serious problems finding each other, because the media and school system let us believe that we are all worthless.

          • Well, the system has told us it is okay to lie, cheat, and have no values… So unfortunately it becomes easy to think poorly of the opposite sex when you see so many of them behave like animals, and when so many of them do, you lose hope and stop wanting to have a family if it means you will get diseases due to them sleeping around or whatever… Those who have not been freed from the filth machine that is modern society are not worthy partners in any way…

            Of course, there are some of us who truly understand what it means to have moral value, personal responsibility, and loyalty! Let us hope our numbers continue to grow. It is heart warming to see your family Varg, or to read other stories of strong family units (like the lady and her husband who posted above), there is always hope and we must always fight for the truth and for our honor.

        • There are still really good men out there waiting for the right woman like described. I understand what you mean though Celia. Varg made a good point about saying both sexes blame each other and that could be a problem. If both sides stop generalizing the other, we will see each other like we truly are as honorable men and women (of course a very very small percentage of the population but places like here already selected those based on similar perspectives). I salute all the respectable men and women that I have had the luck to know (on here as well).

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