A MYFAROG Myth Master’s Screen

Varg Vikernes:

Yes, I am still trying to enrich your lives with information about MYFAROG, even though you subscribe to TP, and not the MYFAROG blog…

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Not all myth masters (i. e. game masters) use screens, but I find them very useful. Perhaps I will make a professionally made MYFAROG myth master’s screen at some point, but for now I just give you this 4-page PDF, with the tables I find most useful when I play. You can print the PDF out for private use.

MYFAROG Myth Master’s Screen

To make your own myth master’s screen using this PDF, just print it out and somehow fasten the sheets to a piece of cardboard.

The tables are colour coded, with blue tables being used for skills, green for combat and rouge for travel.

NB! The MYFAROG rule book will have black and white tables, and the font is larger than here. I made the font smaller here to fit in as much as I could on 4 pages.

When MYFAROG is out, you can e-mail me (

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The Combat Rules

Varg Vikernes:

MYFAROG is now being printed, and will probably be published no later than in December this year. Note also that all the character sheets and a number of myth master (or ‘game master’) aids have been made available on the ‘Character Sheets & Myth Master Aids’ page (found under ‘About’ on http://www.myfarog.org). These can be freely downloaded and printed out for private use.

PS. I can add that you don’t need all these sheets to play the game. Most of them are optional and only there for those who wish to use them. Also, a player will only use either the Seiðr sheet or the Âsatrû sheet (or the Âsatrû sheet for use with optional rule 2).

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MYFAROG is not made to be (what at least I call) a «hack’n slash» fantasy RPG, focusing (close to) everything on combat, but I still think the combat rules of any RPG is the most important feature of the game. Gamers are going to want their characters to engage in combat, so if the combat rules don’t work, like if they are too slow, too unrealistic or in any way unbelievable, then the whole game is as I see it broken and basically unplayable.

The difficult part in this context is of course to find a balance between what is realistic and what is playable, but I think the problem is to a large degree solved by making a system where the players can easily adjust the system according to their style of play and preferences.

In MYFAROG combat can be made less complex and less time consuming by simply…

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Fear of the dark, but not of the silent?

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Before reading this article you should have read this and watched this:

The article I linked is rather old and I read it some time ago. The video is rather new, I recently watched it and it really impressed me. I had to think about this whole topic for the whole day yesterday and I noticed something, which I want to share with you here.

I would like to begin with something that has not really much to do with the topic of the intelligence of plants (at least at the first sight): Humans seem to be scared, when they are alone in darkness, some people more, some people less. There are people, who have an abnormal strong fear of the dark and a large part of little children are really scared when they are alone in the dark. However there are also people who are not really scared by…

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Airborne Ebola?

It took a bit longer than I had anticipated;

Link: http://www.dagbladet.no/2014/10/06/nyheter/ebola/utenriks/sykdom/epidemi/35614560/

They say it is not airborne, but they don’t know that (and they don’t even seem to understand what ‘airborne’ means). It probably is; how else could a professional nurse become infected in a Spanish hospital? Are they completely incompetent there or what? They had one single patient with Ebola, and now (at least) one nurse is infected. That’s bad statistics, and is not very encouraging for the medical personnel. What happens if they get ten patients? Or one hundred? Or thousands?! They will quickly run out of medical personnel…

How long will the nurses keep working, before they say ‘stop’ and refuse to go to work? What happens then?

How long will the policemen keep working, before they say ‘stop’ and refuse to go to work? What happens then?

How long will ordinary workers keep taking the bus or the metro?

How long before it all collapses?

..and the airlines still fly between West Africa and the rest of the world. You know: Globalism comes before anything! They need to shift people between the continents, and keep this world a ‘global village’. Entire villages have been wrecked by Ebola already… and that will happen to the ‘global village’ too.

Brace yourselves. S will soon HTF!