The Fairy That Disappeared

Varg Vikernes:

About man in a world that was not built for him.

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Lately I’ve been feeling disenchanted; perhaps disconnected from the life I want to lead and too tied to the one I have to lead. We’re presented with a world of choice with no freedom; a world of security with no privacy. The birthrightto distinction of choices we never in reality made, but from which we must choose. No alternative; apparently failure to choose is not the same as choice.

I suppose it could be said that being aware of a discomfort can be the first step towards some sort of identification of the visual noise, like radio static buzzing constantly. Recognizing this nauseating dissonance, and associating it with society at large. The way a whole city resonates with a buzz like the deep wheezing breath of a dying beast. Struggling for air even as it’s lungs fill with blood despite an inevitable oblivion…

The world that’s been laid before us, the…

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About the Ritual Execution of Kings in Ancient Europe


Fred sent me an interesting article earlier this evening, and it’s interesting to me not because of what the scientists say (they are partly wrong), but because it fits so well into what I said in ‘Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia‘ and also in ‘MYFAROG‘.

Rather than accept the hypothesis that the ‘Celts’ (I guess he means ‘Ancient Britains’) sacrificed people – even their kings – to the gods, we should see this in a different light.

What we know is that in the Viking Age the Scandinavians replaced their kings too, when they did not perform their tasks as they should. There is one example in the sagas, where a king is executed, and sent with Óðinn to the realm of death. There are many more examples though, of men cutting wooden idols, wooden poles often, with carved heads on them, representing deities. They did this when they were to take over the high seat; as the new king or simply as the new head of the family. They then drank a toast, and made a promise to perform some act of heroism.

Every now and then the sword got stuck in the wooden idol, and if they could not get the sword out, they would not be allowed to take over the role as the new king or new head of the family. Instead, the next in line would be allowed to try; and if he managed to pull the sword out of the idol, he instead would get that new role. He then had to perform the task, the act of heroism, promised by the person who cut the idol,

Now, perhaps I don’t have to mention this, but of course this is what Arthur did, when he pulled the sword from the rock (an idol), and thus became the king of Britain. He then had to unite all of Britain to one kingdom under his rule, as must have been promised by the man who cut the idol. I can add that ‘Arthur’ means ‘bear’, something that is not a coincidence – and something that is or will be explained in the Bear Cult videos by my wife.

Cutting the idol with the sword was perhaps a younger European tradition, but it mighh well have existed alongside the more brutal execution of the old king. I don’t know.

So, they executed the old kings and cut their idols with swords.


You see, they did not sacrifice their kings to the gods; their kings were god-kings, and their idols represented their deities! They actually killed their own deities! In some cases only symbolically (the cutting of idols), and in some cases physically (the ritual execution of the god-kings).

Again we can ask: Why!?

Because in order to be reborn, you first have to die. And if a god-king (a real deity!) has become weak, the only way for him to regain his youthful strength and beauty, is for him to die – and then be reborn.

The man who pulled the sword from the idol/god corpse would become him. He would take over, as a renewed deity. A reborn deity.

The god-kings of Ancient Europe – of Britain, of Gaull, of Iberia, of Dacia, of Scandinavia etc. etc. etc. – were not just one god though; they were all of them: TîwaR (Týr), ÞônaR (Þórr), WôðanaR (Óðinn), FraujaR (Freyr), BalduR (Baldr) etc. etc. etc., and each and every god had to be killed when they grew weak. Therefore the kings were ‘over-killed’, or rather killed in all sorts of manner, as described in the article linked to above. They had to kill all the gods, not just one of them! Therefore the god-kings were hung, stabbed, strangled and some times burned, or killed in other other manners. In order for them all to return, rejuvinated, reborn and strong again, they had to be.

There were no human sacrifices to the gods in Ancient Europe. Not in Scandinavia. Not in Dacia. Not in Great Britain. Not anywhere.

If you use the ‘search’ function, you will find more articles on this blog about this and related topics.

Hail the European Gods and Goddesses! Hail and Joy!

About Islam in Europe

FrenchMagyar. Spanish.

Many Europeans see Islam as a threat, and therefore throw themselves in the arms of the force they see as the only alternative to this, namely Christianity. All of a sudden they start talking about ‘our traditional Christian values’ and ‘our Christian cultural heritage’ and so forth, rejecting Islam as an immigrant religion – and a threat.

In reality Christianity is an immigrant religion too – and a threat to our traditional European values and cultural heritage. Christianity prevailed here in Europe from about the year 500 to 1300, replacing our European religion (we are told….). 

Now, imagine that Islam actually prevailed here in Europe, and we all became Muslims, like we once (supposedly) became Christians.

Then after some time, let us say a thousand years, a new religion is created by somebody in the Middle East, and all of a sudden the Europeans will start talking about ‘our traditional Muslim values’ and ‘our Islamic cultural heritage’… They will defend Islam against this new threat, just like the Christians today defend Christianity (yes: they defend not Europe, but Christianity) against Islam.

I think our forebears, who fought, killed and died defending Europe and our religion (so-called ‘Paganism’) against the Christians and their foreign religion, would shake their heads in despair, had they seen how Europeans today embrace Christianity as ‘our’ religion and the best alternative to Islam.

What different does it make if you call the foreign ‘God’ you worship for Jehovah or Allah? What difference does it make if your ‘saviour’ is some rebel Jew or some Arab prophet? It is in any case a foreign religion, alien to your European nature.

We are not ‘Christians’ or ‘Muslims’. We are Europeans, and we have our own cultural heritage. Our own values. Our own laws. Our own ideals. Our own religion.

All foreign religions are alien to us and our European spirit. And both Christianity and Islam are foreign religions.

Hail the European deities! Hail and Joy!



Blindest is He who does not want to see

Not often do I write, and no longer do I write with the candidness that I used to – and I don’t because it no longer serves any purpose to do so. What I used to say in the past, many others say today. I am no longer one of few. The world does not need me to say the same anymore. The relay baton has passed from me to others.

So rather than write, rather than play music or sing; I try to free myself from the sticky claws of civilization. As we all know by now, civilization is failing and falling, and those who cling to it will fail and fall with it. I think ahead and try to live now how I will be forced to live in the future.

A shadow spreads out across our world; black clouds gather in the sky; a new darkness rises, but rather than curse the darkness, we must light a candle, and get through it – until the next sunrise. Those who make it will be purified; cleansed; improved. Better.

Our future world will be different. Thankfully.

Our Pagan Past, a Golden Age: