About ‘Santa Claus’ & the Yule tide


Halloween; hallow evening, is the evening when the hallowing (initiation) of the children starts! In the Pagan world, the children were not seen as real human beings until they had gone through this ritual. They were not even given a proper name before that! In order to become a real (hu-) man each child had to go trough this scary, dangerous and difficult ritual. They had to overcome their fear of the dark, or the bear, of the dead and of the unknown – and they had to fend for themselves for a long time too.

The ritual started with their descent into the underworld, into the realm of the dead; usually a cave, or a hollow tree or (later) a burial mound. There they would find the remains of the dead person whom they wanted to take the name from; the dead person whom they wanted to become themselves.

They chose themselves whom they were to become, and naturally only the honourable were chosen for rebirth. The more honourable, the more posthumous fame a person had, the more likely he was to be chosen. Later men brought with them their riches into their graves too, not just their names, to make sure they would enjoy these in the next life too (or perhaps to increase their chances to be chosen for rebirth…). And yes; the children went into the graves, and found these valuables, and brought them out into the world of the living. They gave them to the sorcerer, and thus showed him whom they wanted to be reborn as.

This was only the beginning of the initiation though, so the sorcerer kept the valuables, for safe keeping, all the way until the Yule evening – when TîwaR (Týr), the honourable, is (re-) born!

Between Halloween and the Yule eve the children went through many trials, that I will not discuss here, and then on the Yule eve the successful ones returned to their families – in the night, guided by the sorcerer. Thus the ‘elves’, i. e. the spirits of the honourable dead, visited on the Yule night. Naturally, the children were often very hungry, after living alone for so long, so their parents placed food to them in the living room on the Yule eve: a big bowl of porridge, perhaps? Later, after the Christianization, this was too Pagan for those in power, and the Pagans (i. e. the people…) had to move this feeding of the returning dead, of the small ‘goblins’ (as these children were called by the Christians), to the barn. Finally, the children were reborn, as the individuals they had chosen from the grave. The sorcerer then gave them the valuables they had collected from the graves; because the children were now reborn as the dead persons in the grave, and these items were theirs. So they just got back what they had brought with them to the grave from the last life.

Not all the children made it though, they were not ‘good’ enough, and thus perished before the Yule night came, and the ‘bad’ children were instead just given ashes from the grave. They remained children, and had to try to gain a name for themselves again the next Halloween. The sorcerer then returned the items of the dead that had not yet been reborn to the grave; or rather he just left the items in the grave opening.

The children who made it were given a name, a real name, and thus they travelled from farm to farm, to greet their family members and neighbours, and to introduce themselves with their new names. Thus we call this custom for ‘julebukk’ (Yule-bow); they bowed politely when they introduced themselves, after they had been (re-) born on the Yule eve.

More about this can be found in my book Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia, and actually much more in MYFAROG, but my main purpose to bring this topic up now is that we are getting nearer the Yule eve, and as we know; every single year we hear the nonsense of the Christians and the Atheists and others too, about the Yule celebration, about why we have a ‘Santa Claus’ about why ‘good’ children receive gifts, about goblins eating porridge in the barn and you-name-it. Their ignorance is extreme, their will to spread lies even more extreme, and I think it is worthwhile to write a little bit about this here, to show you what this tradition really is all about.

My wife will with time explain even more about this on her YouTube channel, and will go in even more detail than I do in MYFAROG, and will go even further back in time than I have done in any of my writings. So I advice you to subscribe to her channel, and wait for more.

We can fight the enemies of our culture and traditions with all sorts of means, but I think the best means is to simply show people the obvious truth, and thus banish their darkness with light.

HailaR WôðanaR!

Posthumous Fame


Why do you think I am doing this? Why am I writing posts for this blog? Why am I making music? Why am I writing books? Why am I making videos? What’s the point? Why am I exposing myself to so much ‘heat’? What is it I want?

First some music:


We all have different priorities in life. Some just want to live as comfortably as they can. Others want ‘success’, whatever that means today. Some care about fame and fortune. I care about posthumous fame.

‘What’s the point?’, you might wonder. Why would I want fame that I will never be able to see or appreciate in any way?

Well, as I see it, the best we can do is to base everything we do on the assumption that we will be reborn in the kin, that we will – after we have died – return as our children’s children, or as their children, or as the children of somebody else we are related to. Whether we actually do or not is completely irrelevant; what matters is that we either believe that we do, or that we at least pretend to believe that we do and then base everything on this world view.

If we all had such a world view, we would not ruin our planet as we know it, we would not destroy what is good in our world or turn our world into a Hell on Earth, ruled by lying, perverse and greedy madmen, to be sorted out by those who come after us. No. We would instead worry more about the future and take steps to ensure that life also for those who come after us will be good, right, just and healthy.

What I do is to ensure that if I return some time in the future, the most important of what I know today, of what I learned in this life, will pass on to the future me, so that I don’t have to re-learn all of this the hard way. I wont have to re-interpret our mythology and read all those often boring books that I had to read to be able to get the knowledge base needed for me to write. I want to hand over my knowledge to my future self, so to speak.

Yes, the fame, or if you like infamy, I accumulate in this life will ensure that the future me will get to know about me, so that I can easily and fast re-learn the most important things I knew in this life. Hence I worry more about my posthumous fame than I do about fame. Fame matters no whit, unless it is also posthumous. I will not return to life until after I am dead, after all.

The ‘heat’ I generate in life, to put it that way, contributes to my posthumous fame. Yes, it also makes life for me so much harder and much less comfortable, but that is a price I am willing to pay. Because I know – or if you like; believe or just pretend I believe – that my posthumous fame matters so much more, and this fame is actually nourished by the ‘heat’.

When I die, my memory will be left amongst the living, and therefore when I return to life, I can return to myself, and continue living where I left the last time. Thus I not only can live forever, but I can accumulate experience and wisdom, and start each new life on increasingly solid ground. True greatness is not achieved in one single lifetime. You need to ‘save up’.

HailaR WôðanaR!

Does anybody know what this is?


Can anybody tell us if this is another nuclear explosion (in the vein of Chernobyl), in Sverdlovsk in Russia? (There is [was?] a nuclear power plant there, so…) Or is it something else? The authorities never tell us the truth about anything, so I would like to know if anybody out there knows something about this.

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Scandinavians are the earliest Europeans

Here is a link to an interesting article about the Nordics of Europe, stating that the Scandinavians are the earliest Europeans. The article is ‘of course’ filled with the opinions of the like of David Reich, but is still not completely ruined by that.

You should read this with Marie’s claim about the Neanderthals in mind, and my claim that (very generally speaking) the more Nordic looking you are, the more Neanderthal you are.

Here is the link.

About Slavery


First of all I wish to stress that I am against all forms of slavery. Even the ‘light’ slavery found in Ancient Northern Europe, where the ‘slaves’ were more like tenant serfs. I think it is wrong to in any way enslave others, whether by force or by using a criminal banking system. I would not want to own or enjoy the service of slaves myself, for anything. I would rather clean up my own mess and do my own tedious and filthy work myself.

With that said; slavery is today used to suppress the European man. We are through dishonest means made to believe that Europe has such a horrible history of slavery, and that we shold all feel guilty and indeed feel shameful for what our forebears did. This ‘white shame’ is instilled by means of lies; massive, convincing, injust and horribly coward lies.

So here are some FACTS regarding the history of slavery in our world:

1. All peoples on this planet have kept slaves at some point in history. Some are worse than others, and the European peoples are amongst the best in this context.

2. Most of the American slave-ships and slave-markets were not owned by people of European descent. And most of the customers were not of European descent. 

3. The slave-ships trafficking slaves from Africa to the Americas bought slaves who were already slaves. They had already been enslaved by others (Arabs and other Africans, most of the time), who just sold them to other slave-traders. 

4. Muslims (Turks, Arabs and Berbers) operating from the Mediterranean enslaved about 1.5 million Europeans from the 16th to the 18th century alone. They raided the European coastlines as far north as Iceland, and took the men as galley slaves and used the women as sex slaves.

5. Europeans were the first people to stop slavery in modern times. Slavery in Africa and the Arab world still continues. Both Africans and (especially young female) Europeans are being enslaved even today.

6. Less than 2% of the people of European descent in 17th, 18th and 19th century America ever owned slaves!

7. Only 5% of the slaves coming to the Americas went to what is today the USA. The rest went to Latin America.

So not only do we of European descent not need to feel worse than others regarding slavery, but we should be proud of the fact that we were amongst the best in this context; we were amongst the peoples who treated their slaves most humanely, who kept the fewest slaves and who were the first to liberate them.

If anybody are trying to convince you of anything else, you must know that they are lying. Either because they don’t know any better (they too might be victims of the lie-propaganda spread by Europe’s enemies) or because they have an anti-European agenda, and wants to harm us and destroy our culture, our pride, our history, our strength, our peoples and our values. The ‘white guilt’ they try to spread is a part of their campaign to destroy us (an example).

Be proud, European man and woman! Be proud of who you are, and who your forebears were.

Hail the European deities! Hail and Joy!

Qua medicamenta non sanant, ignis sanat


We have Christians today who argue and wish us to believe that Christianity was welcomed here in Europe. They tell us that most of our forebears embraced this new ‘true’ religion with open arms! “Halleluja!” According to some Christians several (Christian) sources even speak of ‘mass conversions’ of European Pagans, who were only happy to get rid of their old beliefs (‘superstitions’) and world view in favour of Christianity. However, all the non-Christian sources, and many of the Christians sources too, speak of a violent, unwilling and horrible conversion of the European peoples.

So what are we supposed to believe in? Who is telling the truth here?

Think about this for a minute; if the Ancient Europeans were so willing to get rid of their old religion in favour of Christianity, then why are 100% of the holidays we today think of as Christian of Pagan European origin? That doesn’t add up. If you embrace a new religion and cast aside your own, then why would you keep practising your own religion – and with time force the new religion to incorporate your festivals into itself?


The Christians tried desperately to remove the old religion, but the Europeans refused to stop practising it, even after they officially had become ‘Christianized’. Even under threat of torture, execution and imprisonment, they refused to get rid of the old Pagan religion! In the end the Christians had to steal the Pagan high festivals (like Pope Julius I did in 350 with the Yule festival), get involved in the Pagan festivals and eventually give them more or less new contents – but even there they failed; the ‘Christian’ festivals still have the Pagan contents, and this can be seen as bright and clear as the sun in most of them; everything from eating the ‘body’ of the Pagan deity of the crops and drinking the ‘blood’ of the deity of grapes and wine (Freyr/Dionysos), to sacred trees during the Yule celebration, everything from a forefather cult on Halloween to burning fires on Mid-Summer Night. It is all Pagan! Come on; do you think any of this is Christian? And if these purely Pagan festivals and traditions were kept by the Europeans for up to 2000 years, then why would you believe that they converted en masse to Christianity? Why would you believe the claim that they were only ‘happy’ to get rid of their old ‘superstitions’ in favour of Christianity? If Christianity was welcomed, then why do we still practise only Pagan high festivals (even though they have been given a Christian content)?

And then there is another point; the Dark Ages, the centuries when most of Europe was Christianized is a ‘black hole’ in history. We know almost nothing about what happened. Then when it was over, most of Europe had been officially Christianized… (but was still practising their Pagan high festivals).

What happened during the Dark Ages, when the technologically superior (compared to the rest of the world) and culturally rich Europe was Christianized, and emerged as a technologically inferior (compared to the Asian world) and culturally retarded continent? What did the Early Christians really do in order to gain the power here in our part of the world?

European Art after the Christianization:


European Art before the Christianization: 

gaia1 Zeus_pompei AMI_-_Isis-Persephone

Why was it the return to the Pagan philosophy, mythology and science, in the Renaissance, that brought superiority and light back to Europe? If Europe had not re-found to the Pagan light, we would have been completely crushed. The darkness of Christianity would have destroyed us.

HailaR WôðanaR!