The Focus

About what we should focus all our attention and energy on.

To all young men and women out there: revolt against the genocidal indoctrination that our parent generations and their masters expose us to. Instead think for yourself and listen to the voice of your ancestors.

They are there, in your (still) unsoiled blood. HailaR WôðanaR!


Although we do see a few lights shining in the vast darkness, most middle-aged and old Europeans are but darkness. They have had their light extinguished, and are lost forever to Europe. They have soiled their minds and bodies too much and for too long, with lies and other filth too. They fight enthusiastically for the demise of everything that is their own, and they will keep doing so until the end: they will eventually die thinking they did the right thing.

Thankfully no amount of brainwash and dishonourable or shameful behaviour can ruin the DNA of a person, so in spite of their origins the young men and women of Europe came to this world unsoiled, bright and shining, like stars on the night sky. They must live in the sea of filth and darkness, and survive on the rotting bones left for them by their parents, but most of them manage for a long time to keep their heads above the darkness. They remain sane, against all odds. They remain good and honourable, against all odds.

With time though, they too will drown in the darkness and turn into egotistical, ruthless, self-hating, man-hating, lying, twisted, treacherous human filth. They will become just like their parents.

When we try to salvage the wreck, to save the last of what is good in our world from being obliterated by our parent generations and their masters, we should focus on trying to help and enlighten the young. There is still hope for them. There is still sense in their heads, and openings into which reason can enter. They are still human beings worthy of life. They are still worth saving, when the actions of our parent generations finally send what is left of our world into the abyss.

We are left not to save Europe, but to salvage the wreck that will be left after the total and absolute betrayal of our parent generations.

Genocide is any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group. See in particular (c) and (d):

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
— Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2

Our parent generations and their
masters are guilty of genocide —
against all the European peoples.

You too will be guilty of the same
unless you revolt against what is

…and work hard and unselfishly
to put an end to the
European genocide.

All forms of internationalism (including Christianity),
feminism, liberalism and so-called “anti-racism” (i. e.
racism against Europeans) is genocide.

Europe is Pagan.
In blood and spirit.

63 thoughts on “The Focus

  1. The song in the video brings forth a sense of nostalgia. It reminds me of this sort of video game music I used to play when I was young.

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  3. To work hard…What does it mean? To teach our children the right way, to try to repair future generations? To live far from the filth and not be part of these world of money? To stand strong with our ideals and thuth as the shield? What else? Can we fight it other way?

  4. The government will never change. All these false religions of the world will never go away. The world is filled with too many pussies that would never even voice their opinion so why would they rise up and fight for what’s right? And as the white man march you talked about in the USA. Most USA white pride people are a bunch of shit talking, criminals that only believe in this because they had to go to prison and survive a gang. The rest are a bunch of Jesus freaks that think they are doing gods work. I’ve only seen a handful of Pagan groups get mentioned. But like I said. Over here its mostly just a bunch of tattooed moron criminals that like to walk around in packs to show how tuff they think they are.

    Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 16:55:45 +0000

  5. First of all excuse my bad english.
    It’s need to live in Ukraine to understand a real situation in the country.

    In a nutshell:
    There are two Ukraines – one West Ukraine another East Ukraine, people from Western Ukraine mostly speak on Ukrainian and Eastern Ukrainians mostly speak on Russian (there are many russians in East).
    Since the revolution of 1917, between these two parts of Ukraine has always been hostility.
    Eastern Ukraine was always industrial territory therefore not a wonder that after the collapse of the USSR in the east were formed hundreds of criminal gangs. In the 90s they started with small robberies, racketeering, later they capture eastern industry and later they became officially authority, organized political parties. Similar path was and Putin in Russia. Such political party (from eastern city Donetsk) rules now in Ukraine. In other words, the Ukrainian government is vassals of criminal Kremlin.
    For four years, they plundered the whole of Ukraine.

    Protesters in Ukraine are very heterogeneous, some want to join to the EU, other are right wing nationalists and they have a negative attitude to the EU, but today they all are united purpose – destroy anti-Ukrainian and pro-Putin criminal authorities. Today Ukrainian “president” (if he can be called) kills unarmed demonstrators, including doctors!!! and journalists, police burns cars of the protestors
    Government uses vile methods to combat with protesters. People are kidnapped, tortured, beaten and killed. Authority lies that it is not true, although there are plenty of video and photo evidence. They hate all Ukrainian, for example we have video where russian-speaking police from East Ukraine scoffs at the captive man looked like a Cossack (Ukrainian analogue of Vikings).
    People do not want to suffer like this, this genocide against its own people. So it’s no longer in to join to the EU, and in defending the honor of the nation.

  6. “Children should get 2 things from their parents: roots and wings. The roots of the past and the wings, freedom and liberty, headed for a responsible future.” ~Goethe

  7. I was thinking about the fairy tale “Sleaping Beauty”. In fact it pretty much describes our present situation. The castle with all it’s people is Europe and the spell that the witch casted over it is this modern age of filth. The thorns are Christianit, Islam, Judaism, modern technolegy, modern medicine, the school system, the media, the monetery system, and the modern ochlocracies that call themselves “democracies”. Sleeping beauty is the beauty of Europe. The spell remains for hundred years. Analogous Europe is also “spelled” already for a very long time and the we fight to regain the old good age. The sleeping people are the brainwashed, they are unable to fight against the spell and have become themselves a part of the spell. We, who are still normal, are the prince, who has to rescue sleeping beauty and with her the whole castle. It is no easy quest for him, neither is it for us, but in the end he will succeed and he can only because of his love to sleeping beauty. Analogous we can only succeed if we remember the beauty of Europe. This is the most obvious reason for fighting for it and it is the thing that can best encourage us for it.

    I think I won’t have to explain who or what the witch would be in this metaphor.

  8. Flooding and forced assimilation is genocide when it’s done to Tibetans in Tibet, and it’s genocide when it’s done to Europeans in European countries, by U.N. Convention:
    “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”
    The persons carrying out this genocide against Europeans say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-European!

  9. “You are exactly like your parents” A good thing to say to wake up those of this generation. The media(here in the US at least) has a strong campaign promoting children to rebel against their parents, this can be used to our advantage.

  10. Has it ever occurred to you that you look very much like a pirate like that? Guess it makes sense that you look like you’d fit in on a marauding ship though, vikings and whatnot ;)

  11. Varg, it might be slightly off-topic but did you as a foreigner here in France had trouble getting your Permit de Chasse? I am not French either and recently arrived.
    Then again somewhat more on-topic; I have just began looking into homeschooling a bit and I read somewhere that you do that with your kids. What are your experiences?

  12. Europeans, be grateful things are only gettng worse as it gives us an opportunity at heroism never before seen – and we have the privilege of our first chance in thousands of years to be remembered as heroic Neanderthals! If it weren’t for this unprecedented chance, it wouldn’t be even be worth swimming around in this mud.

  13. I must say my piece on Ukraine as well. There are elements of the UPA in the opposition, who we should support. However, it is pretty clear they are being used simply to destroy Ukraine. At this rate, it will become a new Yugoslavia and be completely ruined. Another Syria even. While they are doing thuggish things like burning buildings and hitting police, the Ukrainian currency is loosing all its value, sanctions are being imposed, and further tensions between the “west” and Russia are forming. Ukraine stands on the brink of civil war and separation. And of course, USA and the EU are helping to foment this chaos. We should really question why they would do that. To have Ukrainians fighting all with themselves, making themselves poorer, ruining their country, while bankers steal everything behind their backs. These violent revolutions simply don’t work anymore…

    • The nationalists are being used. The nationalists hope that they will be able to take over by teaming up with the Jew-led opposition groups, but I don’t think they have enough power. They are basically going up against the entire EU and international Zionist structure and hoping that they will be able to win with a few guns and bombs. I understand not wanting to be within Russia’s sphere of influence, but the EU is not a good picture, either. They are between a rock and a hard place. I think most likely the country will split and the Russian speaking eastern oblasts will go with Russia and the EU will take the western side.

    • I’m of the opinion that the sooner Ukraine breaks apart, the better. The division between the ethnic Russians and Ukrainians will always be there. Just look at how long Ukraine had been dominated by the Russian Empire and then the USSR and still Ukrainian national identity lived on.

      This conflict will continue to replay itself over and over the Ukrainian people truly feel they have a nation of their own. Hopefully, it can be resolved without any more needless bloodshed.

      • So breaking up Ukraine into mini-states will make Ukraine a strong independent country? That makes no sense. I think you are pretty ignorant of Ukrainian history. This is like saying Scotland should break up from the UK to make all of Great Britain stronger. Or Bavaria should break off from Germany to make Germany stronger. This path just leads to weak tiny states that can be bought by one banker at a time.

  14. This is why music is so important. The youth deal a lot with music, so it is a window into the situation they are in and how they can solve it. Then more sophisticated methods can follow once interest is generated.

    • Further music speaks to the emotions of someone. Arguments can always be disproven by other arguments, no matter how true the arguments and how wrong the other arguments are, but music often touches us deeply within our spirit.

      • It really is easier to understand. Show someone some music, and its obvious what it’s saying. A piece of writing might be more difficult.

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  16. Hey Varg, I just want to say that most of the older European generations haven’t actually race-mixed but introduced the idea to the younger generations; it seems that the newer generations of Europeans are race-mixing more.

    • You miss the point completely. First of all, it’s not just about race mixing. It’s about handing over everything to “them”: all power, all our banks, all our money, all the wealth, all the resources and so froth, and then flooding our homelands with aliens. E. g. would the young mix if it had not been for the intense lie-propaganda of the old?

      • Yes, but you need the blood to be pure first before trying to take everything back; there’s no point in saving Europe if Europeans are gone.

        • I think it’s the other way around…first we gotta sort out power corruption problems before we can sort out the racial problems :/

          in order to do that you gotta stop supporting money, electronical tax and anything to do with systematic repetetive circulation, stop working for money, start doing favours instead, go on welfare or on disability pension, rip off the system, use up all financial and other ressources of economies, make everything bankrupt, money will lose it’s value because people will be focusing on working for survival ressources directly…the way it should be

          • Starve the beast. And also educate people. Do your best to join with traditional groups and spread true information to everyone you know.

              • Exactly! I couldn´agree more with you Peter. And hope the generation after us, our children, will be better than us. And their children better than them at living off the land and surviving, no matter the situation. And that is our responsibility, teaching and preparing them.

  17. I’m thankful of my parents of giving me life and everything, but I said once that from now, until my death and beyond, things will be done the right way. My father is a lost cause and he’s not an example to me. My mother always wanted and still wants the best for us, her family was more supportive always.

    It’s time for change, the hippie generation will dissapear and their mindset of having the most confortable life possible while sucking up all the resources, contaminating everything and in top of that being anti-racist and working against their own race. I’m happy of knowing honorauble men such as Varg and also being alive in the right time looking forward to perhaps the greatest revolution ever. We will triumph.

  18. As much as youth has been brainwashed by modern forms of internationalism and egalitarianism, they are equally disenfranchised by the state of society. Most are much more receptive to European ideals if you frame it as an alternative.

    They intuitively know something is wrong with the path we are headed on, even if they can’t put it into words.

  19. The parent generation all too effusively let the Trojan Horse in. They have rejoiced in the destruction of their people and children. Yes, most will go to the grave thinking that they did the right thing for their own by “fighting the good war.” Today we can see our countrymen and politicians doing everything in their power to embrace and accommodate the infiltrators while their own existence is hurtling towards extinction.

    The river of wisdom is ever flowing around the city but the masses are to brainwashed to care. They would rather live in the stables than divert the river to cleanse themselves.

    I am prepared to do everything in my power to fight for Europe and her children. Noble, virtue, courage and honour are the values of the European. Not cowardice and squalor. The great light will prevail one day!

    • Then buy a piece of land, get kids, practice self-sufficiency and foremost; leave the system. It doesn´t even require actual fighting, yet.

      • doing business with the bank like buying a piece of land or anything else always results in the bank winning and making profit :/

        • Nice. It is good work and healthy as well, unless it´s an agri-industrie of course. I am getting ready to install myself here in France. To buy my piece of the farm I will probably go to a bank. I know, I dislike it too. I wish my father would have been a farmer too, but alas. I think though that we need to escape this system and if my children can start here without a loan or debt I am willing to pay this price. The jews have taken hundreds of years to corrupt and change Europe and our traditions by creating these tyrannical systems and I think it takes time and probably a couple of social catastrophes to build these traditions, moral values and social structures back up again. And we need patience for that, not everything can and will be achieved in our lifetime but will be realized by our children or the generations after them.
          I know still doing buissenes with banks is bad, but paying rent to person so that he can pay his bank is better? You can argue that working and earning money before you buy land is better but you pay taxes anyway, not good either. If you drive a car (unless you fuel it with wood) you are paying the system too. etc, etc. What I try to say that trying to escape the systems and banks is really harder than most people think. And it takes time (unfortunately), I think.

      • Just don’t go to the bank for a loan. A land is no good if it is actually owned by the banksters.

  20. I think point ”e” of the genocide definition is also very much applicable here- our children are indoctrinated into anti-European propaganda as early as in their pre-school or nurseries where they are taught that homosexuality or interracial relationships are not only normal but even desirable. My husband has recently told me about a leftist mother who BRAGGED on the TV that her pre-school child APOLOGIZED to her for not being gay.
    European virtues like honour or strength are ridiculed and presented as something trivial and unnecessary. There’s even a saying in Poland ”sometimes you have to put your honour into the pocket” meaning that sometimes it is better to do something foul in order to benefit from it. This phrase is frequently repeated by parents and teachers, and this is only an example. Young men who use physical strength in order to protect the weak are presented to their peers as witless brutes. Girls who want to get married and to have children are treated as backward and naive. And so on…

  21. Well at last, Ukrainians are actually fighting and revolting. Dont know where it will lead, but at last they do something.

    • And day by day it is bigger. One city also stated political autonomy. Hope that rage will stand as long as it is possible. Kyjev is in flames, there are about 100 people killed, but glory of the nation is worthy of sacrifice. They at last may inspire other countries to stand up against corrupted goverments

  22. Unless of course we mix our DNA with extra-Europeans or don’t reproduce all at. Well I’m middle aged, hurtling towards my fiftieth birthday, in charge in nine young impressionable lives (one as yet unborn) and will teach those in my care what is just, true and right.

    • Like I said, there is some light still, but most of the people in our generation and our parent generation are completely ‘messed up’. :-(

      • My father is maybe also such an example. He is 53, he believes that there are different human races and is against multiculturalism and also against the three abrahamitic religions and he really detests homosexuality. Although he still believes that certain “historical” events are true and that they went much to far back then.

        Once he wanted to buy some paprikas in the supermarket and I pointed on them and said “Origin: Israel”. He looked at it and without saying anything he put it right back into the shelf.

        • Speaking about previous generations; In a conversation with my grandmother, she told me that she was so happy and proud of me that I chose someone of the same race and had such pure children. I was a bit surprised, pleasantly though. Although, thinking back, it was through her that I had the oppurtunity to connect with the mountains, rivers and forests and the inspiration to work the soil and live off the land.

  23. Wow, I always thought it to be an exaggeration when I saw you writing about the european genocide (since nobody is actually killed by multiculturalism and race mixing per se). However, this is the official definition of genocide, made by the ‘Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights’ and what happens to europe indeed fulfills at least some of the criteria (as you said, points (c) and (d) in particular). One should add a point (f) though, something our parent generation is even more guilty of:
    ‘Forcibly transferring children of another group INTO the group’

    • I always thought ‘genocide’ was stretching it but there isn’t the slightest doubt the official criteria is now being met.

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