The Myth of Christianity as a Wall against Islam


Some seem to think Christianity is and has always been a wall against Islam, but let me remind you of a few historical facts:

The Teutonic Knights did not attack Islam. Instead they attacked true Europeans (i. e. Pagan Europeans), in Prussia, Lithuania, Livonia and Estonia. They also attacked other Christians, both Catholic Poles and Russian Orthodox Slavs. Not only that; they attacked the Christian Slavic tribes at a time when they were already under attack from the Mongols in the East. Other parts of Europe too were under attack, from Muslims, and received no help from the Teutonic Knights, who gave priority to slaughtering Europeans.

Example Sources:

Then we have the crusades, when Christians instead of fighting against the Muslims decided to e. g. sack the capital of the Christian Byzantine Empire – leaving her vulnerable to the Turkish hordes advancing from the East. They even raped the nuns in the monasteries. The Muslims didn’t advance further than they did into Europe because of the efforts of the Christians, but mainly because of the Mongol Horde – who attacked them from the East.

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Some times Christianized Europeans were butchered only because they did not have the ‘right’ type of Christianity, like the Cathars, who were completely anihilated by Catholic crusaders. The Bogomils too fell victim to the hatred and aggression of crusaders.

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This in-fighting culminated, I think we can say, with the ‘Reformation’, resulting in a a series of wars, the worst one being the ‘Thirty Years War’, that killed as much as between 25 and 40% of the entire population of Germany alone (and many other Europeans too), and left the entire Christian Balkans to the mercy of the Muslim Ottomans for hundreds of years.

Now think about that for a while: between 25 and 40% of the entire German population killed in 30 years… because of Christianity!

Example Sources:

Now, letting the Muslims wreck havoc to large parts of Europe, was not a new thing to the Christians. In the 8th and early 9th century, rather than take back what the Muslim Moorish aggressors had taken in Iberia, when his father Charles Martel had been king of France, the Christian Charlemagne decided that it was more important to convert the Saxons (Germans), and spent about 30 years killing Saxons – an even massacred them, when he had the chance to. The result of this was naturally that the Muslim Moors could keep almost all of the Christian Iberian Peninsula for 500 years!

Example Sources:

I could go on an on about this, showing you how Christianity has not defended Europe from anybody at all, and instead focused on wrecking havoc in Europe and for Europeans – even when Europe was seriously threatened from the outside, by foreign enemies such as the Moors, the Ottomans and the Mongols/The Golden Horde. The Christians of Europe left their fellow Christians to fight the foreign threats on their own, and often even supported the foreign threats or even attacked the Christians defending against them in the back.

Example Source:

If anybody thinks that Christianity is the solution, the way to go to ensure the survival of Europe, then think again. Christianity itself is an enemy of Europe, and has always been an enemy of Europe, and is the biggest direct and indirect cause of all our unwanted problems.

The Pagans of Europe united whenever they faced a common threat, and we should do that today as well, and in the future.

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Europe is Pagan in blood, mind and spirit, and must return to her roots to become harmonious again. Not peaceful, not weak, not tolerant, but harmonious: in accordance with the laws of nature. Never compromise with Christians: they are enemies of Europe! 

HailaR WôðanaR!

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Into the Shades…


Some time ago I made a post here in support of the by Kevin S. newly formed ‘White Shade Society’ (WSS), because I was told that WSS was supposed to be a forum built around the Thulean Perspective community.

The other day I dropped by, because I received so many complaints from fellow European Óðalists, and saw this on the home page of WSS: “Welcome to White Shade Society, a pro-life/pro-right-to-die Christian/Pagan/Atheist et al, health and human rights community”. So WSS is not built around the TP community, but is instead a site for pretty much anybody (except for those who happen to live in South America [they are all banned from WSS, because they live in South America]) and WSS even promotes Christianity! That is about as far from the Thulean Perspective community as you can get.

I wanted to support a forum for those who share at least most of the opinions expressed on Thulean Perspective, but instead Kevin turned it (or allowed it to be turned) – after I had given him my support – into a forum for Christians as well, and apparently (if we are to trust the many mails I have received) even a forum where Christians and Christianity is under special protection and is given special rights to attack our own European culture (Paganism).

So, just like I wrote a post in support of WSS, I will now write a post retracting my support. I have asked Kevin to remove my profile on WSS, and he kindly did, and I will encourage everybody else to do the same. WSS is with the embrace of Christianity and Christians an anti-Óðálism forum, and I don’t think Kevin understands what Óðalism is. He and all others who are in doubt should read these posts:



I can add that I have tried to reason with Kevin, but he doesn’t seem to understand the problem, and he even refuses to answer simple questions.

Christians represent a religion that has since it’s start as a sect in Judea, been responsible for almost a total destruction of Europe. Christians are enemies of Europe and everything European, and you have to understand that and take the consequences of that. See here: ABOUT APOLOGISTS


Thank you for the attention,

HailaR WôðanaR!

Female Warriors?

MagyarSerbian. Spanish.

Be warned! This post has most of the ‘qualities’ of a rant… ;-) 

Earlier today I received a link from a guy to a site claiming that there were female Vikings. In fact, quite often do I hear such or similar claims; in news medias, in YouTube videos or comments, in e-mails from strangers and you name it. There seems to a trend here: for some reason some people want us to believe that women can be warriors too, and that they in fact have always been. We are in other words all equals in that respect too…

Some name Jeanne d’Arc as evidence of this, but in reality she was just an 18 year old girl who did nothing but inspire the men to fight – in other words, she did what all women have always been tasked to do: she urged the men to fight.

Others name the shield maidens as evidence of this, but in reality all the shield maidens did was to supply the fighting men with shields and weapons in the heat of battle. They approached the friendly lines from the rear and handed a new weapon or a new shield to the men who had lost or broken their weapons or had had their shields lost or smashed in the battle. The shield maidens didn’t participate in the battle in any other way!

Then we have archaeology, where female remains are found, wearing armour and resting with shields and weapons alongside them. They have no battle injuries though, and the fact that women were buried with weapons and armour does in no way suggest that they were warriors. This was the custom: to bury the dead with their belongings, or with their family’s belongings. They wanted to be reborn after all, and be able to use these things in the next life as well, or be able to hand them over to their husbands or sons in the next life – like shieldmaidens used to do (all over Europe at one point).

I urge you to ask a single simple control question in this context: are women physically fit or even suited for combat? The answer is a clear no! No, no, no no! They are not suited for combat at all. They have a bigger fat to muscles ration than men do, they are thus slower and physically weaker. That alone is enough to disqualify them as fighters, but you can also add that they have breasts, that their pain threshold is lower, that they have big hips and that they are much less aggressive too.

Sure, you can train a woman to become at least a little bit dangerous in combat, but for the amount of training needed to do that you would be able to train ten average men to all become much more dangerous in combat than even the best female fighter could ever dream of becoming.

Not only that, but what happens to a tribe if they send their women into combat? A tribe can do without many, or even most of, the men, but a tribe will disappear from the face of the earth, if their women are killed in battle. Only complete idiots would send their women into battle! Thankfully though, none of our forebears were that stupid, so we are still around. Also, what kind of tribe would want to send their women into battle? If they were willing to do that, why not send the children too? And the old? And the blind? Sorry, but no: there is no culture in Europe that would even consider doing that. Even today men have too strong a sense of honour to do that. Or so I hope…   

I trained martial arts when I was young, actively for about five years, and we had some women there. Although we were training a form of karate, a martial art tailor made for small and physically weaker human beings, which should thus be ideal for women, the women there stood no chance in Hell in matches against any of the boys or men there. If they were to hit us we had to let them hit us, or else they would never hit. If they were to block our attacks, we had to hit or kick veeeeery slowly, or else they would stand no chance to block our attacks. In matches, the only thing that ever let them score a hit on one of the guys, was the guys’ reluctance to hit or in other ways hurt women or let women be humiliated in front of others. The male reluctance to hit women, can best be explained to women like this: try to imagine you being asked to hit a child. Would you like that? 

When we know that, the claims by – yes – feminist extremists, that women were and perfectly well can be warriors, just like men, is just ridiculous. They can be buried with all the armour and weapons in the world: it doesn’t make them warriors! Any army made up of even a small portion of female warriors would have been butchered in the old days, and today – even though firearms evens the odds out a bit – the females still stand no chance, because they are not even able to carry all the gear they need to the front.

So if you still believe in “Viking Women” and other such nonsense, please take a moment to think.  There were no such things. Physics alone rules female warriors out. Biology does too. The female soldiers we have today are – ‘big surprise’ – not front-line soldiers. They work in transport units, in kitchens, in intelligence, in entertainment units, in communication units, and so forth. They don’t have what it takes to be a real soldier.

Enjoy what happens when one of the deluded female ‘warriors’, presumably with tons of training, challenges a male soldier for a boxing duel in Iraq:

Dear women: try to be good women instead, and leave being good men to the men.

Hail the strong European gods – and hail the feminine and caring goddesses too!

The Sorcery Rules

Varg Vikernes:

Still in the geek mood…

Originally posted on Mythic Fantasy Roleplaying Game:

The term «sorcerer» and «sorcery» is used consequently in MYFAROG, when talking about what many would instead refer to as «magician» or «wizard» and «magic». Sorcery as a term originally means “lot”, “fate” or “oracular response”, from the proto-Indo European root *ser-, but is today most often understood as simply the art of casting spells or to exercise supernatural powers through the aid of spirits. Sorcery can be benevolent or malevolent but it is inherently neither “good” nor “evil”, like nature is neither “good” nor “evil”.

Sorcery in MYFAROG is a very “fairy tale” like thing, and it is heavily based on European customs and traditions, but although it has a special European feel to it, it is still not very different from the sorcery of other fantasy games. So again I don’t try to re-invent the wheel.

Sorcery in MYFAROG is real, powerful and very much a factor…

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The Player Characters

Varg Vikernes:

It’s about time we geek a little bit again here on TP…

Originally posted on Mythic Fantasy Roleplaying Game:

Many gamers prefer a fast character creation, in order to quickly have a character and be ready to play. Personally I prefer a more thorough character generation, with lots of opportunity for customization. In MYFAROG the basic character generation is however still rather fast and easy, amongst other things because there are no «classes» or «professions» to chose from when you start; instead there are different character roles available for characters who after some time of playing will qualify for at least some of them. So more than in most other games the character generation is an ongoing process that never really ends, and your opportunity to «customize» your character is great. You can gain new talents, new character roles, you might (if your character has the traditional life stance) learn to cast spells, you improve your skill and spell proficiencies, and so forth. You can however also lose character…

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High Tech Man

BulgarianFrenchMagyar. SpanishSerbian.

We live in a high tech world, but the vast majority has close to no comprehension of how the high tech they surround themselves with and enjoy on a daily basis works. They would not be able to repair, let alone build, even 1% of it. They can barely change a light bulb, or the oil filters of the cars they drive. Note also – and this is rather interesting – that they would not be able to repair, let alone build, much low tech items either. Those who can make things today usually can only make one component to something, and have no idea how to make the rest of the parts needed for the item to work as intended.

So the high tech man is not only not very ‘high tech’ himself, but he is not even very ‘low tech’. He knows close to nothing. Even the ‘savages’ of the pre-historic times, were vastly superior to the majority of men today, when it comes to the ability to repair, maintain and build things.

What this means is that the ‘savages’ of the past were free men, their own masters, and the vast majority of men today are slaves to the good will of a few ‘benevolent’ masters, who control the high tech of our world. If their masters tell them to ‘jump’ they better jump, or else they are completely helpless – and will soon actually perish (even from boredom). No electricity? No light bulbs? No clean water? No money? Or – dear God! – no TV?!

But are their masters really benevolent? And where is it they want with this? What is it they want to achieve with this enslavement of man? Do they even do it on purpose? Are they just too stupid to see what is happening? “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

If you want to survive in the future, you better live like your forebears did, and be your own master. Get rid of all you don’t need, and be free! Embrace the low-tech world, that every man can master and find freedom through. Freedom from. Freedom to. True freedom: self-sustainability.

HailaR WôðanaR!

About Faith


Most believe in the theory of evolution, that man was once a primitive creature much like the apes still amongst us. They believe that man and apes have common ancestors, common roots. Almost everything is seen in this light. Almost everything is understood in this light. “Man was primitive before, and we are more advanced today”. “We are the most advanced creatures ever to walk on this planet”.

(Then they go watch football on their high tech TVs, and scream like apes when their favourite team scores… Yeah; ‘very’ advanced indeed…)

They heard the news that Ebola has arrived and 10.000 are already dead? They just got to know that another nation has invaded their homeland? No. Their team just lost a match…

APTOPIX Brazil Soccer WCup.JPEG-08206

Also, almost everything we do today are based on some sort of technology. We can fly? Yes, in advanced planes and helicopters. We can dive to the depths of the sea? Yes, in advanced submarines. We can build tall buildings? Yes, with cranes and other advanced machinery. We accurately can map the stars? Yes, using high tech telescopes and computers we can. Et cetera.

When we think of ancient man we immediate understand that he had no such things, no such advanced technology, so we assume that he could do nothing of that sort. Some remains of the antediluvian world remains, such as the pyramids in Egypt, and the wisest of us wonder what kind of technology they had, that enabled them to build them like that. Yeah, I mean: do we ever think that perhaps there was another factor involved here, that we don’t know today?…

Technology is today often the answer to everything….

Q. Hunger?

A. More advanced technology, enabling us to produce more food from less land.

Q. Deadly viruses?

A. More advanced medicine, enabling us to produce vaccines that are more beneficial than they are harmful.

Q. The Sun will die one day?

A. Deep space travel and intergalactic travel.

Et cetera

The modern man has faith in science. He is assured by science. “Don’t worry! Science will find a way!” The scientists will solve all problems, using technology. Have no worries. Science and technology will save us all! Hallelujah!”

In reality, every problem solved by technology creates one or two – or more – new problems, and they are often no less dramatic, severe and dangerous. Some times the adverse effects of the technology we surround ourselves with are like a cancer to our societies, and will – unless stopped – destroy us completely. Wipe us out. Obliterate us. Remove us from the face of the Earth.

Ah, but the ‘religious’ don’t worry about that: the priests… sorry, I mean scientists will find a new technology that will solve this before it goes that far! Right? Have faith in them. Let them carry on. Don’t stop them. Don’t object. Things will be fine. Just have faith…