The Christian Triumph…


Some times I hear from Christians that: “Well, Christianity must have been better and stronger than Paganism, because Christianity prevailed”.

Christianity didn’t really prevail in Europe. Christianity almost destroyed Europe; suffocated her in darkness, backwardness, stupidity, ignorance and destruction. As we know, the first thousand years of Christianity in Europe is called “The Dark Ages”! Christianity pulled a very advanced Europe down so far, that by the time of the Crusades the Muslims were ahead of us. They were still far behind the Pagan Europe (as it had been a thousand years earlier), but at the time of the Crusades they were miles ahead of Europe in almost all contexts.

NB! To those who think that only Greece and The Roman Empire was anything worth: yes, the rest of Europe was advanced too. E. g. Scandinavians were navigating the high seas when the rest of the world was still forced to travel along the coast. Our beautiful buildings were made of wood, so they did not survive the Christian onslaught. Our culture was oral, so we have almost no records of what we did, thought or wanted, and when we find evidence of something great, advanced and interesting from our Pagan past, the people in power today are quick to destroy it all. They will see no such thing. So we don’t either.

The Renaissance did not come by chance, but because it was needed. Europe absolutely had to breathe again, think, create and advance again – and the Christians failed to stop this. What followed then was several hundred years of ‘witch hunts’, resulting in (some claim as much as 30) millions of deaths. We can assume that it was no coincidence that this came with the Renaissance: this is how they tried to stop it! This is how they tried to stop the Pagan/European ideals from forcing their way back up into the light; by murdering those they thought were behind it or in some way contributed to it.

Christians destroying everything European they can find:


And that is a point: the European ideals forced their way back up into the light. You see, they were never gone. They just went underground, and when the priest knocked on the door to see if you were ‘Christian enough’, with his henchmen at his side ready to torture and kill, the people living there often just pretended to be Christians. They went to church. Hung the cross over their beds. Married in church. And did everything the priests expected them to do. And then, in private, in secret, they kept the European traditions alive.

Yes, you see, Christianity never really prevailed. Even though Europe was and is more or less officially Christian, many and some times most of us Europeans are not, and never were. We know that today most of us are not, but we are told that we used to be. Even that is not true though: just like today, the majority of Europeans in the past were not Christians. The only difference is that today we no longer have to pretend we are, in order not to be tortured, killed and burned at the stake.

Christian logic: “If she drowns, she was innocent. If she floats, she is guilty and must be killed!”. So they get to murder her no matter what. A good illustration of what they want with Europe. 



The Christians stopped murdering Pagans not because they all of a sudden became moral and honourable, but because they no longer have the power to do so. If they could they would. But they can’t because Christianity is weak. Because Christianity has lost!

Here in Western Europe pretty much only old people are Christian. There are some young too, but they are rare, and most of them have gotten rid of that Asian psychosis before they are done with puberty. In reality, we can expect Christianity to completely go away from Western Europe within a few generations. It will die with the (fewer and fewer) fools who still cling to it.

A typical Scandinavian mass. Not too crowded, it is?



Another one: 


So I wish to ask you: “Well, if Christianity was better and stronger than Paganism, why is it Paganism was never successfully removed, even after thousands of years of persecutions? Why is it more and more Europeans embrace their Pagan heritage? Why is it Christianity is failing so miserably?”

Christianity conquered Europe, but never the people of Europe. Most of us were, and still are, Pagans in heart and mind, even after two thousand years of Christian terror. Two-thousand-years, and you still have not managed to convert even one third of us!


Hail the Pagan Europe! Hail and Joy!


Pagans in Europe, celebrating the Summer Solstice:


The young Europeans…. not kneeling in front of any Asian idols:


Character Development

Originally posted on Mythic Fantasy Roleplaying Game:

The first experience system of MYFAROG was similar to that of RuneQuest, with skill ranks awarded to the skills used successfully. I saw this as the most realistic system, and stuck to it for a long time.

Eventually I realised that this experience system was very complex, hard to keep track of and also didn’t work very well in all contexts. Like how to learn a language? A new script? It just got too clunky. It also took away some of the role-playing aspect of the game, and forced the players to ‘skill grind’ in order to improve this or that skill. I recalled how I locked the W-key on my keyboard in Morrowind, and had my character run into a wall, whilst I did other things, for many hours some times – only to have my character improve his Athletics skill. My character became faster, sure, but…

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Christians Defending Europe?

In this age we hear a lot of nonsense. One of the more common stupidities I hear is the claim that: “If it hadn’t been for the good monks who preserved the European heritage, in books, then it would all have been lost. So we should be very grateful to them.” As if we would have needed those monks to record our heritage, had they and their religion not come and destroyed most of our heritage in the first place.

Another common stupidity I hear, is that of how: “Christians defended Europe from Islam, from the Muslim invasions, and kept them at bay for more than 1000 years!” Yes, Europe was Christianized by the time the Muslims attacked, but why on Earth would the fact that they were Christians matter in this context? So are they suggesting that if the Europeans, in Spain, Byzantium and France, had not been Christians, then they would not have defended themselves? Would they perhaps have rolled over and played dead, and just let the Muslims take all of Europe?

If I recall correctly, neither the Gauls, nor the Britons nor the tribes of Germania rolled over and played dead when they were attacked by the Romans. Nor did the Saxons roll over and play dead when the Christians in France attacked them. Nor did the Scandinavians roll over and play dead in the Viking Age, when the Christians attacked them. Nor did any other non-Christian Europeans, when they faced foreign threats. So what makes the Christians think that they would have behaved any differently had they been attacked by the Muslims? The moment different European tribes faced a common threat in the Pagan era, they united and defended themselves forcefully, skillfully and bravely.

People defend themselves no matter what religion they have. And people were living in both Spain, France and Byzantium at the time when the Muslims invaded. So Christianity didn’t defend Europe against Islam. Europeans did, and Europeans would have no matter what religion they had, and had they been Pagans (with a sense of Honour) instead of Christians (cultivating humility and weakness in man), I am sure they would have done it much better too.

And I wonder: how exactly is it Christianity is defending Europe today? 

Why talk about the Neanderthal?

French. SerbianSpanish.

Much archaeological material has been destroyed, intentionally or by accident, or is being kept secret, or has been ‘lost’, or is deemed not important enough by the scholars to discuss. They ‘forget’ to mention so much to us, to the public.

It is no coincident that the first ‘archaeologists’ were all priests, who often systematically went forth to destroy all evidence suggesting that Europeans had had any type of culture prior to Christianity. Some were probably even doing this not at all because they had an interest in what we today call archaeology, but solely to destroy all evidence undermining their own version of the world’s history. “Quickly, dig up the grave and destroy everything you find, before somebody else finds it!”

When priests found Neanderthal skulls, they did the same. They found large skulls, that obviously had held brains larger than those of modern humans, so they had to do something! Both those believing in the theory of evolution and the Judeo-Christians claiming that Pagan Europe was primitive had a serious problem. So they intentionally misplaced the spinal column and the lower jaw, making the Neanderthal look ape-like. This image has been proven to be false already, but the image of the Neanderthal as some ape-like creature with a protruding face remains, and when you visit Neanderthal sites most (but thankfully not all) of the guides still talk about them as if they were like that. When you point at the fact that this is wrong, most of them already know, but for some reason keep telling the ‘well established’ lie instead. I don’t know why they still do, even when they know they are wrong, but they do. Yes, in reality the Neanderthal didn’t have a protruding face at all, and the supra-orbital ridge found (in adults only) can still occasionally be found in modern adult Europeans.


Gallic Coins with portraits of Gauls with clear Neanderthal features:


350px-Coin_Vercingetorix RRC-448-2-Obverse France11

They didn’t look like apes at all: they looked pretty much just like Nordic, Baltic, Finnish, Slavic, British and Gallic Europeans do today. And when I say this I am attacked from all directions, by those who have seen – over and over again, and for more than a hundred years – the ape-like images painted of our Neanderthal forebears by the Judeo-Christians priests. They don’t want to have such a forebear! A hairy ape!? No thanks! But they are wrong. They believe in lies. And instead of accepting the evidence provided to them they often just parrot the official lie. The lie has been told them too many times for there to be any room left for the truth. The Cro Magnon mulatto is hailed by them as the ‘proto-European’, and the proto-European Neanderthal is spat upon and called an ape…

Neanderthal-looking Neanderthal Descendant:


Before the Truth has had the time to put his boots on,

the Lie has already traveled twice around the world”.

The truth about the Neanderthal has been found, and is spreading. Eventually the truth will prevail, and we – Europe – will be much better off when it does.

A photo-shopped photo (the skull has been moved), showing the real facial angle of the Neanderthal

compared to that of Svante Pääbo. For more information on these angles click here:


PS. In France everything of metal from before the Christianization was defined as ‘Gallo-Roman’, suggesting that the Gauls themselves had nothing of interest, no culture, no technology, nothing, until the Romans arrived. It is only lately (the last few decades?), that they have begun to admit that almost all of the magnificent art they have found, stems from the pre-Roman era. 

The Reckoning of Man


Here are the lyrics for ‘The Reckoning of Man':

I remember the shining sanguine Sun

the frozen forests and fallen leaves,

and the hollow hill under the sky.


I remember the complex cold caverns,

the long tranquil tunnels

and the large underground lakes.


I remember the dim depths of the Earth,

the lucid lady in the light

and her sacred stanza.


I remember the bright beast in her boat,

the tall troll telling her tales,

and the honey in the haunted hollow.


I remember the protected password,

the secret soothing symbol

and the old ODal objects.


I remember the red runes on the rock,

the spell of seeing being sung,

and the bold opening up of the beautiful burrow.


I remember the coming of man reborn,

the birth of BalDur the bright,

the return of a world that was woefully lost.


PS. The second working title for this song was ‘The Reckoning of Mîmir’. The original working title was ‘Thule3′ though. As the original working title suggests, it was one of the first tracks I made for ‘The Ways of Yore’. 

Hope is the Dreams of the Man awake


You don’t know, you say? Well, some people handle that just fine, and simple accept that they don’t know, but others need some sort of assurance. They need to feel that what they ‘know’ (as in: “believe in”) is the truth. Without this assurance they crack up, so to say, and don’t cope well with life anymore.

Such individuals are drawn to ‘miracle men’ like flies to manure, and often they end up in a camp purely by chance, only because that particular camp was the first to ‘catch’ them when they fell. When reason, logic and evidence make it impossible for them to stay in one ‘miracle camp’, they simply change to another ‘miracle camp’. They rarely – if ever – grow wise enough to simply start accepting that they don’t know. No, they just change the contents of ‘the truth’ they believe in, and when one such ‘truth’ falls they just replace it with another. They need to. They cannot stand a life without ‘knowing’…

Often it is hard to believe in the ‘truth’ presented to them, because the evidence supporting it is flimsy at best. But quite often these ‘miracle seekers’ simply lower the bar when it comes to accepting ‘evidence’ supporting their ‘truth’. Likewise, they reject all evidence against their ‘truth’. Alas! They are stuck, as if caught in a loop…

Naturally, when I say this, we probably all think of different extremist Christian groups, one more ignorant and deluded than the other: British-Israelites and Creationists being good examples in this context. When reality is not good enough for them, when reality doesn’t fit into their religion, they just invent a new reality, more flattering to them, more easily comprehensible for them and more easy to live with.

One thing that is symptomatic to such ‘miracle seekers’ is the strong will to convince all others that they are 100% right. The doubt others have regarding their beliefs is enough for them to start losing faith, so they have to convince all others that they are right, and all dissidence is seen as ‘evil’ or even ‘satanic’. And in a sense it is to them: it makes them lose faith, and they need this faith to survive.

This naturally explains the need for Christians to mission. Deep within their hearts they know that what they believe in is – simply put – bullshit, but if they can only make others believe in it, then it will be easier for them to believe in it as well…

So we should all believe in the same, have no dissidence, and never question anything that our group stands for… that would be so much easier, so much better and so much more comfortable. Right?…. An entire globe with one religion, one human race and one culture! Hallelujah!


Well; maybe not…

If only man was stronger, had a stronger character, had more backbone and a better ability to on his own separate right from wrong. If only man could be more Stoic, and accept that some things are, some knowledge is, beyond the grasp of the human mind. Aye, perhaps this will change, and we should seek to ensure such a positive transformation of man, but until man is better, we just have to accept that there is so much that we simply don’t know or understand. And we can and must live with that, without making up stories about a virgin giving birth to the son of some desert god, or about fanciful stories told us by an imagined being in caves, or similar nonsense.

Life is good, sans ‘miracles’ and ‘salvation’, sans a beginning and an end for our world, sans self-assuring lies and ‘greater-than-man’ beings. Yes, we can enjoy and even wallow in all sorts of fantastic ideas, we can hope for and dream of a more colourful world, and by doing so make our own world more colourful, but we must do so without the weakness of character that we so clearly see in many political and religious individuals, who base and explain their entire existence on such wild hopes and unrealistic dreams. The sky does not come crashing down if we admit to ourselves that we don’t know what is true and what is not; if we live our lives in accordance with what we do know, instead of what we would want to know. 

About the Coming Deluge

Serbian. Spanish.

Our world is changing. Everything seems to be dissolving. We have entered an era of extreme confusion, despair, ignorance and distrust. All bonds have been broken; all logic, laws and rules cast aside; all sense locked up in private rooms – and carefully kept out of sight of others. The deepest wells have turned into the tallest towers; the tallest towers into the deepest wells. Truth is a lie, and lies are truth. Right is wrong, and wrong is right. Suicide is life, and life is ‘hatred’. Lust is ‘love’. Decay is innovation. Degeneration is creation. Filth is purity. Perversion is ‘health’. Rape is ‘enrichment’. Parasites are heroes. Heroes are ‘evil’. Welcome to the man-made Hell on Earth: our world anno 2014!

Some would say that everything has to come to an end, but I would rather say that everything will eventually change. Nature will see to that.

Phase 1: Collapse

Nature will end the Dystopia we live in, with great solar storms and pandemics, with tornadoes and storms, tidal waves, earthquakes and volcano eruptions, with meteorites and a new Ice Age. Everything we know today will change, just about everything will disappear almost overnight, and left will be the modern man with fewer and fewer modern means to assist him. At one point the system holding society artificially up will collapse under the weight of all the problems, and then the entire society will too.

We are already in this phase. It is happening as we speak, and only those able to get away from ‘the masses’ will stand any hope of survival. The longer you wait to get away from the masses, the less you stand a chance to survive.

Phase 2: Survive

When the next great solar storm hits the Earth some nuclear power plants will ‘turn Czernobyl’ (but this may actually happen before that as well – due to human or technical errors, and it can cause a domino effect). They have backup power in solar storm-proof shelters, but this backup power needs diesel, and they will run out of diesel after only one week – and there is no way to transport new diesel to the plants when all vehicles stop working, when no more diesel is produced and when nobody working can show up for work, because they have no way to get there – and just when they need to worry more than ever about taking care of their families. Some engineers might try to get their families to safety instead of doing their job. It takes many months to safely shut down a nuclear power plant. Some of them will get diesel enough to do this, from the nearby area. Some will not. Our entire world – not just the countries with nuclear powerplants – will suffer greatly from radioactive fallout. Nothing will be rebuilt, as most of mankind quickly suffocates, and falls under the weight of polluted drinking water, crime and violence, starvation, diseases caused by quickly accumilating garbage and human excrements piling up in the streets, because the system itself and also the sewers too stop working. All the other horrors you can imagine will come to us.


Only those with their own private stockpiles of ‘prussian blue’, brown/red algae, ‘potassium iodide’, garlic etc., to cope with the fallout, as well as enough dry food and clean water to survive several years on their own in a radioactive world will stand any chance of survival. You can not even eat the food you grow youself in your garden or the food you find nearby, or drink rainwater or water from the rivers. It will all be too radioactive at least for some time.

Phase 3: Recover

After a while areas with less fallout will be identified, using geiger-counters and batteries stored during the solar storm(s) (and for weeks after aswell) inside old microwave ovens or other protected areas (‘faraday boxes’), and survivors will be able to start growing their own food again. Only those with non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds will be grow plants able to produce fertile fruit. (Such natural seeds are already illegal to sell in many countries, so you might want to get some before it is too late – and ‘update’ your stockpile every year.)

The survivors are so few that hunting will not dramatically reduce the animal populations, and just like in the Czernobyl area, wildlife will return in strength, once the modern man is gone. There will be much radioactivity in the meat though, and again, only those with enough means (i. e. ‘prussian blue’, brown/red algae, ‘potassium iodide’, garlic etc.) to cope with that will survive. And even some of them will not.

Hunting, gathering and growing their own food, the few survivors will spend years and years living in great difficulty, but the smartest, the strongest, the best prepared and the luckiest will eventually arrive in a better world.

Golden Autumn Desktop Background

Phase 4: A New World

The new world will be different. Many species that we know today will be extinct. Some new species might have appeared, perhaps due to mutations caused by radiation, and due to the hybridization of known species, that were pushed out of their natural habitats and were forced to mate with individuals of other species, in order for them to at least partially survive (just like it seems to have happened in North America, when polar bears at some point were forced southwards and mated with brown bears, and gave birth to a new type of bear, known as the grizzly).

Ages will go by, and mankind will recover. Perhaps man will be wiser. Perhaps he will be better, from going through the storms of steel, fire, blood and ice. Perhaps he will be changed too; because of mutations, because of hybridization, because of life-style changes.

All I know is that those who have the wits to prepare for what might to come are more likely to survive and make up the mankind of the future. So the ‘conspiracy nuts’ will probably make up the main body of mankind…


New societies will be built, new communities, but they might be very different from the ones we know today. Greed and immediate satisfaction will not longer be the main driving force for man. The stars will be seen again, as the light pollution will all be gone. Man will be back to scratch.

PS. Make sure you also stockpile books, and that you ensure the survival also of our European traditions. No tree can grow tall and strong if it has no roots. (Some book tips: Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia and MYFAROG. ;-) ).

Good luck.

Varg Vikernes

About Soldiers, Warriors & Hunter-Gatherers

French. Serbian.

First some music….

At one point in history – or rather pre-history – the men hunted large game with spears or javelins, the women and young hunted small game with bows, and they all collected herbs, sea-shells, snails, nuts, mushrooms, fruits, berries and different eatable roots. They were what we call ‘hunter-gatherers’.

Pre-historic Europe was scarcely populated, and there was an abundance of everything they needed here, so there was little incentive for anyone to risk a voyage across the sea to the West, or a no less risky walk across the taiga or plains to the East, beyond the Ural mountains; and those who did go East were usually killed before they got very far, by packs of giant hyenas (weighing around 500 lbs!), that used to live there back then. Some went South though, through the Middle East and into Africa and perhaps also further into Asia, during the coldest periods of the Ice Ages, where they met Africans and Asians, and when the Ice Age ended they returned, some times mixed, and as we know, that is how the European population became a little bit racially mixed

When our forebears were mixed the European man became more unbalanced, as is often the case when species and races mix, and the unique abilities of the pure European man were gradually lost. The intellectual capacity dropped – some times dramatically. Hunting and even gathering became more difficult for him, and he turned to other means to survive.

The mixed European, at first living in the Middle East, was still intelligent enough to solve the problem with his own deteriorating abilities; he invented agriculture! The perfect means to enable the ‘new’ and inept European man to thrive again. And thrive he did, so much that he multiplied and became so numerous that the still racially pure European man – still a hunter-gatherer – became unable to continue to hunt and gather. He was pushed Westwards and Northwards, from the Middle East, until there was nowhere to go, nowhere to keep hunting and gathering. So he too was forced to turn to agriculture: there was simply not enough space left for him to keep up the much better hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

With agriculture came also famine (when the crops failed), malnutrition (because of a much less varied diet), slavery (because some strong men forced others to work on their land), war (because when famine struck, the farmers had to take what others had in order to survive themselves), tyranny (because some men owned the land, and thus controlled the food supplies), diseases (because all the close-contact with domesticated animals caused man to be infected by diseases that had before only been a problem to animals) and all sorts of other problems too.

At first the conflcits were solved with duels though: one champion representing each side. The fight lasted until one of the champions was pushed outside a ring drawn up on the ground, until one of them started to bleed or until one of them gave up. Yes: they rarely killed each other. Why would they? What on Earth would they benefit from having their best men killed? Instead they cultivated the honourable warrior, specialized in fighting against an equal.

With time agriculture caused the European man to multiply to such a degree that he started to build cities. Civilisation was born! Again, first in the Middle East, in Sumer, and later in North-Africa, in Egypt. Much later this disaster arrived in geographical Europe, first in Ancient Greece and Ancient Italy. Alas! The mixed European man eventually lost ‘all’ links to Nature, even shunned the forest and the mountains like the plague, and instead drew to the cities like flies to manure.

Whenever things went wrong in the cities, as it inevitably did in agricultural societies, they looked to the North and attacked! They didn’t send their champions though, to challenge the Northerners, but instead went there in force to slay them, to massacre them, to cut them down and to take their land! Aye: the men of the cities were hungry or poor, so they had to – or so they felt! They mass-produced arms and armour, and sans honour and sans mercy, met the often naked champions, the warriors, of the uncivilised Europeans. Gaul fell first: an estimated one million Gauls, most of them women and children, were killed when Cæsar’s Legions attacked. The rest of Europe didn’t fall, but much of Europe did, and the land was soaked in blood, from good, honourable and honest Europeans, many – if not most – of them still of pure European stock.

The uncivilised European warrior was stronger, fitter, more skilled, faster and even taller, than the more mixed civilised European, but he had honour and faced a foe with no honour. The warrior faced a soldier, so he lost. When the war was over the winner recorded the history, as he wanted it to look, and invented all sorts of excuses to justify the massacre, and all sorts of mud was smeared all over the memory of the ‘barbarians’.

The hunter-gatherer killed game. The agricultural warrior rarely killed anybody at all, and if he did kill, he killed another warrior fighting on equal terms. The civilised soldier was a mass-murderer of European men, women and children.

HailaR WôðanaR!


The True European Man:


The Hooked Cross, the Hammer & the Cup

French. MagyarSerbianSpanish.

The three most important things for the pre-historic ‘primitive’ man living with nature was sunshine, rainfall and good health. Naturally, this man didn’t have a black and white world view, instead he lived beyond ‘good’ and ‘evil’. This does not mean that he was immoral or amoral, but simply that he understood that the nature is neither ‘good’ nor ‘evil': e. g. the Sun can light up the world for you, but it can also blind you; it can warm you, but also burn you.

Balance was thus the key to success for the ‘primitive’ man. He needed the Sun to light up and warm his world, but he also needed it to stop doing so at one point. He needed the rain to fall, but he also needed it to stop doing so at one point. He needed a little bit of both, and he did his best to influcence this, by means of sorcery, and later also or instead through prayer and sacrifice. In this context, the Hooked Cross (or Sun Wheel) became the symbol of the Sun traveling across the firmament, and the Hammer became a symbol of the ability to cause rain (by striking the hammer against a rock in the sky, creating lightning and rainfall).

Detail from the Oseberg ship:


When he had enough sunshine and rain, he would be able to harvest what he needed from nature, and thus also got good health. Commonly, this fruit of nature was collected and then served in a cup, and thus the cup became a symbol of good health.

Remember this the next time you read about the attributes of kings, or ‘the holy grail’, of judges’ hammers, and other symbols still used today, even after 2000 years under a hostile and foreign cult.

HailaR WôðanaR!