Divine Light

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Trees and herbs were also seen as in possession of the divine; they housed the spirits/gods too. Þôrr resided in the oak tree. Ôðinn in the ash tree. Sunna (the Sun) in the apple tree etc. Further, they were believed to reside in several different trees; e. g. Sunna (in MYFAROG called by her older and male name Sowilus [=Helios, = Sol, =Khors/Porevit, =Brigandu]);



[Sowilus’] temple is built around or near a tree sacred to Sowilus, such as the acacia (acacia), the orange tree (citrus sinesis), the birch (betula), the beech (fagus sylvatica), the oak (quercus), the apple tree (malus sylvestris), the hazel (corylus avellana), the laurel tree (laurus nobilis), the stone pine (pinus pinea), the populus (populus), the rowan tree (sorbus aucuparia) or the lemon tree (citrus limon). “


The spirits/gods were so important for the properties of these plants that when the ancient sorcerers cut them down, for use in potions, they used only special, sacred knives or sickles for this purpose; known best as the golden sickles of the druids, and in Scandinavia for their rune carvings spelling the word linalaukaz (“white linen clothing flower meadow”), suggesting the herbs were gathered (as we know they were by the druids too) from the meadows in white linen clothing – to make sure they were not “relieved” of their sorcerous powers by contact with the soil or anything else impure.

Now, some spirits are weak, others are strong, but they all come from the Sun; all life on Earth is “caused” and maintained by the Sun! So everything that has been granted life by the Sun has been granted a spirit of some sort, a spark from the Sun. A tiny bit of the Sun on Earth. Warmth. Light. Yes; light

This may sound fantastical, but it is actually what happens in real life; the warm light of the Sun is the direct cause of all life on Earth, whether or not we think of this as spirits. This light is then changed over time as it is continuously fed by more light from the Sun. Even if you burn the wood, in your fireplace in complete darkness inside a stone house, this is still light that stems from the Sun, because the trees too have their light from the Sun. Everything on this planet does!

Well, perhaps not everything, because we are indeed influenced in this context not only by our Sun, but also the stars (other Suns) and the reflection of Sunlight/Starlight from other celestial objects – such as Mercury (Loki), Venus (Freyr), the Moon (Mâni), Mars (Tyr), Jupiter (Þôrr), Saturn (Heimdallr), Uranus (Ôðinn), Neptune (Njörðr) and even Pluto (Hel). And of course the light reflected by our own planet Earth (Jörð).

The trees and other plants would also be shaped by this light. Perhaps they knew or just believed that some trees and plants were able to accept and store the light (and warmth) of one or more celestial light sources better than the others. The oak tree the power of Þôrr (and Baldr, and Sunna…), for example. Because of this they became the shapes of those deities or spirits. Their attributes.

The most important deities of our forebears were not, like many believe today, Ôðinn or Þôrr, but the Sun and the Moon. Even during the Viking Age the Sun and the Moon remained the most important deities – although often in the background; like a King and Queen watching over their court. They were the most important sources of light. The Sun during the day, and the Moon during the night. The Sun worship was linked to mountains and the Moon worship to sacred sources – reflecting the light of the Moon. The by far most common names in Norway support this too, and these names always come in pairs; the Sun and the Moon. Like Solberg (“Sun Mountain”) and Skadvin (“Meadow of Skaði) or Skadvatn (“Lake of Skaði”), always located very close to each other. The whole Scandinavian peninsula is even named after the Moon goddess Skaði (originally a god called Skanþe) of hunting; Skanþinawio (“Skaði’s Land by the Sea” or “The Islands of Skaði”).

Light does influence not just our physical bodies, but also our minds. The European pantheon could then very well be a carefully investigated and categorized list of divine (light) influences on the human mind. Our behaviour and our blood (=genetic makeup) allow us to accept more or less light from the different deities, to strengthen this or that deity in us much or little.

So, my claim would then be that today we suffer from the light pollution of cities and the fact that we see less divine light from inside our houses than they did from around their bonfires under the starlit sky in the past (yes, they slept inside tents, but most of the time they were outdoors). We fail to strengthen the deities in us simply by living in cities and houses. Maybe man would be better, more divine, had he lived like our forebears did. Our spirits are not fed by the gods, but by electric light, neon lights and electric ovens. Artificially created Sunlight replacements. Or if you insist that most of the electric power also stems at least indirectly from Sunlight, then at least from very different sources of light and warmth, with unknown effects on our spirits and minds. If the Sunlight reflected by a planet is changed enough for it to become a separate deity, then what deity would that electric neon light be? And what does it do to us, how does it change us?

It wil be our doom if we don’t change this, because we are natural, but our lives are not. Hail Sowilus! Hail Mano! 

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90 thoughts on “Divine Light

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  31. I have read in SRAS that the most import deities are the sky god and the earth godess, but now you wrote in this article that the most important deities are the sun and the moon, so who are now the most important gods, the sky and the earth or the sun and the moon? Or if all the other deities are just faces of the sky and earth, are they genarally speaking the most important deities and the most important faces of them are the sun and the moon? maybe the sun and the moon were seen as the eyes of the sky god?

    • All four are the most important, really. The Sun and the Moon are seen as the palms of the Sky God.

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  35. Why Mercury as Loki and Saturn as Odin? I always thought of them as the exact opposite, since Mercury is Hermes, often associated with Wisdom, and Saturn with the Saturnalia, the end year festivals.

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  37. Alyssa and I always talk about, and depress, over the light pollution of Our beautiful Jörð. It is a greater reason—among many great reasons—why We have longed to follow the voices of the trees and get away from such filth…since childhood for me. The trees are representative of beauty, harmony, and everything Good; the city lights are representative of chaos, crime, perversion, and everything else Bad.

    I am glad I am such a Nature boy and spend 9-10 months of the year hiking mostly mountains and cleavers, even sleeping over, and also hiking flatland – also “herping” and exhibiting amateur photography (Alyssa is the good photographer…a very good one actually :)) although I prefer memory and the creativity based on my memories. Day and Night (the latter less chaotic and thus more peaceful), always am I in Mother Nature’s arms. She is my sanctuary and where I find my harmony and solace. I even bring my acoustic guitar along occasionally, to play my Art to Hers, and given the sightings of three (3) planets last year: Venus, Mars and Jupiter, also two shooting stars, I had become quite artistically inspired (musically, of course). It has been quite the suffering living in just a suburban town…I could never survive (literally) in a city and would rather sleep in a cave, hole, or under a tree. Or just hunt a bear or two and make a skin-tent. ;)

    I am further glad I don’t watch TV—I don’t even have one in my room—and only play a game or two on Winter nights (maybe once or twice per week), then ‘storing’ away for the good weather. I am rarely on the computer as well. I could never coop myself indoors with no light or fresh air, especially when I could help it…it would kill my psychological well-being and eventually me. I am glad I am so fit and active and enjoy every aspect of Nature (including climbing trees and going waist-deep in water, even fully-clothed, to catch anurans, HA!). I pity the ones who don’t…for We are a part of Nature as We always have been and always will be (whether religious fanatics want to admit to it or not), and She constantly calls to Us.

    It often occupies my mind to speculate and picture what this world – and of course being most focused on my microcosm, my immediate land – looked like before the Jews (and Zionists) invaded, raped and desecrated it via cutting down millions of trees for their poorly-constructed concrete and pavement roads and buildings which need rebuilding every 30-40 years! Id est, to imagine what this land once looked like untouched…

    It sends Us into quite the sorrow, huh? Ugh, how humanity could give in to the Jews’ delusion, lies, brainwashing, and teaching of irrational fears (exempli gratia, fearing Nature) and consequently losing their ties is beyond my fathoms and grasp. I’m lucky to have born the way I was: always in Nature, and before anything or anyone else.

    “Hail Sowilus! Hail Mano!” indeed!

  38. Interesting, particularly regarding trees…will you be focusing on trees anytime soon in a post? I thought Ash and Yew were especially important in our culture (a Yew in a graveyard by a church on a mound being a clear sign of a former pagan temple site over here :) ). I also remember you mentioning the significance of Juniper trees, a while ago on a Burzum.org article I believe

  39. Wow these correspondences are great, Varg. There’s a chance that Odinn is also a few other planets. I have known the bay leaf is solar, but here’s a lot more to work with now. Also the rune linalaukaz will be helpful. I’ve always naturally been inclined to fire and earth and the outdoors, but no matter what, it seems upon every turn I make the society will completely block you any chance they get if they “detect” that you are elevating yourself to this knowledge. So it is like our friends here on the blog say, they don’t go outside much, they can’t coexist with the unnatural human beings whose rays are harmful. So the false light that the others have absorbed being sent out of them is compounding it exponentially since it is coupled with their misdirected (un)divine will. There’s no worse false light than christianity and they actively promote the modernity: electricity, microwaves, television, and they love it all. (Blaspheming the true pagan gods) It’s alien to me (us) and, I think what you’re doing — living in the country seems healthy and good and strong. I’d love to go out for nature walks at night and have fires to focus on the ancients and spend time with them, but can’t quite do that openly here, until the personal sacrifice is made to leave it all behind. I’m sure you guys agree: you really don’t gain much from living amongst the sheeples, even if it is for income or circumstances. Thank you Varg! Hail Sowilus! Hail Mano!

    • Indeed. Not much comes close to it. A pair of large binoculars is really enough to keep one occupied for life. I love looking over old constellation maps and catalogs, trying to piece together what our ancient cultures like Egypt saw in the night sky. It never gets old.

      • During the summer i go out to a pond by myself in the middle of the night and lay back for hours and stare at the sky and the clouds moving about all beautiful stars, the moon. Its a beautiful thing up until i see a plane.

        • On a side note, we have two naked eye comets coming this year. Don’t miss them. One brief comet in March and a monster in Nov/Dec. If you’ve never seen one before, you are in for a treat.

          • I’m starting a new fascination with deep space photography. We have a few telescopes, the kind with motors and software–just recently there has come to the market a consumer friendly CCD camera which mounts on the eye piece. It then layers multiple exposures to get the amazing nebulae and galaxies. To me it is art. I agree though, planes always ruin it.

            • “hellronhubbard”,

              You and Alyssa Tompsett should talk more about astrophotography.:) She’s been wanting to get into for a while now, just needs a telescope. She is quite knowledgeable, and very passionate, about astronomy. She loves taking photos of the moon and has been experimenting with star trails, but she “hasn’t” come up with anything too good yet (I think she has…). She recommends You visit Sean Parker’s material: http://500px.com/SeanParker.

              • Hey Timothy Gould,
                Any relation to Glenn?
                Definitely, nice pictures you sent….wow. My approach might be more for album cover art like King Crimson’s Islands. Can you tell Alyssa I’d really like to talk to her about anything and all things :)
                Best regards my friend…. in the holoscopic universe,
                hel awaits ;)

                • Glenn…Gould? As in this guy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenn_Gould ? Not that I am aware of, no; but it has been an interesting read so far, and some of the similarities are uncanny! I should get a genealogy done! :P I will finish the page later.

                  Alyssa saw Your post and will converse as applicable. :)

                  • haha yes, just a thought. a great pianist of the world. i hope you both are doing great. stay in touch, john

                    • Indeed, he sounds it! I like his techniques of learning, playing, and just his general approach in musical art in general. I wish more classical musicians (especially pianists) wrote more original material, though, instead of always covering Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, et cetera.

                      Alyssa and I are doing great, thank You, and We hope the same for You, John. :)

          • Good note, “VTL” – I hope everyone catches this. Alyssa and I have been anxiously awaiting their appearances. She is crazy into astronomy and very knowledgeable and passionate with it, also wants to get into astrophotography.

    • Also when else can one look millions of years into the past and into eternety… Also the stars and planets are the same now as when our forefathers looked up on them..this is something we will always share with them. They to looked up at the same sky…wondering..

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  41. The lyrics of an old song came to my mind: “And the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made”.
    In Hungarian folklore there’s this Life Tree/World Tree. Among it’s roots is the underworld with demons and vermins. It’s trunk houses the material world and humans. And on it’s highest branches are the Moon and the Sun and also the world of gods and good spirits. Another interpretation of the connection between the light and life.

  42. I don’t feel a special attraction about the blinding glare of the noontide Sun nor the complete darkness of the midnight (but I need both, of course). My favorite light is the sunset Sun and rising Moon (at the same time) and the endless stars that start to appear.

    I’m also curious to know why are many mentions to Sól/Sunna in the old sources and texts and so few mentions and informations about Mâni. He is treated like an unimportant god by the researchers…

    • Yes, Eos/Austr (the dawn) is a very beautiful deity indeed!

      Ah, but the Judeo-Christian researchers want only primitive, aggressive, savage, bloodthirsty and cruel deities, not reality. Or they want equally non-existing “fertility” goddesses (to feed the feminism nonsense).

  43. The alternative energy sources (wind, solar) can be a compromise between technology and respect for tradition?

  44. Varg, I have a question to you regarding the term “gullaldr”. At the German wikipedia I read a untrustworthy explanantion about the origion of the term:
    “Die Verwendung von aldr statt – wie bei einem Begriff altnordischen Ursprungs zu erwarten wäre – ǫld lässt erkennen, dass der Ausdruck gullaldr nicht aus einer Volkssage, sondern aus einer Gelehrtentradition stammt. Sehr wahrscheinlich liegt ihm Ovids aetas aurea zugrunde. Somit ist der nordische Goldzeitalter-Begriff nicht eigenständigen Ursprungs, sondern aus einer antiken römischen Version des Goldzeitalter-Mythos übernommen. Inhaltlich besteht jedoch keine Übereinstimmung zwischen der Erzählung der Gylfaginning und dem nahöstlichen oder dem antiken Metallmythos.”
    I’m sure that you have a brilliant answer regarding the term :) I don’t know how good your German is, if you have problems with the quote I will gladly translate it. I wanted to ask it here because I’m surely not the only one who has a look on wikipedia from time to time. Thank you very much for your efforts.

    • My German is poor, but I cheat a lot and pretend I know it well anyhow. ;-) (i. e. I use Google Translate…)

      Well, I am not sure if it matters too much if the term itself was originally Roman or not, but I don’t think it was. The concept of a golden age is pretty universal, and found everywhere — even outside of Europe. The etymology of the word “Gold” also suggests that it actually might not refer to the metal gold, but to a bright age, i. e. a better age

      “Gold” from proto-Indo-European *ghel-/*ghol; “yellow” and “bright”!

      And in any case it is not like gold was an unknown metal in Ancient Scandinavia; remember e. g. the pre-Roman golden chariot found in Denmark.

      • I’m asking because these scholars are trying to explain that our culture is not our own creation but a mixture of alien ones. In this example, the Greek Golden Age mythos is said to be “stolen” from Near-East people and then the Scandinavians have stolen this myth from the Romans who had stolen it from the Greeks etc. Every common interpretation is supposed to focus on the near East as the origion of everything we know. The same thing is with the runes. Common theory is that the Scandinavians have stolen the Greek or Roman letters (and for some reasons interpreted magical meanings into them (?!?)). These interpretations don’t make sense but they are used by historians whining about “evidence” and Christians whining about the wisdom of their chosen people. Thank you for the etymology of “gold” :)

        • Yes, and this is why scholars are of no use to the truth. They only look for evidence to support their own agenda, which in this age is the destruction of Europe on all levels. When they find evidence that go against their theories (and they do all the time) they at best ignore it, but most commonly remove it or even destroy it.

          Germany, as you probably know already, is suffering even more form this than others, because of WWII.

          • Unfortunately I know, I’m a Serb but I’m born and raised in Germany. I’m looking for evidence in a scientific way because it’s not impossible to argue scientifically; we have the evidence. It’s only hard to find out because the scholars hide it (I borrowed 5 books about the Viking age until I found the one with the information I was looking for). Europe is lost without scientific explanations; people only believe in media opinions which are told to be scientific, thus we need better arguments if we want them to listen to us. I’m successfull in my social environment. And I do the same at university with successfully disagreeing those Christian scholars lying about our forebears. ;)

          • The funny thing about the evidence being, that from our pagan perspective almost all myths and theories prove themselves e.g. tge runes, the pyramids, heiroglyphs, newgrange, stonehenge, out of africa theory, cave paintings, atlantis, the truth to where nearly every religion developed its ideas, migration theories, and so much more. As well as the basis which all classical fairytales are set. There are so many answers to be found in our religion, most of the things the best philosophers have asked we can answer. Nearly all major advancements in our modern civilization arr built on the foundation of our religion. While the fools of this world are out thinki g about stupid make believe ideas, we do have nearly most modern questions.answered. Hail Odinn!

            • That is where my wife comes dancing into the picture with her bear cult hypothesis that explains just about everything… Well. She will soon anyhow. (Right!?)

              • Oh, I am waiting very much in suspense on what she has to say. Ive asked lots of questions and have quite a few theories of my own, waiting to be confirmed by her studies! Thanks to the both of you Ive had so many questions answered, and now because of that i have an excellent foundationupon which to write a book. As ive learned the symbolismand metaphorsIve come to realize how to perfect those. Now I persoally think finally at the agrle of 23, I have enough skill and knowledgethanks to our religion that I WILL be succesful in something I truly love. I can finally set my mind free. So I thank you both. Ive been telling everyone person worth telling tye truth, and I think im finally able to open up some eyes.! Europeansare in fact awakening. If we dont get to see this fantastic change in our lifetimes, my children, or I in my next life will. The name of my book shall by the way be “The Well of Hamingja”.

        • These so-called “scholars” are talking out of their asses, just like they were talking out of their asses claiming we “stole” the swastika symbol but it is really ours to begin with!

  45. I love the sunlight but I prefer the darkness of the night, here where I live during the day it reaches +45 degrees, I’d love to live in a cold place where the sun never or almost never touches the Earth.

  46. The link between between Thor and the oak tree is obvious as the oak tree is the strongest tree of all :) I’d like to know what the links between the other trees and deities do mean…

  47. It’s hard to believe there are some people who sit inside, get no light, no activity, and no water (they drink soda); and even some get no food either.

    I admit I do not get as much sun as I should because I like the night sky the best and go to sleep at dawn, but at least I spend just about all of my time outside. It makes one feel better, and natural environments increase the deeper enjoyment of any activity, or non-activity. Some of my best memories are from training under a full moon.

    • You just described me… :/ I do not like being outside because of all the houses and people that are all over the place. And in the winter time I stay inside as much as I can due to the cold… But summer is often too warm as opposed to winter. So spring and early autumn are the best times of the year. I live on a small island with houses all over and with mostly boring or even unfriendly people.

      On the sun and moon topic I like it both in the winter when the sun almost doesn’t rise and in the summer when it is the opposite. I also like it when the sun and the moon can be seen at the same time chasing each other.

      • I hear you. At least you realize that you want better circumstances. I avoid people as well, that is why I go out at night. Climate, work hours, lifestyle; all these things can make it difficult.

    • Not really. It depends on the type of tent you use. If you use some modern fabric tent, yes, but not if you use the type of tents they used in the past (also here in Europe), made from wooden poles and furs — like the Sami tents or the Mongol tents.

      • That’s where i’m going to live when bankers rob my family and where homeless like in Greek

        • And why not build your own sauna near the tent to get a place to really warm up if neccesary ;)

          • You probably can’t build shit novadays because somebody always owns some land even i they never even use it :D

    • That’s why one of the first things I bought was the warmest military gear (older generation) and an MSS sleep system. When I lived in the northern woods I was never cold. I went broke, but it was worth every penny.

  48. Today I was walking around my University campus, and I finally felt like I washed and rid my mind of all impurities. I then put on Umskiptar in the car ride on the way home, it sounded great… Hail Varg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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