A Brief MYFAROG Update

Originally posted on Cirsova:

I’ve been jotting down some notes for MYFAROG Character Role cards, though admittedly doing prep work for my own B/X game has taken up more of my time than I’d anticipated.

Still, I’ve been able to read some of the clarifications on combat, and I’m really liking the stamina system for quick adjudication of combat. The mechanical benefits that turtling grants significantly outweigh those in other systems I’ve played; by devoting your stamina to consistently blocking then waiting for an opportunity to strike an exhausted opponent is a viable strategy. Not just trade blows until one person falls over due to getting crappier rolls.

I don’t really think that there are specific rules for use with miniatures, but the combat system in MYFAROG definitely deserves a second look as a tactical micro board game.

I’m happy to see that there are some players out there taking up MYFAROG’s banner, especially…

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