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Why do we need a simpler Life?

Today we all live in ruthless dictatorships, some times posing as so-called ‘democracies’, and to strengthen their grip on power those who rule plan to destroy our societies, by all means. Yes, no less.

They need to destroy our societies in order to have the excuse they need to implement marshal law and to get rid of all opposition, permanently. They want Muslims to clash with Christians. They want Communists to clash with Nationalists. They want traditional men and women to clash with homosexuals and feminists. They want all groups in society to go against each other, head on, violently, brutally and with as much blood-shed and chaos as possible. They want the entire world to look like Syria does today: a Syria they have destroyed, with their mercenaries. They want a civil war in every country on this planet.

Ladies and gentlemen, Syria is a foretaste of what is to come. Of what they have in store for us all. Of what they plan for our homelands and for us.

They control the mainstream media and the educational system, and use them to fill our heads with lies. They control the banks, and use them to enslave us. They own the consumer industry, and use it to bribe us. They control the pharmaceutical industry, and use it to poison us. They control Hollywood, and use it to brainwash us. They control our politicians and governments, and use them to destroy our cultures and societies. They control the so-called ‘Muslims terrorists’ and use them to make us wrongly belive that Islam is such a huge threat to us all. They control the food industry, and use it to poison us. They control the USA, and use her as their henchman. They control the EU. They control China. They control Russia.

They think they control everything.

But they don’t…

He who governs his home, governs his life.”

All we need do to strip them of their power is to ignore their media, to home-school our children, to stop using their banks, to stop consuming like we do today, to use medicine as intended, to stop seeing films and series made in Hollywood, to not vote for their politicians, to tell the Muslims out there that we know they are not the terrorists here and to let them know that we have a common enemy, to grow our own food, to dig our own wells and perhaps most importantly: to lower our living standards. Instead of trying to have enough money to buy our own freedom, we should understand that we can only live freely without much money. We are only free if we lower our living standard – and we should anyhow. The way we live here in the West is neither healthy nor sustainable.

Return to a simpler life, and their power will crumble. And they will fall. Again. Like they have done so many times in the past.

Return to a simpler life, and you will see that behind the expensive cars, the fashionable clothes, the empty celebrities, the fancy houses and the thick layers of make-up life has real meaning. Behind all the lies there is a deep well of wisdom that we can all drink from, and grow wiser, healthier and happier.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” (Voltaire)

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  1. Varg what is your opinion in the current events in Greece? I would also like to ask the opinion of any fellow European and human.
    Ps.I am Greek and I will vote NO for the troika-banks demands

      • well dont be suprised if a ”yes” is the result.you can’t believe the mass terror propaganda from the media is happening here and i believe in the rest of europe.fellow europeans dont watch the media better ask a greek how he views the whole situation.

        • Yes, I understood that. They starve and terrorize people into voting ‘yes’.

          It will only postpone the problem for them though. And probably also make it inflate even more. The fall will be even harder then.

          • well Greece said a big ”no” to EU mafia of banks.now is the turn of all other europeans to think big and see that politicians alongside with banks are the biggest blight in Europe now.we dont need a european ”union” to be united
            Hails to all european brothers and sisters

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  3. Exactly what I emphasize, I am from a developing country that’s India. I sensed in myself an irritation with all these flashy cars, media, hollywood and brainwashing. Self sustenance should be promoted and these western imports must be thrown out.

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  5. “Syria is a foretaste of what is to come”

    It sure is.
    YHWH’s “chosen” are loosing.
    Assad is winning the war.

    The ZOG has given the “rebels” tens of millions of dollars worth of weapons, yet they are losing.
    I have a great feeling that the ZOG will start to lose in the Ukraine as well.

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  7. Google translate:

    Pavel Rostovtsev
    U.S. mercenaries in Ukraine – PROVEN!

    February 18, during the assault “Maidan” was one of the mercenaries detained U.S. member of IPA. IPA – International Police Association, a nonprofit organization, controlled by the U.S. regime. Through it, the United States and other NATO countries are recruited into their ranks of the military, police and other members of the security forces.
    ————————————————– ————————-
    They use mercenaries Ukrainian and Eastern European origin that militants did not differ from the general population of Ukraine.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlvGt9S5J2g # t = 12

  8. Павел Ростовцев
    Наемники США в Украине – ДОКАЗАНО!!!

    18 февраля, при штурме “майдана” был задержан один из наемников США, член IPA. IPA – International Police Association, некоммерческая организация, подконтрольная режиму США. Через неё США и другие страны NATO вербуют в свои ряды военнослужащих, полицейских и других представителей силовых структур.
    Они используют наемников украинского и восточно-европейского происхождения, чтобы боевики не отличались от местного населения Украины.

  9. As for the simpler life was/is there anything of interest in the Sami culture as it exists today and in the recent past. I realize there has been antipathy between ‘Christian’ Norwegians/Swedes and the far northerners. I’ve just been reading about these strange isolated Europeans(?). I am nonplussed as to whether they’re even white, some of them look mongrels, some look great. Regardless, they were Christianized especially late.

    I wonder if you have found anything useful from their cultural legacy for Odalism: religious remnants perhaps forgotten in European paganism. Wasn’t the Bear cult massive in their culture? I am enjoying Til Hel Og Tilbake Igjen and thinking the slow drum beat sounds exceptionally shamanistic. Please compose more such music as it creates a profound accompaniment to complex thought.

    • From what I can tell it’s another EU/USA provocation, done to sink Ukraine into civil war and chaos.

      • But Today I read many articles from pro-EU medias and from nationalist medias. Both are agreed that Ukrainian protestants in this “war against government” don´t wanna be a member of EU or be a servant of Russia (be the servants of oligarchs from both). And now, where is the truth ?

        • Provocation or non-provocation it is undeniable that the majority of ukrainians live in abject poverty.In a country with a minimum wage that barely reaches 80 euros or so it is almost ruthless to claim that all the people willing to die out there are ONLY victims of manipulation.They do have legitimate reasons.And it can be summed up in one word:misery.In all its forms:lack of money,lack of freedom of speech,lack of urban infrastructure,lack of heat during wintertime,lack of consideration for elders who die prematurely because no one is taking care of …lack and lack and lack again…

          • Unfortunately, they don’t realize that joining the EU will only make them poorer. The minor members of the EU are used as debt slaves, and without their own monetary control they are incapable of stopping it. They give up their most useful tool for economic development, which is sovereign monetary policy.

          • I understand of misery of Ukrainian people, the revolution is necessary, because the living contidions are unhuman. I ´m from Slovakia and it ´s matter of time when the same crisis will enter to my country. Anyway I wish to all the good Ukrainians better life.

  10. Varg, I have an off-topic question. In the article “Recommended reading for the Odalist” you listed among others “Plato/Sokrates – All his works”. I just read the speech of Aristophanes from Plato’s Symposion. He descibes that originally humans had 4 legs, 4 arms and 2 heads, they were so to speak double-humans. There were three sorts of theese double-humans: The first were double-male, the second double-female and the third male and female. These double-humans behaved bad and Juppiter divided them as punishment. Now every human seeks his counterpart with whom he were united before this division and when he finds him, he will fall in love with him.

    Now the point is that, although this is a statement for monogamy, it also states that it is absolutely normal and natural for some men to love men and for some women to love women and is thus a pro-homosexuality statement.

    What is your opinion on that?

    • Probably the same as your opinion.

      However, I don’t think it must be a pro-homosexuality statement. It can also be about platonic love. When we read things today we tend to think about what we read from our modern perspective. And this is not always good.

        • For some reason I thought about a certain quote when you wrote that: “Gegen Demokraten helfen nur Soldaten”. Wilhelm IV said that, I think (or was it Bismarck?).

          It’s a waste of time talking to people who are brainwashed by the system or completely messed up in some other way. I ban such people from my blog and my YouTube channel in no time.

          • I don’t know, I am still believing to a certain extend that it isn’t always a waste of time. I am now 20 (21 in June) and only 3 or 4 years ago I was myself pretty brainwashed by the system, except for the fact that i was anti-christian. I was obsessed by the ideas of equality and all this and I listened to punk rock. I was even a vegetarian because I thought eating meat would be speciesist. I realised most of the problems, but I listened to the wrong solutions. I knew that the monetery-system is a big piece of shit, but I didn’t know who is responsible for it. I thought that Neo-Nazis and racists are the absolute manifestation of evil.
            Then, in 2010 (I was 16/17), I found a music video of Amon Amarth on youtube and I was very impressed of their long blonde hair and beard and the blue eyes and all the viking and anti-christian stuff they sang about and had in their videos, I kind of felt something that connected me with them. (I had myself long [blonde] hair, at first only because my friends had so, because they [and later on also I] listend to rock, punk and metal music, but then they cut them off, but I didn’t because I felt that long hair is simply natural and maybe I felt despite the fact that I was already brainwashed, that long hair look and are more archaic than short and that archaic things are most often good.)
            So this Amon Amarth video brought me into pagan/viking/folk-metal. I listend to metal before (although not much and not pagan/viking/folk), so I had from the beginning on a positive attitude on it, further I was already anti-christian and they had often anti-christian lyrics. This way I also came into Black Metal and Burzum. I started to read the articles on Burzum.org, first I was like “Ew, such a racist…”, but I was interested why you had those Ideas and I read on and I realised that almost everything you wrote makes sense and that my former opinions simply are rubbish. Only afterwards I remembered, why I was anti-christian anyway. Already as child I thought: “Why should I be a christian, if christianity stems from a land, that is so far away and has nothing to do with our land at all?” I forgot that as time passed and thought I was only anti-christian, because religions generally are irrational. I basically became an atheist and I was it untill I read SRAS.

            I don’t know, maybe this only worked, because I was relatively young (16-19) and not enough brainwashed by the system, but it gives me hope, that others, who are already brainwashed, might wake up into reality too.

            • For me it all started out with me trying to find music I liked on a pirate website when I was 15 or so. I left the site with Venom and a few polka songs. ;) Took me a few years to find Varg as well as black metal as a whole(didn’t like it on first, nor second listen but I kept going back), but as soon as I read his writings I realized what he was saying was true.

            • Actually, I don’t think all hope is lost for the young, but my generation even ,and my parent generation is probably lost forever. They will go down fighting for our own destruction, and even think they are good and right doing so.

              The young is not yet broken. Even those currently being brainwashed. There is still hope for them.

              Thanks for sharing that story. I hear many similar stories, from other young individuals, and that is very promising.

              • Haha, It just made me smile, 14 years of brainwashing by school, TV and punk rock were destroyed within 3 years of Burzum and internet. I think they really have a reason to fear us…

                  • As for ‘a single light’ I was in the middle of my theological studies sitting under some of the world’s greatest Catholic thinkers. I had formerly held nationalistic, anti-immigrationist politics but during my Christian phase was pressed towards leftish, transracial nonsense that went against the grain of my European heart. My mistake of course had been the idiot decision that my spiritual hunger meant join a church!

                    I loved the Kerrang music channel, rock stirred my heart and I hate all negro beats. One lunchtime I wandered into a large music store to buy my first metal/hard rock album and asked a cute looking assistant to recommend a good album. Haha, she sent me off with Filosofem.

                    So I got reading the Burzum website. Your words cut me to the core and I announced at the time you were my most challenging “enemy” in terms of presenting truth I didn’t like. A few sharp words of truth from Varg Vikernes, mainly to do with the alien semitic nature of all Abrahamic faiths and my faith was inexorably destroyed even if it took long years to finally tumble.

                    • Christians like to portray themselves as bastions of Western civilisation. As if the West is going downhill because people have turned away from Christianity. Amazing chutzpah isn’t it.

            • He has said many good things, but also a lot of idiotic things, and all in all I think he serves our enemies more than he does us. E. g. his solution to what many call “the Jewish problem” was to mix with them….

              That’s not a good solution, so to speak.

              • The enemy has promoted Nietzsche to a certain extent, especially the post-modernism element, or what one commenter famously referred to as being “a master of suspicion”. But without knowing facts about biology, etc. this sort of thinking is like acid corroding everything, atomizing, anti-social and deconstructive. And Nietzsche was rather unstable and like that as well.

                On the other hand, the enemy hates much of what is in “Thus Spake Zarathustra” (especially on the Uebermensch, the “arrow of longing for the other shore”, etc.). “Thus Spake Zarathustra” was btw Nietzsche’s favourite of all his works.

              • What I like on Nietzsche is that he was the only popular philosopher of the western world who picked up the idea of eternal return and of a circular view of time and the world, like it is still present in indian philosophy today and like it was surely present in ancient egypt and supposedly in all ancient europe.

                Now that we speak about philosophy, what is your opinion about determinism and atomism (Leucippus and Democritus)? I think a world with circular time has to be deterministic, because everything can only happen as it shall happen, because it always happens so. I also think that I am able to prove the impossibility of a big bang or big crunch and the existence of circular time with asuming that the atomistic view of the world is right. (Atomism = There are smallest, undividable particles).

                I think there are smallest units of time, that cannot be divided and smallest units of space that cannot be divided. Each of these units of space contains information and this is matter in my opinion: smallest space units that contain certain information. Every moment in time (i. e. every smallest time unit) the sum of this information (i. e. the information of all the smallest space units that exist) is different. And I think that the status of this information at a certain moment depends dicectly on the status at the moment (smallest time unit) before this moment and every status at a moment causes exactly one other different status at the next moment. This is my version of determinism, which does not allow a beginning of time and thus a big bang.
                Now I mentioned the sum of this imformation and we all know that “infinite” is no natural number, so there cannot be infinite of these smallest space and time units. That means space has a finite size and nothing is out of this space. But what if I wanted to leave space? I think at the moment I would leave space (or the universe if you like) I would at the same time enter it at the other side.
                Naturally the same has to account for time aswell. But how can time have a finite size, but never have started and will never end? It has to repeat itself (comperable to the leaving while entering on the other side of the universe). So time never started and will never end and it repeats itself.

                ETERNAL RETURN (i. e. circular time instead of linear time [and naturally no big bang…])

              • I think they meant a metaphysical body like every human have both animus (male) and anima (female) sides, though Jung explains this a lot better.

                Nietzsche went insane when he got older, but he said very sane things when he was younger. He and Schopenhauer complained a lot about how Jewish Europe was, and how poisonous judeo-christianity was, however they were not pro-pagan either (or they were both ignorant on paganism). This was Nietzsche’s opinion on jews: http://youtu.be/EmDQFWNjHpA

  11. Varg should define more sharply what this blog is about…Is this about music,which in fact is the reason you start video-posting? Remember that first video in which you said stay tuned for the true history of black metal?Nothing but poltics so far…You should never forget that you are who you are because of black metal not because of poltitcs,rpg games or some other crap…you are like Hetfield,Halford,Schuldiner,Quarthon..a genuine music legend pioneer.You should define the audience to which you are adressing on this,because up to now it s pure madness…like i said please watch your first video and than the last .If you can bridge up a logical connection between the very first and very last video than I dont know..I might be clinical insane…

    • Not that it is very important, but as I understood he started making ´black metal´ because he was inspired by RPG-games and politics among other things as well. But that´s just my interpretation…

    • Music is a reflection of the artist who creates it. If you enjoy Varg’s music, then his personal beliefs are appealing to you on some level.

    • Well I have purchased and listen to all of Burzum’s music but as a graduate of a university college specialising in theology and philosophy, as an avid reader of history, a martial artist and collector of weaponry, and as someone who has been involved in anti-immigrationist political groups, a father of many, husband of a biologist, “racist”, and a European born near a Viking settlement I say this is the greatest blog on the entire internet!!!

  12. I was just wondering, Varg. When we start to live a simpler life like our ancestors lived. Will our genes start to ”evolve” back to its primordial stage (the same stage as when we were neanderthals)?

  13. I support the indigenous European people and our indigenous religion, I was merely aligning myself with some of the Third Reich’s observations about Islam’s martial spirit and resistance to Jewry.

    I don’t think a hypothetical Nordic Islam would’ve been as shit as a Church that shackled Europe in the Dark Ages because it feared pagan knowlege. The Arabs plagiarised the knowledge of the pagan ancients and enjoyed a thousand year Golden Age until fundamentalist nutcases closed their minds too.

    Varg, it is an interesting thought that Christianity is close to Germanic paganism; I think at the grass roots level this undeniable. Even the ‘divinisation of Christ’ was a bizarre amalgam of “Gentile” belief with Abrahamic monotheism. I have postgraduate degrees in Catholic Theology but my study didn’t really interact with the pagan influences and divergences you refer to.

    I didn’t mean to be abstruse, I utterly detest the tidal wave of brown Islamic colonisers invited in by the cultural Marxists (you know who). In our homeland Muslims are the enemy on racial grounds and any white Muslim convert joins the ‘Ummah’ and forsakes Europa.

    • I expect your analysis of toleration of black metal, or anything else for that matter, is spot on simply aligning with indifferentism and how secularised, or post-Christian/post-Islamic a country is. If you lived in a Muslim country you wouldn’t have any Jews or Western banking practices but sure being left alone in the liberal democracies is comfortable.

      Islam, itself, is one of the ‘different sides’ of Christianity, an Arian “heretical” rendition complete with Jesus and Mary! Fortunately there is nothing ‘Christian’ today resembling the totalitarian Gulf states. No European countries are Protestant these days and only in places like Malta, and as you say Poland, does the Catholic Church have any clout.

      Is ‘freedom’ really the be all and end all though? I think we need a bit of totalitarianism but with someone like me in charge, lol.

  14. I begrudgingly and restrictively admire the religion of Islam, it would’ve been preferable, had Europe remained white, if we’d historically adopted Islam over the weak, stupid anti-life Christianity. I admire much about Islam especially its patriarchalism, warrior spirit and refusal to participate in the Jews’ financial snares. Hitler understood this well and his propaganda attempts to recruit the Arab world against our common enemy were extensive.

    Islam is of course the religion of the brown colonisers of Europe and its intrinsic transracial internationalism coupled with religious fundamentalism’s propensity to suppress free thought plus their metahistorical attempts to conquer Europe disgust me.

    Yes, the contemporary hostilities: “Christian” West vs the Muslim territories serve only the Zionists and their ‘divide and conquer’ schemes. However, the European demographic time bomb, is ticking. Our domestic Muslims are not going to voluntarily leave our sacred homeland and eventual civil war looms. The coming conflagration is reason alone for us to flee the cities now for a simple and hidden life in the countryside.

    Hail Varg; hail the ancient religion, hail Europe and her people!

      • This wasn’t his point. His point was, that both, Christianity and Islam, is shit compared to paganism, but that Islam would still have been better for Europe than Christianty. At least this is, how I understood his comment.

          • Yet, we already are living in a 3rd world Eurabia because of Christianity and Judaism…

            Still, I think Islam is even worse for Europeans than Christianity is, because at least Christianity is 90% European Paganism. Islam is not… Islam is a 100% Semitic religion.

            • Islam is pure shit.For instance black or death metal cannot openly exist in an islamic country.And ironically there are hundreds of extreme bands from all over the midlle east that are actualy very good or at least decent both in terms of music and lyrics.If you wouldnt know their origin you could swear that they are from Norway,Sweden,or whatever counrty with well known extreme metal tradition.Only maybe some mild hard rock you would be legally and publicly be allowed to play down there.So if tomorrow I decide to learn to play the guitar in order to put up a ”satanic band” I can freely do it.Only in Poland you would probably run into legal problems on grounds of anti-christian lyrics.The rest is pretty relaxed.Also here in Eastern Europe the orthodox church has much less control ideologically over people than the roman catholic and protestant in the West. However christianity should be despised as a whole,comparing different sides of it is pointless.Still to get back to my main idea of the post,Im grateful that I dont live in a muslim country.

            • Varg, what do you think of the “mystic Christianity” or “esoteric Christianity” of guys like Meister Eckhart?

              • Is that guy, Eckhart who said “we are so spiritual we can do without god” very comprehensive insurance, indeed.

                • Maybe. He was tried as a heretic and died before the verdict. His views were much more in line with Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, or what they now call the “Sophia Perennis.” I would say that they were also in line with European Paganism, though couched in the language of Christ. His emphasis was put on mystical experience and finding direct knowledge of God rather than on dogma or literal interpretation.

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  16. I think Coleman talked about the dire monstrous architecture that was erected in the 20th century to house people. Whoever built those ugly cement beasts were surely inspired by a certain doctrine and vision. The abomination of the worst sides of the metropolitan life, so I cannot but agree in full. I think I will be incapable of surviving without the modern world, self-criticism at its best and I know I have to something and act upon it. But sometimes we need to pause for a moment in this constant frenzy of capitalistic furore and understand where we are heading. Less is better, can we really convince the multitudes on this?
    We shall see, in the meantime we have to ride the tiger somehow. And chase our dreams that one day might become reality.

  17. A simpler life… This is all I am longing for in this utterly rotten age. Everywhere you look there is plastic and electric lights, everywhere technology, asphalt, cars, aeroplanes, trafic lights… Everything I want is to live in the country within a remote valley or village. I want to directly face the vast powers of nature again. I want to feel the storms again. I want to watch the sun on her way from mountain to mountain. I want darkness when it is supposed to be dark. I hate electricity for killing the night goddess. I don’t want to have any lights within my rooms, except maybe for a tiny candle. I am looking forward for the day when the god of the sun will kill electricity with a sunstorm and thus rescue his sister the moon (and night) goddes.

  18. You mentioned China in the video. How big of a threat is China in Europe? I did not believe it at first, but when I came back to America I saw that my neighborhood is now filled with Chinese. Homeowners are selling their houses to Chinese people, who then encourage their friends and families to move into near by houses. At my work I see the scope of these Chinese hordes daily; some are citizens, some are tourists, and some are not citizens but they hold residence in the U.S. They are the most rude people I’ve ever encountered, and I lived among many different Asians cultures for three years.

    When I was in the Pacific I used to give intelligence briefs about different countries & islands in Asia and the Pacific. Whether important or anonymous there was one common theme: The Chinese have attempted to influence each country either through intimidation or by inserting pro-Chinese officials into elections through corruption. So I wonder, is China as big of a threat in Europe as they are in the countries touching the Pacific?

    • I can’t speak for Europe, but I can tell you that in Canada, China is buying up land, resources, and companies, left and right. And of course, there are many, many moving here as well. The Chinese are generally not known for having any manners. I think even they know that. They spit everywhere and never cover their mouths when they cough. I once saw an article on the BBC where the Chinese were attempting to learn British manners on a national level.

      • You are preaching to the choir; I witness all of that as well. The get into the U.S. through Canada more easily than directly from China.

  19. I agree with you fully that the muslims are not the ‘real enemy’, but they don’t seem to think that way. Muslim youth from our countries are fighting for the zionists and Apebama against Assad. They are allowed back into our country.( which is in fact against the law, they should loose their nationality and not be allowed back in.)They return radicalised, and with knowledge about car-bombs, guerilla warfare and what have you not. They will use this against us when called upon. I recently talked to a muslim about this. We were in agreance about a lot of things, but he remained convinced that fighting against Assad was a good thing. They are foremost a religious people, if some imam told them that this or that is good for islam, well, then this or that is good for islam. Logical reasoning means nothing to the mind that has been infected with either jewry, christianity, or islam. So whether it has been willed by “those who cannot be mentioned” is not the issue, we will have to fight muslims some day. Good article by the way. Kind of open door to your regular readers, but I get that this gets played on youtube as well, so it will reach some sheep as well. Good stuff.

    • Yes , as I have said before ; the sunnis are the dangerous ones . They fight against Assad . I think we have to start to understand the islam issue better, and see that the sunnis are the ones who fight together with zionist jews , against us, and against the shias !

    • Actually, that’s a great point you made about the degree of subservience muslims have towards imans. I think that would be the main possibility in making use of their rabid fanaticism. I also wonder how your average person would attempt to rationalize an alliance from two ‘extreme’ poles which are still seen as being divergent from each other. It would be harder to pass off the European type as racist, and more difficult to pass off the Islamic type as having no basis for their discontent. I’m making an assumption that that is the heart of their discontent, and that they indeed do not value imperialistic ambitions themselves. In short, we don’t want them in our lands, and they don’t want us in their lands. There is a real basis of mutual understanding there that both sides should theoretically be very responsive towards and which would emphasize the positive and publicly understabable ambitions of both sides.

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  21. Does this mean we are fools ourselves if we fight homosexuals and feminists, since this is what they want? Should we stop fighting against them then or else we are falling for their trap and doing their bidding? I am unsure if you are suggesting we stop fighting or if we should fight harder etc. Perhaps I read it wrong.

  22. Varg, I study International Relations and I’m tired of this massive progressive indoctrination classes.
    I love reading your texts and would like to ask for directions if possible, from sources to do my Work Completion, something like “The Disservice of progressive policies for the current world or for International Relations”

    “The whole modern world has split into conservative and progressive. The business of Progressives is to continue making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.”

  23. Unfortunately it is a blood war. ´You-know-who´ are after ours. Systems like governments, media, states, politics, companies, science etc. are a tool for that goal. Participate and support ´You-know-who´. Be independent, self-sufficient. In other words; grow YOUR food, drink YOUR water, eat YOUR animals, live YOUR life for future generations. For YOUR blood. The rest does not really help much. Focus on YOUR family. That is what I do. My blood urges me to. It makes me live, move and pro-create and I am thankfull for that.

  24. Well Varg, it’s good to see you back and you’ve made it even more personal ;)
    I agree that we should never fight another crusade for the Jws. However Islam is still a threat, the recent attacks of the Taliban on the pagan tribe of the Kalasha in Pakistan is a good example. As for the simple life, I think we have to fight first and relax later, we would be powerless without modern technology. The Kalasha have lived a simple life for over 2000 years and they can’t even defend themselves against invaders or conversion through propaganda.

    • The Taliban is a sunni fraction and was founded by Saudi-Arabia .
      You never see any shia muslims attack Kalasha , or other pre islam religions as also the zoroasteries are accepted in Iran , and shia islam in Iran has many elements from zoroasteries . Infact the shias are themselves targeted by Taliban .
      I think we have to stop to talk about islam as one group .

      • Maybe Shia muslims are friendlier or at least more tolerant… Sunni muslims destroyed all the pagan temples, shrines and statues? Btw, please read this article about what Islam has done to the Kafirs (Pagans): http://lubpak.com/archives/58664

        Problem is that the Aryan world is getting smaller and smaller, and especially pagan Aryans have become a minority under constant threat of genocide. I fear that in the distant future there will be no place left to live our simple pagan lives (if we even survive the plague which has infested our lands).

  25. Certainly the grounds for civil war in Europe are available, but I wonder if that is the plan. What further do they stand to gain in Europe by doing that? Maybe once the rest of the planet is dominated they will exercise that option. I don’t think they would want that to happen too soon, but maybe I’m wrong. I would imagine Canada would be a their ideal model. The entire globe lives here blissfully sucking off the malnourishment you described, and there is no real racial tension. They could probably easily stir it up, but by that point there may not be any White people left in the big cities! We have no roots of any kind to hold onto. We are the converted. It’s in the air.

    Further, I think it’s a great strategy to direct all fractious elements towards a common enemy, but I would also point out that they have long been establishing that common enemy as the White man. They have done it so well, that even many White people see the White man as public enemy number one. If this course can be changed, and a the rightful common enemy should be determined, that would be incredible. I’m not so sure how an alliance of this type would even work.

    As for the simple life, I only hope people will have enough time to prepare before any potential catastrophe. We no longer really have the know-how and nobody really knows when something like that could happen.

    • Complete anarchy and strife would remove any remaining power in countries and can then be replaced? This kind of displacement has happened in many countries. I also share your concern, the number of self-hating whites is increasing each day.

  26. Sorry, this is off topic, but the comments in “Are racists having a hard time?” are closed, and I couldn’t find an answer to my question elsewhere.
    There was a discussion going on about how this 4% of Neanderthal DNA in Eurasian populations is generated. Before I read through the comments in the aforementioned post, I thought it’s obviously 4% of Neanderthal only DNA we share with them, since Sub-Sahara Africans share non of this with Neanderthals. Now I am a bit confused and uncertain about this.
    I’ve read we have about 40% of our genes in common with watermelons, 70% with pigs, 98% with chimpanzees and 99,7% with Neanderthals. But how much percent do Neanderthals actually share with Sub-Sahara Africans?

  27. Also, I like your videos Varg. It is a great way to spread your information more. We get new Burzum tracks (which is always good), and the people on YouTube can join in on the conversation. Thanks!

  28. I think it is important to understand what “their” goals are. But I also think it wise to understand that they rarely achieve them. They set their goals extremely high (CONQUERING THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!!!111), so if they achieve even a tiny part of that, they gain quite a bit. So don’t be demoralized by their over-ambitiousness. For as Seneca said, “Qui totum vult totum perdit.” He who wants everything loses everything.

  29. I think “they” (we know of who you speak) really have a tenuous control over their remaining power. It’s a small amount of people attempting to drive a massive sleigh with many horses. But they are barely hanging on to the reins of their demon-sleigh. It’s running off course and out of control. They know it will crash soon, but do everything they can to keep the last remaining control they have. They are dangerous, because they will do everything they can and dare to do the worst. But your solutions are so true and quite simple. Just start and the mass will then follow. Because there really is no other choice.

  30. Actually there’s something that I think is utterly pathetic about us : it is our incapacity to structure ourself. I mean I don’t want to be a “virtual looser” spending his time to talk hidden behind a computer. What we all know for sure is that we don’t like the system and that the only way to live differently is to establish a parrallel society with an organized network etc …

    It could be really possible even at a low scale : a network of food production ets …

    Furtermore, one have to accept that paganism will never reestablish without a community of people who believe in it and get organized. This needs people with their own competence, to organize and create something, we need each other. Eugenics and virtue will not suddenly arise from the will of the mass (if the mass is really able to have some sort of will).

    I mean let’s build the pagan temple again …

  31. I’m really glad you used the ”muslim terrorists” example, Varg. That’s what the hooked-nosed-individuals did to our common consciousness, by finding a cliche of a ”common enemy” and setting us against the very people they want destroyed to secure their cosy geographic position. I remember how surprised I was when I first heard Ahmadinejad talking- even though I despise all forms of Judeo-Christianity, I have to admit that he sounds like a proud man who cares about his people and about his land and who, most strikingly of all, recognizes our common enemy and is not afraid to be outspoken about it, even though the whole Western world supports this very enemy and is stuck in the big lie. Al Jazeera is not a fanaticism-driven propaganda tool the Western world think it is, it is actually much more reliable than our European media. It is so sad that the Muslim culture which in so many ways is, and should be, antagonistic to ours, is nowadays closer to us than what the you-know-who did with our own.
    I like to believe that, if the big parasite did cease to provoke Americans and Europeans to run its military errands in the Midddle East, the Muslims would be able and willing to leave Europe and return to their homelands.

    Let’s diminish the parasite’s influence by living full, simple lives :)

  32. Unfortunately to many, this is an unknown and anachronistic way of life. We have lost the wisdom that has made us Europeans. The flame is still burning, yes, but we are living in a world where all of the fuel is prohibited and falsely presented as a pernicious desire. A couple of generations ago self-sufficiency and simple living was the default way of life. Our ancestors lived on farms, owned animals and their own food and provided to their families what they needed. Families were much larger and were a cohesive unit without disfunction or disarray.The daughters could be confident in finding a strong man to support her and the men were not cowards. Our ancestors fixed their problems and were skilled in many areas such as automotives, metalworking, woodworking, fishing, gardening, chopping wood and raising their own animals.

    Today, it is nearly impossible to escape from the clutches of the rotten system. Buying a decent plot of land is not affordable to many. Even then, we still have to relearn all of our ancient skills that have for so long been suppressed and spat upon. There were was no electricity, washing machines, refrigerators, dish washers, microwaves or computers. Everything was done manually. Even preparing a meal for your family could be an effort. Clothes had to be rigorously washed by hand.

    Our governments are poisoning us with our food, water, medicine and vaccines. Our grocery stores are filled with hundreds of products with chemical additives and preservatives. Our children are circumcised at birth, injected with mercury and sent off to the indoctrination centers. We fight foreign wars to expand the territory of the Zionists and international bankers.

    However, more and more people are awakening everyday. We are starting to discern the old trodden over footprints in the grass and the golden tablets long lost. We are searching for the lost well that was the giver of wisdom. We will return to simplicity one day I believe and will be watering our fields from the well.

  33. Assad is a full blown psychopath.Eventhough the western countries did publicly support the armed opposition ,mercenaries as you called them,the man has no excuse for relentlesly butchering his own people.

    • Syria is under attack by foreign Muslim extremist teams funded by Israel, Saudi Arabia, and USA. This is open information. To claim that Assad caused it is ridiculous.

      • TRUE but…everything will end up with a shit storm regardles our affilition ..it puzzles me why nations as powerful as Germany,the no 1 eu economially,are being so quiet.Rhetoricaly.. but…everything will end up with a shit storm regardles our affilition we are being constantly bullied from across the ocean…Even though America is Europe,we all know that.

          • well Germany’s military is also capped for nazi reasons….and believe me…you wouldn’t trust German soldiers who are currently in the military with your life either….my cousin was at the bundeswehr and he told me they barely even learn shit anymore there….just mess around, watch TV play video games and get alot of money

    • And you are duped if you believe that he does so.

      Do you really believe that his army fired mortar shells into Turkey too? Why on Earth would they do that? Only the “rebels” had anything to gain from that. Do you really believe that that the men in Assad’s army — all men of the Syrian people — are committing such horrible war crimes against their own brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, grand fathers and grand mothers, cousins and you name it?

      You really need to stop trusting the mainstream media, and check some other sources of information instead.

      Come on! Every single “war crime” documented by the mercenaries attacking Assad’s people have been carried out by these mercenaries themselves!

      • You didnt get my point.If during that arab spring ,as they call it, he\they did behaved differently he\they wuuld have been in a differnt place,take King Abdulah of the jordan is as much cunninng, sneaky beast and close friend of obama and current administration but he understood that you cannot fight an army of a nation that has satelites over Mars while you\ushave some wooden sticks and dressed in rags…it s rediculous how assad foolishly played this card.

        • I think it’s possible that you have no idea what you are talking about. You seem to be just repeating lies of the controlled media. Do you also believe it when they tell you that race does not exist?

      • What happened in Syria is a classic example of how a certain other Middle Eastern ”state” deals with things… It is so easy to figure out it hurts.

      • Yes, launching indirect fire over a border to get another country involved is very much a radical insurgent tactic. Hezbollah was known for using this tactic on the border of Lebanon and Israel to provoke the Israelis into action, and then ambushing them. It is, as you say, not something an organized government does.

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  35. Still, muslims are our enemies. Just because they are a tool of our common enemy, and not all of them are terrorists, they have built their temples on our ground, they rape our women and they pollute the mind of young europeans. It is too easy to say, we just fight on one front. We fight on many fronts, and the thread of Islam and the muslims is one of them. They can’t be our friends, as long as they are on our ground.

    • You can’t put “Muslims” in one group. Most modern “Muslims” have nothing to do with Arabian hoards of the Middle Ages. They are just converted (i.e. conquered) people of the old Middle East. The radicals are run by the Judeo-Saudi team. It’s open information.

    • I agree. They are also all very religious. And Muhammad teaches to “spread their faith by fire and sword”.
      I think a more proper word should be Arabs anyway.
      Islam is after all yet another branch of Jewish poison..

      • Tell me, when did the Muslim world last pose a threat to Europe? The Ottomans, perhaps, who only had progress because Christians were too busy fighting each other, over different interpretations of the Hebrew bible?

        Today the Muslims only pose a threat because ‘you-know-who’ let them in en masse to our homelands.

        The Muslims in Muslim countries are ashamed of the Muslims living here in Europe, by the way. You should know that. They detest them.

        We should let the Muslims in the Muslim world know that we have no imperialistic ambitions in relation to their homelands, and they will support us and our cause.

        If you don’t understand the meaning of that, and see the importance of doing so, then go ahead: attack the Muslims and you will only help ‘you-know-who’. They want you to. They have planned for you to do that. If you don’t they fail.

        • When did they threaten? Like you said Ottomans, and before the first crusade, the Seljuq Turks attacking spain, where El Cid fought them, and before that Charles Martel in the early days of Christianity here.
          In fact ALL traditional stories here in Slovenia reffer to the Muslim barbarism, how they pillaged and killed and raped and so on…

          I understand your last part entirely. But why would YOU of all people want to ally with those that worship another form of “God”? We all know where it comes from.

          Lastly, I’m not so sure if those in Muslims living in Middle east are ashamed of those that come here. In my country the mosque was paid entirely by a sheikh(?) from Saudi Arabia.

          • Saudi Arabia is not the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia is ruled by a different sort of people. Google it..

            Read Niccolo Machiavelli…. about war strategy and alliances. ;-)

            • “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”?
              Christianity is our enemy. But so is communism (for me even more, communism is the worst enemy). The two of course fight each other. So what does that mean? I don’t want to ally with any of those two.

              • *Sigh*

                You don’t get it.

                Let me rephrase then, so that you too might get it: if you see a trap DON’T WALK INTO IT. That is what I am saying: THEY WANT YOU TO FIGHT THE MUSLIMS. So you should NOT. It’s a trap.

                And if you let the Muslims too know that fighting YOU is a trap, then they wont, and the TRAP WILL FAIL.

                How hard is that to understand?!

                  • My theory is if we look at the muslim world ; the most dangerous branch is the sunni branch . I think there has been contact between sunnis and mossadjews since Safavid shia dynasty , and the Ottoman sunnis went to fight against the Safavids shia dynasty. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safavid_dynasty
                    Since then sunnis and mossadjews have been allied in wars to rule the world .

                    I think in many ways we could ally with shia islam , but not with sunni islam .

                    Shia islam has it’s roots in old Aryan territories ;like Iran and Aserbajan whilst sunni islam is a “religion” hacked by jewish mercantiles

                    • Hi Birgitta it can be sweet of you if you let me now where are you from? :)

                  • If we start a War with the Muslims the Jews will stole, destroy, corrupt, kill and bring to degeneration Europe even more. Totally…to a point without return.

                    • and how are we supposed to get rid of them here in Europe then? because all I hear here is “don’t fight them because that’s what our enemies want” then, what’s the damn solution? all I know is that the muslims that came to Europe are scum, the lowest beings of the islamic world are invading us. There is NO reasoning with them. The superior caste of muslims in countries like Iran, Syria are other thing now…they can understand us better, not all but most ( I hope..)

                      Either way, they must get the hell out of here.

                    • If your roof is leaking, do you clean up the mess first, or do you first fix the roof? What do you think is the most intelligent thing to do?

  36. Nowadays more and more people are nomadic salaried exploited at will and don’t own their production tool unlike our grand-parents who at least owned their farm (even if it was very hard) to product and eat their good food.

    We live in a communist world directed by capitalists. What the system wants is to have only economical slaves by making them for example uniformly tenants, or putting them into debts with more and more consomation credits etc … As a consequence, they can never build something solid and durable and live in fear and insecurity. The goal is always to prevent people from thinking.

    I have always thought that owning his home in the countryside and cultivate his land was not only a healthy way to live but also the best way to be free.

    The only problem could be the education but now the access to knowledge is better so now one can easyly combine the rural lifestyle and the “erudition”.

    By the way, one can live better with less and still have a good way of living.

    • The modern education system destroyed the rural way of life. Children had no more time to help their family and learned to adopt a modern industrial way of life. They had to learn a new language, they learned to forget their roots, and were fed with lies for 6 hours each day.

      • LIES, let’s say ABSTRACTION. Jews are just master’s of IMAGE & story telling, that why they are so touchy, Israel is just their concentration camp, doing too much, radio kill the radio star new version,internet kill Israeli PR

  37. I think that those people living in tribes with their similars are much happier than we who live barely for money.

  38. ‘standard of living’ this is a very heavvy expression indeed & in itself, where everything & everyone is exchangeable……a better world, i bet, you bet, they bet….we réalize, end of the moovie. It is like in cooking, the most difficult is to do simple thing. Solution is, to be able to make & take décisions all the time, power of estimation of knowledge & meeting first hand, recognition, acquaintance, etc….. . Wage earners are executing themselves every day,bi lack of it, I herd is their moto whence the noisy silence in the streets…..
    Have a good day, Varg & your entourage, full of decision & creation of situation, total art .

  39. “…We can only live freely without much money.” – This is the quote worth remembering. Thank You Varg.

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  41. I think those in power first and foremost want to increase their own prestige and ‘standard of living’, allowing them to wallow in ever-increasing luxurious extravagance and decadence. In order to do this they need a world which is stable, ‘western’, and commercialized, full of productive little ‘human resources’ without identities, who do what they’re told and never question the system. When we spend half of our waking hours in front of a computer at work, and the other half in front of an entertainment system at home, we’re probably their ‘ideal inmates’.

    Incidentally I’m a bit surprised that the movie ‘Fight Club’ was created, given how well it criticizes all these things. It doesn’t offer any positive solution to it, and has some very nihilistic elements, but still.

    • Well, I think you are wrong. If you had seen what is happening in France the last few years perhaps you would think differently. They obviously want conflict.

      • Divide et impera. They just stole the Roman strategy; it’s not even their own. Break all states up into civil warring mess and rule over it all with some government run by the “chosen ones”.

    • They do lot of movies which show their dominant moves, finance & atomisation by goods, they are truly promothéen, they assume it to the very end. Kubrick is a master of it, remember “eyes wide shut”…….how to shut the fuck up.

  42. Good advice and powerful presentation. Thanks. That quotation by Voltaire is so true as well, and nice to know who actually said it (I didn’t know that it was Voltaire who’d written that until now). I also like the old Roman quotation “cui bono?” – “who stands to gain?”

  43. great video Varg, but im pretty sure they don’t want the whole world to look like syria, they’ve already got most humans getting up in the mornings working jobs they hate and manipulate themselves into being happy to do, and contribute for the ones “at the top” the modern spider web societies of civilization is going far too well for the contribution collectors and all that shit, they wouldn’t wanna risk violent outbreaks like in syria to happen in western countries, violence is actually what we need right now maybe :/ friendly violence, like a hard pad on the back violence

    we dont need electronical tax for old people, disabled people and unemployed people and so on, “tax” means contribution, if someone wants to contribute then we can do it directly (that was unrelated, just felt like saying that lol)

    • I don’t think they think things through that far, they are simply doing what their biology has programmed them to. If they were critical thinkers they would not have massacred the tens of millions of people in the Soviet Union who had little chance of rebelling against them.

      It is in them to break down and destroy whatever society they live within. Their biology never took into account them ever coming into power, they were designed/evolved to be a perpetual leech. They cannot help but destroy themselves when they become the leaders of society.

  44. It is important to note that the ‘simpler life’ was once the default way of life for most Europeans until very recently. The guiding wisdom of culture is absent for the most part in modern society. It was once considered common sense to live only within your means and be self sufficient as possible.

    Today, it must be an conscious choice to be independent. You must actively discern what is good for you and your community and what is not. Without tradition as a guiding principle, most people will continue to be lost.

  45. Any fight ‘they’ are not a part of, is a fight in which good people are lost ‘bailing water out of a hole filled ship.’

    As horrible as this age may seem I stick to my belief that there is no such thing as a bad experience. There are experiences that teach you something new, and those that go to waste. All we face today is a new challenge, something that our ancestors have never faced before. The lesson to be learned and perfected in this age, learning to ignore distraction. We have more and more things around us each and every day, you cannot walk through a store without encountering 100+ different products that will either harm your psychical health or your mental/spiritual health.

    We are learning to block out things that advertise themselves falsely. We are learning how our minds work so that we can protect ourselves from manipulation. And above all we are re-learning how to do things ourselves. Above all, this is the age of the minimalist. There is no better time than now to learn how life is best lived through simplicity.

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